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July 2008
2174377Rome: Caesar, Christ, Immortality, ChinaGAIUS CASSIUS LONGINUS stabbed Julius Caesar to death in the Forum in 44 BC as well as speared Jesus Christ in the side on the cross some 75 years later. What if he was an immortal? What if Jesus was a Roman myth? What if there were Romans in China? Rome, Caesar, Christ, immortality, China, vampires2008-07-10 4 
December 2008
3230017Scriptarius Custom Christmas ModelsScriptarius creates a Warhammer 40k model version of Santa and creates a gingerbreadnought with delicious results.Scriptarius, Santa Model, Christmas, 40k Custom Models, Gingerbreadnought, Santa2008-12-23 20 
June 2009
4734623Dungeons and Dragons: Satan's ToolWe discuss of DnD is a tool of Satan and send letters to evangelical Christians.dungeons and dragons, satan, christians, evangelicals, hell2009-06-02 2 
October 2009
6425883Machina Dei (Roman Mech part 3)The Machina Dei setting gets fleshed out even further.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew2009-10-25 13 
6431149Machina Dei (Roman Mech part IV)India gets some attention at long last and the invasion of Briton fails due to incompetance rather than lack of mechs.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-26 10 
6434371Machina Dei (Roman Mech part V)/tg/ continues the marathon and begins talking about systems, naming conventions, and game mechanicsAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-26 11 
6438315Machina Dei (Roman Mech VI)Crunch is worked on.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 5 
6454935Machina Dei (Roman Mech VII)Some individual stattingAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 4 
6479801Machina Dei IXArgument about Combat Resolution vs. Rout eventually yields satisfactory results Then the primaries are statted. Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India, Machina Dei2009-10-29 3 
December 2009
7286867Adeptus Evangelion ReleaseBlack Mesa Janitor delivers /tg/ a Christmas present. A 263 page supplement for Dark Heresy based on the Evangelion anime. Someone give that guy a hug.Evangelion, anime, DH, Dark Heresy, mecha, mech, fuck yeah, Christmas, supplement2009-12-26 29 
March 2011
14381022HU2: Copyright Infringing Random RollsA brave anon from the HU Revised creation thread starts a new one with HU2 to create a comrade for Finesse. A mutant alien, outcast from his own kind for being vaguely more fishy than them, and is Totally Not Abe Sapien, no matter what the dice try to tell you. Old OP joins in as well. To be continued..HU, HU2, Heroes Unlimited, superhero, superheroes, cyborg, Finesse, skeletal fish aliens, Abe Sapien, Totally Not Abe Sapien, Christopher Walken of the Fish People2011-03-27 0 
September 2011
16460241Yahweh in 4EDiscussion of the Judeo-Christian God's place in D&D. Pictures, fluff, and stats of Jesus Christ.God, Jesus, Christ, Yahweh, D&D, 4E2011-09-30 20 
December 2011
17310428Scriptarius Christmas Thread IVScriptarius returns for his traditional xmas thread with a 1:1 gingerbread Chainsword and some minisScriptarius, Christmas, Gingerbread, Conversion2011-12-24 11 
17319966The Forgeworld NoellHappy Emperor's Daychristmas, writefaggotry, 2011-12-24 13 
17330530Dungeons the Dragoning Book 2Lawfulnice give a Christmas present to all of /tg/: Dungeons: The Dragoning: 40,000: 7th Edition: Book 2: For a Few Subtitles More and a new edition of the core rulebookHomebrew, Dungeons the Dragoning, Christmas2011-12-26 92 
February 2012
18055443Christian Mythology in Fantasy Settings/tg/ once again proves it is the best board by having an intelligent discussion about various aspects of Judeo-Christian tradition and mythology.Angels, Fantasy, Religion, Christianity, mythology2012-02-22 24 
December 2012
22184178Scriptarius Christmas Thread VScriptarius returns one last time for the final annual xmas thread with a gingerbread Baneblade.Scriptarius, Christmas, gingerbread, conversion, 40k2012-12-23 22 
