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January 2008
1068484Escaping RailroadingStories of players escaping their DMs' attempts at railroading.stories, railroading, funny, awesome2008-01-26 14 
June 2009
4852990Meat VanA less than civil discussion about where we buy our meat slowly turns into ideas for a Meat-Peddling NPC.food, funny, meat van2009-06-12 10 
October 2009
6098688Chickens as Hedge Wizard FamiliarsThe idea of chickens as familars, with different fancy breeds for different types of magic-usersfunny, d&d2009-10-02 1 
November 2009
6854910Sandwich Spread FantasyOP asks /tg/ what to do about the fact that his Peanut Butter class character is being overshadowed by the superior Nutella class.awesome, funny, rpg2009-11-25 13 
6922487Weird, funny, and downright terrifying sessions Does this even need a description? Its just awesome ,Read it.Awesome, Funny, Stories2009-11-29 4 
March 2010
8634191ITT: running gags in your playgroups/tg/ shares running gags in their playgroups Pretty awesome/tg/, Group, Funny, Fun, Awesome2010-03-17 7 
April 2010
9528649In the Lair of the Immortal Beats King/tg/ takes on some rapping Liches in a battle of rhymes.Rap, Funny,2010-04-30 26 
July 2010
11120613The Rousing Tale of Suicide Man!/tg/ learns the fun and productive ways that body jumping can kill Here's a hint, making 12 cops dive from sky scraper windowshero, body jump, funny, nightmare fuel, suicide, gurps2010-07-14 12 
11158582Suicide man returnsSuicide man is back with another session, and unlike others, doesn't draw out the story time like an attention whore.Suicide, Suicide man, gurps, funny, story, story time2010-07-16 8 
11192160Things we are not allowed to doA long, hilarious list of things we, as players, are not allowed to do any more. Shenanigans occur.Funny, list, accident, incident2010-07-18 11 
August 2010
11732554Edition Wars DistilledThe cast of Futurama, Freakazoid, and Pinky and the Brain summarize every 4e v. 3.5e thread for your convenience.Funny, 4th Edition, 3.5 Edition, Futurama, Freakazoid, Pinky and the Brain2010-08-20 15 
October 2010
12527708War of the OceansWhat starts with OP simply telling us of a rapeable dilemma he's having, ends with declarations of war across the ocean.dolphins, funny, rape, chaos, ocean, squid, sharks, war, water2010-10-22 6 
November 2010
12785312Jester ThreadA discussion of Jesters are archetypes, player character, historical figures, and also as a reoccurring figure in media. Filled with historical anecdotes and tons of Harley Quin pictures.D&D, 3.5, jester, fool, harlequin, Harley Quin, fluff, story, funny, roleplay, character, discussion, character, history, anecdote2010-11-15 7 
12976701DAT FUKKEN DORFMany shenanigans occur due to the nature of one quirky dwarf. Such things include destroying the ceiling of the party paladin's church, accidentally skinning a druid, and getting turkeyslapped by a bugbear.D&D, awesome, dwarf, funny, stories,2010-11-30 43 
December 2010
13013334/tg/ stories of the humorous variety wherein we have an interview with a dreadnought, a paladin of Tyr, clanner mechwarrior, pilot and hopefully others Writefaggotry, story, funny, storytime, writing 2010-12-03 7 
13011716Horribly inventive cursesA compilation of some dastardly inventive cursesCurses, Funny, Creative2010-12-03 3 
13020762Space Marines of the Star ShanksComedy writefaggotry. If Douglas Adams decided to create a Space Marine's Chapter. Much dickwounding. Continuation of 13013334Writefaggotry, story, funny, storytime, writing, Star Shanks, dickwounding 2010-12-04 5 
January 2011
13393514Social Failure."Professor asks in class what the council of Nicea was." "Its when the Emperor forbade the use of Psykers." "What?"Fail, funny, humor, derp, natural 1, Omnissiah, STORYTIEM, stories, story, RPG, Real Life, IRL, AFK, Traditional Games, Nat 202011-01-04 38 
