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October 2009
February 2010
8105568Lego + 40k = ?FUCKING WIN, THATS WHAT! Screw you, GW!lego, holy shit this is awesome, 40k, orkz2010-02-16 1 
July 2011
15503489Lord Deathrape and the CazaclawrasqueBecause some PCs just deserve to die.Tarrasque, Horror, Holy shit, BBEG, Cazador, Deathclaw, Cazaclaw, God hates you, FUCK2011-07-07 14 
April 2012
18639910The Wraithsun ProjectOr, how to create a supermassive black hole with the souls of the dead.black hole, game mechanics, physics, holy mother of god2012-04-09 6 
18647845Armored Core Quest 7We take out a bandit after finding out that the posted difficulty was a lie. Also, HOLY SHIT DAVE.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, HOLY SHIT DAVE2012-04-10 27 
18730396QUEST BUILDING: HOLY GRAIL WAREGO runs off of an idea for Holy Grail War quest based off of F/SN. Discussion of Servants and shitting of pants ensuenasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, 2012-04-16 16 
18761397Holy Grail War Quest 1We are a young mage about to take part in the Holy Grail War. Our servant is Odysseus, Archer.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night,2012-04-18 16 
18830824Holy Grail War Quest 2Things heat up in Seattle as our MC Eliza Alexander squares off against Assassin. Later, we have a tense luncheon with the other masters and learn more about the combatants of this Grial Warnasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night,2012-04-24 12 
May 2012
18936856Holy Grail War Quest 3Killan dudes, car chases, motorcycle knights, LESBIANISM (or is it). GOING FULL NASUnasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night,2012-05-02 16 
19113800Holy Grail War Quest 4In which we lose our virginity and fight Shagnastynasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night,2012-05-16 15 
19239056Holy Grail War Quest 5In which we hit an Eldritch Abomination with a boat, meet a Mysterious Stranger, and pin a doll to the wall.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night2012-05-26 11 
19288793Holy Grail War 6Archer is a boss with a bow, everybody's dead, Dave, and Caster pisses off the Churchnasuverse,collective game,Holy Grail War Quest,Fate Stay Night2012-05-30 11 
19302093Holy Grail War Quest 7Anon can into diplomacy, Eliza is a Sorcerer, and Shirou is a teddy bear.nasuverse,collective game,Holy Grail War Quest,Fate Stay Night2012-05-31 11 
June 2012
19433811Nasuverse Side Story: Canis RisingBob is ALIIIIVE, David is all growed up, our best friend is oogling our mothers, and WOLF WOLF WOLF WOLFnasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-06-11 11 
19517319Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 2In which we team up with a tsundere vegetarian killing machine and accidentally blow up a drug dealer.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, fate stay night, Side Story 2012-06-18 11 
19607812Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 3We learn the true nature of the Enemy, tell off our mother, and discover that the killer nun has cute bush (Yes this is relevant. Welcome to Nasu, gents).nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-06-25 13 
July 2012
19697056Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 4Our ex is a werewolf, Lancer has ridiculous luck, we play chicken with a locomotive, and meet Rip Van Winklenasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-07-02 11 
19778648That Guy Thread, BBB Edition No. 2More scary stories to tell in the fog.That Guy, Fox, Fox Realdoll, Furry, Testing, Fog, BBB, Ungulate, Possibly untrue but if it is holy crap2012-07-08 35 
19791780Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 5We go shopping, discover that we are a walking paradox, and attempt to skinny dip with our superhuman harem. Also, BOOBS trumps demonhood.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-07-09 11 
19892453Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 6People get kidnapped, we blow shit up, and consequences will never be the same.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-07-16 10 
19908625Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 7Things take a turn for the better (not that that was HARD or anything). We make deals, get molested by a weasel, and much d'aww is had by all.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-07-17 10 
19923967Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 8Our taser is the taser that shall pierce the heavens! Also, armour, Rip van Winkle's uncle, and SPIRALSnasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-07-18 10 
19939857Nasuverse Side Story: Canis Rising 9We make deals, acquire The Knife of Promised Victory, and Bob goes Star Treknasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Side Story2012-07-19 10 
