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August 2012
20476321Corruption of Champions: ANGER EDITIONIn which a young Angry Marine and Musclewizard by the name of ANGER boldly strides into a new world, to cast Fist upon heretical abominations in the Emperors name.Corruption of Champions: Knighthood, Angry Marine, Collective Game, CoC, Corruption of Champions, SPACE MARINE , 40K, Emperor, Muscle Wizard2012-08-26 20 
August 2013
26513155Imp Quest 2Our little Imp goes to earth, and there he finds a loving family, a loving family which he will tear apart and mold into something much more interesting.imp, quest, collective game, collective, game, devil, demon, daemon, abaddan, The HypnoJew, evil, souls, summoner, summoning, conjuration, damn, damned, damning, Wrath, Homicide, Cannibal Mother, corrupting, corruption2013-08-09 12 
September 2013
27107811A Black ComedyYou are a Villain. You are a LANCER. And you are going to do horrible, horrible things.Collective Game, A Black Comedy, Villain Quest, Sociopath, Horrible Human Beings, Corruption2013-09-09 39 
27131188A Black Comedy, Thread 2You are a Villain. You are a LANCER. And boy oh boy are you up to no good.Collective Game, A Black Comedy, Villain Quest, Sociopath, Horrible Human Beings, Corruption2013-09-10 39 
October 2013
27727696A Black Comedy, Thread 3You are a Villain. You are a LANCER. And misplacing your hyperweapon isn't going to stop you.Collective Game, A Black Comedy, Villain Quest, Sociopath, Horrible Human Beings, Corruption, Missing Hyperweapons2013-10-14 39 
27765269A Black Comedy, Thread 4You are a Villain. You are a LANCER. And you've successfully retrieved your hyperweapon from storage.Collective Game, A Black Comedy, Villain Quest, Sociopath, Horrible Human Beings, Corruption, Succubi2013-10-16 39 
July 2014
33413732Chaos Sisters Fandex Ep3Third attempt at a chaos sisters of battle fandex after /tg/ sperged out previously.chaos, sisters of battle, corruption, fandex, sperglords, edgy, dull, codex, fan,2014-07-15 -2 
December 2017
2145189Stray Demon Quest #1A demoness escapes from hell, seduces a man, corrupts a farm house, acquires two more party members, and kills a man for his home.Stray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game 2017-12-28 5 
January 2018
2182493Stray Demon Quest #2The demoness gets a job, meets a vampire, acquires a bodyguard, gets back her foothold in hell, and discovers the secret of the stolen houseStray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-01-11 5 
2236411Stray Demon Quest #3The demoness loses her job, does some punishment, leads astray few humans for their souls, gets raped, and starts house renovation.Stray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-01-29 4 
February 2018
2274034Stray Demon Quest #4The demoness fights pirates, turns women into fly, upgrades her domain in hell, corrupts her friends, throws a party and acquires followersStray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-02-12 6 
March 2018
2335553Stray Demon Quest #5The demoness pays a visit to nobility, meets another demoness, seduces ton of people (and kills them) and temporarily acquires a dullah.Stray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-03-08 1 
April 2018
59048749Mankind Conquers HellA group of anons come together to ask the question 'What if mankind invaded and conquered hell', including world-building and a full comicHell, HFY, Humanity Fuck Yeah, Worldbuilding, Demons, Corruption, Sci-Fi, Lore2018-04-12 14 
June 2018
2641818Dark Magical Girl Quest #2Akane further breaks and trains Chouko, but the thread is cut short by life. Dark Magical Girl Quest, Revenge, SpiderAnon, Corruption, Villain2018-06-23 5 
January 2019
3128256Magical Girl Revenge Quest 1Junko wakes up with a revenge in mind, saved her mother, hobo-ing at the yatch and welcomed by one of the richest man in the city.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-01-06 14 
3156773Magical Girl Revenge Quest 2Where we stole a journal, killed a boss shadow, prevent a kidnapping and then tortured and converted a new minion. We also stole a muffin.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-01-17 10 
3185233Magical Girl Revenge Quest 3Junko trains with Mary, Yuu smash, kills shadow, chased by shadow and saved by Okada. Then vacation and Mary bizzare adventures. Also Drama!Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-01-30 8 
February 2019
3229771Magical Girl Revenge Quest 4In which we have a heart to heart talk with our best friend, corrupt our ex-teammates and became our minion. Also things about to go down.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-02-13 9 
3271963Magical Girl Revenge Quest 5Prelude to Final Battle. Junko plays a game, saves a friend, and reunites with family. Short thread. Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-02-25 8 
March 2019
3297964Magical Girl Revenge Quest 6A boss shadow fight with a surprising reward, The truth is revealed to friends and family, problems arise, A magical girl's trap backfires.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-03-08 8 
3338532Magical Girl Revenge Quest 7The Final Countdown. The fallout from the previous night, Junko gets a check-up, A potential new ally appears, The team gets back together.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-03-21 8 
April 2019
