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October 2011
16586945Electronic love/tg/'s new waifu is a toaster, or a computer, or an alarm-clock. Adorable writefaggotry and weird boners occur.romance, love, waifu, dawww, writefaggotry, appliances, machines, hardware2011-10-12 29 
September 2012
20660866The Harem Knights of TeeGeeIn this thread the Gentlemen of /tg/ took the tired old premise of, "Wizard takes you to a fantasy world, WAT DO?" and made a thing of beauty.harem, knights, knight, waifu, monstergirl, rub ears, peace, perfection2012-09-10 25 
20666515Tales of the Harem KnightsBuilding off of a previous thread many anons donned names and stories, all of good quality at least.Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-10 22 
20674762TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume ThreeThird thread in TeeGee Harem Knights. More stories, equipment to bring to fantasy worlds, plus a bar song!Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building, bar song2012-09-11 23 
20684912TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FourFourth volume of the escapades of our TeeGee nationTeegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-11 16 
20698883TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FiveWe reach the fifth thread of this amazing saga full of writefaggotry, now with an Ork invasion and a look into the Merchant Guard!TeeGee, Harem, Knights, Storytime, Stories, Waifu, Monstergirl, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-09-13 17 
20786520TeeGee Harem Knights Volume 12More writefaggotry, some in setting religion discussion, and Alaric finally finishes his festival story. About damn time.Ears, writefaggotry, Waifu, Knights, Elf ears, ear rub2012-09-20 8 
20801272TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 13More festival stories and such, plus discussion for a foxgirl army.Ears, Waifu, Harem Knights, Knights, Writefaggotry, Funnelcake2012-09-21 9 
20852968TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 16In which new stories are told, some canon some not so much,TeeGee, Harem Knights, Ears, Waifu, Colective story time,2012-09-25 4 
20887555TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 18Demon lords and Lilly's new shop are introduced in the newest installment.Harem Knights, Knights, Ears, Ear rub, Helmets, Waifu, writefaggotry2012-09-28 9 
20909123TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 19In this thread, Tanash gets his Waifu, Alaric gets paranoia, and Artorias gets a litter of dire wolves. Good times all around.Waifu, ears, ear rub, knights, harem knights, writefaggotry2012-09-30 4 
October 2012
20926634TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 20More Harem Knights adventuresHarem Knights, Knights, Waifu, Ears, Ear Rub, Writefaggotry2012-10-02 4 
20981001TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 22The Witch finishes her tale and we argue about bows. A lot.Waifu, Harem Knights, Knight, Ears, Ear Rub, Writefaggotry2012-10-06 2 
21038744TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 24We start fleshing out the Teegee University, introduce rabbitgirls, describe farming life and more Rogue Trader shenanigans.Waifu, Harem Knights, Knight, Writefaggotry, Worldbuilding2012-10-10 4 
November 2012
21479233Teegee Harem Knights Vol 35A bit of world building is detailed, and the first chapter of the Chironen is revealed!Waifu, Knights, writefaggotry, harem knights2012-11-13 2 
December 2012
21906024First Post Quest IIThe further advventures of Snakedick the Magnificent. Collective Game, First Post Quest, Snakedick, sword waifu, utter insanity2012-12-06 8 
July 2013
26316219Tales of the lone voter/tg/ paints a horrifying vision of the future and those that fight and die in itquest, parody, grimdark, cyberpunk, lone voter, waifu, worldbuilding2013-07-30 11 
October 2013
27509610Love, Liches, and LewdityIs it worthwhile to get in a relationship with a Lich? What are your opinions on liches? /tg/ gets way too into it, as their trademark characteristic.Lich, love, Romance, /fa/, Waifu, husbando, necromancy, necromancer, Licheral Degeneracy2013-10-02 5 
