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December 2007
925367BOYZ UV DA DAMNEDA cunning ork's plan to imitate the Legion of the damnedOrks, Damned, lulz2007-12-22 0 
April 2008
1451120Discussion of LARP weapons/tg/ discusses LARP combat, fighting styles, kendo vs fencing, and various related topics such as which sort of fencing is 'for cocksuckers'.larp sword masterwork katana quarterstaff internettoughguy2008-04-02 0 
1538090Resin mold tutorialFinally, in amongst the ashes of /tg/ comes anonymous, dispensing with minature piracy methods. molds, resin, games workshop, poorhammer2008-04-16 35 
1586226Bureacracy in 40KYour thread is very important to us, please hold.40K, paperwork, red tape2008-04-23 11 
May 2008
1689459OrkonomicsEssay is posted regarding the role of teef in the ork ekonomy. /tg/ discuss dakka and hos.orks, teef, writefag, warhammer 40k2008-05-09 12 
1706268Aspekt BoyzExploring how ded 'ard, shooty and choppy the panzees really is.orks, 40k, eldar2008-05-11 25 
1740845ORKSVast numbers of the most awesome Ork models around. The only thread in ages that doesn't need moar dakka.orks, 40k, miniatures2008-05-15 20 
176920140k Arbor day editionIn the GRIM and DARK universe of 40k, there is only PHOTOSYNTHESIS.wh40k, orks, derailment2008-05-19 11 
August 2008
September 2008
2554347Ork-chanWritefag gives us a story about a little Ork girl. Manly tears ensue.Ork-chan, dawwwwww2008-09-12 36 
October 2008
2731539WAAAAAUGH OV DA HUMIE SNATCHAS!An Inquisitor investigates a possible case of orky guardsmen...or are they?orky brickshat2008-10-04 41 
January 2009
3302710Kustum Ork KonversionsA Tripfag posts his Ork conversions, which turn out to be awesome. Anon is inspired by his Orkiness.Orks, 40k, WAAAGH!2009-01-03 5 
3557509Orktimus PrimeWonder what would happen if a band of Orks looted an Autobot? These pictures show off the Best Conversion EVER.Orks, Transformer, Optimus Prime2009-01-30 10 
February 2009
3585038Ruby QuestFaggot whines about Ruby Quest, Thursday and Orkz ensue.Ruby Quest, Thursday, Rooby Kwest, Orkz2009-02-02 23 
3654446The Flight of Uzgob RokkitrangaThe results of Uzgob Rokkitranga being shot into the air while strapped to a rocket.orks, PIERCE THE HEAVENS, Uzgob Rokkitranga2009-02-09 31 
April 2009
4152808Ork Fortress/tg/ gets shit done in making DF rite orky.Orks, Dwarf Fortress2009-04-01 24 
May 2009
4483250Masterwork +3/tg/ takes everyday objects and makes them awesome.masterwork, ignore copypasta, duct tape2009-05-07 1 
4670854Beating mechanized orksHow to beat mechanized orks.40k orks "space marines"2009-05-27 1 
4705431Orks discuss stomy trukksSo every good Ork knows 'bout makin' things more Choppy an' Shooty, but what I'm bugged about is Stompy, an' trukks. When ya run over humie gits wif a trukk, what do ya call it? It ain't Stompy 'cuz a trukk wheel ain't a stompa foot or nuffin', and it ain't Choppy or Shooty, either. Ya could call it Krumpin', but dat applies fer any ol' smackin' things, what like hammers an' fists an' whatnot. So what do we calls it, boyz? "Rolly"? Rolly sounds like a pansy Elf-dar word. I figgur we gotta get a roit propa word fer it so's we can make somethin' an call it the whatever-iest! Orks Trukks Stompy Choppa Stompiest2009-05-30 1 
June 2009
4927824Blood and Thunder Ch 1 & 2Tripfag posts some comics about orks. Plans to continue later.Orks, Blood and Thunder, Comics, Warhammer 40k, W40k, DAKKA2009-06-19 3 
4937431Blood and Thunder Ch 3 & 4Last two chapters of Blood and Thunder.Orks, Blood and Thunder, Comics, Warhammer 40k, W40k, DAKKA2009-06-20 0 
4974541Ork FikkshumPulp Fiction with orksorks, pulp fiction, writefaggotry2009-06-24 16 
5000555ORKZ DA BOSSThe Lonely Island gets looted and given a right proper overhaul.Orkz, Warhammer 40k, Da Boss2009-06-26 2 
July 2009
5181093Ork QuestYou iz an Ork. You iz in a hut made outta metal bitz. What does ya do?Collective Game, Ork Quest2009-07-17 18 
5215969Da Legend of Moby GitMoby Dick...with orks. Now in Quest™ form. Moby Dick, orks, collective game2009-07-21 6 
September 2009
5858796BorksThe Borg attempt to assimilate the Orks, with hilarious results.Orks, Warhmmer 40K, Star Trek, Borg, Writefaggtry2009-09-14 11 
October 2009
6132940Zagmund Hippocratork Smartboy the ⑨th/tg/ comes up with a brand new character for Rogue Trader, and boy is he dapper...Ork, Dapper, Rogue Trader, 40k2009-10-05 5 
6248068Makin' Da Stompiest Stompa Dat Ever Stomp'd!Da Big Mek Boltwrencha an' 'iz boyz go lootin' snazzy gubbinz frum all ova da place ta make wun o' da bestest Stompaz dis Ork'z eva seen!Orks, Stompa, gubbinz, bitz,2009-10-13 8 
6419505Ork QuestDa adventure of Nuk da Cunnin' and 'iz boar ChargaOrkz, Orkz, Ork Quest, Warhammer 40K, Quest, Collective game2009-10-25 6 
6435211Ork Quest 2Nuk da Kunnin' takes control of da mob, and gears up for da WAAAAAGHH!!!Ork Quest, Orkz, Ork, Quest thread2009-10-26 5 
November 2009
6548180The definition of "Dakka""A precise term referring to a specific blend of three interconnected but hopefully balanced ideals."dakka, orks2009-11-03 6 
6569983Awesome RP moments goes col. workA thread originally about awesome moments or things in a PnP RPG session turns into a thread that (possibly) sparks a collaborative effort into being that will translate one of the most popular Swedish PnP RPG's into english. Thread mostly saved for future reference, but contains many quality posts in its own right.awesome moments, awesome, guitars that shoot lightning, giant church robots, Mutant, collaborative work,2009-11-05 2 
6882277Orkhammer Many Lotz: Da 'Orork 'EresyThe epic tale of the Emperok and his Primeorkz and the war among them that tore apart the Orkperium.Orks, Horus Heresy, Orkhammer2009-11-27 3 
December 2009
7255333Scriptarius' Xmas SpecialSanta Ork and Gingerbread stompa. Also, apparently estonian hookers.Scriptarius, 40k, orks2009-12-23 16 
January 2010
7428027RT Ork infested shipWhat starts out as an anons conundrum of onboard orks, ensues into Inquisitor Brannigan.orks, Rogue trader, Zapp brannigan2010-01-05 10 
February 2010
8105568Lego + 40k = ?FUCKING WIN, THATS WHAT! Screw you, GW!lego, holy shit this is awesome, 40k, orkz2010-02-16 1 
March 2010
8571567Red TeefAn Orky discussion on the effects of painting things red.Ork 40k2010-03-14 5 
8833649Ork QuestWAAAGH DA ORKSOrks, Quest2010-03-28 13 
8839618Ork Quest Part 2In which Toofsum Bakkhakker kills some more 'umies, recruits a mek and challenges a nob to a bar fight. ork, quest2010-03-29 8 
8854037Ork Quest part 3Got up this morning. Wrestled a squig. Got a mekanical buttocks. WAUUUGHED a humie base to tiny little pieces.ork, quest, collective game2010-03-29 8 
8859405Ork Quest: Part 4 - The BreachBoss Bakkhakker breaks into the 'umie base and gets dead stompy on a psyker, commissar and priest. Meanwhile, his boyz and squigs run riot and practically burn the place to the ground. Finally, Ramirez (err, Toofsum) clears out the last building with a taktikal mob of boyz. ork, quest,2010-03-30 8 
8879071Ork Quest: Part 5 - Base Buildan'Toofsum Bakkhakker continues to build his Waaagh! by looting the captured base, recruiting more boyz, picking a banner and suiting up in some dead killy armour! Plenty of krumpings to go about.ork, quest, Orkquest, Collective Game, 40k2010-03-31 8 
April 2010
8913524Ork Quest part 6 - ERE WE GOIn which our erstwhile yoof races tanks, burns plants and HOLY SHIT A NID-SQUIGGOTHork, quest, collective game2010-04-01 7 
8941257Ork Quest: Part 7 - Squignidz Taste GoodSome base buildan' and a trip to camp. Holy shit dakka upgrade.ork, quest, ork quest, collective game2010-04-03 9 
8956358Sweet Ork and Hella EmpTHE ORK RUSE WAS A....... DISTACTION i HAVE the /TEEG/mspa, 40k, ork, epic2010-04-03 1 
9163999Ork Quest: Part 8 - Taktikal Sneaky ActionAnon finds themselves in the shoes of Deffdakka, one Bakkhakker's underlings. Grotlikka has given him the mission of taking a band of kommandos to scout out for the real human base, but as with most of Ork Quest, things don't go as planned...ork, orkz, quest, ork quest, collective game2010-04-14 6 
9211020Ork Quest: Part 9 - Quit Muckin' AboutDon't trust gangers or ooze. That's all.ork, quest, ork quest, orkz, collective game, deffdakka, bakkhakker2010-04-16 6 
9285336Gork and Mork created the universeWhat starts as a realization that the Orks have already won rapidly leads to a better understanding of the 40k universeGork,Mork,Emperor,Tzeentch2010-04-19 28 
9341844Ork HeresyYous lousy grotz ready to serve in the 'oly Orkos of the Orkquisition?!Ork, Dark Heresy, Ork Heresy2010-04-22 10 
May 2010
10057244Animorphs statted for WoDAnon stats Yeerks, Taxxons, Hork-Bajir, Andalites, and the original five AnimorphsAnimorphs, Yeerks, Taxxons, Hork-Bajir, Andalites 2010-05-26 8 
10106653Ork endgame scenarioWhat starts out as a discussion about Inquisitor Kryptman turns into something so much moreOrks, 40k2010-05-28 -2 
June 2010
10344703Mass Workshop/tg/ discusses a Mass Effect version of 40k from a parallel realityMass Effect, 40k, Games Workshop, crossover2010-06-08 3 
10376500MAID QUEST XXXVIIIFireworks and shit yo.Maid Quest, loli demonesses, fireworks2010-06-09 13 
10378714XXXIXCuddle process is started. Goushujin is bannedMaid Quest, loli demonesses, fireworks2010-06-09 11 
August 2010
11835868Reality checkThis thread needs to be seen. Ork and paranoia in the fleshork, paranoia, tea shop girl, why?2010-08-27 20 
October 2010
12545927Jaguar Quest Part 1A drop pod falls to a harsh jungle planet, carrying an amnesiac superhuman who first beats a monster Jaguar and leads a band of Orkz.Jaguar Quest, Quest Thread, Warhammer 40k, Orkz2010-10-24 6 
November 2010
12640960Kaptin KatiklyzumIn a normal thread about Rogue Trader, a possibility of xeno Rogue Traders is mentioned. /tg/ almost instantly produces Kaptin Katiklyzum, Mad Mek of the Calixis Sector an Ork who looted a vessel and the Writ and wants to one-up the emperor with wacky shenanigans that almost always failRogue Trader, Ork, Awesome2010-11-02 3 
12665208Kaptin KatiklyzmThe tale of an ork freeboota who intends to kill the emperor, oh and also loot some dark age iron men.ork, writefaggotry2010-11-04 3 
