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January 2009
3387762Psyker LoveA description about if people can or do fall in love with Psykers in 40k. Also, writefaggotry.40k, psykers, writefag, love2009-01-14 7 
March 2009
3931590Mantis LegionScriptarius' quest for an Imperial Guard army takes a turn for the epic as the idea of a psyker-filled night world is created and fleshed outPsyker Guard, Scriptarius, Imperial Guard2009-03-10 3 
May 2009
4476957The Warp knows You...But do YOU know the Warp?Warp, Psyker, 40k, Philosophy, Philosophers2009-05-06 2 
August 2009
5486355 Eurides Calis/Khorna, psyker-chan/guardsman writefaggeryAnonymous writefag completes the story of Eurides Calis and Khorna, and posts psyker-chan and guardsman story as wellEurides Calis, Khorna, psyker-chan, guardsman, writefaggotry, 40k2009-08-17 1 
March 2010
8482321If 'fantasy football' actually meant something worth a damn.Thread takeover with some epic (read: funny) dark heresy roleplaying at the end.Takeover, Dark Heresy, Psyker2010-03-09 -2 
8886559Psyker QuestPsyker Theodore is shunted into a new assignment on a Paradise world...psyker, quest, 40k2010-03-31 1 
April 2010
9049166Psyker Quest Pt.3WE ARE THE FIST OF THE EMPEROR. Also lsightly possesed.psyker, quest, 40k2010-04-08 1 
9096179Psyker Quest - Pt 4Sanctioned Psyker Ted seeks purification, and is paid a traumatic visit.Psyker Quest, 40k2010-04-10 1 
March 2011
14144463Psyker Quest: Pt 5Resurrecting a year old quest proves a little slow.Psyker, Quest, 40k2011-03-06 1 
14154885Psyker Quest: Pt 6We continue the antics of Psyker Ted in his quest to not be BLAM'dPsyker, Quest, 40k2011-03-07 -2 
14280436Psyker Quest: Pt 7Short thread to pick up the quest once more, though lack of interest seems to be killing it now.Psyker, Quest, 40k2011-03-18 1 
September 2011
16157599Boone Quest Episode 7Boone advances towards the surface, encountering an actual miner for once. Leo gets a new toy.Collective Game, Boone Quest, Boone, Psyker, Quest, Colossal Fagot, Mr Culexis2011-09-03 26 
July 2013
26179163Of Techpriests and TelepathsThe story of Litilus and Akadia, part 1writefaggotry, 40k, techpriest, psyker, D'aww2013-07-23 22 
26338629Of Techpriests and Telepaths, Part 2The continuing story of Litilus and Akadia40k, writefaggotry, techpriest, psyker, Litilus, Akadia, story2013-07-31 11 
August 2013
26358922Boone Quest 22Where we back track. Cause that's FUN.Boone Quest, Collective Game, CF, Warhammer, Weeabbo, Psyker2013-08-01 24 
26702416Of Techpriests and Telepaths Part 3The third installment of the Litilus and Akadia's story. Writefaggotry, WH40K, Techpriest, Psyker, Of Techpriests and Telepaths, Litilus, Akadia, story2013-08-19 13 
September 2013
26996044Of Techpriests and Telepaths: Chapter 4The tale of Litilus and Akadia comes to a close40k, Writefaggotry, Techpriest, Psyker, Story, Litilus, Akadia2013-09-03 12 
January 2014
29855326Privateer Quest II #23Percius Aurex returns to the wolfpack, has a meal with some of his officers, and reports to Lord WilsonCollective Game, Privateer Quest 2, Warhammer 40k, Pirates, Spaceships, Loot, techpriests, psyker2014-01-30 1 
March 2014
30657462BooneQuest #23Boone and company rush to stop Spokane from doing whatever it is Hereteks do.Boone Quest, Collective Game, CF, Warhammer, Weeaboo, Psyker2014-03-06 22 
March 2015
39010444Battle-Sister Quest: Thread 8Short thread (sorry). Bella and Alirye arrive at their destination, talk to some civilians, find the heresy, and have several benches tossed at them. Collective Game, Battle-Sister Quest, Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, Heresy, Inquisition, Forbidden Love, Yuri, Eldar, Dual-wielding, EsperQM, reasonable people, crazy psykers, cultists, spooky artifacts, telekinetically-propelled benches2015-03-30 4 
July 2015
41226907Lost Prinarch Quest 16The dark eldsr board our ship only to meet an angry primarch!collective game, Lost Primarch Quest, Primarch, Eleventh, Psyker, Eldar2015-07-15 8 
November 2017
2039366Psyker QuestA Psyker Awakens, An OP Dies, and another Rises from the ashesWarhammer, Psyker, 40k, Imperium, Quest, Collective Game, Faith, Heresy,2017-11-11 4 
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