20090370Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 1The more things change, the more they stay the same. Bob is back in action, our Master likes CIRCLES, and our Servant is Ackbar-Approved.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night2012-07-30 10 
August 2012
20117618Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 2We trample over our competition, create the Geas to end all Geases, Geek the Mage, and experience some NO HOMO bonding with Rider. Also, some chucklefuck says Slim Jim's name. I shiggity diggity.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night2012-08-01 12 
20149775Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 3Involving a puppy, a Naked Apron, and a bag of blood. We meet the Witch of France for tea, drive poor Rider to tears, try to figure out where in the world Assassin is, and meet a cowboy who speaks in Ebonics.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night2012-08-03 11 
20179257Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 4We find out a horrible truth about our Master, ask a Heroic Spirit on a date, and eat a burger with a man in a suit.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate Stay Night2012-08-05 5 
20198386Shit Hits the FanHereticRAIDAA's group must overcome the oncoming green tide to...deliver a child.orks, deathwatch, 40k, near-tpk, holy shit2012-08-06 6 
20208251Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 5TONIGHT: Master goes on a date, Rider gets hot and bothered, and we meet the biggest dick in human history.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-07 7 
20222944Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 6Yet another investigation goes horribly wrong, Master finds himself in a confrontation without a leg to stand on, even the holiest of chicks dig scars, and some painful accounts prepare to be settled...nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate Stay Night2012-08-08 8 
20263992Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 7We steal some hinges, blow up a horse, break glass, fire Five Rounds Rapid, and finally EGO gets his wish. But STILL no hips moving by themselves.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate Stay Night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-11 5 
20333341Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 8We meet the best damn foul-mouthed, chain-smoking airship pilot this side of Gaia, visit the Troll Emperor of Phallomancer-kind, and contemplate causing Angel Notes by accident.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-16 5 
20388541Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 9We learn things about Arry, get bothered by someone who comes a-knocking, send him heading west, and plan a safari.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-20 6 
20415181Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 10More for the Butcher's Bill, Stealing armor, messages written with bullets, Roofie Landmines, and lots and lots of rain.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-22 5 
20496499Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 11We fight with the Devil, lose faith and plot revenge. Also, David still has CLASSnasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-28 5 
September 2012
20544549Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 12The Student has become the Master, traumatized Servants, and Luke getting tackled by a kuuderenasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-09-01 8 
October 2012
20951966Fate/Only War Discussion on developing a conversion of the Only War RPG system to run a Fate/Stay Night-esque RPG. Shit gets done. Fate, Fate/Stay Night, F/SN, FSN, Holy Grail War, HGW, System, Homebrew, Nasuverse, Noble Phantasm, anime, ideas,2012-10-02 4 
December 2012
22257720/tg/ gets depressedOP inquires about how to roleplay depression. /tg/ reveals all its angst, misery and emptiness in response.depression, depressing, sad, melancholy, oh god what, why, roleplay, game ideas, discussion2012-12-29 12 
September 2013
26986427 ITT: the fugg is going on in Holy Terra?Questions about Terra lead to the greatest poop joke of all timeHoly Terra, Funny, Poop Joke, Just as Planned, 2013-09-03 13 
December 2013
28793153Chicken Armor Pt. II/tg/ revisits the Bondage Chicken, drawfags get involved and we end up with a holy relicwritefaggotry, armor, cursed items, holy items, lewd, drawfaggotry2013-12-12 14 
June 2014
32678291Fern IslandFern Island: Come for the view, stay for the murder, cannibalism, psychotic fern-worshipping zealots, wars over fern, hissing ferns, cannibal natives and geckos! A vacation for the whole family!fern, ferns, fern island, land gulls, geckos, holy war, dystopia, minecraft,2014-06-10 8 
August 2014
34305460Khornette Quest #6In which we kill some Grey Knights in the most awesome way possible. So awesome Khorne has to stop time to give us a thumbs up.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Space Marines, Lady of Change, Khorne, Dice gods, holyfuckwhat, ELH2014-08-22 -8 
