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July 2012
20001747Unexpected PC Shenanigans It seems duels between master assassins are very brief affairsPC, game, awesome, storytime, PC said the darndest things, surprise, buttsex2012-07-23 9 
August 2012
20317317SS13 - The Cluwne FactorySS13 thread grinds to a halt after one Anon posts the story of the Cluwne Factory - the most epic derail of a SS13 game ever seen.SS13, cluwne, butts, butt factory, wtf2012-08-15 48 
May 2014
32038874Sext Reentry QuestNothing says edgy quite like blackmailing a child into anal sex before anally raping her older sister too~!sex, butts, quest, yes this is a thing2014-05-10 -3 
June 2014
33047579Boy Butt QuestJoin us on our adventure into the magical realm of adolescent homoeroticism!Boy butts, Quest, Boy butt quest2014-06-28 -2 
June 2015
40838562Sword Fagus QuestGive me boybutts or give me death!Collective Game, Not boybutts, why isn't it boybutts, fackyoo and your lack of boybutts2015-06-26 -1 
40872532Lost Boybutts Quest In the grim darkness of the far future, there's is only boybutts Collective Game, needs more boybutts 2015-06-28 -2 
December 2022
5448278Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Vol. 6A draconic agent of dark deities deigns meddle in the affairs of drow. Through subversion, coercion, warfare, waltzing, and even... Love?!ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, subterfuge, race-mixing, big butts, big egos, true love2022-12-01 5 
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