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November 2014
36183575Epic Quest .5A world of super powered assholes, and you're just a physical trainer. Luckily, you're also one of those assholesEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-16 6 
36195473Epic Quest 1An Epic destroyed a server farm near you, then blasts off again. After, you check around town for interesting stuff.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-16 7 
36229264Epic Quest 2We go on a road trip. Wacky hijinks ensueEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-18 6 
36330052Epic Quest 3Zach picks up a small child to join him on his extremely dangerous quest and fight the KKK. Then they eat ice creamEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-23 7 
36353393Epic Quest 4Zach meets with a recruiter, then is sent to school. He then plays capture the flag.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game 2014-11-18 1 36330052 Epic Quest 3 Zach picks up a small child to join him on his extremely dangerous quest and fight the KKK. Then they eat ice cream Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-24 6 
36373795Epic Quest 5Finish up the capture the flag game, hang out with some Epics, then we go clubbin'!Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-25 6 
36394833Epic Quest 6Brandon wakes up with hoes and a scab. We try to find the source of both.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-26 7 
36414061Epic Quest 7You sink a ship, then go to a party. Completely unrelated to each otherEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-27 8 
36447561Epic Quest 8Lost an arm. No big.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-29 8 
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