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October 2009
6171811Trench SettingGeneric "events in the X" turns into the whole setting discussion full of ideas and charactersworld war, setting, ideas, trench, warfare, discussion2009-10-07 0 
6470755WW1 Fantasy settingAnon asks if anyone has ever played a WW1 based fantasy game. Ends with System generation.WW1, Trenchwarfare, homebrew, awesome, brewfagging2009-10-29 5 
April 2011
14637058Horror in the Trenches/tg/ talks about horror in the trenches of the Western Front of World War 1. Some great ideas and inspiring images.world war 1; horror; trenches; depression;2011-04-19 13 
December 2011
17180245Trench QuestA gritty, somewhat comical tale set in a wartorn planet with some light scifi/fantasy elements.quest, Collective Game, Trench Quest, Trench Warfare, Military2011-12-12 11 
17194145Trench Quest IIThe party meets up with a new member, more suspicious hints are dropped.quest, Collective Game, Trench Quest, Trench Warfare, Military2011-12-13 5 
September 2012
20675265Fortune: Evolution Game 6-9 (Abyss)We dive far more than 20,000 leagues under the sea to encounter hair metal squids, giant slugs, and life around the undersea vents.Fortune Evolution, evolution, evo, game, ocean, aquatic, abyss, trench, slugs, squids, hair metal2012-09-11 3 
September 2013
27229374Mahou Shounen Quest 201Talk to the Doctor about the kids. Let the house-staff know about the kids. Dan is setting us up with Jack [?] Swap partners and talk to the kids. The new guy takes the reigns. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting trenchlaid2013-09-15 4 
January 2016
44852820Trench Quest #1Where WW1 is still going, the protagonist gets resurrected as a Trench Walker and butchers the enemy.Trench_Quest WW1 Sci-fi Collective_Game undead2016-01-18 4 
January 2017
51022369WW1 turns post-apocalypticSomeone posts greentext of their latest campaign set in a much more destructive WW1. /tg/ likes the general idea and starts worldbuilding.ww1, trench warfare, post apocalyptic, horror, worldbuilding,2017-01-09 11 
July 2018
2681209Trenchers: Veiled Heart [Skirmish]After restructuring, the Trenchers are sent to Foltern to capture a Pytherian intelligence asset. skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-07-10 5 
2692108Trenchers: Buried Souls [Skirmish]After acquring Asset Tveilirisk, Command concocts a plan to send the Trenchers on a mission to win hearts for later use.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-07-10 5 
2706083Trencher: Masked Spirit [Skirmish]With the heart of the Archtheurge dug out from an old grave, the Trenchers prepare to leave Imai. An Pytherian battlegroup interrupts. skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-07-13 4 
2720467Trencher: Ravenpoint [Skirmish]The trenchers deploy to Far Sareth to breach a facility. They arrive to find it already breached by a black ops team. Then a Scholae arrivesskirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-07-15 4 
2731848Trenchers: Mission Improbable [Skirmish]After attacking Ravenpoint, a rookie was captured by Black Rebus agents. The trenchers go to get them back - and find more than a Rookieskirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-07-17 5 
2737768Trenchers: Cloaked Essence [Skirmish]While the trenchers were away, their prize from Ravenpoint got stolen. Time to get it back before the Pytherian main force reaches it.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-07-29 6 
August 2018
2761900Trenchers: Whispered Invective [Skirmish]Lieutenant General Aranski performs a heroic last stand against the advancing Pytherians. Will the trenchers manage to relieve him in time? skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-08-10 5 
2798238Trenchers: Unity Falls [Skirmish]The trenchers need to sneak into a cave complex and destroy the Unity Swarm control centre. If they fail, all is lost. No pressure.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2018-08-25 8 
July 2019
3607782Trenchers: Unity CavesThe rest of The Tallspire Cave Complex remains. Patrols, wards, guards, embedded defensive positions. All hewn from rock with one purposeskirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2019-07-12 7 
3599683Trenchers: Unity FallsThrough the perimeter, just past that barricade. The Trenchers take a compound, fight a tank and find a fancy crystal skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2019-07-15 7 
3644620Trenchers: Broken CoresFrom the dark to the deeper caves, a hundred eyes stare outskirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2019-07-21 10 
August 2019
3680878Trenchers: Shattered Souls [Skirmish]What short of shadow does a planet cast? from the vast stellar void, the Nightgaunts come. Murder, treason, kidnapping and a surprise visit!skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2019-08-05 7 
3717261Trenchers: United Front [Skirmish]Closer to the facility, the Trenchers need to push through an artillery barrage - and then, diplomacy happensskirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2019-08-16 8 
3737868Trenchers: In Unity CladThe Engine awaits, through wards, guards, walls and the edge of it all. It ends as it began: With a betrayal.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2019-08-30 8 
November 2019
3907167Vexcom: The Flow [ Skirmish ] This place is haunted by monsters. Someone has to do something. On the trail of a serial killer, monsters are found.Art?, skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, Skirmish Sketch2019-11-30 6 
July 2020
4338579Vexcom: Slicer [ Skirmish ] Here's what the Red Market needs, fortune. The Slice Rats have been getting clever. Your job? Make 'em get broken.skirmish quest, Collective Game, HEXCOM, Trenchers, art?, Skirmish Sketch2020-07-06 4 
January 2021
76782537Trench Rats and where to find themA thread about ratmen during the great war, surprisingly beautiful.Worldbuilding, ratmen, ww1, trenches2021-01-04 20 
February 2021
77298086Trench Rats ReduxA new thread is had, discussing the "Trench Rats" specifically and weird WWI ideas generally.Worldbuilding, ratmen, ww1, trenches, brainstorming, supernatural, horror, setting2021-02-06 11 
May 2021
78914526Trench CrusadeAnons discuss about the horrific setting created by Mike Franchina.Trench Crusade, worldbuilding, WW1, Trenches2021-05-10 5 
September 2022
85795737What would the state of the world be like after centuries of industrial warfare?Worldbuilding for a thematically different post-apoc game from a more standard nuclear wasteland.ww1, ww2, world war, worldbuilding, setting, trench, dieselpunk,2022-09-08 7 
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