12821903Looted Borg cubeBorg cube attacks an Ork Rok. Orkz gain a looted cube.40k, Orkz2010-11-17 8 
12929447ManoWAAAGH!!!Thread about 40k Orky science fair gets derailed with Manowar songs replaced with Orky lyrics40k humor, Songs, Orks2010-11-26 -2 
February 2011
13738212OrkchanWhat would 4chan be like if made by Orks? Very, very funny.40k, Orks, 4chan2011-02-01 10 
13815075Call o' dooty : Black OrksSarge and the Boyz infiltrate a Tyranid hive to save an IG Colonel in a mercenary mission for the Imperium. Action packed and funny to boot. Orks, Writefaggotry, Tyranid, original content2011-02-08 12 
14017473Clockwork Man QuestAfter losing his commanding officer, a clockwork warmachine tries to follow orders he barely understands.Collective game, Quest Thread, Clockwork2011-02-24 5 
March 2011
14206810FOR DA PLANETBOSSwhat if you had an ork the size of a planet? and what would the tyranids do about it? would you finally have enuff dakka?40k, warhammer, orks, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH2011-03-11 28 
14233706Kommando Quest Part 1 thread 1In which DaQuestOrk slowly starts Kommando Quest and people be Orky. First thread of Part 1Quest, Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, DaQuestOrk, Kommando2011-03-14 6 
14236472Kommando Quest Part 1 thread 2Our kommando manages to kill more 'umies... but DaQuestOrk got ta go. Oh well.Quest, Ork, DaQuest Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, Kommando2011-03-14 5 
14270596Kommando Quest Part 2In which we finish off da 'umies and create Da KleenaQuest, Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, DaQuestOrk, Kommando2011-03-17 6 
14349788A Thought on Orks who are More than Orks.Leer spins a story of an unnatural ork who seems to do the impossible, in the form of personal log entries of those who have seen itOrks, 40k, writefaggatory2011-03-24 -2 
14354130Frozen ReachesThe fate of Billions depends on which female faction leader a powerful Rogue Trader wants to bone more, under /tg/s advice he decides to reach for the stars and try for a threesome. Also general Frozen Reaches/Rogue Trader discussion.Rogue Trader, Frozen Reaches, Orks, Pirates, 40K, Warhammer, Awesomeface2011-03-28 7 
April 2011
14585186Zerg Quest XXXVIIIAnon continues its vicious pogrom against the VoidGate AI, going so far as to get Kingston in on the carnage. Yet more planets are rendered balls of superheated glass, and yet fewer people are willing to fuck with the Zerg.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Planet Glassing, Skynet, Kingston teamwork?, Oops2011-04-14 11 
14640441Terms of EnrampagementOP asks how one would run an Archer campaign. Many insightful points are raised.Archer, Dork Heresy, Inquisitors, RPG, 40k2011-04-20 1 
14748343Hamlet is proper OrkyRandom Anon makes a version of Hamlet featuring Orks. Hilarity ensues.40k, warhammer, orks, hamlet2011-04-29 38 
May 2011
14959956Letter for GWfa/tg/uys write a collaborative letter for games workshopgames workshop hate one word letter2011-05-18 2 
15081746Foightin' BoyzSince everybody else (but the Tau, who likes those guys) have their own custom /tg/-brewed faction, here is a go at an Ork Waaagh. Result: Rapper Gangsta + Yakuza + 1920s Gangster themed waaagh which is swimmin' in teef, wear Tau bitz as bling, and beat up the Tau for protection money. Protection from who? The IoM, of course!Orks, waaagh, homebrew, gangsta2011-05-28 5 
15094763Makin' a Klan!Using some random charts (original and borrowed from Deathwatch: Rites of Battle)/tg/ begins rolling up an Ork klan.warhammer_40k, Orks, random_generator2011-05-30 1 
15098243Waaagh Tang KlanFormerly the Foightin' Boyz, more fluff are added. New in this thread: The introduction of Blazte Ball and Bloxing, Ork Trukk fitted with boomboxes to blare Ork rap, Ork Roicaboyz making drifts with the Trukks, and the Gorkfatha (or sometimes Morkfatha).Orks, waaagh, homebrew, gangsta2011-05-30 4 
June 2011
15125681Ask a GW Manager Anything Part 3Games Workshop Manager returns. Now with 100% more Finecast and holy shit what is going on with the story?Games Workshop, Manager, Primarch, Finecast2011-06-01 12 
July 2011
15664087Google+ Requests/tg/ embraces the future of social networking!Google+, G+, foreveralone, social networking2011-07-22 -13 
15662705Art Deco MarinesA very original idea for a new Space Marines chapter is developed when OP comes with plans to build a 20s/30s themed army.Art Deco, 1930s, Space Marines, Greaser Orks, The Architects 2011-07-22 7 
15693844Advice doks mad shackA mad dok is givin´ da best advice dere is! Ork, advice, dok2011-07-25 4 
15707265Kommando Quest Reloaded Part 1In which Kommando Quest comes back with a hungover Skruffy who has lost da keys to Da Kleena. Zog!Collective Game, Quest, Ork, Ork Quest, Kommando Quest, DaQuestOrk, Kommando2011-07-26 6 
15767555Ork Heresy DevelopmentAn Orky supplement for Dark Heresy.ork, dark heresy, ork heresy, warhammer rpg2011-07-31 0 
August 2011
16076417Orks and PaintOP wonders what qualities Orks might ascribe to colors other than red. Green iz best, of course...40k, orks, colors2011-08-27 9 
16124586ORKY QUEST PART 1WE MEET UP WITH A OLD FRIEND AND ASSAULT A ORK CAMP WAAAAAAAGH!!Collective Game, Orkz, Warhammer 40k,2011-08-31 -1 
September 2011
16136082Zerg Quest LVILet's synergize our communication zones and break some paradigms.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Kerrigan, Raynor, Contract Negotiations, Very complicated paperwork2011-09-01 12 
16396062Ork Dakka Discussion & PhilosophyOP wonders what would happen if enuff dakka would be reached if an ork was revealed to Slaanesh. Discussion then turns to what is enuff dakka can can it be reached. Von Neumann Bullets and universe guns are conceived in an attempt to reach enuff dakka. Then a wise orky anon shares the wisdom of Sorkatez, Shillork and other ork philosophers.ork, 40k, dakka, more dakka, never enuff dakka, Von Neumann bullets,2011-09-23 5 
October 2011
16545159Diterlizzi AD&D Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. 1Descriptions and pictures of Diterlizzi, the man who made AD&D what we picture it to be today.Diterlizzi, 90s, 1990s, AD&D, artwork2011-10-08 8 
16577191WAAAAAGHNETIf Orks had the internetOrks, Internet, WAAAAGH2011-10-10 21 
16606985DeffwatchOrks have pretended to by Spess Mahreens. Hilarity ensues.40k, orks, writefaggotry2011-10-13 8 
November 2011
16811807Deffwotch 7Seventh session of Deffwotch. A Mega-armor Nob runs away like a pissy grot.Deffwotch, Deathwatch, wh40k, Orks2011-11-02 10 
16877022Taktika OrkzGreat advice for current meta-game Orks. The last word on Ork tactics.orks, 40k, tactics, waaagh2011-11-08 8 
16900834Deffwotch, Session 8Eighth session of Deffwotch. Orks develop the perfect counter to Eldar holo-fields in ship to ship combat. Deffwotch, Deathwatch, wh40k, Orks2011-11-10 10 
17041333Deffwotch, Session 10Fleet-Footed Freebooterz Face Fat Flying Fusion CascadeDeffwotch, Orks, 40k2011-11-28 8 
17051801Children CharactersA thread about how to to child characters right is suddenly transformed into a thread about Tork, the barbarian taught to read by a child.daww, roleplay, Tork 2011-11-29 6 
December 2011
1710907511 - Aura of FailureShas'o R'myr regalis /tg/ with yet another of his amazing Deffwotch threads, about a Deathwatch squad of orksOrks, Deffwotch, 11, Warhammer 40K, Epic, Campaign2011-12-06 10 
17241089Deffwotch 13?Supah Dimensional Stompa Da Looted... Orkcross?Deffwotch, 40k, Orks, Macross2011-12-17 6 
17285043Deffwotch Session 14Chaos Sentai LifeguardDeffwotch, 40k, orks2011-12-21 8 
January 2012
17403735Heretical Love part 13Max gets Orky with Karen, then heads back to give the Necrons a righteous ass-whoopin'. Collective Game, Heretical Love quest, Heretical Love, 40k, quest, warhammer, orks, 2012-01-02 30 
17580591MOI LI'L ORKY, BOYZ IZ WAAGH!Orkz are just like ponies. But with less cuteness and more killing.mlp, fim, ponies, orkz, boyz, 40k, what the fuck is this shit2012-01-18 8 
17582781THEY FOUND OUT WE KNOW ABOUT THE SQUATSOh god GW's soldiers are right outside my door, I don't have much time l-Squats, Heresy, Warhammer 40k, EVERYBODY PANIC, Games Workshop, SPOILERS2012-01-18 24 
17611512The Magus DilemmaWhat /tg/ assumes will be a THAT GUY story, turns into a twist that we didn't see coming, and the OP has no idea what to do next. We try and come up with reasonable approaches.magus, warlock, homonculus, clockwork heart, advice, 2012-01-21 13 
17689575Deffwotch once moreShas returns to expound upon the mysteries of very small men, Orkz, and one of the toughest fights our Orkstartes have yet faced.Deffwotch, orkz, deathwatch, shas'o, storytime, WAAAAAGH2012-01-27 10 
February 2012
17809038Deffwotch 19 - To All ThingsDa ladz in Deffwotch have an aerial face off against a Warboss with a kannon that dakkas worlds.Deffwotch, Orkz, Rogue Trader2012-02-05 7 
18020205Card Mage QuestA quest about a mage who uses combinations of cards to do his bidding. And surprisingly not quite MtG/Yu-gi-oh/Card Captor Sakura!Collective Game, Card Mage Quest, quest thread, Alex Dubois, Jessica Farthing, vintage doorknobs2012-02-20 16 
18029712Advice Dok!Your friendly neighborhood Mad Dok is here, with top-notch medical advice!warhammer 40k, wh40k, orks, medical advice2012-02-20 11 
18087612Deffwotch 21 - Me Against The WorldTupac's alive in Cuba, and the Weirdboy dies.Deffwotch, Orks, Rogue Trader, 40k2012-02-25 7 
March 2012
18443550Planetary Governor Quest: Part fourIn which we finally deal with the Genestealer problem, rebuild infrastructure, settle the Iron Dragons into their new home, and get a visit from your friendly neighborhood Departmento Munitorum Tax Collector.Planetary Governor Quest, Genestealers, Space Marines, Ultramarines, Salamanders, Tyranids, Orks, ork, RT, Rogue Trader, collective game, Rhino, Squats, furry, mutant, Ogryns, Imperium, Warhammer, 40K2012-03-25 20 
18496506Ask a GW Manager Anything Part 4Almost a year later and the GW Manager returns with more answers and infoGames Workshop, Manager, Ask a GW2012-03-29 14 
18519535Deffwotch: Episode 26 - HeroA final, cataclysmic showdown between Necoho and Da Kill Team. The penultimate episode of Deffwotch.storytime, orks, ork, deffwotch, dark heresy, hero2012-03-31 4 
