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February 2010
8085772AVP quest pt 1Anon attempts to survive as a colonial marine in a three way clusterfuck. Lot's of running, shooting, betrayal and pissing our pants in abject terror ensues. So, business as usual in the Corps then?quest thread, collective game, aliens, predator, game over man, game over2010-02-15 5 
May 2011
14912932Rogue Trader Thread As Dumb as ThemOP describes his 'brilliant' creation in rogue trader, leaving /tg/ to wonder what the fuck he just did there.Fuck You Guys Are As Dumb As Them, Rogue Trader, Heresy, 40k, Predators, Doctor Who2011-05-13 12 
February 2013
23011151Yautja Apprentice QuestWe kill our best friend, get selected by the gods, and ensure the continuation of our line.Collective Game, Predator, Yautja, Aztec, Yaujta Apprentice Quest2013-02-06 24 
April 2013
24310462Predator Quest 1In which our cunnin' Pred passes his trial, discovers that spears are awesome, and that feral bugs suck at avoiding traps.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-18 23 
24329663Predator Quest 2Our brave hunter Three-Claw receives his first mission: Investigate Weyland-Yutani and Xenomorph activity on Pandora. We also bribe the quartermaster, begin our shopping spree, and go FULL TACTICOOL.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-19 23 
24348485Predator Quest Ep 3Our brave hunter Three-Claw receives his first mission: Investigate Weyland-Yutani and Xenomorph activity on Pandora.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-20 20 
24370313Predator Quest Ep 4Our young predator finally reaches the surface of Pandora after crash-landing in a lake.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-21 15 
24392364 after crash-landing in a lake. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, PredatorOur hunter fights a space-trout to the death. after crash-landing in a lake. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-22 20 
24450823Predator Quest Ep 6We escape the lake, only to stumble upon a massive xeno hive. There were no survivors.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-25 20 
24502825Predator Quest Ep 7We stir up some trouble and fight our first Na'viPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-28 17 
24542163Predator Quest Ep 8We enter the cavern and fight our way inwardsPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-04-30 17 
May 2013
24562412Predator Quest Ep 9We make our way through the hive to reach the queen's chambersPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-01 16 
24597930Predator Quest 10In which we escape from the hive with a new hood ornament.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-03 30 
24616640Predator Quest Ep 10In which return home triumphantPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-04 23 
24634619Predator Quest 12In which our young predator joins a political meetingPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-05 17 
24717998Predator Quest 13Three-Claw finishes with politics, gets rewarded several times over, and makes plans for giving out his trophies.Collective Game, Predator Quest2013-05-09 18 
24777783Predator Quest Ep 14In which we sort out our ship and do more shopping.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-12 15 
24798622Predator Quest Ep 15Pretty girls and severed heads.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-13 24 
24874032Predator Quest Episode 16In which we must gather our party before venturing forth. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-17 16 
24893293Predator Quest Ep 17In which we complete our team and ready to kick assPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-18 16 
24912872Predator Quest Ep 18I bet the Night-Prowlers are behind this.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-19 17 
24949040Predator Quest Episode 19DIVE PILOT! HIT THE BURNERS!Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-21 16 
24986548Predator Quest Episode 20In which we capture our prizePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-23 13 
25006270Predator Quest Ep 21In which we repel boardersPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-24 17 
25025492Predator Quest Ep 22In which we uncover a conspiracy.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-25 14 
25126423Predator Quest ep 23In which we are pursued by unknown forces. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-05-30 16 
June 2013
25167294Predator Quest ep 24In which we fight in space!Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator 2013-06-01 13 
25188450Predator Quest Ep 25In which we return to PandoraPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-02 14 
25212986Predator Quest Episode 26In which we tango with the Kraken Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-03 16 
25231076Predator Quest Ep 27In which we defeat the Kraken and stumble onto a human facility.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-04 16 
25293336Predator Quest Ep 29In which we rescue our friend.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-07 16 
25311899Predator Quest Ep 29in which we escape the facility.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-08 14 
25333474Predator Quest Ep 30In which we escape PandoraPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-09 15 
25428883Predator Quest: Episode 31In which we save the colony Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-14 16 
25445191Predator Quest Ep 32In which we return home triumphantPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-15 16 
25481963Predator Quest: Episode 33Predator Quest: Episode 33Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-17 5 
25501500Predator Quest Ep 34In which we play detectivePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-06-18 16 
25517110Yellowman Quest 11Yellowman and his team finally leave the world of Oglaf behind, only to land in a city with a xenomorph infestation, Weyland-Yutani mucking about, and 2 Predators who may or may not be out for trophies. This may be an improvement.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator2013-06-20 9 