13493107How not to run a RT Campaign A regular Sci-Fi Quest thread goes off the rails when a GM and a player recount their Failure of a First rogue trader EndeavorRT, Rouge trader, Funny, Endeavor2011-01-12 1 
13580087Giveth Thy Lute/tg/ Gets medieval on the lute.Rap, Parody, Middle Ages, Funny, Negro, Nigra, Crown, King2011-01-19 2 
13649912Critical Failure TableAn elegan/tg/entlman dusts off some of his old campaign sheets, and uncovers a critical failure table of absolute wackiness.OC, funny, wall of text2011-01-25 10 
February 2011
13975067You are the Final BossAn entertaining and creative survey/contest on the music/setting/quote of a Final Boss.final boss, creative, epic, game design, funny, carl sagan, awesome, original content2011-02-21 6 
March 2011
14189487The 400 Year Old VirginStarts with OP asking about one of his Lich players getting hitched, then /tg/ shows their funny side by making parody quotes of the 40 Year Old Virginmarriage, lich, undead, sex, virgin, funny, parody, magic, epic, epic level2011-03-10 17 
14247259Discworld 40,000What happens when characters from the Discworld go to 40k? Hilarity ensues.Discworld, 40k, warhammer, funny, Warhammer 400002011-03-15 6 
14267134The Random Item GeneratorFun with randomly generated items and how to use them.Random, Generator, Item, Item Generator, Funny, lulz, Seventh Sanctum2011-03-17 0 
14275854When Players Go Full RetardSometimes Player deny good sense and logic; then they die.Players, Herp, Derp, Lolded, Funny, lulz, epic, awesome2011-03-18 7 
14295229Internet 40,000In which we troll the Imperium.Internet, 40k, Warhammer, funny, lulz2011-03-19 2 
14407846On The Art Of Ramming The WarpA discussion of things you never want to hear on a ship in 40k turns into a discussion of how to use your entire ship as a melee weapon and destroy all of the daemons.40k, Ship, Funny, 2011-03-30 17 
May 2011
14769805What I Made, What the DM saw, What I Playedpeople post pics of what they set their characters out to be, how the DMs interpreted/misunderstood them, and what compromise they eventually reached. funny, cool, D&D 3.5 2011-05-01 2 
14815360Reaction Image Storiesfa/tg/uys post random images from their Reaction Image folder, and give short stories about what was REALLY going on in it. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Funny, Storytime2011-05-05 3 
14827865Portal-inspired-D&DA brainstorming thread to bring some of the Portal games to a D&D game/setting. Special guest appearances by Wheatley and Cave Johnson.D&D, game, game ideas, awesome, funny, ideas, brainstorming, Portal, Portal 2, Cave Johnson2011-05-06 15 
July 2011
15462654The Legend of PIGDOGA tale is told of a THAT GUY of legend, with IRC quotes to back it up. The man himself eventually appears in the thread.that guy, D&D, dark sun, autism, psychopathy, funny, horror2011-07-05 24 
15498516/tg/ rolls up a F.A.T.A.L. character/tg/ collectively rolls up a F.A.T.A.L. character. Horror and perverted hilarity ensue.F.A.T.A.L., funny, character creation, the horror, kobold2011-07-07 13 
15587558Bardic Jokes and PunsYFW when you realizing you're reading these in Rodney Dangerfield's voice.bard, funny, original content2011-07-16 11 
15621909Dark Heresy Loot List /tg/ comes up with a strange and wondrous list of items for Dark Heresy DMs. Puns and references to vidya, comics and literature abound DM, funny, 40K, Dark Heresy, DH, scifi, awesome, items2011-07-19 27 
August 2011
16047730Do you...Catan?Awesomely hilarious thread. So bad it's funny, then sergal shows up. Catan, so bad, Sergal, lol, funny, lulz2011-08-24 0 
September 2011
16188151Cuptain of the Honour GuardA thread about Space Marines is massively derailed by an argument about Thor, heresy and finally Cup Diomedes. Featuring Deadpool. /tg/'s random humor at its finest. humor, meme, blood ravens, 40K, warhammer 40K, funny, cups, deadpool, thor, space marines, Cup Diomedes, Diomedes, random2011-09-05 11 