April 2012
18616487Deffwotch Epospde 27 - Da Lights In Da Sky Are BoyzDeffwotch comes to its exciting end.Deffwotch, Orks, Rogue Trader, 40k2012-04-08 5 
June 2012
19397364Chapter Quest Reborn VGhosts of Retribution conclude their alliance with Adeptus Mechanicus and go on a joint mission against the Orks on Varda in search of lost STC from Dark Age of Technology.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Orks2012-06-08 4 
19445178Chapter Quest VIFinal stages of battle on Varda against Orks. Session was cut off because OP couldn't post in /tg/.Collective Game, Chapter Master, Orks, Chapter Quest, Space Marines, Ghosts of Retribution, STC, Adeptus Mechanicus, Tactical Battle, Power Garrote2012-06-12 5 
19497943Planetary Governor Quest: Part TwelveThe first decent session in a while. We continue dismantling the Space Hulk, Get Skitarii help, and fight a mob of "evolved" Cyborks with huge, angry squigs and a really messed up mutant Warboss.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Zombies, Fungus, Space Battle, Orks, warboss, Blood Axes, Fang, Dreadnought2012-06-16 20 
July 2012
19684354Primordial Evo Game: Southern Continent pt. IThings start developing on the surface of the southern continent, from the adorable Puruus to the mighty hammer-headed Smashas. Also, RED GOES FASTA!Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, South, Surface, Orky Names2012-07-04 1 
19749704July 4th Deathstrike gameA store in the U.S. gets a 4th of July present from the U.K. A nuclear present.deathstrike, missile, Games Workshop, Warhammer 40k, global games, crazy ass shit, this is why we play, "fireworks show"2012-07-05 20 
19886971Planetary Governor Quest: Part 15The continuation from 14.5, we bro it up with insect Xenos, piss of the SOB, and finally finish with that HulkCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Space Battle, Orks, RT, Rogue Trader, HTML, Space Hulk, Politics, Spiders2012-07-15 13 
19904025DIS A TRAG'DY!>Dere ar' curantly sixty millon billon Orks in da universe (not countin' da gitz lost in da Warp, haha.) >At any giv'n time dere be less den on trillion Orks fightin' a WAAAAGH! >DATS MEANS NINE-T NINE PERCHENT OF DA ORKS AIN'T FIGHTING! >DAT TOP ONE PERCENT TAKEN ALL THE WAAAAAGH FOR DEMSELVES AND DAT AIN'T ROIGHT!occupy, waaaghstreet, waaagh, ork, /pol/, crossover2012-07-16 137 
19926436Movies improved with OrkzTake the last movie you saw, replace actors with Orkz, ..., profitOrkz, Prometheus, Waaagh2012-07-18 11 
19969075Commoragh Quest IBrother Montus dives into the webway, trying to save Sister Judith from her Dark Eldar captors, however instead ends up in Commoragh, while on the way creating a personal warp spawn in the form of an Chaos Ork...Collective Game, Commoragh Quest, Chapter Quest, Dark Eldar, Ghosts of Retribution, Commoragh, Dark City, Soulstone, Chaos Orks, Arena2012-07-21 6 
20031644/tg/ moviemaking An Ork Mockumentuary? A Blood Ravens Comedy? Attempts at a serious movie? It's all more likely than you think. Movie, Warhammer 40k, Space Marines, Ciaphas Cain, Orks, Blood Ravens2012-07-25 12 
20102946Soviet Tank Commander Quest Pt 4You are a Mikhail Krasnov, T-80 tank commander - The Cold War is about to go hot, with US + Russian ships sunk in the Black Sea, and war between the GermanysCollective Game, Quest, Soviet, Tank, Commander Quest, Commander, 2, glorious, worker, republic, capitalist pigs2012-07-31 1 
20106572Blue the Looted TauWhat if a young Tau was taken in by an Ork warboss and taught to be orky?Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Derail, Blue, Learning2012-07-31 37 
20109304Blue the Tau OrkWhat if a young Tau was taken in by an Ork warboss and taught to be orky? /tg/ continues discussion.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin2012-07-31 20 
20115677Blue 3: Da ClanIn a nutshell: Blue is a young Earth Caste Tau, found by the Orks during an attack on a Tau habitat. After being mistaken for a Gretchin, she began working with the Orks, eventually becoming very popular due to her impressive knowledge of engineering, and ability to add more dakka to ANYTHING. Eventually taken under the wing of a big Mek, she became a popular and well liked part of Ork society.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin, Squig Drone, Looted Chaos Titan, Random Generation, Solving Arguments With Randomness, Scraplootas2012-07-31 16 
August 2012
20120029Blue and the Scraplootas - Part 4In which the Scraplootas, the Orks who found and raised Blue, the awesome spanna grot (Tau), are developed and made into a fuck-awesome tribeTau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin, Squig Drone, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, muckin' about, grots, CODORKS GORKAMORKA, Dokta Grotapus2012-08-01 11 
20129547Blue and the Scraplootas: Part 5The Scraplootas, Blue's adoptive Ork tribe, are further developed. Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin, Squig Drone, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Titanocracy, At This Point The Scraplootas Are Just As Interesting As Blue, Boris2012-08-01 8 
20141824Blue and the Scraplootas: Part 7The Scraplootas, Blue's adoptive Ork tribe, are further developed. In specific, Farseer Vaedrisa and Warboss Urtylug. In case the tags haven't been fixed, the last thread is here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20135819/Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin, Squig Drone, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Titanocracy, Fanseer, Mugs, 2012-08-02 7 
20144367Blue and the Scraplootas: Part 8The Scraplootas, Blue's adoptive Ork tribe, are further developed.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Choppa, Gretchin, Kommandos, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry2012-08-03 5 
20151472Blue and the Scraplootas: Part 9More development for the clan and it's heroes, and a familiar Imperial Guard regiment shows up... Tau, Orkz, Blue, Gretchin, Boris, Fizzgutz, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, 1st Membranes2012-08-03 5 
20165003Scraplootas cont'dMore fluff, more drawings, Blue gets a funstikOrkz, homebrew, Blue, tau, eldar, fanseer, Boris, Fizzgutz, Threegrot, Dirknitt2012-08-04 7 
20174768Blue and the Scraplootas: Part 11Scraplootas are discussed some, as is blue. Some write- and draw- faggotry.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Choppa, Gretchin, Kommandos, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, Drawfaggotry2012-08-05 5 
20198386Shit Hits the FanHereticRAIDAA's group must overcome the oncoming green tide to...deliver a child.orks, deathwatch, 40k, near-tpk, holy shit2012-08-06 6 
20228701Blue and the ScraplootasFunstikk, Writefaggotry, and the Eye of /tg/.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Choppa, Gretchin, Kommandos, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, Drawfaggotry2012-08-09 3 
20238354Blue and the ScraplootasA comic for the funstikk, writefaggotry for Rockeata, Mr. Squig, Snekkit, and more! Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Choppa, Gretchin, Kommandos, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, Drawfaggotry2012-08-10 7 
20294845Deffwotch: A Thousand Years of SilenceThe Shas'o surprises everyone with one last OVA of Deffwotch, where the Kill Team makes it to Holy Terra, and their goal? To meet the God Emperor!Deffwotch, 40k, Orkz2012-08-13 12 
20265235Blue and the ScraplootasDiscussion turns up the characters of Doc Gitsticha and the ever-suffering demon core.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Choppa, Gretchin, Kommandos, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, Drawfaggotry2012-08-13 3 
20336256Blue and the ScraplootasTanks, planes and automobiles. It's a vehicle-heavy thread! Also some drawfaggotry.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Choppa, Gretchin, Kommandos, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, Drawfaggotry2012-08-19 3 
September 2012
20576660Elder Scrolls Lore DiscussionA trip into the crazy world of the Elder Scrolls. I am and I are all we, /tg/.Elder Scrolls, Lore Discussion, TES, CHIM, Amaranth, Vivec, Lorkhan, lore2012-09-03 8 
20798635Ork Musical TheatreWhat starts with a conversion of the Rick Roll opens the box to other Orkified songs...Orks, Space Orks, Warhammer 40k, Music, Original Content, OC, Theatre2012-09-20 8 
20822620Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 30Hito and his friend Koutarou had preparing for the trip to Notthingham and checking out the Warhammer World. And also sidestory with Sasha.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Slender Man, Warhammer World, GW, Games Workshop2012-09-23 2 
20840584GrotQuestYou are a grot. But not just any grot! You're gonna make it big in this crazy Grotocracy of Titanopolis, the city that dwells within Boris the Titan or die trying! A weird blue grot is met and a deal is struck.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-09-24 17 
20855711READ THISThis is a thread dedicated to a re-work of GW rules and shit crunch that happened. Seriously, read it.Homebrews, re-work, WH40K, /tg/getsshitdone2012-09-26 10 
20881111GrotQuest 2Squigbozz dodges spikes, fires, and gungrots and finally makes it to the 60 Second Market to find out whats what in this crazy place, only to find himself in co-ownership of a shop! CAPITALISM, HO!GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-09-27 10 
20929809Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 31After Hito get to know Kelly a Warhammer 40k player, he suddenly encounter his challenger in the Warhammer WorldMaid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Warhammer World, GW, Games Workshop2012-09-30 0 
October 2012
20964362Whatever Happened to Da Blue Grot?A writefag brings on the feels with three endings to Blue's Scraploota AdventuresTau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Choppa, Gretchin, Kommandos, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, 2012-10-04 16 
20977253GrotQuest 3Our brave hero hits the casino! Much gambling and race fixing to had by all, with a touch of Grotocratic intrigue. Stompslap proves himself to be one smooth operator, except when he isn't.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-10-04 7 