34511383Holy Pimp War Quest 1You've been possessed by a coat.Collective Game, Holy Pimp War Quest, HPWQ2014-08-31 6 
February 2015
38250789(??? Quest) Holy Sword Quest Part 1In which we do guard shit, convince our friend to try and pick up the McGuffin, attack a boss from behind, and accidentally become the new Big Damn Hero.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, ??? Quest, Sparks2015-02-23 26 
38274460Holy Sword Quest Part 2In which we figure out what to do now that we've got a magic McGuffin sword.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-02-24 24 
38359025Holy Sword Quest Part 3We say goodbye to the family, tell Reinhardt and the captain we're leaving, and celebrate our last day in town by getting drunk.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-02-28 22 
March 2015
38386445Holy Sword Quest Part 4We leave our home town and head for the White Watchtower to the east.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-01 15 
38415142Holy Sword Quest Part 4.5We finish up our tour of the Watchtower.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-02 13 
38429902Holy Sword Quest Part 5We start our first day of training, and meet new faces.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-03 13 
38543374Holy Sword Quest Part 6We learn about magic with Daniel, then finish the rest of our first day of training.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-08 11 
38590379Holy Sword Quest Part 7We try to get Justine and Erika to get along, then the shit hits the fan.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-10 16 
38686019Holy Sword Quest Part 8We start investigating the Watchtower, trying to find the demon spy.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-14 14 
38710396Holy Sword Quest Part 9In which we deal with our kidnapper and try to escape back to the Watchtower.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-15 12 
38754257Holy Sword Quest Part 10We make it back to the tower, and talk security with the Knight-Captain.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-17 13 
38856417Holy Sword quest Part 11We go out on our first patrol, and learn that someone went missing at a nearby town.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-22 10 
38882132Holy Sword Quest Part 12We investigate the raven we caught on patrol, and make plans to look for the girl that went missing.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-23 12 
38975734Holy Sword Quest Part 13In which we face our first day in the demon's farm, and plot our escape.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-28 11 
39036810Holy Sword Quest Part 14We fight the missing girl in the arena, and manage to convince Alastor to let us spare her. For now, at least.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-03-31 12 
April 2015
39115141Holy Sword Quest Part 15In which we break out of prison, fight a giant thing, and finally make it back to the watchtower.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-04-04 20 
39161826Holy Sword Quest Part 16We talk with the captain about an Honor Guard, and learn more about Gavren.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-04-06 10 
39160651Minotauress quest: part 5We write out some holy words and then make divine armor and weaponryCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, holy2015-04-06 10 
39203178Holy Sword Quest Part 17In which we look for people to join the honor guard.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-04-08 11 
39229784Holy Sword Quest Part 17.5The continuation of the last thread, where we get our first lesson in enchanting and make a final decision about the Honor Guard.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-04-09 11 
39309952Holy Sword Quest Part 18We finish our enchantment lessons with Festus, practice in the training yard with our friends, and escort some of the survivors to their new home.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-04-13 12 
39330005Minotauress quest: part 10We make the holy symbol and colors of Rhiannln, only to receive a very special visitorCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, holy2015-04-15 7 
39448435Holy Sword Quest Part 19In which we decide what to do now that demons are invading.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-04-19 11 
39587872Holy Sword Quest Part 20The defense of Morsland.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-04-27 12 
May 2015
39731151Holy Sword Quest Part 21We have a serious talk with Galadriel, and do some more training.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-05-04 13 
39838696Holy Sword Quest Part 22Breakfast with our family and we introduce our parents to the team.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-05-09 14 