October 2011
16633959The Paladin Code of BoxesA naive basemen/tg/uy tries to start a hypothetical discussion about paladin code, but his picture is too interesting for /tg/ to care.derail, paladin, paladin code, funny, classic /tg/, humor, box, boxes, carl sagan, schrodinger2011-10-15 12 
16684183/tg/'s Strangest DeathsWith an additional tale about a Lich and Larry.lich, dnd, death, dying, funny, insanity, quantum lich2011-10-20 21 
November 2011
16811269The Bedding GameA game-within-a-game, favored by Bards since time immemorial. It's goal? Get into bed with as many folks as you can to score!sex, funny,bards2011-11-02 14 
16934717Who is OP's pic?/tg/ fails to recognize a picture of Jango Fett.troll, funny, blue, warhammer, fail2011-11-13 45 
December 2011
17181094Grim Dark RacingThe Announcer runs a jolly race involving a crab on a hover-board, Dick Dastardly, the Wolf Lord, and Khaldun the Eternal battle it out for victory.Collective Game, Grimdark, Racing, random, funny, 2011-12-12 7 
17257411Organ Construct BardSomeone posts that their bard became augmented by a group artificer and is now part organ, discussion about a necrobard followed and many good ideas were shared.Bard, character, Necromancer, artificer, game ideas, villain, dirge, music, funny, D&D, construct2011-12-18 6 
17384620Spiders are SuperiorThis thread is spiders.spiders, spider, funny, copypasta, never change /tg/2011-12-31 11 
January 2012
17409405The Way of HitIn which /tg/ discovers that Hit is the true path.Hit, Fist, Way of Hit, Philosophy, Monks, Violence, Awesome, Funny, Fuck Yeah, 2012-01-03 37 
17586782Space Wolves are AssholesStory is written about Space Wolves being assholes, /tg/ takes it upon themselves to write the other perspectivesstory, storytime, writing, funny, space wolves, space marines, guardsmen, whores2012-01-18 10 
February 2012
17846817Nokia Exterminatus"What if Exterminatus is actually a Nokia 3310 dropped to orbit by an Inquisitor?"Nokia, 3310, Exterminatus, funny, 40K, humor2012-02-08 27 
17888118That Guy stories from mythologyAncient mythology and some Shakespeare plays re-imagined as That Guy stories.mythology, funny, humor, Shakespeare, story, stories, That Guy2012-02-11 16 
17953740Julius, the most successful bard in history of everOen dae julius went inna innernets he postes sum tred in /tg/ roll natral 20 he had sex wif it +10 epic tredsoh god mah balls, funny, julius2012-02-15 12 
18102619What to inscribe on a SwordOP asks for an inscription on his legendary sword. /tg/ delivers.legendary, swords, inscriptions, awesome, funny, scabbards2012-02-26 11 
March 2012
18204471The Great Clean oneMispelling of Great Unclean One leads to a derail and a funny threadepic, funny, 40k, chaos, nurgle2012-03-05 30 
18431575Dat Architecture/tg/ reveals its' secret fetish for buildings. Young, old, small or large. Dat masonry.architecture, buildings, sarcasm, funny, 2012-03-23 21 
April 2012
18637014The Most Glorious BoonDenizens of /tg/, I have paid with my blood and my sweat, and in return the forge granted me a most glorious boon!Duct tape, Kludge, Funny, classic tg2012-04-09 38 
18921617A-Team Guardsmen vs Necrons - Part 2The unluckiest GM alive once again tries to to kill our heroes, this time with a Necron Tomb. Shenanigans ensue.40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Funny, Awesome2012-04-30 37 
May 2012
19012677A-Team Guardsmen vs Necrons - Part 3The GM has realized that his Necrons have become ineffectual Saturday Morning Cartoon villains and just rolls with it.40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Funny, Awesome2012-05-08 32 
June 2012
19648381Poke-Quest Derails! Becomes Diamonds!OP tries to create a Pokemon inspired quest thread, /tg/ derails it almost immediately. When OP ragequits he is replaced with a Rampaging New OP who gives no fucks.Pokemon, Collective_game, Funny, Drunk_on_power, Fuck_the_police2012-06-28 22 