21072413GrotQuest 4Chaos ensues! Our hero escapes the casino in the midst of a riot right into the thick of a plot to overthrow the current regime before overthrowing that himself. But sneaky forces are still conspiring behind the scenes.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-10-11 8 
21168384GrotQuest EndGrotQuest is cancelled due to lack interest, leaving our hero's journey in limbo. Saved for posterity, in case OP ever decides to return.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-10-18 7 
November 2012
21492704Saint Elegius, the Relic HammerWelder Anon discovers an ancient relic and embarks on an epic quest to forge a legendary hammer. In real life.Epic, Real Life, Elegius, Artifact, Metalworking2012-11-09 69 
December 2012
22115305Rebalancing D&D nextOP's disappointment in D&D Next leads /tg/ to start fixing it themselves.D&D Next, Fighter, Reworking system2012-12-19 0 
February 2013
23268451Illuminati: The Cartoon Conspiracy NetworkThey're in your television sets, subtly influencing you through the radio waves. /tg/ puts on their collective tinfoil hat and comes up Cartoon Network, Conspiracy, Fun, Awesome, Writing, /tg/2013-02-20 21 
April 2013
24091998Tavern QuestTallius Urist, disgraced noble and wanted man, makes his first forays into the wonderful world of Tavern ownership. He buys a property, scouts out the nearby area, and sets out to renovate the abandoned crossroads outpost into a place worth getting hammered in.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-04-07 37 
24225064Tavern Quest: Chapter 2Tallius Urist, disgraced noble seeking to start a new life as a Tavern owner, recruits Martellus the barman, Sif the barmaid, and Miaya the elven huntress/chef into his employ. He then proceeds to be scammed by a cart salesman. Damned cart salesmen. The night is to be spent in Gearwatch, Tallius and friends taking his extremely overpriced cart to the outpost on the morrow.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-04-14 26 
24361326Tavern Quest: Chapter 3Tallius gathers his employees and associates and leaves Gearwatch for the outpost. Along the way he runs afoul of a patrol of Paladins, and stares death in the face. Tavern Quest, Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Clockwork Empire2013-04-21 24 
24480446Orky Infurmashun CentaThe Infurmashun Centa answers some questions from various confused Orks.Ork,Telephone,Philosophy,WAAAGH!,40k2013-04-27 10 
24494453Tavern Quest: Chapter 4Tallius deals with Santher's impropriety, counts his profits, and has one hell of a dream. Sif kicks elven ass, and an Orc is stabbed in the balls. Good times at The Clock Tower Tavern.Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Clockwork Empire2013-04-28 23 
May 2013
24626800Tavern Quest: Chapter 5Tallius meets Reginald Brittanius, leader of the mercenary group known as the Rose Brotherhood. He then attempts to learn hunting, but really just ends up having a tumble in the mud with Miaya. And a boar. The boar is significant there.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-05 20 
24707557Tavern Quest Gaiden: LucretiaLucretia Le'Eforet is a woman without honor. Things are amiss at the Meridian Academy, and the Order is deployed to find out what's wrong. Mysterious encounters ensue, and Lucretia gets a lead on her true quarry.Collective Game, Lucretia Le'Eforet, Tavern Quest, Gaiden, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-09 20 
24763506We da heard therz a Spashe Mareen in our Rankz.Da boyz do a bad job at counter-intelligencehumor, orks, 40k2013-05-11 20 
24768489Tavern Quest: Chapter 6CQC basics not remembered. Sexy dreams had. An Alliance is formed. War comes to the Tavern. War,as it is, has casualties.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-12 20 
24847877Da Krumpfistz into da fightOrk Tribe Creation based on Deathwatch Marine Chapter creationOrk, Orks, creation, Chapter2013-05-16 10 
24904629Tavern Quest: Chapter 7Tallius takes drastic action to aid an employee. A corner is turned. The night of fire and death comes to an end, as a deep connection is forged.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-19 20 
25036680Tavern Quest: Chapter 8Tallius ends some blackmail, mends things with Martellus, and has doubts about just what he's doing with his life. Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-26 20 
June 2013
25180319Koopa=Orks?Anon blows our minds with a comparison never thought of before.Mario, 40k, Koopa, Orks,2013-06-02 23 
25180133Tavern Quest: Chapter 9Tallius and Miaya begin a journey to Patch, and run into some old friends on the way. You would like to know more.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-06-02 16 
25267569Warhammer Fantasy QuestDA ORKIEST QUEST YOU EVER DUN PLAYED IN We got uz some boyz, did kunnin brutality, and brutal kunnin', gork, we got it allCollective Game Naffzod Beardsplitter Ork Quest2013-06-06 6 
25455146Tavern Quest: Chapter 10Tallius and Miaya deal with Reginald, arrive in Patch, and engage in the festivities while headhunting for an entertainer for the Tavern. Beware stampeding musicians.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-06-16 15 
25645753Llama Babby Quest 67In which we torture and kill people at random all whilst we pride ourselves on how great of paladins we are. Collective Game, Lamia Quest, Ssen, EchoGarrote, Lamia Daughter Quest, Lesbians, ERP, Entomophilia, This is not how justice works, You monster2013-06-26 24 
July 2013
25795660Party Betrayalfa/tg/uy describes machiavellian plot to murder teammate's love interest, discovers teammate posted the same story earlierbetrayal, worst part was, we, worked, with, fencer, rival, rivals, dead, blood2013-07-05 8 
August 2013
26744169TA GIT DA PREDATORChriz Orksen and his team of grots lure in the sexual predators of the 40k universe, for the good of everyone (and their viewership ratings), waiting for that one predator that'll get their show renewed for sure!Chriz Orksen, Orks, Ork, Predator, erotica, Macha, SoB, Sister, Battle, Catch, Predator, WAAAGH!, 'flamer'2013-08-21 37 
26928971Government Bureaucrat QuestWe are Nicholas Voronov, Paperwork Wizard. Collective Game, Bureaucracy, Paperwork, Red Tape2013-08-31 6 
September 2013
27484548Coral, Merfolk, and You!Anon posts about coral, poses question about it's place in Merfolk society, and a wave of logical and inspiring discussion comes forth.Coral, merfolk, surfacefolk, tools, arsenal, craft, architecture, toxins, mining, metalwork, cuneiform, culture2013-09-29 3 
November 2013
28239257Ork Quest 1We'z play Moe Gubbinz, a simple Ork Mek looking to become da new Warboss.Ork Quest, Collective Game, Orks, Ork, Moe Gubbinz2013-11-12 5 
December 2013
28819694Lets Roll and OrkWherein a new Ork Generator is field tested, with predictably brootal results.Ork Generator, Slagheap McBolts2013-12-13 7 
29089977Fantasy Prison Quest 1You were known as one of the Orkh'un. A warrior. A mercenary. Now, you are just a murderer and slave. For the crime of killing a noble's son, you have been sent to labor for life on a remote island prison. Your future is bleak, but nothing worth having is ever given easily; and in your new home, you have no choice but to fight for everything.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-26 13 
29107743Fantasy Prison Quest 2You see what they do to new arrivals. You hear of a mutiny and betrayal. As you lose the Lizard, you realize once more that you are truly alone here. But you are Orkh'un, and to be Orkh'un is to persevere, to survive. You find an abode to rest, but even the house speaks of the twisted nature of this place.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-27 12 
29145695Fantasy Prison Quest 3Convict or not, it is time to take a stand. You feel unease after meeting the two Orkh'un, Sangha and Rakshirr, but Bathoot's open insults tell you that the other Orkh'un are certainly not on your side. A Lizard you later come across suffers your fury. And the Elves, perhaps unwittingly, unravel secrets unknown to you, about the island.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-29 10 
29189350Fantasy Prison Quest 4Just what is this prison? You realize that you know little about what goes on in here. You manage to procure food from Artem, the Elven chieftain, but it seems you've signed a deal with the devil. Then there is Jortuum. And the miners. And the those who attacked you in the night. And that face.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-31 11 
January 2014
29449266souls in asseswe discuss whether souls live in asses and what that means for the orksork, bum, butt, ass, soul, slaanesh, eldar, 40k, warhammer, epic, lol, funny, fluff2014-01-12 22 
February 2014
30008887/tg/ fixes a combi-boltgunAnon shows up with a gun tailored for pose striking, and /tg/ can't help but squeal 'makeover!'. Also tech-heresy.dork angles, Dark Angels, 40k, weapons, /tg/ gets shit done2014-02-04 9 
30197004Da Dakka XpressOP posted a bad quest, shortly ragequitting. Until the thread was hijacked by an Ork Klan creation table. It created the Ork delivery company "Dakka Xpress"40k, Ork, Dakka Xpress, thread hijack, WAAAGH, lulz, /tg/2014-02-13 7 
30534559Da Dakka Xpress Numbah TwoIn we which we discuss package delivery and get tactical genius'd40k, Ork, Dakka Xpress, WAAAGH, Creed2014-02-28 2 
March 2014
30636988WH40k Titan Quest Prequel 2Legio Pugnatores Walks upon the Ork-World of Ahran. Operation: Eagle's Landing, our first Titan battle.40k, Titan, WH40k Titan Quest, Collective Game, TwiceBorn, Orks2014-03-05 7 
30783076Ask a (soon to be) Ex-GW staffer anything!A noble GW-Staffer gets the axe. Before he's fired, he does /tg/ a favor and holds an "Ask-Me'Anything" session.Ask a GW, GW, Games Workshop2014-03-12 8 
30859033Ask a (soon to be) Ex-GW staffer anything Part 2The soon to be Ex-GW-Staffer returns for another "Ask-Me'Anything" session.Ask a GW, GW, Games Workshop2014-03-16 3 
30927677Wetwork Idols Quest: The Most Dangerous GamePlease welcome Michelle St. Claire, disabled veteran and former US Army servicewoman to her new job protecting...and eliminating, idols. She has rough first day.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-03-19 5 
