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August 2014
34363650Terrifying Argent Exalted GeneralA standard Exalted General, rollplay bitching included. Then an anon posts a first-impressions review of a huge Lunar hack.Exalted, Lunars, Homebrew, Discussion2014-08-25 0 
October 2014
35239402Exalted - Guardian Beast QuestIn which we rampage as an abomination of nature, and then realise that we were (kinda) human all alongCollective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-01 10 
35279869Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #02We learn more about the woman we rescued, and about ourselves. Newbie QM fucks up and then tries to unfuck everything.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-03 8 
35319655Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #03Our glorious nudity is masked, we explore shapeshifting a little, and then we get worshipped by a villageExalted, Collective Game, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-05 5 
35403567Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #04We face off against the Coldstream Serpent and add a faerie to our party. What could possibly go wrong?Exalted, Collective Game, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-09 5 
35516654Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #05Short thread. We build a ship, and our Abyssal mate noms on our neck.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-14 1 
November 2015
43549681Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #06GBQ makes its return to /tg/! The ladies bicker, then shake hands; we trip a trap, and then get an epic roll of the dice.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2015-11-09 4 
43652791Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #07The moon is changing and we arrive at Rubylak, where the dead are not so dead.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2015-11-16 2 
43785153Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #08Something is rotten in the state of Linowa, and we get to the heart of it. Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2015-11-23 4 
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