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June 2008
1995216Frontier Sci-fi/tg/ discusses and bickers over an Outlaw Star-style sci-fi setting with rugged individualism and capitalist gain running riot.sci-fi outlaw 2008-06-15 4 
October 2008
2741595Flatland RPGAn RPG for playing two-dimensional characters. Triangles, squares, you get the idea.Flatland2008-10-06 3 
April 2010
9027232Tlaloc QuestSequel to old primarch quest.Tlaloc Quest, Quest, Collective Game2010-04-07 1 
May 2011
15059585Hive Fleet Atlas 1The creation of a new Hive Fleet (to many Space Marines, apparantly).Tyranids, Tyranid, Homebrew, Hivefleet, WH40K, Atlas, Charles Atlas2011-05-26 -1 
November 2011
17056372Realms of Atlantasia/tg/ discovers what maybe the new Synibarr.Atlantasia, Fail, Synibaar 2011-11-30 14 
December 2011
17084727Atlantasia presents: Spider, Dwarf of SteelA noble Anon takes it upon himself to complete Atlantasia character creation, and have a single random encounter. Rants about boots, time, and pincushony death at a quarter mile ensue.Character, game design, fail, atlantasia2011-12-03 14 
17123534Atlantasia presents: Making a random encounter.After Spider, Dwarf of Steel's messy demise, OP reseurects him for an easier random encouner. Making the required NPC then takes 3 hours.Atlantasia, fail, game design, random encounter2011-12-07 10 
17127438/tg/'s foreign relations protocol/tg/ reports from around the world on the wonderful day they've had/tg/, Britain, Australia, Japan, Scotland, Germany, funny2011-12-07 12 
October 2012
21214815Friend-kun and Shy-chan's Outlandish Journey: PreludeThe prelude to the crazy adventure. Scheduling, grenades, and rescue.Shy-chan, Friend-kun, Shy-Chan's Outlandish Journey, Collective Game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragonline2012-10-21 6 
21275979 Friend-kun and Shy-chan's Outlandish Journey: Chapter 1Geomancy and being awkward go together like...oh wait. "The Chain" makes his appearance and Jim is dumb.Shy-chan, Friend-kun, Shy-Chan's Outlandish Journey, Collective Game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragonline2012-10-25 5 
January 2013
22578223175 miles to the LAWWherein /tg/ decides that the strange alignment mechanics of the Outlands means you can turn a planar gate-town into a roving weapon of mass destruction if you only you can apply enough LAW.D&D 3.5e, Outlands, Planar Mechanics, Alignment, LAW, Speculah2013-01-14 13 
February 2013
23165116Return To AtlantasiaIt's been slightly over a year since the last time we looked at this train wreck and once more we make a Character for the system.Game Design, Fail, Character Creation, Realms of Atlantasia, Atlantasia2013-02-15 6 
February 2014
30396659Nanoha FORCE Quest 7In an all out brawl over the island's airspace,Tohma meets a precious person once again! Collective Game, Nanoha Force, Nanoha, BelkanSniper, Nanoha FORCE Quest, Cute Devil, White Devil, Magical Guy, Outlaws, Huckebein, 2014-02-22 6 
January 2015
37590645Realms of Atlantasia: RebirthTwo years after the revisiting of the realms of atlantasia, and four years after the original discovery, /tg/ once again makes a character in this shitty game.Atlantasia, Realms of Atlantasia, Fail, Character Generation, Char gen2015-01-27 3 
February 2015
37843250American Fantasy (Fantasy in a pre-Europe America setting)/tg/ mulls around ideas and inspiring facts about the land west of the atlantic and all its glory and curiosity before the West got a hold of it.america, american fantasy, setting, fluff, discussion, worldbuilding, collaborative, indians, native americans, atlatl, pueblo, hype as fuck2015-02-06 2 
September 2015
42357871Avatar TLA QuestWe create our hero, who in the end turns out to be Hokage, Mordin and Cao Cao in disguise. Collective Game, Avatar, The Last Airbender, TLA, Avatar TLA Quest, Royal Physician Quest2015-09-08 13 
42378656Avatar TLA Quest - Fire - Part 1In this chapter we find out that dice gods hate us and canon is a bitch.Collective Game, Avatar, The Last Airbender, TLA, Avatar TLA Quest, Royal Physician Quest2015-09-08 12 
July 2016
48444329The Huge Marines/The Arms of Atlas/tg/ creates and discuss the Huge Marines,a marine chapter made completely of enhanced ogryns and whose tactics are HUGE!fluff, marine chapter, Huge Marines, The Arms of Atlas, St Gav, ogryn2016-07-28 7 
November 2016
