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May 2015
40204029Lost Primarch Quest 1We create our character, the eleventh primarchCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch2015-05-27 12 
40223047Lost Primarch Quest 2The primarch Sol Prementus has been working for a month...Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch2015-05-28 12 
40245256Lost Primarch Quest 3We fuck up some orks and then Kraven was kill.Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch2015-05-29 9 
40263494Lost Primarch Quest 4Kraven lives, and brings the action as Sol Promentus fights the OrksCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Orks, Bolts2015-05-30 9 
40284592Lost Primarch Quest 5We search for lost technology, a year after we free the slavesCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Dark Age Of Technology, Relics2015-05-31 12 
June 2015
40329804Lost Primarch Quest 6It has been five years since Sol Prementus landed on Kilionos...Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Mutants, Hive city2015-06-02 6 
40351720Lost Primarch Quest 7We continue on our way and then Kraven dies before final postCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, STC, Dead, Hive2015-06-03 8 
40393280Lost Primarch Quest 8We have a talk with a greedy noble.Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Noble, Hive2015-06-05 8 
40432727Lost Primarch Quest 9Sol Prementus spends the year building the perfect DAOT flagship to lead his fleetCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Flagship, DAOT2015-06-07 6 
40479846Lost Primarch Quest 10In which Sol Prementus finds himself embroiled in the middle of a fleet engagement against foul Greenskins and Kraven dies again.Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Flagship, Invictus, Orks2015-06-09 6 
40501261Lost Primarch Quest 11: Worldbuilding EditionWe take a break from Sol and do some weird worldbuilding for Kilionos!Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Worldbuilding, Not much really happened plotwise but it was still fun2015-06-10 6 
40563803Lost Primarch Quest 12We have a celebration in honor of us and the people's progressCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Kilionos, Celebration2015-06-13 7 
July 2015
40993233Lost Primarch Quest 13Kraven is dead, long live Kraven. Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, 2015-07-04 6 
41141330Lost Primarch Quest 13First Planet found by fleet, we meet a trustworthy fellowCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch,2015-07-12 6 
41180055Lost Primarch Quest 15KRAVEN LIVES!!!!collective game, lost primarch quest, eleventh primarch, kraven lives, spess battle2015-07-13 7 
41226907Lost Prinarch Quest 16The dark eldsr board our ship only to meet an angry primarch!collective game, Lost Primarch Quest, Primarch, Eleventh, Psyker, Eldar2015-07-15 8 
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