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April 2015
39064385Minotauress quest: WorldBuilding and Character creationWe establish our character, her home, and why she is there.Collective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle2015-04-01 7 
39073903Minotauress quest: Moving onto WorldBuildingWe finish establishing the character, decide what we are going to be famous for, and then go on a trip on the ground.Collective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle2015-04-03 10 
39095644Minotauress quest: Moving onto Plotlines part 3We free slaves, pimp put out armor, and determine Rhiannon's first aspect. Not in that order though.Collective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, savior2015-04-04 8 
39128444Minotauress quest: part 4We make some great armor, slay a demon dragon, and get a ton of gold.Collective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, dragon, slaying2015-04-05 10 
39160651Minotauress quest: part 5We write out some holy words and then make divine armor and weaponryCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, holy2015-04-06 10 
39195049Minotauress quest: part 6We step into the magical training area, find it to be inhospitable, then fight two humanoid raven guards.Collective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, ravens, magic2015-04-08 10 
39238408Minotauress quest: part 7We learn more magic, meet another guard, get magically SWOLE, and learn some spellsCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-10 10 
39256600Minotauress quest: part 8We discuss stuff, and bang HereshielCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, ravens, magic2015-04-11 7 
39267715Minotauress quest: part 8We finally go back to demon slayingCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-12 10 
39302262Minotauress Quest 9 We teach our people on the tenets of RhiannonCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-13 10 
39330005Minotauress quest: part 10We make the holy symbol and colors of Rhiannln, only to receive a very special visitorCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, holy2015-04-15 7 
39348148Minotauress quest: part 11We talk about what glory actually means and gain something from drinking milkCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-16 7 
39398565Minotauress Quest part 12Speeches and ringsCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle2015-04-18 7 
39413095Minotauress Quest:Part 13We get swole, go take a shower, then Ven does some work!Collective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle2015-04-19 6 
39446287Minotauress Quest:Part 13Feltera gets elemental power, then goes down to the ground with Ven and DevrielaCollective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle2015-04-20 6 
39482432Minotauress Quest:Part 14We meet a man made of EDGE and get to know him wellCollective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle2015-04-22 7 
39543642Minotauress Quest:Part 15We go back to slaying demons and saving prisoners!Collective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle2015-04-26 6 
39582353Minotauress Quest:Part 16We see the freed slaves, get a ton of new allies, and fight a demon knightCollective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle2015-04-28 9 
39634552Minotauress Quest:Part 17We do stuff around the castleCollective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle2015-04-30 5 
May 2015
39712541Minotauress Quest:Part 18We get stronger and prepare to head back out into the world. Also we get a few special visits from the goddess herselfCollective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle2015-05-04 5 
39826188Minotauress Quest:Part 19We slay a hell(pun intended)of a lot of demons!Collective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle, rekt, kill demons, free slaves2015-05-10 5 
39911154Minotauress Quest:Part 20We talk, do stuff, and fight a Demon KnightCollective Game, Minotauress Quest, Sorceror, Castle2015-05-13 5 
40032429Minotauress Quest:Part 21We get stronger, due to potions instead of milk!Collective Game, Minotauress Quest, Sorceror, Castle2015-05-19 5 
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