22214092Magical Girl Noir Quest MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 1A fuming mad magical girl makes plans to teach her stupid friends about true holiday cheer and MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS!Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, Kyouko, Yuma, MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS2012-12-25 38 
22244846Magical Girl Noir Quest MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2A determined magical girl decides on what presents to buy for her fathead friends and finds out that some things aren't MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS at all.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, Kyouko, Yuma, Kirika, Oriko, MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS,2012-12-27 37 
22263174Magical Girl Noir Quest MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 3An out of breath magical girl continues her mission to bring the christmas cheer to her officio while dealing with painful memories and concerned loved ones.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, Kyouko, Yuma, Kirika, Oriko, MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS,2012-12-28 38 
22278963Magical Girl Noir Quest MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 4A maximized magical girl meets her very own clone while her companion meets her very own... leg? the time for presents is upon us!Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, Kyouko, Yuma, Kirika, Oriko, MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS,2012-12-29 38 
September 2013
27012068Christian mythologyA surprisingly civil discussion about the parts of the bible that could be used in a game.bible, christianity, mythology, old testament,2013-09-04 2 
December 2013
29066144Christmas Special #1 A Very Pym Christmas Presented by DeadpoolPeter Parker Quest, Pym Christmas Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2013-12-25 23 
January 2014
29376249Christmas Special #2A Very Pym Christmas Presented by Deadpool (part 2)Peter Parker Quest, Pym Christmas Quest, Collective Game, Marvel, Cosgrove2014-01-09 24 
29814791New Faggot Quest (Waifu Summoning v.II)WE FIGHT, WE LEARN, WE LOVE.Fara, icetear...really?, futaamazon, crazy, niggers, fucking, christ, another, collective game, parafaggot quest2014-01-27 7 
March 2014
30827631Obscure Christian MythologyWeird shit in Judeo-Christian tradition turns into a legitimate discussion on religion, Christianity and a primer to the Kabbalah. /tg/ gets shit done againReligion, God, Christianity, Angels, Apocalypse, Kabbalah2014-03-15 10 
December 2014
36876217Loli Talker Quest Christmas SpecialImouto has a Christmas mission!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Christmas, Nee-san2014-12-20 6 
36893886Loli Talker Quest Christmas Special ContinuedAn imouto continues her quest to save Christmas.Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Christmas, Nee-san2014-12-21 7 
36895856Kantai Collection Quest Christmas Special Part 1The shipgirls have come to bring holiday cheer, and there's Christmas presents, or is it?Collective Game, Kantai Collection, Kancolle, Christmas, Christmas special, Quest2014-12-22 -4 
36945618Kantai Collection Christmas Special Part 2The plan to save Christmas is underway! No? Then won't you do it for a Scooby Snack? Collective Game, Kantai Collection, Kancolle, Christmas, Christmas special, Quest, Hakarl. Scooby-Doo, Scooby Snax, Scooby Snack2014-12-24 -4 
37003255Loli Talker Quest Christmas Special FinaleThe conclusion of the the Christmas Special!Collective Game, Loli Talker Quest, Christmas, Nee-san2014-12-28 3 
37026473Esper Quest: Christmas/Winter Holiday SpecialIt's a bit too late to call it a Christmas special, but it's still the winter holidays, right? We start with Feito-chan so the QM can hint that her relationship with her mother has improved greatly.Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, Burnination, Freezination, CHRISTMAS, SNOWBALL FIGHT, HAPPY HOLIDAYS2014-12-29 5 