39995354Holy Sword Quest Part 23We track down the pickpocket, learn more about him, and get a new recruit.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-05-17 10 
40055688Holy Sword Quest Part 24We visit Arniel's shop, go to the tavern with Reinhardt, establish that he is a bro, and then the rest of the honor guard join in.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-05-20 14 
40183581Holy Sword Quest Part 25In which we visit Daniel, learn some new enchantments, learn more about the demon lords, and talk to Roland and Ganelon about their home countries.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-05-26 12 
June 2015
40350633Holy Sword Quest - A Side StoryAs promised, Sparks runs a one-shot for one of the HSQ side characters.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-06-02 12 
40501629Holy Sword Quest Part 26We return to the watchtower, and start our training as Galadriel's official Champion.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-06-10 12 
40564025Holy Sword Quest Part 27In which we finish training and start our journey to Galloway.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-06-13 10 
40584041Holy Sword Quest Part 28Our first day at the Red Watchtower in GallowayCollective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-06-14 11 
40647060Holy Sword Quest Part 29Our second day at the Red Watchtower, in which we learn where to go next to rally Galloway's support.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-06-17 11 
40668950Holy Sword Quest Part 30In which we learn what's behind the brass door.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-06-18 12 
40785567Holy Sword Quest Part 31Our last day at the Red Watchtower before heading for the king of Galloway's palace.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-06-24 10 
July 2015
40932833Holy Sword Quest Part 32We arrive at Galloway's capital and enter the king's palace.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-07-01 10 
41081808Holy Sword Quest Part 33Our second day in Tarrin, in which we prepare for the tournament.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-07-08 10 
41247743Holy Sword Quest Part 34Continuing our day of training.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-07-16 10 
41376907Holy Sword Quest - Side Story #2A look at the world through the many eyes of Galadriel.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-07-22 10 
41441059Holy Sword Quest Part 35The first day of the tournament.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-07-25 10 
41551145Holy Sword Quest Part 36Roland leaves to deal with family issues, and we go have a chat with house Lione before the second day of the tournament.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-07-30 10 
August 2015
41634166Holy Sword Quest Part 37In which Galloway pledges it's support to the Watchtowers.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-08-03 10 
41737426Holy Sword Quest Part 38We return to the Red Watchtower, and have a meeting with the three watchtower captains.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-08-08 10 
41838389Holy Sword Quest Part 39We make it to the Grey Watchtower, and learn what we'll have to do to earn Belmore's support.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-08-13 10 
42075143Holy Sword Quest Part 40Day one of our week of trial in Belmore.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-08-25 10 
42155789Holy Sword Quest Part 41We get reinforcements from the Order of the Righteous Sword, learn some new spells, and do some more enchanting.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-08-29 10 
42176770Holy Sword Quest Part 42We start our journey into the swamp, and already we run into problems.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-08-30 8 
September 2015
42444438Holy Sword Quest - Side Story #3I'll berry my holy sword so deep that whoever pulls it out will be crowned king of England.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-09-12 7 
42484275Holy Sword Quest Part 43In which we complete our trial in the SwampCollective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-09-14 6 
42612160Holy Sword Quest - Side Story #4A day in the life of everyone's favorite demon lord.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-09-20 7 
October 2015
42870560Holy Sword Quest Part 44We teleport back to Iseria, visit Anna, and receive a warning about the upcoming council meetingCollective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-10-04 7 
43109625Holy Sword Quest Part 45We arrive at Iseria's capital, meet Erika's dad, and run into some thugs.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-10-17 6 
November 2015
43595461Holy Sword Quest Part 46We talk to Nerillian's daughter, learn more about him, and talk to Lord Bernadotte about how to convince the other councilmen.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-11-12 7 
