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October 2012
21164426Revolutio Daedali; Revolution and industry in the Ancient WorldIn the effort to be a positive influence on his little brother, the OP of this thread decided to craft a homebrew setting based on an alternate vision of the Ancient World in the throes of an industrial, political, and social revolution, brought on by the inventions of Daedalus.Setting, Homebrew, Ancient, Ancients, Rome, Greece, Macydonia, Egypt, Industrial, Revolution, Worldbuilding, world building, The Archivist2012-10-17 28 
February 2017
1091214Kodros 1Pixel art Greek civ threadpixel, civ, ostrich, greece2017-02-01 2 
51541954The Greek Mythic Cycle: TheomachyOP asks "what if Apollo rebelled against Zeus as Zeus rebelled against Cronos, and Cronos rebelled against Ouranos?" Theomachy is whatGreek Gods, Olympus, Zeus, Apollo, Greece, Troy, Myths, Greek2017-02-04 6 
January 2021
4570856Jesus Christ QuestJesus returns from his trials in the desert only to find himself in the strange new world of the 21st century.jesus, christ, pope, vatican, catholic, protestant, muslim, debate, orthodox, constantinople, greece2021-01-13 3 
March 2023
5579585Trojan War Quest #1In this thread we make our hero, Nikandros Hippomedion. He finds and befriends Prince Achilles and agrees to subvert peace talks with Ilion.Trojan War Quest, Homer, Greece, Bronze Age, Kleos-pilled2023-03-16 24 
April 2023
5610431Trojan War Quest #2Nik sails to Troy, but a single anon seems to derail the thread.Trojan War Quest, Homer, Troy, Ancient Greece, Homeric Myth2023-04-08 17 
5644134Trojan War Quest: Deianira's SidestoryAs Nikandros of Thessaly sails to Ilion, we turn our attentions to his sister, Deianira Hippomedion, as she leads the oikos of Hippomedon.Trojan War Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece2023-04-23 26 
June 2023
5687242Trojan War Quest: Deianira's Sidestory #2Deianira Hippomedion fights her way through the raid on the spawn of Ixion, and deals with the aftermath of her choices...Trojan War Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece2023-06-14 15 
August 2023
5725902Trojan War Quest: Deianira's Sidestory #2.1Deianira Hippomedion has taken on a black bargain of murder, and now finds herself within the palace of her future victim... Trojan War Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece2023-08-01 13 
September 2023
5742360Trojan War Quest #2: NostosThe story of Nikandros Hippomedion continues, under new management! Nik sails to Delos, participates in the Delian games, and now onto Troy!Trojan War Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece2023-09-16 16 
October 2023
5771014Average Greek Man QuestYou are a young Greek guy, living his life like any other Greek like him does.Greek, Man, Greece, Cretan, Crete, Heraklion2023-10-22 0 
November 2023
5827930Trojan War Quest #3The story of Nikandros Hippomedion continues - in this thread, the diplomatic council between the Achaeans and Trojans...Trojan War Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece2023-11-12 10 
February 2024
5934977Seven Against Thebes QuestHippomedon Aristomachides has recently learned that Polynices of Thebes has married his cousin, Argia... And knows that war must follow.Trojan War Quest, Seven Against Thebes Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece2024-02-24 10 
April 2024
5976675Seven Against Thebes Quest #2Hippomedon conducts a cattle raid and finishes his preparations of the Argive army Trojan War Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece, Seven Against Thebes2024-04-13 0 
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