30939592Wetwork Idols Quest: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle's first job on her first day at her new job.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-03-20 3 
31005945Wetwork Idols Quest #3: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle begins to wrap up her first day of her new job by meeting with her...counselor? And she's a therapist?Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-03-23 3 
31070771Wetwork Idols Quest #4: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle takes a call from management about some extracurricular activities.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-03-26 2 
31151475Wetwork Idols Quest #5: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle begins day two hungover and in pain. Another session with Miss Nakamara, talking with Wendy.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-03-30 5 
April 2014
31185680Dungeon Construction CrewsBecause some poor group of assholes has to build the Dungeon of Eternal Suffering for Baron Von Skullfuck.Dungeons, Wizards, Construction Crews, Worksite Safety Concerns, Hard Hats, Bottomless Pits, Unionising2014-04-01 12 
31191349Wetwork Idols Quest #6: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle leases a home and has a RFID chip implanted in her.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-04-01 4 
31248957Wetwork Idols Quest #7: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle? Michelle? Michelle, please, why won't you look at me? Michelle is unenthusiastic about her home's artificial intelligence. Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-04-04 2 
31374696Wetwork Idols Quest #8: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle spends a lot of money and Wendy makes fun of her.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-04-10 3 
31481377Wetwork Idols Quest #9: The Most Dangerous GameYou know, the usual. Wendy cries. Michelle feels inadequate and self-loathing.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-04-15 2 
31670365Wetwork Idols Quest #10: The Most Dangerous GameDay three has Michelle, Wendy (and a little bit of Skyler) mutually annoy the shit out of each other as her first day on the job without a job to do unfolds.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-04-24 5 
May 2014
31826476 Wetwork Idols Quest #11: The Most Dangerous GameFalse alarm, awkward introductions, lunch with Skyler.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-05-01 5 
31958513Wetwork Idols Quest #12: The Most Dangerous GameLunch with Skyler transforms into a job with both of them. Think on your sins, Michelle.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-05-07 5 
32170011 Wetwork Idols Quest #13: The Most Dangerous GameIncomplete thread. #13.5 to be done at a later date.Wetwork Idols Quest, Collective Game, The Most Dangerous Game2014-05-18 2 
32329424Homeless Mutant Quest #73Jonathan Green-Creek, Episode 1: The Dashing DaughterHomeless Mutant Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Homeless, Mutant, marvel, hobo, stealth, detective work, detective, mystery2014-05-24 27 
32467526Wetwork Idols Quest #14: The Most Dangerous GameA journey into the banal and inane with your hosts Wendy and Michelle.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-05-31 4 
June 2014
32618626Wetwork Idols Quest #15: The Most Dangerous GameShapes in the sand.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-06-07 1 
33014702Unified CCG/TCG Seting OP: Okay /tg/. You know how in these typical "Children's game is obscenely popular and people duel/fight with them all over the world" anime there's the megacorp who basically produces this shit and runs the world almost? Well a thought occurred to me. What if there was a setting where all those corporations had to actually coexist and interact.OC, worldbuilding, ccg, tcg, digimon, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, shadowrun, mmbn, megaman battle network. mtg, magic2014-06-26 10 
July 2014
33452270Wetwork Idols Quest #16: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle and Wendy have a bonding moment. Michelle buys an audio book.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-07-17 6 
August 2014
33799819Wetwork Idols Quest #17: The Most Dangerous GameMorning after with Michelle and Wendy. Don't want to be late for your appointment, Michelle.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-08-01 1 
33915932Wetwork Idols Quest #18a: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle defines her relationship with Wendy.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-08-06 3 
33964246Wetwork Idols Quest #18: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle buys a dress. This is a big deal.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-08-08 3 
33983008The Guardsmens last gambitOutnumbered guardsmen undertake a daring plan to try and stop the Ork hordes. Things don't go as aplanned.Orks, chaos, Guardsmen, space wolves, clusterfuck, fucking recruitment trap2014-08-08 3 
34009696Khornette Quest #2In which we blow up a Warboss' head, make a Bloodletter our bitch, then break into the MateriumCollective Game, Khornette, Orks, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, ELH2014-08-10 -1 
34125031'Ulk Lootas part 1a few orks wind up on a space hulk and begin searching for the missing kaptainorks,warhammer,quest,Collective Game,Ulk Lootas2014-08-14 3 
34146143'Ulk Lootas part 2the orks encounter massive amounts of combat as new orks are sent in.orks, warhammer, quest, Collective Game, Ulk Lootas2014-08-15 1 
34140236Wetwork Idols Quest #19: The Most Dangerous GameForced consumerism. Michelle shops for shoes.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-08-15 0 
34304430Wetwork Idols Quest #20: The Most Dangerous Game20th thread! We did it! Michelle remembers. Wendy wants to forget.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-08-22 1 
34389730Bling orksTg creates bling orks.orks, bling orks2014-08-25 6 
September 2014
34557042Wetwork Idols Quest #21: The Most Dangerous GameWendy and Michelle have a working lunch. Property management ho!Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-09-02 2 
34665088 Wetwork Idols Quest #22: The Most Dangerous GameWendy and Michelle finish lunch. Friendship, shopping. Neither annoys the other as badly. Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-09-06 2 
34978732Wetwork Idols Quest #23: The Most Dangerous Game pt1Michelle plays with Wendy like a yo-yo. Wendy plays back. Thread archived before issue over.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-09-20 2 
35137520Wetwork Idols Quest #24: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle gets bought like she's on sale.ollective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-09-27 4 
October 2014
35291781Wetwork Idols Quest #25: The Most Dangerous GameDawn of the fifth day. Better get to work on time. Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-10-04 2 
35435179Wetwork Idols Quest #26: The Most Dangerous GameThe gang makes evening plans following another tense day at the workplace.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-10-11 2 
November 2014
36113764slutty mcslut nostalgiaan anon asks for some stats for slutty mcslut nostalgia (and after over 24 hours stats) ensue nostalgia, stat me, forkheads2014-11-14 10 
36174359Wetwork Idols Quest #27: The Most Dangerous GameGiant Size Wetwork Idols Quest! New format!Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2014-11-19 5 
January 2015
37556035Ignitrix's Sidequest #3In which Waaaaghterworld becomes a thing.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Not as Planned, Waaaaghterworld, Orks, Shoggy, ELH 2015-01-23 11 
37686919Ignitrix's Sidequest #4: Waaaaaghterworld pt 2In which we mess with a Repentia's dreams and meet the Dea'cin. Collective Game, Waaaaghterworld, Orks, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Not as Planned, ELH2015-01-29 12 
February 2015
37845597Ignitrix Sidequest #5Alia and Iggy escape certain doom, only for the Bird Brain to nearly send them into the Warp healing her. Antics with Orks ensue as a result.Collective Game, Orks, The Hunt for Red Orktobrah, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tzeentchette, Just as Planned, Not as Planned, ELH2015-02-05 11 
37866252Giant Size Wetwork Idols Quest #2: The Most Dangerous GamePoor time/thread management by OPFOR turns a long weekend thread into a short weekend threads. Oops.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2015-02-08 0 
March 2015
38403397Battle-Sister Quest: Thread 5Bella and Alirye infiltrate the Ork camp, and Bella promptly sets some tank-thing on fire, then some Orks on fire, then tries to set a building on fire and gets krump'd by a Nob.Battle-Sister Quest, Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, Heresy, Forbidden Love, Yuri, Eldar, Dual-wielding, EsperQM, Collective Game, Warlock, Hylophobia, Orks, Lots'o'fire, Krump'ing2015-03-02 6 
38630544Battle-Sister Quest: Thread 6Bella and Alirye kick some ork arse, Aila performs a super-duper-extra delicate field operation and jams Bella's severed arm back into place, and, most importantly, Bella does some one-liners. Oh, and Aila barges in and ruins the lewd mood Alirye and Bella had been cultivating.Battle-Sister Quest, Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, Heresy, Forbidden Love, Yuri, Eldar, Dual-wielding, EsperQM, Collective Game, Warlock, Hylophobia, Orks, Catgirl Techpriestess, Awkward conversations, mood-ruining, lewd-interrupting, power nap2015-03-12 5 
38658504Khornette Quest #25Cinder and Iggy extract from the Chronos Station, despite a Cryptek dropping by. Then they get everyone together and plan the coming War.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, War Planning, ELH2015-03-13 13 
38815459 Giant Size Wetwork Idols Quest: The Most Dangerous Game One Year AnniversaryOne year anniversary of the quest!Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2015-03-20 3 