19672524Yo mommaOH SHIT SONfunny, yo momma2012-06-29 11 
July 2012
20079827For all the marblesOP needs 2,000 marbles for purposes unspecified, /tg/ contemplates his intentions.marbles, funny, colonic capacity2012-07-29 21 
September 2012
20582259Starksy and Hutch meet vampiresAmusing story of how a player on a whim created a pair of characters for his friend, proceeded to have fun and wreck an average "serious" WoD gameStory time, funny, WoD, Cops, funny2012-09-04 27 
October 2012
20942896Joke trap ideas./tg/ designs MISTER SNAPPY'S FUNGEON, where are the traps are jokes. Excapt the ones that kill you.traps, D&D, funny, dungeon, joke2012-10-01 35 
21090564 Crit Awesomeness >Roll to cheer up a child whose dad died >crit fail >"YOUR PARENTS ARE DEEEEEAD!"Funny, critical fail, YOUR PARENTS ARE DEAD2012-10-13 20 
21295980A Grand and Glorious Hippopotamus"The only thing we have to fear is hippos"-FDRQuotes, funny, hippos, joke2012-10-26 14 
December 2012
21842493First Response questOn an adventure to be sane, we became insanity itself.insanity, funny, cthulhu2012-12-02 31 
21985838How about a game?/tg/ starts playing your average game of connect four.../tg/, funny, awesome, random, wat2012-12-11 38 
21990954Let's Make a MechEverything starts off alright, we start to create a pretty boss mech, then suddenly russia gets involved and starts developing it's own mech. Hilarity insues.Mech, robots, russia, funny, collective game2012-12-11 8 
22033767Dr. Ass Marbles returnsDr. Ass Marbles returns to /tg/ with exciting new data from his experiments. For science!marbles, funny, colonic capacity, SCIENCE2012-12-14 43 
22117243The Sister's LustThe most foul, heretical, notorious and hilarious piratical Rogue Trader in the whole of the Tiji Sector!Tiji, 40k, funny, Space, Pirate, Rogue Trader, Setting Building2012-12-19 7 
22146679/tg/ Prophesizes their OWN end-of-the-world/tg/ bands together with an ancient evil, a virgin, a dog, a half-fae catboy, akuuuuuu, and for some reason michael bay to end all timemayan calendar, end of the world, lol, lulz, funny, humourous indeed, greentext, foolish samurai warrior2012-12-21 14 
January 2013
22551419Mary Sue disasters (with Richard Priapus )/tg/ swaps stories of mary sues from across the internet, anon steps up with the funniest RP derailing character seen in a long timefreeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-13 58 
22564075Richard Fontaine 2: Electric BoogalooContinued trolling of Kidzworld starring Richard Fontaine, son of Priapus.freeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-13 38 
22570344Richard Fontaine 3: Cuhrayzee EditionContinued trolling of Kidzworld starring Richard Fontaine, son of Priapus.freeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-14 25 
22795577Richard Fontaine 4: The Dick of Astral FireContinued trolling of Kidzworld starring Richard Fontaine, son of Priapus.freeform RP, RP, Role-play, Mary, Sue, Richard, Priapus, funny, hilarious2013-01-26 22 
February 2013
23374610/tg/ is the worst king ever/tg/ assumes the role of an intensely pyschopathic king whose tomboy daughter has gone out to engage in lesbian sociopathy. Also robot daughters.Humor, Humour, Collective Story, King, Lesbians, Funny, Insanity, Robots2013-02-25 18 
March 2013
23722393Thread threadanon posts some moments were /tg/ was funny. some people join in.funny, Thread-thread, comedy,2013-03-17 5 
April 2013
24496481The Last Battle of Monsters and MenITT: the old gods stir, the land cackles, and the sea reclaims the sky as once more the last battle between all that is good and all that is evil breaks across the multiversehumor, funny, pranks, coaster, evil, good, lulz, THE RING2013-04-28 4 
June 2013
25212457The Ancient Days of IVchanIn 2000 years, not much has changed.Rome, graffiti, funny, history, Secundus2013-06-04 13 
