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May 2008
1755311Exalted: TouhouA couple of namefags go and stat a few Touhou characters for Exalted.exalted, touhou, stats2008-05-17 12 
July 2008
2234673Touhou Power Cards for 4eA project of making power cards for D&D 4e using Rumbling Spell Orchestra, the Touhou TCG, as a template.4e, power cards, Touhou2008-07-19 4 
May 2009
4689159Touhou Danmaku Yuugi: Flowers RPGYes, a Touhou RPG. Not a homebrew. Scans and /rs/ inside. Also hints of a translation effort?Touhou, Flowers, scan2009-05-29 6 
September 2009
5898587Mages are fucking scaryThe thread starts with advice on a Changeling concept, but one anon asks a question that leads him and Touhoufag to what is possibly the apex of Mage evolution: a Mage bound with his own sins to the point where he is nigh unstoppable, at the price of never being able to sin again, or he will be consumed by them. Did I mention said Mage can attack ten times in a row with 27 dice worth of lethal damage without even skirting Paradox?Touhoufag, nWoD, Mage, Goetia, minmax, nightmare fuel2009-09-18 21 
6030435Mage: The DanmakuWoD Mage rules for danmaku duels a la TouhouMage, WoD, Touhou2009-09-27 1 
6059125nWoD: the Touhoufag HouserulingTouhoufag posts houserules again, and this time ports a bit of Perils of the Warp/Psychic Phenomena into nMage Paradox. An Anon posts Sidereal Paradox converted into Mage.nWoD, Houserules, Touhoufag2009-09-29 1 
October 2009
6143735A broken Character Help threadA fa/tg/uy asks for help a Touhoufag deliversHelp, Broken, Touhou2009-10-06 1 
6164865Touhou HelpTouhous last thread autosaged and this in the continued3.5, Help, Touhou, Broken, D&D, DnD, Dungeon and Dragons, Advice thread 2009-10-07 -1 
6346283Astartes Quest 11The cleansing of the space hulk goes horribly wrong. Also, Touhou.Astartes Quest, Touhou2009-10-20 1 
6350652Utsuho Reiuji in 4EIn which Chernobyl-tan is statted as a 4E encounterUtsuho, Touhou, 4E2009-10-20 5 
6383225Aya Shameimaru in 4E In which Shameimaru is statted as a 4E encounterAya, Touhou, 4E2009-10-23 0 
November 2009
6835885Rumbling spell orchestra for beginners A short thread detailing the rules for rumbling spell orchestra (the Touhou TCG). Includes a mediafire link to the translated version, details of a hamachi network for RSO games and an IRC channel to find matches. Card Game, Touhou2009-11-24 3 
December 2009
72020404e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Blade DragoonTouhoufag creates the build of a Bard who rides battle surfing a giant floating sword.4e, build, touhoufag, powergaming2009-12-19 3 
January 2010
7440129Touhoufag's D&D4e class linksin which a touhoufag talks lots and lists a bunch of 4e class reference resourcesd&d, 4e, touhoufag, wotc2010-01-06 0 
76166994e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: Delban's Occulted Cooling ApplianceAn epic level build all about an invisible warforged warden who freezes things.4e, build, touhoufag, powergaming2010-01-16 0 
February 2010
8025923Touhou Homebrew!The start of a new /tg/ project comes in about halfway through this otherwise unrelated thread. Includes the basics, plans for character advancement, and general spitballing of ideas.Touhou, homebrew2010-02-11 2 
March 2010
8362515Holy Shit, An Actual Intelligent Off-Topic Discussion/tg/ DOES stand for Touhou Games. Also, new version of the homebrew Touhou RPG.Touhou2010-03-03 2 
8662299Touhou / Discworld CrossoverSome short Touhou/Discworld crossover writefaggotry is posted.Touhou, Discworld2010-03-19 7 
8661171SUNRAVENSTARMOONJELLYVICTORYAn attempt to troll touhous ends up in discussion about the structure of names.Names, Touhou, My Immortal2010-03-19 0 
April 2010
8933327Best touhou thread in yearsA good, civilized discussion of the gensokyo setting and characters therein, the likes of which hasn't been seen in well over two years.touhou2010-04-02 12 
9329173Touhou40kTouhou wh40k mashupTouhou wh40k mashup2010-04-21 0 
May 2010
10049859Classic D&D TouhousOP wants to troll his players by making the standard D&D monsters they face into little girls. /tg/ loves the idea.D&D, touhou, creativity2010-05-26 6 
December 2010
13172481Janitor Bans TouhoufagWhether for good or for ill, the janitor finally bans Touhoufag (while he's staying on topic, posting 4E, and being relevant.)Janitor, meta, Touhoufag2010-12-16 5 
March 2011
14077407Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal LandStep 1) Post a large and pretty PDF with Touhou selling point. Step 2) Mathfags, rollfags, roleplayers, Touhoufags converge. Step 3) Critiques and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEG. But you have to admit... It's a fairly well done PDF. Let this be a lesson for all those ambitious homebrew makers: Yo shit gonna be picked.touhou toho homebrew rpg critique roleplaying rollplaying pdf d6 rpg rage system testing balance shitstorm fantasy mary_sue magic rules 2011-03-01 16 