April 2015
39591553Post Punk Progression Girl QuestFunk soul brother, rock it out nowChristopher Walken dancing and flying will always be better than the swill you produce2015-04-27 -1 
August 2015
42023138Ball Daggers and other Medieval CuriositiesTg discusses how the middle ages really were compared to how most know them. A lot of humor ensues including dragon cuckoldry, shit flinging in churches and perverted poems.history, Middle Ages, mythology, Christianity2015-08-23 15 
September 2016
49163480Basing your hero/villain on Mother TeresaIn which Anon has surprisingly in-depth discussions on the Church, utilitarian vs absolutist morality, and ethics in general.Religion, ethics, morals, discussion, debate, Mother Teresa, Catholic, Christianity2016-09-05 2 
January 2017
969319Slasher Quest: Cabin of Carnage 1Its slay-bell season in this installation of Slasher Quest. 4 teenagers. 1 private island. 1 killer dressed as Santa Claus.Collective Game, Questguy, Slasher Quest, Slasher, Holiday, Christmas, Santa2017-01-05 2 
August 2017
1774440Crusade Quest #1Play as a Knight, killed some bandits, moved north, and became a Lord. CrusadeQM, Collective Game, Crusader, HRE, Knight, Christian2017-08-23 2 
November 2017
2050112What Came Next 12: What Came BeforeNothing bad happens as we flashback to a red haired teenager on her first date.What Came Next, Wagon, Suka, Sukaretto, Flashback, Living, Bleach, Bleach Quest, Rukongai, Ukitake, Lucifer, Crusader, God, Christian2017-11-10 2 
December 2017
2109027What Came Next 13: A Happy EndingSukaretto fights a tentacle monster while her brother watches.What Came Next, Wagon, Suka, Sukaretto, Flashback, Living, Bleach, Bleach Quest, Rukongai, Ukitake, Lucifer, Crusader, God, Christian2017-12-02 2 
December 2018
3117261Warship AI Quest Part 2Shakedown cruise, met Tametomo, activated code. Fever dream self repairs, made(?) Persephone, and old memories return. Confusing stuff.Warship, AI, Athena, Naval, Space, Persephone, Tametomo, Christmas2018-12-26 6 
63652697Can the Sister Save CandlemasA Sororitas along with a bunch of Guardsmen try their best to save the 40k version of Christmas from a DEldar Grinch and 40k Hans Gruber.40k, humor, IG, SoB, Candlemas, Christmas, Grinch, Die Hard2018-12-26 3 
January 2019
3134247Warship AI Quest Part 3Opened Freya's letter, celebrated the solstice, and got ready to fuck up some pirates.Warship, AI, Athena, Naval, Space, Persephone, Tametomo, Freya, Christmas2019-01-02 5 
3127848Ghoul Quest: Trick or Treat 2 Trick or Carol!Trick or Treat returns! Who's at the door? Open it and see!Ghoul Quest, Ghoulquest,collective game, Halloween, Christmas, Holiday, Questguy2019-01-08 1 
April 2019
341746740k [INSERT] Cultist QuestIn the grim darkness of the 42nd millennium, Imperial Guardsman Longinus Petrus struggles to spread the Holy Word of his Lord and Savior.Collective Game, 40k, Christianity, Cult2019-04-20 15 
February 2020
405923240K Cultist QuestA Khornite Goes out to prove himself in the underhive to get almost immediately killed. Than a priest of Christ gathers a flock. 40k, Adherent, Khorn, Christ2020-02-05 8 
407024840K Christian cultist questJoshua Abiel grows the church of Christ, gets a name, starts a farm and gets into a turf war with slaneshi cultists. 40k, Adherent, Christ, Underhive2020-02-12 8 
408174040K Christian cultist quest #2Joshua Abel attacks the Flayed Vultures with his flock. He faces against a deamonette and the Cultist leader.40k, Adherent, Christ, Underhive2020-02-19 7 
August 2020
4384782Christian Paladin Quest #1Milena Ravensun, a paladin and goblin slayer, attacks a goblin fortress with her party.Christian, Milena, Paladin2020-08-07 -1 