38837391Giant Size Wetwork Idols Quest: The Most Dangerous Game One Year Anniversary EditionsThe One Year Anniversary continues!Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2015-03-22 2 
38881457Giant Size Wetwork Idols Quest: The Most Dangerous Game One Year Anniversary EditionsFinal day of the One Year Anniversary Editions. OPFOR's State of the Quest Address, reflecting 2014 and commenting on 2015.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2015-03-23 3 
38889566GREEN SIX STANDIN' BYOrky Star WarsOrks, Star Wars2015-03-27 7 
38952567Wetwork Idols Quest #28: The Most Dangerous GameDay thread, reverts to old numbering. Michelle and Karan have a pleasant morning discussion.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2015-03-28 1 
39004206Joker Quest 128Joker makes his presence known. Haze is increasingly confused. The timestream gets slightly fucked.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker, fucking tachyons how do the work2015-03-29 11 
April 2015
39064892Knight Captain QuestOur Knight Captain attempts to follow her usual routine only for a highly suspicious apprentice to appear. Sure to be the start of a long line of dry threads.Collective Game, Knight Captain Quest, Paperwork, Damp2015-04-01 6 
39604439The Search for KyleAnon posts old GW invitation for Warhammer, /tg/ contacts employee through internet detective skills, OP is re-invited to game.Games Workshop, /tg/ gets shit done, Real Life2015-04-28 97 
May 2015
40263494Lost Primarch Quest 4Kraven lives, and brings the action as Sol Promentus fights the OrksCollective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Orks, Bolts2015-05-30 9 
June 2015
40366041Techie's Intergalatic Paperwork 1We're Techie, and we've been sent to a really far planet for some reason. Then the Mailman appears, and tells us we need to get back to the center of the Imperium to sign some papers. Well heck, how are we gonna get there from here?Techie's Intergalatic Paperwork, Quest, Collective game2015-06-03 7 
40442378/tg/, stop postin FUCKING /D/ FETISH SHITGET IT OFF MY TG GET IF OFF MY TG GET IT OFF MY TGquest, collective game, Im doing Gods Work2015-06-07 10 
40479846Lost Primarch Quest 10In which Sol Prementus finds himself embroiled in the middle of a fleet engagement against foul Greenskins and Kraven dies again.Collective Game, Lost Primarch Quest, Eleventh, Primarch, Flagship, Invictus, Orks2015-06-09 6 
40628755Wetwork Idols Quest #29: The Most Dangerous GameWendy starts moving in. Karan badgers Michelle, who then checks out.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2015-06-16 1 
40766372 Wetwork Idols Quest #30: The Most Dangerous GameMichelle's been daydreaming more lately. She returns, solo this time, to the megamall for a Wendy-free shopping experience.Collective Game, Wetwork Idols Quest, Most Dangerous Game2015-06-23 1 
40900460Ork Quest 1We get born beat up some would be bosses and kill a very large snakeCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-06-29 21 
July 2015
40965693Ork Quest 2We get loot and krump a big hairy xenobeast.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-02 15 
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -21 
40996717Ork creation Ork freebootah klanCreation Ork freebootah2015-07-07 1 
41073020Ork Quest IIIWe make ourself new armor, find a human village and decide on our color scheme and nameCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-07 13 
41258414Ork Quest IVZognik Da Githog is close to taking over the city.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-16 13 
41562975Ork Quest VWe finish looting EVERYTHING and we decide to be a big mekCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-07-30 10 
August 2015
41705435Ork Quest VIWe slow down a bit to pimp our tribe and build our boss carriage/chariot.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-06 8 
41848146Ork Quest VIIZognik da Githog find new place to loot. Preparations are underway.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-13 5 
42086668Ork Quest VIII-aZognik da Githog is spreading chaos everywhere.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-26 5 
42125493Ork Quest VIII-bZognik da Githog crashes skulls and encounters lighting bolt throwing tower.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-08-27 5 
November 2015
43902969ORK QUESTA funny, fairly free-form artquest about an ork.quest, ork, humor, /tg/ humor, funny2015-11-30 35 
December 2015
43921283ORK QUESTquest by orks, for orksork quest2015-12-01 24 
43972819Ork Quest 3Card games and demons.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Card Games2015-12-04 18 
44322344Ork Quest VIII-cZognik krumps some humies, and meet a frustratingly hard to krump humie weirdboy.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-12-22 5 
44388938Ork Quest VIII-dMeta issues shorten thread, but Zognik makes a daemon pop upCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-12-26 3 
44424406Ork Quest VIII-eZognik finally takes over the city after epic battle with a DaemonhostCollective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2015-12-28 2 
44479445Random Vidya Circlejerk ThreadIt's like Dark Souls, BUT IN DUH FOOTURE!Dork Souls, Bleedbarn, Vidya2015-12-31 9 
January 2016
44546011Clockwork of the Void QuestCallisto and Europa stations have gone dark, and it's up to us to find out and fix things. Are we being shoved into a suicide mission? Clockwork of the Void Quest, Collective Game, Space, Horror, Mystery2016-01-04 1 
44556256Battle Network Quest #00We create the MC Navi and see if anyone is interested to playCollective Game, Battle Network Quest, Megaman, Battle Network2016-01-04 1 
44596176Clockwork of the Void Quest #2We find out what the new booster does, and take a brief trip outside reality. Then we find out the surface of Callisto is messed up, so we set out to land on the surface ourselves.Clockwork of the Void Quest, Collective Game, Space, Horror, Mystery2016-01-06 1 
44691260Clockwork of the Void Quest #3There has been a murder spree on the Europa base. We find a survivor, and head to put an end to this madness.Clockwork of the Void Quest, Collective Game, Space, Horror, Mystery2016-01-11 2 
44759663Clockwork in the Void Quest #4The situation got a little more murderous. The Mess Hall needed mopping up. Clockwork of the Void Quest, Collective Game, Space, Horror, Mystery2016-01-14 20 
44865511Clockwork in the Void Quest #5Something far more sinister is afoot. We resist the urge to see the scary things stalking us from behind.Clockwork of the Void Quest, Collective Game, Space, Horror, Mystery2016-01-19 3 
March 2016
45782556The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to Chaos GodsThe letter by letter letter writin antics continue, and this time we write clickbait for chaos gods, a poem for Magus, and orders for Orks.40k, imperial guard, Chaos Gods, Magus, Orks, letter, funny2016-03-04 18 
April 2016
46948039Marvel providing Lawyer Chum Never thought i would see the day that i would want GW to sue someonediscussion, lawsuit, IP, Lawyer, Marvel, Games Workshop, venom,2016-04-28 11 
May 2016
122328Great Beast Quest #15We get roughed up just a little bit more. But another enemy is slain. And magic is happening somewhere.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Daboss2016-05-13 5 
110799Whirlpool QuestA drawquest based on Waterworks where a futanari in a cat-eared diving suit goes on an adventure in the planet of Cymbio IV.Whirlpool Quest, Collective Game, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-14 11 
138145Whirlpool Quest - Thread 2After dispelling a tense situation, you fool around in an unusual place: A massive, WIP luxury resort located in Cymbio IV's jungle.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-22 8 
170488Whirlpool Quest - Thread 3You explore and meet new people in the Transport District and the Red Light District. You also have a makeover using your REPAIR MODULE.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-26 8 
June 2016
203115Whirlpool Quest - Thread 4You return back to the tribespeople you met earlier and learn who they are and their origins.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-03 7 
213487Whirlpool Quest - Thread 5You hang out with Errai and learn about each other's pasts.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-06 6 
236098Whirlpool Quest - Thread 6The obligatory romance arc where you confess your feelings to Errai and go on a dinner date before staying in her place for the night.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-12 5 
253464Whirlpool Quest - Thread 7The romance arc concludes on intense sexytimes with Errai. Then you prepare for the mission ahead and finalize plan details in the morning.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-16 5 
279739Whirlpool Quest - Thread 8The mission begins, you and Errai meet the head of the Medical District. Afterwards you visit a waiting Nicotine in the Red Light District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-25 4 
300400Whirlpool Quest - Thread 9Nicotine makes dramatic revelations then tags along. Later, you meet the district heads Saccharin (Consumer) and Caffeine (Residential).Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-28 3 
July 2016
316177Vaporquesta Drawquest based on Waterworks about an A E S T H E T I C guy in a blocky suit arrives at the desert planet Khepri.Drawquest, Waterworks, Vaporquest2016-07-04 1 
316473Whirlpool Quest - Thread 10You are sent to the hospital after being knocked out by an alcoholic dessert. Afterwards you have a social walk then have an encounter.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-05 3 
335239Vaporquest Part. 2A E S T H E T I C guy gets saved by local aliens from sandworm attack. He learns more about Khepri.Vaporquest, Drawquest, Waterworks2016-07-10 1 
357937Black Company Quest #11The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. LT Prince accidentally leaves his flirt on while doing paperwork.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Paperwork, Band, PROMOTIONS!2016-07-11 25 
340386Whirlpool Quest - Thread 11The plot thickens as the people you encountered turn out to be affiliated with the Management District. You also have another makeover.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-12 3 