3380696Magical Girl Revenge Quest 8Sachiko strikes back, A dangerous rescue for a new ally, More rescues, More answers, An intervention, and Junko an Yuu dance the night awayMagical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-04-05 5 
3416737Magical Girl Revenge Quest 9Junko teams up with Arc, Battles with Natalya, Some interrogation, and Junko receives an unwelcomed house guestMagical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-04-17 5 
3452594Magical Girl Revenge Quest 10The finale to magical girl revenge quest and epilogues.Magical Girl, Villain, Corruption, Revenge, Magical Girl Revenge Quest2019-04-26 5 
July 2020
73530543Creepy MarseilleAnons discuss setting a World of Darkness game in the French city of Marseille. Which is ancient actually. 600 BCE or older.Marseille, Creepy, Creepy Marseille, France, city, WoD, unease, crime, mafia, drugs, weather, culture, supernatural, corruption, geography2020-07-04 3 
September 2020
4436447The Election Game Part IIA continuation of the John Steward presidency in south champa, as he tries to unify the nation.Election, Politics, The-Election-Game, South-Champa, Goverment, Corruption, War2020-09-20 3 
July 2021
4878085Hapless Guardswoman QuestNewly conscripted Guardswoman Rhea Silvia blunders through an increasingly bizarre set of encounters as she struggles to survive. 40k, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Chaos, Chocolate, Corruption2021-07-21 4 
September 2021
4926394Hapless Guardswoman Quest #2 - Beach EpisodeRhea Silvia blunders through even more bizarre encounters, but is offered the chance to empower herself, for a price...40k, Inquisition, Chaos, Orks, Necron, Dark Eldar, Tau, Chocolate, Corruption2021-09-01 1 
October 2021
4979125Hapless Guardswoman Quest #3 – Corrupted, or Very Corrupted?Rhea experiments with forbidden powers, then gets cold feet and cuts a deal with the Dark Eldar instead.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Chocolate, Corruption2021-10-03 0 
December 2021
5015461Hapless Guardswoman Quest #4 – Spooky EditionRhea babysits a cursed artifact and a haunted house, gets tangled in a Halloween themed Chaos ritual, then scouts out an isolated island.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Chocolate, Corruption2021-12-01 1 
January 2022
5074164Hapless Guardswoman Quest #5 – Candlemas in GroxbridgeChristmas themed thread where Rhea fights in a mall, does a Die Hard, and makes an unlikely alliance to fight Krampii.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Chocolate, Corruption2022-01-13 0 
March 2022
5125693Hapless Guardswoman Quest #6 – Treasure HuntRhea joins a Rogue Trader's expedition, helps lead a landing party, and encounters some old enemies, things don't go well.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar Corsairs, Rogue Trader, Chocolate, Corruption2022-03-04 0 
April 2022
5185262Hapless Guardswoman Quest #7 – Jungle AdventuresRhea survives the ruins, makes new friends, then goes and visits her evil clone.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar Corsairs, Rogue Trader, Chocolate, Corruption2022-04-22 0 
June 2022
5238849Hapless Guardswoman Quest #8 – Fun in the DesertConclusion of the thread 6-8 arc. Rhea picks which evil waifu should get godlike powers.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Tau, Rogue Trader, Chocolate, Corruption2022-06-05 0 
July 2022
5281599Western Quest(ern) 7Our Leadkeeper tour guide gets kidnapped by derrongs, so we search the Underglock to find him.corruption of a miner. Western, wild west, quest, collective game, gunslinger, cowboy, bandit, horse, drawquest, western quest(ern)2022-07-01 5 
5294441Hapless Guardswoman Quest #9 - Gothic NobleA new world is introduced, and Rhea finds herself plunged into intrigue once more as she tries to keep allies happy.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Chocolate, Corruption2022-07-13 0 
August 2022
5337318Hapless Guardswoman Quest #10 - Sin CityRhea visits her Slaaneshi clone, an Inquisitorial agent, then gets captured by an unknown party40k, Chaos, Inquisition, Chocolate, Corruption2022-08-21 0 
October 2022
5381342Hapless Guardswoman Quest #11 – House of The RavenRhea returns to the resort where it all began, said resort is even more corrupt than before40k, Chaos, Chocolate, Corruption2022-10-02 0 
November 2022
5422369Hapless Guardswoman Quest #12 – Chaos Court LifeRhea switches sides again, explores a haunted house40k, Chaos, Chocolate, Corruption2022-11-28 0 
June 2023
5676445Paranormal Crossdressing School (2)Having rebuilt his friendships and acquired ominous clues from the guards and principal, Yui readies for a shift in school procedures - If only he knewTraps, Corruption, VeilOfReailtyIsThin, Monsters, Highschool, Escape2023-06-04 11 
September 2023
5719756Paranormal Crossdressing School (3)Graduation is at hand! With it, Yui Nakamura's time to escape the hellish facility runs ever thinier...This thread investigates his effortsTraps, Corruption, VeilOfReailtyIsThin, Monsters, Highschool, Escape 2023-09-08 -14 
5762023Paranormal Crossdressing School 5: The GraduationGraduation is at hand!Traps, Corruption, VeilOfReailtyIsThin, Monsters, Highschool, Escape2023-09-16 -8 
October 2023
5791489Paranormal Crossdressing School #7You are stuck in a dark passage!Traps, Corruption, VeilOfReailtyIsThin, Monsters, Highschool, Escape2023-10-14 -12 
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