25308594The tg wizards discuss their progressWhen OP asks the wizards on /tg/ to show the prince some progress, plans and wizardly bickering ensuesFunny, Wizard, Arguement, Magic, Wizards are crazy2013-06-08 5 
July 2013
25864623What if you were a skeleton?/tg/ discusses their skeletal plans. Lulz and screaming forevers are had.skeleton, puns, funny, screaming forever, 2spooky, undead2013-07-07 20 
26215956/tg/ does scienceAnon starts That Guy thread. Other anons find the OP pic hot and commence scienceing to find out why.SCIENCE!, Classic Blunder, derail, funny, why boner, seeking answer to why boner, Soul Eater, Maka, bonerology2013-07-25 44 
August 2013
26654765Skippy's List of Roleplay/tg/ compares things it was banned for in RPskippy's list, funny, banned2013-08-17 12 
September 2013
26986427 ITT: the fugg is going on in Holy Terra?Questions about Terra lead to the greatest poop joke of all timeHoly Terra, Funny, Poop Joke, Just as Planned, 2013-09-03 13 
27228906If [insert show/book/anime/comic] were a tabletop gameWhat it be like if [insert anime/tv show/comic/etc] was a tabletop game?anime, tv, comics,fuck yeah, funny, awesome2013-09-15 14 
27299626Space Marine Jokes thread"YOUR PRIMARCH IS SUCH A PUSSY, IT'S NO WONDER THEY CALL HIM THE LION."Fucking rekt, rekt, zing, funny, camoflage, reasonable, joke 2013-09-18 25 
27292905Captain DicebeardOP meets a GMing pirate and asks /tg/ if he should continue playing. /tg/ states the obvious: DO IT FAGGOT!Captain, Dicebeard, GMing, Crazy, Awesome, Funny, Story Time2013-09-19 25 
October 2013
27633815Space Marines Jokes threadSO, THE BLOOD RAVEN WALKS INTO... ... > GO ON I CAN'T. THE BAR IS STOLEN NOW.joke, funny, original, awesome, 40k2013-10-10 14 
27888790Snails: The Menacing./tg/ finally realizes the true dark enemy of the world- snails. They begin to take preparations.snails, snail, over the top, amazing, funny, awesome, apocalypse2013-10-23 14 
November 2013
28263566Screencaps threadSome old, some newawesome, funny, screencaps, storytime2013-11-14 6 
December 2013
28687017Humour thread>Hi /tg/. My Crohn's Disease is flaring up----Could you guys post some funny or awesome /tg/ related stuff to distract me? AND /tg/ DELIVERED.funny, awesome, history2013-12-08 18 
January 2014
29449266souls in asseswe discuss whether souls live in asses and what that means for the orksork, bum, butt, ass, soul, slaanesh, eldar, 40k, warhammer, epic, lol, funny, fluff2014-01-12 22 
February 2014
30024229Dwarf image thread deliveredOP requests images similar to a picture of a dwarf with a boar. Anonymous delivers.funny, troll, anonymous delivers, awesome, dwarf, epic, Humor, 2014-02-05 9 
March 2014
30699332Best of /tg/ screencapsOP:My /tg folder is low, so best of tg thread go!awesome, funny, history, screencaps2014-03-08 7 
30724242Useless Magic Items"Ring of Spiderclimb: Allows wearer to climb spiders."funny, items, magic items2014-03-09 5 
30772223The 3.5 Words DrawthrDrawthread whereupon we post three and a half words, and the OP would draw the result. Leave your hat near the door and enjoy the ride.funny, drawthread2014-03-11 7 
April 2014
31236570Major Tom to Ground Control: SO MANY FUCKING STARSAnonymous' DM has given him permission to play a skeleton in a spacesuit who, after spending centuries adrift in the void with only bad radio broadcasts and the voices in his skull for company, crash lands in the middle of a fantasy campaign. Of course, /tg/ is delighted and brainstorming ensues.SPACE, skeleton, astronaut, cosmonaut, funny, joke character, fantasy, character creation, brainstorming, fantasy, music, 2014-04-03 61 
31230485On the divinity of the God EmperorSome guy asks for in-universe arguments for proof of the Emperor's divinity. He gets what he asked for, along with pasta, slight storytime, and DMing advice40k, Emperor, Emps, Emprah, funny, story, storytime, stories, pasta, copypasta, fuck witches, DM, GM, DH, that guy, argument, arguing, theology2014-04-03 5 