August 2016
429326Black Company Quest #13The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. During knifework we meet exciting new Adventurers, then kill them.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Knifework, Adventurers, Rangers lead the way2016-08-01 25 
433084Whirlpool Quest - Thread 12After a hiatus, the quest resumes and you encounter even more people from the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-06 -2 
450659Whirlpool Quest - Thread 13The action ramps up and you learn more about the people in the Management District, including their mysterious leader: Petroleum.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-09 0 
475556Whirlpool Quest - Thread 14We finally meet and recruit Stoddard, head of the Maintenance District. Then we begin the assault on Petroleum and the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-17 -2 
496503Whirlpool Quest - Thread 15The assault on the Management District continues as the group faces a serious opponent after a brief respite.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-26 -2 
September 2016
516955Whirlpool Quest - Thread 16After having dinner, the group begins the assault on what could be Petroleum's hideout in the Management District. Violence ensuessWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-01 -2 
537937Spork Quest 01Where we embark on a misterious and strange journey to achieve our life goal of becoming the best chef that has ever existed!spork quest, chef2016-09-15 3 
598767Whirlpool Quest - Thread 17The group continues to fight their way towards Petroleum, but it seems someone takes the initiative and strikes first! Surprise boss fight!Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-20 0 
584346Spork Quest 02Spork Quest continues with a misterious mistery!spork quest, chef2016-09-28 1 
October 2016
699986The Elder Scrolls Quest #1The beginning of the journey of Manius Bentius, an Imperial Crusader born in Orsinium. Quest, Elder Scrolls, LorkhanQM, TESQuest2016-10-15 3 
697637Whirlpool Quest - Thread 18The group finds Petroleum's group already waiting for them in the R&D District! After some dramatic reveals, it's time to finish this quesWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-10-17 0 
711189The Elder Scrolls Quest #2Bentius makes his way to Markarth followed by Falkreath and encounters a remnant of an ancient organization.Quest, Elder Scrolls, LorkhanQM, TESQuest2016-10-22 3 
738326The Elder Scrolls Quest #3Bentius gains a new friend, Selas, a Dunmer evoker and they both set off to Kvatch.Quest, Elder Scrolls, LorkhanQM, TESQuest2016-10-29 1 
November 2016
773280Whirlpool Quest - Thread 19We finally defeat Petroleum. Now the plot winds down as we begin to wrap things up. Thank you for playing (or lurking/reading at least).Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-11-02 0 
765716The Elder Scrolls Quest #4Bentius and Selas arrive in Kvatch where they search for Whitemane in Ayleid ruins and a prison.Quest, Elder Scrolls, LorkhanQM, TESQuest2016-11-03 1 
December 2016
506112454Chan in the time of 40kIn the The Grim Darkness of the 41st millennium, there are still Neckbeards, Autists, Weeaboos, Virgins, and shitposters 4Chan, Warhammer 40k, 40k, 40kchan, guelaboo, kriegers, Eldar, Orkz, Roleplay, 4chan is the Eye of Terror2016-12-15 9 
50879966Nars'kyse Mobile Defense Force tg creates a new tau sept in which tau the tau and demiurg fight for control of an asteroid belt40k, Tau, Ork, Necron, Orkz, brainstorming2016-12-28 1 
January 2017
1073443Gem Quest #6We deal with the monstrous sea urchin chasing us and settle in for dinner. Links to threads 1-5 are in the pastebin.Gem Quest, Kon-Tiki, Crystal Gems, Steven Universe, Cartoon Network, Collective Game2017-01-22 10 
February 2017
1141374Infinite PatchworksA+B=C. But what's A? An abstruse mechanics test.Infinite Patchworks, collective game, Londry2017-02-16 1 
April 2017
1305652Battle Network Quest thread 1Where we meet MetMan, learn to fear him and learn to fear for him.Battle Network, RepairManMan, Collective Game2017-04-03 5 
1333768Battle Network Quest thread 2Where we get MetMan checked out, save a helpless navi and fail at fencing.Battle Network, RepairManMan, Collective Game2017-04-11 3 
1361014Battle Network Quest thread 3Where we save an old man from a mansion.Battle Network, RepairManMan, Collective Game2017-04-21 1 
June 2017
53640143Blue Toof and the Strayt ShootasFirst thread for Strayt Shootaz, Ork Snipers with a taste for Tau technology, and exclusive contracts with rogue traders. ork, 40k, tau, writefaggotry, drawfaggotry,chaos2017-06-09 5 
53716563Blu Toof and the Strayt Shootas: Part 2In which the Strayt Shootas are expanded upon. Great draw, and writefaggotry is posted, and a space hulk is rolled up. 40k, Ork, tau, Strayt Shootas, Chimera Legion, inquisition, writefaggotry, drawfaggotry2017-06-13 5 
September 2017
October 2017
1935351Quest without Subject13 strangers awake in a cave filled with smoke, evidence of violence, strange objects, sinister shapes outside, and no memories of anything.Subject Quest, Quest Subject, Dork West, Fantasy, Scifi,2017-10-08 3 
1957216Quest Subjects I13 strangers awake in a cave with strange objects and no memories of anything. A wounded man goes on a vision quest.Subject Quest, Quest Subject, Dork West, Fantasy, Scifi, Vision Quest,2017-10-20 3 
1987910Quest Subjects II13 strangers awake in a cave with strange objects and no memories of anything. Be the Little GirlSubject Quest, Quest Subject, Quest Subjects, Dork West, Fantasy, Scifi, Little Girl,2017-10-27 2 
November 2017
2015043Quest Subjects III13 strangers trapped in a cave with strange objects, sinister creatures outside, and no memories of anything. The Nurse burns a witch.Subject Quest, Quest Subject, Quest Subjects, Dork West, Fantasy, Scifi,2017-11-03 2 
2036438Quest Subjects IVA group of strangers awoke in a strange cave with deadly night creatures outside and no memories of anything. The Wounded Guy wakes up!Subject Quest, Quest Subject, Quest Subjects, Dork West, Fantasy, Scifi,2017-11-10 1 
2058232Quest Subjects VA group of strangers awoke after an accident in a strange cave with no memories of anything. The final struggle to escape!Subject Quest, Quest Subject, Quest Subjects, Dork West, Fantasy, Scifi,2017-11-16 2 
2083125Puzzle Door QuestAn assortment of players puzzle their way through a series of three doors.Dork West, Puzzle, Door,2017-11-26 2 
September 2018
61974677WeirdKlan creation thread/tg/ makes some poor orks with a lot of weirdboyzorks, 40k2018-09-14 1 
2887821Ork Kultur KwestJust a stone age Ork doin' what a stone age Ork's gotta do. Trying to start a WAAAGH, of course.wh40k, Orks, Warhammer 40000, Warhammer 40k2018-09-16 2 
October 2018
2924952NEET Quest #4We saved mommy from a drive-by, told her to get lose, get a shotgun, made two friends, worked out and learned a bit of surviving in the wildCollective Game, Neet Quest, Neet, NeetQM, Adventure, Quest, Sandbox, California, Work,2018-10-05 6 
62669954Craftworld Driag-NahlWitness the birth of the unholy bastard of /k/, Vietcong, Noldor and Nagarythe.Eldar, Traps, Jungle, Masterwork Gear, PTSD, Arts and Crafts, Poor Iron Warriors2018-10-30 6 
November 2018
62839750Dorky Dragon Campaign ideasDrawfaggotry, Session Storytimes, and plenty of writefagging ideas on running a campaign centered on an adorkable dragon.Dragons, Storytime, Drawfaggotry, Campaign Ideas, Comfy, Cute, Dork2018-11-09 28 
62923734Dorky Dragon Campaign Ideas Part 2Some more Drawfaggotry, Art, 1d4chan Wiki pages, and more write faggotry ideas on an adorkable dragon.Dragons, Drawfaggotry, Campaign Ideas, Comfy, Cute, Dork2018-11-12 24 
63063309Adorkable Dragon Part 3Writefaggotry, worldbuilding, character interactions, and quirky quests in the world of this adorkable dragon.Dragons, Storytime, Worldbuilding, Campaign Ideas, Cute, Comfy, Dork2018-11-19 22 
December 2018
63694959Sector Creation Thread III: Bickering Forge Moons Edition Even more work is done on our still un named Sector, Orkz, Chaos and more are rolledOrkz, Marines, Names, 40k, Chaos, Titans, Hives2018-12-30 1 
3107823Starship Quest: Away Team Mark IThe Alliance starship Quest, run by an elite crew of ensigns, led by misfit officers, encounters a derelict space station and investigates.Starship, sci-fi, away team, Dork West, 2018-12-31 2 
January 2019
63763338Sector Creation Thread V: Working to the Bone EditionWizard Of Oz references in my /tg/?Wizard Of Oz, 40k, Weetchkeenz, Dorothy, CM Toto, Orkz, Marines2019-01-01 0 
3146186Mega City Shopping Quest [REDUX]Citizen attempts to go shopping in Mega City; Dredd events occurChoose Your Own, X-Mas, Judge Dredd, 2000ad, Dork West,2019-01-09 1 
3152669Starship Quest: Away Team Mark IIThe away team encounters more stasis chambers and their occupants; Exposition and unexplained events ensue. Starship, sci-fi, away team, Dork West,2019-01-19 1 
February 2019
64681258Gorkenn MorkannOne Warboss stands against the might of a Hive Fleet, alone except for 15 Boyz, a Dark Eldar Kabal and a legion of grotz.ork,2019-02-17 7 
April 2019
3418224A Necromancer QuestOur not so intrepid sort-of heroine Alexa finds her way to an Ork tent city, ruled by a few Orcs that she now works for.Necromancer, Undead, Skeleton, Orcs, Orks2019-04-20 1 
65883164Three Little Primarchs and the Big, Bad WarbossA /tg/ nursery rhyme.40k, wh40k, fairy tale, nursery rhyme, orks, poetry, Dorn2019-04-25 3 
May 2019
3456605A Necromancer Quest #2We deliver Enzo the wyvern to The Boss, and the QM has trouble with homework and leaves.Necromancer, Undead, Skeleton, Orcs, Orks, A Necromancer Quest2019-05-05 1 
July 2019
67239785The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 2Giant mud drenched, raining stalemate between Chaos and Imperium Forces. Then a 50 meter lance shows up. Things escalate dramatically.40k, writefaggotry, IG, Krieg, Chaos, Necrons, Orks, Space Marines, Imperial Navy, Admech2019-07-17 6 
August 2019