May 2014
31983545Waifu Robo Quest One-ShotTen years you've spent as the ace of the Has-Been Mercenaries and now today your commander calls you in and tells you that things are changing. A mercenary is tasked to train a robot waifu.Collective Game, Waifu, Robot2014-05-08 27 
October 2014
35699495Redeemed Succubus Waifu Greentext Thread Cute Demon Kids Story Thread: Nonwaifu Editionwaifu, demons, why is this even a thing2014-10-25 12 
May 2015
40275470Three Word QuestThree is all, all we have. And in three, our story starts. First with one, then with two. Where to next? Not a clue.Collective Game, Three Word Quest, 3WQ, surreal, strange, waifu, /tg/ never changes2015-05-30 20 
August 2015
41751553Space Suit QuestWe introduce protagonist Jay Carbon, who loses her pants.Space Suit Quest, Space Suit, Collective Game, Randumb, lewds, magical realm, waifu, faggotry2015-08-09 1 
September 2018
2846667 World Waifu Wrestling Stable QuestTime to put Battle to Bakas, as Vlad Dimmadone Shekelstein can you make your small town wanna be waifu wrestling show the Next Big Thing?collective game, waifu, wrestling, www, ironheart is best girl,2018-09-05 2 
2866121World Waifu Wrestling Stable QuestYour wrestling legacy continues as Iggy goes to the hospital and Ironheart goes to jailcollective game, waifu, wrestling, www, ironheart is best girl,2018-09-15 0 
2899909World Waifu Wrestling Stable Quest 3You have your first paperview as a indie weeb wrestling show. collective game, waifu, wrestling, www, ironheart is best girl,2018-09-27 1 
December 2020
4544972Death road to canada, stupid quest edition (one-shot?)Death road to Canada Quest with Xenomporh WaifuWaifu, Collective Game, Death Road to Canada Quest, Zombies, Apocalypse, Anon2020-12-16 0 
January 2021
4572373Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #22nd thread of the death road to Canada questzombies, aliens, vidya, waifu, death road to canada quest2021-01-10 -1 
February 2021
4601638Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #3Thread 3 for death road to canadazombies, aliens, vidya, waifu, death road to canada quest, Waifu, Collective Game, Death Road to Canada Quest, Zombies, Apocalypse, Anon2021-02-07 0 
March 2021
4642716Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #4Qm killed the questzombies, aliens, vidya, waifu, death road to canada quest, Waifu, Collective Game, Death Road to Canada Quest, Zombies, Apocalypse, Anon2021-03-04 0 
77961635Would you be the mini-boss and husband for a doting lawful evil empress?/tg/ is asked an ethical question and responds by concluding that it'd make a great anime and arguing over potential titles.ethical question, morality, alignment discussion, BBEG, Evil Overlord, Waifu,2021-03-15 2 
November 2021
5011437PKMN Quest (Gold/Silver) Vol. 3Pokemon Quest based on gen 2 gamesPokemon, PKMN, Gold, Silver, waifu, lewd, BathSalts2021-11-15 0 
July 2022
5309562The Drunkard And The Alien Quest - 1st DrinkIn which a drunkard can't get drunk because of a creepy alien he wakes up to discover in his house.The Drunkard And The Alien Quest, YouAndYourWaifu, Noir, Sci-fi, Prohibiton, 1920s, Male Protagonist, Male MC, Alien, Waifu, 2nd Person, 2022-07-22 5 
August 2022
5337401Your Little MermaidYour girlfriend proposes to you and reveals that she's actually part fishwoman. A mix of slice-of-life fluff and supernatural marriage prepmermaid, monstergirl, monogamy, waifu, comfy, Delta Green, Lovecraftian, fishfucker2022-08-11 6 
5348054The Drunkard And The Alien Quest - 2nd DrinkIn which alien tries out new cocktail dresses as she and the drunkard run and hide away from an federal agent. The Drunkard And The Alien Quest, YouAndYourWaifu, Noir, Sci-fi, Prohibiton, 1920s, Male Protagonist, Male MC, Alien, Waifu, 2nd Person,2022-08-28 0 
October 2022
5379135Your Little Mermaid #2After some discussions with the waifu about personal issues, you meet her mother and possibly her ancestor. Some bonus content, too.mermaid, monstergirl, monogamy, waifu, comfy, Delta Green(?), Lovecraftian, fishfucker, mermaid II mer harder2022-10-02 1 
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