31246243Major Tom part 2Anonymous' DM has given him permission to play a skeleton in a spacesuit who, after spending centuries adrift in the void with only bad radio broadcasts and the voices in his skull for company, crash lands in the middle of a fantasy campaign. Of course, /tg/ is delighted and brainstorming ensues. Continued from the first thread.SPACE, skeleton, astronaut, cosmonaut, funny, joke character, fantasy, character creation, brainstorming, fantasy, music, 2014-04-04 32 
31282599Major Tom Part 3Anonymous' DM has given him permission to play a skeleton in a spacesuit who, after spending centuries adrift in the void with only bad radio broadcasts and the voices in his skull for company, crash lands in the middle of a fantasy campaign. OP returns to tell us what transpired during the first session. More brainstorming is being had.Major Tom ,SPACE, skeleton, astronaut, cosmonaut, funny, joke character, fantasy, character creation, brainstorming, fantasy, music, 2014-04-06 33 
31344679TG congratulates itself.TG pats itself on the back and practices being Bro-like Sweet, funny, lulz, cute, 2014-04-08 4 
June 2014
32535187Best of /tg/. screencapsawesome, funny, history2014-06-03 8 
32783035Monks with random generated techniquesAn anon post a random generator. 5 martial techniques are generated and anons describe them. Quite goodseventh sanctum, random, generator, funny, creativity2014-06-15 10 
32843302Best of /tg/Contains some new stuffawesome, funny, history2014-06-18 7 
32910549The Loon There are plenty of threads about That Guy, the douche that makes any game terrible. The Loon is the one that pulls something completely ridiculous and succeeds.Awesome, funny, storytime, storytiem2014-06-22 22 
32944715>Hey /tg/ I'm sick. Could you post things to distract me from how crappy I feel?>I fell in a lake today. Feel free to laugh at my misfortune.funny, humor, humour, storytime2014-06-23 5 
July 2014
33181192FATWOLVESA discussion of werewolves devolves into the society of fat werewolves.funny, humor, werewolf, werewolves2014-07-05 8 
33719011Joke DungeonDM asks /tg/ what do when party wants dungeon and DM doesn't. Anon heroically describes best joke dungeon in the form of fake game log.Joke dungeon, funny, fake log, troll dungeon2014-07-28 38 
August 2014
33787250Goldern /tg/ storiesNew capsAwesome, funny, storytime2014-08-01 2 
34183552GM Non-Fuckups Everybody makes mistakes. While for most people it's difficult but usually necessary to admit those mistakes, GMs are never allowed to do so. That'd be like god showing up to a bunch of scientists and telling them whatever they're working on is pointless because it was just something he fucked up. "Sorry, lemme fix that, carry on." funny, storytime2014-08-17 13 
34258027Salami Sandwich Quest.A salami sandwich quests to save his lover, Miss bologna who has been kidnapped from the kitchen, things take an un expected turn as the dark wizard plans to change all sandwiches as we know it. Action, Adventure, Romance, This story has it all!Comedy, Salami Sandwich, Agro, Brain, Romance, Lewd, Action, Suspense, Drama, Collective Game, Quest, The best fucking thing ever, HotSandwichlove, Funny, Great, 10/10,2014-08-20 8 
34331215Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest 1.We get intouch with our inner psychopath, in this thrilling tale of murder, romance, and Honkery. Gotta catch them all.Collective Game, MFSKQ, Quest, Murder, Obduction, Funny, Comedy, HONK, Elf Pokemon : Gotta Catch Em All : With Clowny Clownerson, please read this quest its actually really cool i promise guys,2014-08-23 5 