842771Low-Fantasy Warlord Quest 1Our (anti-)hero carefully considers his first steps into the world of killing and pillaging.warlord, low fantasy, durwin, outlaws, medieval2016-11-19 5 
December 2016
50512930AtlantaAsiaAnon run a 16-charatcer tournament of 1v1 battles in a completly borken system. Fun ensues.AtlantaAsia2016-12-04 38 
50519158AtlantaAsia pt 2Second half of the epic tournament.AtlantaAsia, Broken system, cat-o-nine-tails2016-12-04 27 
February 2017
1148559 Avatar TLA Quest Character CreationCharacter creation that lasted for way too long. Prince Iroh is also apparently more valuable than a waifu. avatar, tla, the last airbender, collective game, fire nation, fire bender, original character2017-02-13 8 
November 2017
2091519The Land Abandoned By God CH. 0Mysterious survivor ambushed by cultist in the dead of the night, monsters who shuns the light awaits their feast. Thus begin our story....Collective Game, TLABG, quest2017-11-28 1 
June 2018
2673580Avatar: The Firebender Quest #2Learned Airbending, went on an...outing? with Azula & co. Talked to Roku.Firebender Quest, SifuHotman, Avatar, Last Airbender, AtLA2018-06-29 5 
July 2018
2717546Avatar: The Firebender Quest #3Went to a party with a date, set out on the mission to the South PoleFirebender Quest, SifuHotman, Avatar, Last Airbender, AtLA2018-07-14 3 
December 2018
3119583Sokka Quest IIn an AU where Sozin's comet doesn't exist, Sokka travels to Ba Sing Se, meets some girls, and fights the power.Sokka Quest, ATLA, Blood, Politics, Boomerangs2018-12-23 10 
January 2019
3129832Sokka Quest IIAfter a fight with the pirates Sokka returns to the South Pole, and the QM dissapears.Sokka Quest, ATLA, Blood, Politics, Boomerangs.2019-01-07 5 
July 2019
3636731The Elements - a nrp gameA NatRP based on elemental bending and the civilizations that might result. Fish, Bats, and Ashen Horrors abound. Batteries not included.Sky, NatRP, NRP, Avatar, TLA, Bending2019-07-21 2 
September 2019
68162646Nechronica thread with storytimesTwo nechronica storytimes get going, weapons are stats are created, parts are discussed, and more. 1880's England.nechronica, storytime, story time, parts, guns, doll, system, england, british, japanese, america, portugal, atlantic, centipede2019-09-08 5 
July 2020
4303969ATLA Quest #0The Prologue of Lien as we setup her journey.Collective Game, Avatar, AU, Female Protagonist, Collective Game, Avatar, The Last Airbender, TLA, Avatar TLA Quest, Earthbending2020-07-06 0 
4318301Zuko Quest #1You're young Prince Zuko. At the age of fifteen you're Captain of the 41st Division and heir of Fire Lord Ozai.Collective Game, Zuko, ATLA, MenaceMantis, Avatar, alternate2020-07-20 6 
August 2021
4919200Borderlands Civ Quest: Pre-QuestAdmiral Mikey awakes with the smarts and heads to Pandora to slap General Noxx. QM's job interferes with updates and thread dies earlyAdmiral Mikey, ATLAS, Borderlands, Collective Game2021-08-28 1 
March 2023
5580037Avatar Quest: Book One Sand #1Avatar Korra has passed, and a new Avatar is BornCollective Game, Avatar, TLAB, Korra2023-03-30 12 
May 2023
5617116Avatar Quest: Book One Sand #2Be Avatar. Do crimesCollective Game, Avatar, TLAB, Korra2023-05-07 7 
December 2023
5813050Kobolt Klan Adoption 15 You leave the forest and talk to people. For once, things aren't horrible for a bit.Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Sci-fi Fantasy, Eldritch horror, Fallout, Dragons, Muscular Plague Doctor Waifu, Transhumanism, Fantasy scotland2023-12-08 5 
March 2024
5916511Kobolt Klan Adoption 17We arrive in a city, enjoy ourself, and then make ourselves miserable with family drama. ARCHIVE OF 16 AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS THREADKobolt klan, Reynauld, Sci-fi Fantasy, Eldritch horror, Dragons, Fantasy scotland, Family Drama, Sads, cutes2024-03-21 4 
May 2024
5964341AtlA: Azula grows a conscienceAzula joins Zuko in his hunt for the AvatarAvatar, Airbender, Azula, Zuko, ATLA2024-05-07 6 
5962747Kobolt Klan Adoption 18Reynauld meets the inlaws. Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Sci-fi Fantasy, Eldritch horror, Fallout, Dragons, Muscular Plague Doctor Waifu, Transhumanism, Fantasy scotland2024-05-12 3 
June 2024
6003652AtlA: Azula grows a conscience IIAzula speaks with Ozai, and then the QM is kidnapped by Dan Schneider's goons.Avatar, Airbender, Azula, Zuko, ATLA2024-06-13 3 
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