4392420Christian Paladin Quest (Mythic RPG) #2Milena Ravensun is Isekai'd into a world where Jesus Christ is not known.Christian, Collective, Milena, Mythic, Paladin, RPG2020-08-13 0 
74472758spacefaring undeadOP suggests that spaceflight becomes much more convenient once you no longer need life support. Then the writers and worldbuilders show up.space, undead, liches, blindsight, carmen miranda's ghost, dawson's christian,2020-08-26 5 
October 2020
4431665Pokemon in NYC QuestPokemon are real and, with the power of Christ Jesus and a bunch of rats, you're going to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in NYCPokemon, Tournament, Christian2020-10-01 3 
4474733Pokemon in NYC Quest #2You won a tournament with a psychotic Japanese man and the OP diedPokemon, Tournament, Christian2020-10-19 2 
November 2020
4504928Pokemon in NYC Quest #3 We captured a Joltik and went to Montauk to find a new friend and a new Pokemon. Pokemon, NYC, Christian 2020-11-10 1 
December 2020
4543876Pokemon in NYC Quest #4Another tournament on the way with a dumbass and a Ash ketchum larper as teammates Pokemon, NYC, Christian 2020-12-16 1 
January 2021
4570856Jesus Christ QuestJesus returns from his trials in the desert only to find himself in the strange new world of the 21st century.jesus, christ, pope, vatican, catholic, protestant, muslim, debate, orthodox, constantinople, greece2021-01-13 3 
December 2021
5049208Antichrist QuestA successful media personality awakens to his true nature as the Antichrist, and sets to workAntichrist Quest, 666, modern fantasy, religion, satanism, politics2021-12-24 2 
December 2022
5480946Warhammer 40K: Christian Cult in The UnderhiveIn the Boiadero underhive a young scavenger makes a miraculous discovery, and begins working on his dream to change the underhive.Collective Game, TQM, Warhammer, 40k, Christian, Cult, Underhive, Warhammer 40k, Kvar2022-12-30 30 
February 2023
5515343Warhammer 40K: Christian Cult in The Underhive #2Kvar continues to work towards his goals alongside his temple and the Jags. He later tries to solve the mystery behind some disappearances.Collective Game, TQM, Warhammer, 40k, Christian, Cult, Underhive, Warhammer 40k, Kvar2023-02-07 14 
April 2023
5614105Warhammer 40k: Christian Cult in The UnderhiveKvar makes some progress on his hunt for the kidnappers, holds a public feast with his fresh harvest, and begins taking in newcomers.Kvar, Collective Game, Warhammer, 40k, TQM, Christian, Cult, Underhive2023-04-29 21 
September 2023
5720288Europe 1000 A.D.The nations of Medieval Europe contest each other between long wait times and rolls. Alliances are forged and two power blocs emerge.Collective Game, Skirmish, Nations, Europe, Medieval, Middle Ages, 1000ADMapGameHost, Christianity, Paganism, Multiplayer, Crusade2023-09-05 0 
October 2023
5747577Warhammer 40k: Christian Cult in The Underhive 4Our holyman recruits a lot of new and worthy members, meets with a potential ally, and goes on a date with everyone's favorite psycho.Kvar, Collective Game, Warhammer, 40k, TQM, Christian, Cult, Underhive2023-10-01 11 
November 2023
5787542Warhammer 40k: Christian Cult in The UnderhiveMarella and Kvar become fianc├ęs, a new evil springs up in the underhive, and the kidnappers finally meet their end.Collective Game, TQM, Warhammer, 40k, Christian, Cult, Underhive, Warhammer 40k, Kvar2023-11-15 6 
December 2023
5835012Warhammer 40k: Christian Cult in The Underhive 6Marella and Kvar become husband and wife, we learn who was leading the kidnappers, and a strange Tech-Priest becomes a guest of the Cult.Collective Game, TQM, Warhammer, 40k, Christian, Cult, Underhive, Warhammer 40k, Kvar2023-12-23 5 
91312886Tallarn on an Ice WorldA Christmas themed greentext where an unlikely alliance is formed to stop a Khornate ritual40k, IG, Tallarns, Skitarii, Slaanesh, Khorne, Orks, Chaos, Valhallans, Felinids, writefaggotry, Candlemas, Christmas2023-12-31 0 
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