14096871Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal Land - Part 2Continuation of previous thread. /tg/ continues to balancing efforts and fixing shit. Autistic samefag from previous sages again.touhou, toho, homebrew, rpg, critique, roleplaying, rollplaying, pdf, d6, rpg,, system, testing, balance, balancing, fix, fixing, fantasy, mary sue, magic, rules, getting shit done2011-03-02 8 
August 2012
20371339/tg/ - Touhou Games/tg/ discusses MtG for about thirty seconds before the Classic Blunder takes hold, with typically excellent effect.touhou, stats, valour system, fluffy tails, game design2012-08-19 23 
December 2012
21994717How would'ya run a game in Gensokyo, /tg/?A discussion of what system to run a Touhou RPG eventually gets around to Cyberpunk Gensokyo.touhou, cyberpunk, power level arguing, AU2012-12-12 11 
January 2013
22402947Armamentarium Infernis QuestOur protagonist sells her soul to a devil corporation in exchange for a power that will hopefully impress her father. The plan fails. Miserably.Collective Game, Armamentarium Infernis Quest, Hell, Armory, Weapons, Touhou, Vampires, Alucard2013-01-05 11 
February 2013
22934581Touhou Wars 1Fairy Side. 3 years after the Lunarians launch all out war on Earth and Barrier goes down, and you're still fighting. You are Agni, a Fire Fairy and an idiot savant with a learning condition; you learn.Collective Game, Touhou, Touhou Wars, Quest, Fairy Side2013-02-03 10 
May 2013
24573876Japanese and other foreign gamesDiscussion about various Japanese and other foreign games of /tg/ related nature. And some official localization input.Meikyuu Kingdom, Make You Kingdom, Golden Sky Stories, Yuyake Koyake, Night Wizard, Tenra Bansho Zero, Nechronica, Touhou Danmaku Yuugi Flowers, Maid RPG, Sword World, Ryuutama, Red Dragon, Record of Lodoss War, Double Cross, Shinobigami, Japanese gaming, Japanese TRPGs2013-05-06 10 
September 2013
27415006Touhouvania QuestExactly what it sounds like.Touhouvania Quest, Collective Game, Touhou, SDM2013-09-26 9 
November 2014
36100876chen questthe fantastic adventure of chen Collective Game, chen, cirno, 11/11, touhou, draw quest, drawquest, 2014-11-11 26 
April 2015
39074654tewi questtewi pranks a lot of people Collective Game, tewi quest, cirno, draw quest, drawquest, touhou 2015-04-02 10 
September 2015
42397363cirno quest tooda next strongest adventure Collective Game, cirno, 9/9, touhou2015-09-09 15 
April 2016
2098Remilia QuestRemilia gets an abrupt awakening, and then decides to explore the forest. We also mess with oekaki.Remilia Quest, one shot, oekaki, drawquest, touhou, cirno2016-04-27 6 
September 2016
49258951cirno quest treevery strongest adventureCollective Game, cirno, 9/9, touhou2016-09-09 14 
April 2017
52535995Implementing shinto in D&Dthread full of ideas, mechanics, adventure hooks, and comfy all about everyone's favorite weeaboo animism religionD&D, fantasy, fluff, touhou, catgirls, foxgirls, cute, comfy, not-trash-I-Promise, gods, mythology,2017-04-08 5 
April 2018
2499195Marisa Quest #01An old and defeated Marisa tries to achieve immortality once more.Collective Game, Touhou, Marisa2018-04-24 7 
2507837Marisa Quest #02The end of the adventures of Kirisame Marisa.Collective Game, Touhou, Marisa2018-04-29 3 
December 2021
5045064Body Horror Quest, 49th VeinShu hears a Dragon's confession, relaxes at Ikea, talks to a Rumia face-claim, and gets into a sword-fight with one of God's messengers.Body Horror Quest, bhop, BHOP, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, touhou, ikea, swordfights with an Angel, Old Testament Angels, archeology2021-12-10 6 
October 2022
5397042Touhou: Unthinkable Fantasy MigrationA human is kidnapped away to a fantastical land full of Youkai and other living legends.collective game, touhou, isekai2022-10-05 21 
December 2022
5433485Touhou: Unthinkable Fantasy Migration #2Albert Perry continues his adventure in the land of fantasy, learns about a world-ending threat, and falls prey to peer pressure.collective game, touhou, isekai, Fortune Telling QM, CLOWN KEEPS WINNING2022-12-05 11 
March 2023
5578776Touhou ~ Virtual Impasse Paradox #1Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame play a strange computer game, setting off chain of events of universal scale...Touhou, Homestuck, PrinceofHearts2023-03-27 3 
April 2023
5605904Language of Esoteric Mysticism - Stage 1A retainer of the Miare Clan meets people, gives lessons, and befriends Shiki Eiki.Touhou, MiareQM, Collective Game2023-04-30 0 
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