34346184Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest. TwoOur killer strikes again! We get cought inside some "Family trouble" And cook our captives some "Chicken fingers" Because we're totally nice and sane people. Stuff happens too, and then other things. We also get higher'd to kill a russian mafia guy or something, READ IT TO FIND OUT!Collective Game, MFSKQ, Quest, Murder, Obduction, Funny, Comedy, HONK, Elf Pokemon : Gotta Catch Em All : With Clowny Clownerson, please read this quest its actually really cool i promise guys,2014-08-24 7 
34498343Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest 3 (Part 1)We get down and dirty with some ruskies and talk to a goblin, we currently considering how to or not to teach the goblin the electric boogaloo (Part 2 tomorrow after I improve format and get a new dialog style)MFSKQ, Edgy, Dark, Murder, Funny, Limblesslivingonaholeteasing, short thread, no dice, OP slightly off his game, Nobody gets shot with a 22., Collective Game, Quest, Modern Fantasy Serial Killer, 2014-08-30 1 
September 2014
34676894It's Always Sunny in FATALdelphiaFATAL and Always Sunny, what more is there to say?It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FATAL, Funny, Awesome2014-09-08 35 
34728648Grimdark comedy threadNow with new jokesfunny, awesome, humor, humour, 40k, warhammer 40k2014-09-09 9 
November 2014
35945210The wizard's wish/tg/ is granted a wish.Wizard, wish, funny, loophole2014-11-04 7 
36022362Letters from Gri'goriThe thread where the concept of Drow refugees as Eastern European immigrants is bandied about. drow. D&D, characters. funny, spiders2014-11-08 44 
36485004The Alliteration ArmadaWhat starts as an Oglaf thread quickly turns into /tg/ assembling the greatest armada of sexual ships and salty seamen the world has ever seen.funny, ships, innuendo, dirty jokes, seamen, alliteration, puns, boats2014-11-30 23 
January 2015
37291725The Order of the AlmondOP posts a trollish "you get a slave, wat do?" thread. /tg/ derails it into worldbuilding a paladin order and religion based around the worship of almonds.derailed thread, derail, funny, almonds, nuts, peanuts, nutcracker, paladins, ethics, slavery, tg cannot stay on topic,2015-01-11 22 
37465629Funny /tg/ moments #1/tg/ shares its collection of funny stories.funny, greentext, screencap2015-01-20 -1 
February 2015
37749134Most unappealing campaign pitch possible?Top fucking kek. Highlights include a campaign where your adventurers have to file paperwork for everything.game ideas, campaign, design, fluff, funny, awesome2015-02-01 8 
March 2015
38816162Jug of CentipedesOne of OP's players buys a jug filled with 2300 centipedes.funny, horrifying, centipedes2015-03-20 15 
June 2015
40392795Story ThreadStories from the table game, wizards, great succeses, no luck from the dice gods, those guys or that DM.epic, funny, gaming, PCs, that guy, that DM, original content, story, storytime, wizard2015-06-06 6 
40588807Most Fun You've Had With A CharacterStory time thread, great succeses and other pc's achievements.fun, funny, gaming, PCs, that guy, that DM, original content, story, storytime2015-06-15 3 
40648247Pvt. Human/tg/ Makes a Monstrous Regiment in 40kWH40k, Character Creation, Funny, Writefaggotry, Worldbuilding, Warhammer 40k2015-06-17 41 
40679427FamilyHammer 40kIn the dim darkness of the future, the Emperor has actual parenting skills.40k, ,funny, humor, parenting, writefaggotry2015-06-19 8 
July 2015
41083331Of angel ruled kingdomsAnon asks what would be the repercussion of having a kingdom being ruled by a Lawful Good solar angel, /tg/ discusses.angel, funny, LG, setting, solar, trap2015-07-15 3 
November 2015
43826037The /tg/ "Justice" LeagueSuperman comes to /tg/ for help against the forces of evil and /tg/ decides they don't need Superman. Odd god tier heroes emerge and hilarity ensues.DC comics, superman, heroes, fowlweatherfriend, /tg/, Stupidity, Funny, Hilarity, Justice, League, Overpowered bullshit, why is everyone god tier, plz buff superman, too low tier, 2015-11-27 10 
February 2016
45585237verbal component= Epic rap battlesfeaturing Sword n board,Def Blue Blood and others.rap, funny, duel, rap battle2016-02-24 2 