43898298Holy Sword Quest Part 47In which we do politics and discuss a possible breach in security with Leviathan.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-11-30 6 
December 2015
44119224Holy Sword Quest Part 48In which we deal with the aftermath of finding Lord Kraemer's body.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2015-12-12 6 
January 2016
44674956Holy Sword Quest Part 49In which we search for clues to who the demon spy is.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2016-01-10 6 
45084461Real Life ShadowrunnersDisturbing real-life tales that would make great inspiration for Shadowrun games! And whose participants are essentially shadowrunners.Holy fucking shit, the fuck did I just read, is this shit for real, oh god this is real isn't it, Shadowrun2016-01-29 23 
February 2016
45586661Holy Sword Quest Part 50In which the council votes, and shit hits the fan.Collective Game, Holy Sword Quest, Sparks2016-02-23 8 
April 2016
16860Quest thing3 adventurers enter, but only 1 leaves alive.notapaladin, collective game, Muchaaaaaaaa lucha, Portal Wizard, Holy Bones, Loch, Mystery Box2016-04-30 14 
May 2016
70007Paladin QuestSir Alaric Lener begins his adventure as a Paladin of the Order of Angels.Paladin, knight, holy, Paladin quest, hero2016-05-09 1 
104742Paladin Quest Part 2The second part of Paladin Quest,in which a party is formed, bandits attack, the barbarian gets a new scar, and Selora is dropped off.Paladin, knight, holy, Paladin quest, hero, party2016-05-11 1 
165237Paladin Quest Part 3In this edition of Paladin Quest, Alaric's partners get names, discover a group of ogres partying, and inform the local authorities.Paladin, knight, holy, Paladin quest, hero, party, fail2016-05-27 1 
June 2016
308573Post Apoc Militia Quest: The Evergreen SettlementA militia group struggles to survive in an American wasteland.Holy Diver, Post Apoc Militia Quest2016-06-28 1 
April 2017
1351482Pixie and a Priest against the WorldYou're a priest from the southern land of Fauland. You've come north to Tairmora to warn the towns which have been cut off from society abPriest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-14 2 
1362377Pixie and a Priest against the World 2The adventure continues with saving the towns from Malformed and discovering the true nature of the Malformed.Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-17 1 
1371830Pixie and a Priest against the World 3Finding out if there is more to the Malformed than simply being monsters.Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-22 1 
1388347Pixie and a Priest against the World 4Fighting political battles in Hausterien!Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-25 1 
1401351Pixie and a Priest against the World 5Someone dies?Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-29 1 
December 2018
3121840Fate Quest Pt. 2: Guns, Daggers, and an OniIn which we have heartwarming moments with Ibaraki, accidentally ram our car into Jeanne D'Arc, and make an alliance with Master of Saber.Fate Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Puppets, Ibaraki, Car Autism, Holy Fuck Ibaraki What Did You Do To Karna2018-12-23 1 
January 2020
3986514 Dovahkiin of Earth XIIAsia is chosen as a master for the grail war. After arriving in fuyuki, she pick a house, makes new friends and summons her servant.Highschool DxD, Nun, Dragonborn, Fate, Holy Grail War2020-01-13 1 
3996085Dovahkiin of Earth XIII: The Holy Grail War part IAsia and Rider fight against Archer and Berserker. Two possible allies appears, but can they be trusted? Highschool DxD, Nun, Dragonborn, Fate, Holy Grail, Murders War2020-01-13 1 
February 2020
4035398Dovahkiin of Earth XVI: Holy Grail War Part IV After healing Rin, Asia continues her search for Assassin. Homever, what she found is not quite what she expected.Highschool DxD, Nun, Dragonborn, Fate, Holy Grail, Investigation2020-02-02 1 
4050173Dovahkiin of Earth XVII: Grail War Part: VAsia returns from her meeting with Assassin, and makes a new deal with her allies. They then proceed to fight Zouken for the last time.Highschool DxD, Nun, Dragonborn, Fate, Holy Grail, Dragon2020-02-07 3 
4064769Dovahkiin of Earth XVIII Holy Grail War FinalThe holy grail war comes to a end after Asia and her allies fight their last opponent and a unexpected figure arrives to bring giftsHighschool DxD, Nun, Dragonborn, Fate, Holy Grail, Vampires2020-02-29 0 
January 2021
4591534Grand Grail War QuestBartleby the Archivist joins a new Holy Grail War, summoning Archer. Nasuverse, Holy Grail War, Collective Game, Grand Grail2021-01-28 4 
March 2021
4629759The Grand Grail Thread 2: Impossible DreamsBartleby acquires new power as he and Marisa recover from the results of the fight with Lore Caster. Nasuverse, Holy Grail War, Collective Game, Grand Grail2021-03-02 0 
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