67603168The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 3The Saga continues, Imperials have finally claimed Groxbridge, but then Tau invade, and other old foes haven't given up yet, also maps40k, writefaggotry, IG, Tau, Chaos, Necrons, Orks, Space Marines, Navy, Admech, Sisters of Battle2019-08-07 8 
67952063The Battle For Arazonia SecundusThe Americus 10th Mechanized scour the desert of foul xenos. Featuring; Ork Cowboys, Eldar Tavern Wenches, Tempestus Scions, Stoner Tank 40k, writefaggotry, IG, Orks,Tau, Necrons, Eldar, Sisters of Battle, Daemonette, Krieg2019-08-29 3 
September 2019
68113304The battle of Damnatum Lutum, part 4With winter rolling in and the Tau having settled down, the anons of the thread worldbuild with some giant battles on the side40k, writefaggotry, world building, IG, Eldar, Tau, Rogue Trader, Chaos, Orks, Imperial Fists, Admech, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition2019-09-10 6 
December 2019
69925790The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 7First part of the final chapter in the DL series. Nids show up and are fought with a mix of nukes, volcanos, guns, and good ol' melee comba40k, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, IG, Tyranids, Chaos, Space Marines, Navy, Sisters of Battle, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Inquisition, Orks, Tau2019-12-22 3 
January 2020
70060601The Battle of Damnatum Lutum, Part 7.5Part 2 of the final thread. As another nuclear explosion goes off in the distance, our remaining heroes continue to fight the Tyranid horde.40k, writefaggotry, IG, Tyranids, Tau, Chaos, Inquisition, Orks, Space Marines, Navy, Sisters of Battle, Eldar, Dark Eldar2020-01-03 4 
February 2020
4041688STAR WARS - Interregnum #2Farren embarks to the planet of Kakarit in the hopes of finding missing Jedi. But there is something dark that calls from the jungle depths.Collective Game, Star Wars Interregnum, Star Wars, Kaz, Space Vietnam, Don't Eat the Fruit, Unexpected Friends, Reworked Porgs, Force Mommy2020-02-13 25 
May 2020
4203084Dusk Elves: Lost Valley Civilization Thread IElves farm, domesticate land birds, meet neighbors, and the Queen eats the heart of a mystical bird, claiming its power as hers and more...Dusk Elves, Elf, Elves, Lost Valley, Civilization, Civ, Dork West, LostCM, 2020-05-10 3 
72679969The Battle of IgnotiusChaos cults stage an uprising on an Imperial world and all hell breaks loose as various factions advance hidden agendas. 40k, Warpfuckery, IG, Lamenters. Writefaggotry, Chaos, Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, Orks, Imperium2020-05-27 3 
June 2020
4272162Goblin Quest #2Goblins suffer, met new friends, Orks. Urm is killed, the nest moves to Grelob cave. Gobson is taken, he escapes and finds nest and met JadeCollective Game ,Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Ork, Pale Orcs2020-06-03 9 
4253026Dusk Elves: Lost Valley Civilization Thread IIElves genocide Kulweks, expand, and hold a festival. The Queen starts her dynasty.Dusk Elves, Elf, Elves, Lost Valley, Civilization, Civ, Dork West, LostCM2020-06-08 3 
4284699Goblin Quest #3Gobson fought Griggers, Hunting, Drown, Escaped Underdark, gave his seed, saw things, got closer to Jade, centaur, Fun Dorfs, Evolve Goblin Collective Game, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork, Pale Orcs2020-06-13 6 
4305149Goblin Quest #4Many duels, traveling, learning skills, battles, more cursed edits, drawings. Dorf fortress, meeting the crew and getting some help.Collective Game, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork2020-06-23 5 
July 2020
4323839Goblin Quest #5Going to the Baths, Battles, Preparing for the necromancer, meeting with him, blocking, leveling up, more cursed edits, traveling underdark.Collective Game, Fantasy, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork2020-07-08 5 
73737103The Sister and the CommissarAnons come up with some silly interactions between Sisters of Battle and other characters and OP sketches up some of them40k, writefaggotry, Sisters of Battle, Commissar, Admech, Tau, Chaos, Space Marines, Orks2020-07-16 11 
4347861Goblin Quest #6Underdark fun, encountered many things, lots of nat 1s, had fun inside a maze and went into the spirit realm, improved relations with othersCollective Game, Fantasy, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork2020-07-19 5 
August 2020
4364503Goblin Quest #7Met Louis, Knocked out 3+, Oats, Fought, Learned, Improved Relations, New party members, Got Coin, Learned everyone loves Gobson, Had Fun...Collective Game, Fantasy, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork2020-08-03 5 
February 2021
77292353Kaiju Sector Clusterfuck Faction Generator IA thread dedicated to creating a Tyranid Hive Fleet spirals into a sector clusterfuck as more (weirdly kaiju related) factions are rolled upWarhammer 40k, Tyranids, Orks, Tau, Space Marines, Eldar, Clusterfuck2021-02-05 2 
77353236Kaiju Sector Clusterfuck Faction Generator IIRolls further create two fanatical Guard regimentum, a renegade Blood Angel Chapter, an insane DEldar Kabal and an insaner Necron Dynasty.Warhammer 40k, Tyranids, Orks, Tau, Space Marines, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Creation Tables, Clusterfuck2021-02-08 3 
May 2021
4762133Hobo's EpicCan an alcohol-addled homeless tramp turn his life around with a little bit of luck and the help of an old friend?Fae Smelter, New York, Adventure, Quest, Gritty, Urban, Hobo2021-05-19 1 
79366619Chocolate and Corruption in 40k #1 - Chaos PamphletsBunch of guardsmen fill out some multiple choice pamphlets that cause most to turn to Chaos. Meanwhile Wonka Land isn't what it seems.40k, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, IG, Tau, Chaos, Orks2021-05-29 20 
June 2021
79479764Chocolate and Corruption in 40k #2 - Wonka LandAn Eccentric mix of characters explore the perils of Wonka Land. Some continue to slide into corruption. 40k, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, IG, Tau, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Space Marines, Admech, Tyranids, Inquisition, Orks2021-06-04 8 
September 2021
4926394Hapless Guardswoman Quest #2 - Beach EpisodeRhea Silvia blunders through even more bizarre encounters, but is offered the chance to empower herself, for a price...40k, Inquisition, Chaos, Orks, Necron, Dark Eldar, Tau, Chocolate, Corruption2021-09-01 1 
December 2021
5020800Warhammer 40k - Alien Occupation 1A quest exploring life as a human living under alien rule in the Warhammer 40k universe.Warhammer 40k, 40k, Ork, Tau, Dolomite2021-12-05 5 
February 2022
5125865Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 11A shapeshifting lizard lady's tidying up of loose ends is waylaid by romantic drama and the threat of her conspiracy's discoveryReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, romance, demons, spycraft, sexwork, murder, drama, fantasy, crime2022-02-19 5 
May 2022
520011540K Conscript QuestTrooper Cat survives her first day of combat in the trenches of Groxbridge, surviving Traitor Guard, Gretchin, and friendly fire.40k, Imperial Guard, Chaos, Orks, Conscript2022-05-03 0 
84649014Valhallans on a Jungle World Valhallans deal with ministorum incompetence and orks, admech deals with necronsIG, 40k, Orks, admech, felinid, imperial knight, writefaggotry2022-05-27 11 
September 2022
86019558Valhallans on a desert world againValhallans, Tempestus Scions, and Imperial Knights fight Eldar, Orks, and Chaos for a webway gate.IG, 40k, Orks, felinid, imperial knight, writefaggotry2022-09-20 9 
December 2022
86828272Valhallans on a Hive WorldThe Valhallan 545th armored have a routine deployment to a Hive World.IG, 40k, Orks, felinid,custodes,necrons,tyranids2022-12-04 10 
January 2023
5503205Pokemon: Fork and SpoonPenny Pudding starts her adventure as a pokemon chef, gets herself exorcised, and prepares for her restaurant's opening.Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork and Spoon, Hunting2023-01-29 23 
March 2023
5549338Pokemon: Fork and Spoon 2After running into trouble in the woods, Opening Day arrives, and the restaurant is dubbed The Tall Tale! Plans for a second partner begin. Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork & Spoon, Hunting2023-03-04 20 
April 2023
88143411Valhallans on a Forge WorldThe Valhallan 545th armored have a routine deployment to a Forge World.IG, Orks, Chaos, Felinid, Skitarii, 2023-04-01 7 
88276282Valhallans on a Forge World #2The story concludes...IG, Orks, Chaos, Felinid, Skitarii, Space Marines2023-04-07 7 
5589894Pokemon: Fork and Spoon 3A new partner is successfully captured, and the restaurant continues to expand its menu.Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork & Spoon, Hunting2023-04-15 10 
5599422ULTRAQUEST IVThe Finest Robotic Chef Hell's ever seen becomes bloodthirsty and gets directions to New New York.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks, New New York2023-04-23 2 
May 2023
5638718Pokémon: Fork and Spoon 3.5Penny ends off the week by going on a fishing trip to a new area with Liam.Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork and Spoon, Hunting2023-05-01 10 
June 2023
88962479Valhallans on a Water WorldThe Valhallans go to a Water World40k, IG, Necrons, Orks, Titans, Deathwatch, Skitarii, writefaggotry2023-06-01 6 
July 2023
5681084Ultraquest VThe Finest Chef Hell's Ever Seen goes on indefinite hiatus/is canceled.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks, New New York2023-07-15 4 
December 2023
91312886Tallarn on an Ice WorldA Christmas themed greentext where an unlikely alliance is formed to stop a Khornate ritual40k, IG, Tallarns, Skitarii, Slaanesh, Khorne, Orks, Chaos, Valhallans, Felinids, writefaggotry, Candlemas, Christmas2023-12-31 1 
January 2024
5875308Spaceship Pilot in a Fantasy World #2Our heroes explore new land, meet new people and find out more about the world they've crashed into. Meanwhile, something lurks in the darkfantasy, sci-fi, drawquest, female protagonist, original setting, Stork2024-01-15 10 
April 2024
5948692Spaceship Pilot in a Fantasy World #3Our heroes explore The Capital, in search of the Elf Queen's staff.fantasy, sci-fi, drawquest, female protagonist, original setting, Stork2024-04-20 3 
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