March 2016
45980743Asterix in the 40k universe/tg/ entertains the notion of the Asterix village in the 40k 'verse.40k, funny, awesome2016-03-13 24 
June 2016
47585205Opera ImperialisTHE PIRATES OF THE EXPANSE or THE LOST SON OF SCINTILLA. Comic Opera in Warhammer 40K. opera, Warhammer 40k, 40k, awesome, funny, rogue trader2016-06-03 23 
47597039Opera Imperialis Act.IITHE PIRATES OF THE EXPANSE or THE LOST SON OF SCINTILLA. Comic Opera in Warhammer 40K. Second and last part.opera, Warhammer 40k, 40k, awesome, funny, rogue trader2016-06-04 20 
October 2016
49840229Food Critic in FantasylandA discussion of unusual fantasy restaurants opens the tale of Gormack, Orc Adventurer, Warrior, and Traveling Food Critic. Hilarity ensues. Gormack, Cooking, Cuisine, Funny, Writing, OC, Parody2016-10-18 30 
November 2016
50330040Odd Villain MotivationsIn this thread, posters brainstorm some motivations for villains that are odd, unconventional and just plain petty.Brainstorming, petty villainy, BBEG, motivations, funny, insurance fraud2016-11-23 31 
January 2017
51194361American HellA hell based off the most hellish aspects of each American state is created.hell, afterlife, dystopia, american, worldbuilding, funny,2017-01-15 4 
March 2017
52051558What's in a Name?> Play a thief / > DM won't let you name your character Nick Stuff.puns, funny, names2017-03-08 18 
52272249Wodehouse MAID campaign #1Anon delivers on his promise to storytime the MAID campaign he participated in that is very reminiscent of Wodehouse novels.storytime, MAID, funny, 2017-03-22 23 
52415087The Ancient Evil Awakens...then complains about it, and promptly goes back to sleep. A collection of funny greentext plot prompts involving the ancient evil.funny, /tg/, plot hooks2017-03-30 10 
May 2017
53209134Lord Farquaad's Bounty OfficeLord Farquaad accepts bounties on all fairy-tale creatures.Farquaad, Shrek, Funny, Shillings, Schillings, Swamp2017-05-16 24 
June 2017
53617449"I never noticed... "OP realizes the Mark of Khorne is a skull. A chain reaction starts, admissions pour in and plans start for the WorLd Bearers chapter.Warhammer 40k, homebrew, funny, Chaos, Space Marines2017-06-08 11 
December 2017
57118226Skeleton civDiscussion about technologically advanced skeletons(also, puns, but what else did you expect)funny, spooky, undead, differently alive, fluff, ideas, world building, setting2017-12-27 3 
April 2018
58901514modern mythologyA discussion of how post-apocalyptic religions might misinterpret the modern world.worldbuilding, mythology, religion, cultists, cult, future, post-apocalyptic, funny,2018-04-04 2 
August 2018
61562988Fantasy college/tg/ discusses fantasy races in collegeRoleplay, College, Funny, Setting2018-08-22 14 
September 2018
62169635Dyslexic spells threadFor when your wizard can't quite get the spell right. Wizards, funny, misspells2018-09-26 27 
October 2018
2953993A Quest of Adventure and TruthCome along for a journey through a fantasy land with the three adventurers, assorted anons, and LORD GRIMDARK and his demonic GRIMGOBLINS!collective game, worldbuilding, dice, funny, fantasy, gay,2018-10-12 2 
December 2020
76118364What're some strange, interesting and unique forms of government for a sci-fi setting?/tg/ attempts to design original systems of governance and cultures for scifi. Things get weird.worldbuilding, scifi, funny, planet of hats, unintended consequences, if it's not a nightmarish hellhole then it's not Dark Heresy,2020-12-08 2 
January 2021
4589423Rescue the Catgirl QuestA Dude tries to rescue a cute catgirl that got trapped atop a tree, what could go wrong ?Cats, Catgirl, Funny, Silly, Stupid, Adventure, Interactive, 2021-01-02 0 
September 2022
85865971/tg/ make a poopoo & a peepeehe take a da poopoopoopies, funny, no diaper2022-09-02 -10 
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