25647598Yellowman Quest 12The raid on the police station is concluded, there's some talk during a long APC raid, and we attempt to go meet Radical Edward.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator2013-06-27 5 
July 2013
25806670Predator Quest Ep 35In which we set out for our task.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-07-04 12 
25801190Yellowman Quest 13Scott Yellowman's trip through this world is marked with critical failures and critical successes, mostly of the former variety. He leads his team to the Sewage Sub-Station, and finds no Ed, but does find the Portal.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator, Starcraft, Cowboy Bebop2013-07-05 6 
25884258Predator Quest Ep 36In which we arrive at the Night-Prowler city. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-07-08 13 
26020575Predator Quest Ep 37In which we have trouble with the locals. Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-07-15 12 
August 2013
26442923Predator Quest Ep 38In which we catch the culpritPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-05 12 
26461833Predator Quest Ep 39In which we go about bugging everyonePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-06 10 
26500723Predator Quest Ep 40In which we foil an assassination attemptPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-08 8 
26519539Predator Quest Ep 41In which we get ready to do a jailbreak.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-09 8 
26537418Predator Quest Ep 42In which we spring our friend from jailPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-10 8 
26555177Predator Quest Ep 43In which we escape the prisonPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-11 14 
26594103Predator Quest: Episode 44In which we receive our next task.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-13 10 
26669779Predator Quest Ep 45In which we prepare for EarthPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-17 7 
26687869Prein which we finish our shoppingPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-18 5 
26708144Predator Quest Episode 47In which we fend off an attack on our home Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-19 11 
26744169TA GIT DA PREDATORChriz Orksen and his team of grots lure in the sexual predators of the 40k universe, for the good of everyone (and their viewership ratings), waiting for that one predator that'll get their show renewed for sure!Chriz Orksen, Orks, Ork, Predator, erotica, Macha, SoB, Sister, Battle, Catch, Predator, WAAAGH!, 'flamer'2013-08-21 37 
26782831Predator Quest Ep 48In which we continue to battle.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-23 8 
26798665Predator Quest Ep 49In which we make the journey to EarthPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-24 6 
26816052Predator Quest Ep 50In which we explore EuropaPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-25 6 
26851915Predator Quest Ep 51In which we land in Dubai, and prepare to assault the Weyland HQPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-27 11 
26929986Predator Quest ep 52In which we rewire some drones.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-08-31 6 
September 2013
26949133Predator Quest Ep 53In which we head for R&D.Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-01 9 
27075610Predator Quest Ep 54In which we head to the Bio labsPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-07 6 
27097071Predator Quest Ep 55In which we free a few drones and create chaosPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-08 7 
27212073Predator Quest Ep 56In which we make our way upwardsPredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-14 6 
27255104Predator Quest Ep 57In which we attempt our escapePredator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Predator2013-09-16 8 
December 2015
43906997AVP QUEST #1A Big tiddied predator huntress and Colonial marine number 12762 start their adventure, and must escape from both Bad Blood Hunters and a Xeno Hive Collective Game, AVP QUEST, Xenomorph, Predator2015-12-01 7 
February 2018
2274803Hunter Quest 1The young, unblooded hunter Ebon-Fang completes his trial.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, Collective Game, Alien, Aliens, Predator, Yautja, FishQM2018-02-12 13 
2322907Hunter Quest 2The newly blooded Ebon-Fang goes through his ascension ceremony, gets in a barfight, almost kills his dad, and receives his first mission.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, Yautja, Aliens, Alien, FishQM2018-02-25 11 
March 2018
2355707Hunter Quest 3The young-blood Ebon-Fang searches an abandoned human laboratory to find out what happened to a missing Yautja tracker.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, Yautja, Predator, Predators, Xeno, Xenos, Alien, Aliens, Collective Game, FishQM2018-03-07 8 
2375096Hunter Quest 4The young-blood Ebon-Fang returns to Yautja Secunda and receives his next mission.Hunter Quest, Predator Quest, FishQM, Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predators, Yautja, Collective Game, Rules of Nature2018-03-17 6 
April 2019
65965351Predator MarinesChapter creation thread makes an Iron Hands successor from a jungle world that hunt their enemies with stealth & terror tactics.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-04-30 17 
May 2019
65977935Predator Marines Part 2A continuation of the first Predator Marines thread fleshing out the glorious clusterfuck of a sector they're based in.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-01 12 
65998356Predator Marines part 3ITT, we finally get around to rolling the ork klan. Also, cyborg Xenomorph combat servitors and Jew Necrons.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-03 10 
66035693Predator Marines part 4We continue working on the Venaro sector, Jewish dark mechanicus, and move towards Genestealers.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-09 5 
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