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November 2009
6885970Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle, and Other Guys/tg/ finds catharthic release in relating their experiences of some of the most horrific That Guys to disgrace Creation. If you ever feel down and disheartened, read this thread - you'll know that you're nowhere near as bad as these creatures, and your morale will perk right back up.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel2009-11-27 63 
6898745Luke, Plagueson Of Nurgle Part IIThe legend of The Luke continues, told from the Point of View of one of his other housemates. Remember, this guy could be treating you in hospital.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-28 30 
6910746Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle: The RelapseSequel to thread nos. 6885970 and 6898745. If any browser of sup/tg/ is feeling down and disheartened, read this thread - your morale will be spurred to new heights with the relief that, whatever troubles may weigh you down, you are not Luke. Some 40k enthusiasts will insist that Nurgle is a good god, who wants only the best for his worshippers and to armour them against the hurt of the universe. THEY ARE WRONG. LUKE IS WHY.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-29 30 
May 2010
9581188VeloCITYCrazy mash-up of JSR, Mirror's Edge, and other related shenanigans.Jet Set Radio, Mirror's Edge, homebrew2010-05-03 18 
9587327VeloCITY Part DeuxDiscussion of the /tg/ homebrew continues. It mostly concerns the fluff of the setting, but it's still a nice read.Velocity, homebrew, Jet Set Radio, Mirror's Edge, Air Gear, parkour, blading, biking, boarding2010-05-04 12 
9741714VeloCITY #10The big tenth thread as it enters autosage. Character sheet, pictures, little bit of trolling and some stories. Velocity, homebrew, Jet Set Radio, Mirror's Edge, Air Gear, parkour, blading, biking, boarding2010-05-11 5 
10162640VeloCITY RevivalRevival of the VeloCITY system/setting. Repost of some fluff, discussion and plans to actually get a game started contained within. Also, Nothing Man returns!homebrew, Mirror's Edge, Velocity, Air Gear, parkour, blading, biking, boarding2010-05-31 4 
August 2010
1156032920 Pound SledgeThe party thief can easily be replaced by a 20 pound sledgehammer and some spikes.sledgehammer2010-08-07 25 
11874640Doppleganger Damacy XXIIWe are hungry. Hungry for KNOWLEDGE!Doppleganger, Damacy, Quest, Collective Game, OM NOM NOM, 5 ranks of Knowledge (Local-Cult of the Devourer)2010-08-30 29 
December 2010
13032508Sonic Connect the DerpsA curiously difficult connect the dots puzzle from a Sonic the Hedgehog coloring book leads to some hilarious results.Sonic the Hedgehog, Puzzle, Connect the Dots2010-12-05 223 
July 2012
19766361Freeform TaleOp and his friends have made actual good characters in an online Play-by-Post freeform game that's full of Mary Sues. Sit back and watch the magic happen.Freeform, Posting, Mary Sue, Bullshit Powers, OOC Knowledge, Poor Spelling2012-07-08 25 
November 2012
21677377Zerg Quest CXIISomebody has already summarized this entire thread by saying, "shit just got real."Starcraft, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Collective Game, Zeratul, Xel'Naga, Nukes, Irreparable harm, here's us on the raggedy edge, /tg/ dice, the dice hate you2012-11-21 10 
March 2013
23785063Who's the best starfighter pilot in Star Wars?/tg/ geeks out over Wedge Antilles, then discusses the awesomeness and the bullshit of the Star Wars EU.starfighter, star wars, x-wing, wedge antilles, yub yub, wraith squadron, rogue squadron, geeking out2013-03-21 5 
June 2013
25636892VeloCITY Reborn: New Update ReleasedAfter years of languishing in homebrew limbo, VeloCITY -- the homebrew game about freedom of movement -- rises from the ashes with a new, rewritten, vastly improved rules document. Hype ensues.VeloCITY, The Wind in Your Hair, homebrew, rules, release, document, Jet Set Radio, Air Gear, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Mirror's Edge2013-06-26 17 
25665553Velo-City The Revival-2Another Thread of Delicious VeloCityGoodnesVeloCITY, The Wind in Your Hair, homebrew, rules, release, document, Jet Set Radio, Air Gear, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Mirror's Edge,Air Gear2013-06-27 6 
July 2013
26224352VeloCITY One Month Anniversary ThreadCelebrating the one-month anniversary of the release of the highly anticipated /tg/ homebrew VeloCITY, a new version is released with some fluff added. Old fluff on locations is compiled and compared.VeloCITY, The Wind in Your Hair, homebrew, rules, release, document, Jet Set Radio, Air Gear, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Mirror's Edge2013-07-28 2 
September 2013
27412209Hedgehog Quest The sun sets in a small forest in Golsar, Germany as you awaken. You haven't eaten since you fell asleep eight hours ago, so you are famished.Hedgehogs, Adorable, nom ants, fuck the ants, quest2013-09-25 12 
October 2013
27507334X-Wing, fuck yeah!Thread looking for X-Wing RPG campaign ideas ultimately leads to casting an X-Wing TV series, based on the best part of the Star Wars EU.Aaron Allston, X-Wing, Wedge Antilles, Yub Yub Commander, Zsinj, Rogue Squadron, Wraith Squadron, Star Wars2013-10-01 6 
February 2014
29977874Dangerous Knowledge QuestA young clerk finds a book of questionable moral standing that teaches spells of equally questionable moral standing.Collective Game, Dangerous Knowledge Quest, Smut, Mind Control2014-02-03 14 
30115768SingulEDGEityWith help of anons, OP creates the edgiest character to join freeform RP.ow the edge, evil good, dinosaurs, drugs2014-02-09 11 
June 2014
32686631Edgelord Design and Implementation HandbookEdited by Anonymous. /tg/ pressEdge, edgelords, mary sue, sue, sues, oc2014-06-11 2 
32862877Rapeclaiming Edge QuestDid you ever play Overlord and think to yourself "Man, what this game really needs is edgy rape and a general hatred of women"? Well fear not, we here at /tg/ have a quest for that!Edge, Rape, Quest2014-06-19 6 
32874954Edgelord Refugee CampDiscussions of freeform leads to an amusing ideaedge, edgelord, freeform2014-06-19 5 
33005687Rapeclaiming Edge QuestTorture gets me off.Raoe, Edge, Quest, Torture, L W/ UR S2014-06-26 5 
July 2014
33317239Reclaiming Might Quest 6.1The battle continues. Troll tags for 3, 4 and 6: edge, shamelessReclaiming Might, Evil Overlord, Empire Building, edge, shameless, smut, Collective Game2014-07-11 1 
33605642Lamentations of the Flame Princess Storytiem: Edge editionA little girl, the ghost of her necromancer grandfather, a fourteen year old boy still traumatized by the time his parents were raped to death by bears, and a priest team up to murder the shit out of some people, no matter how many people they have to murder in order to do it.Lamentations of the Flame Princess, LotFP, lotfp, storytime, storytiem, BEARS, edge, edgy, edgelord2014-07-23 10 
August 2014
33898009EDGY QuestIn which we seek revenge from the ninja rapist cannibal clan that attacked our school, killing our teachers, our friends, and our sister. The same sister that used to rape us daily with her futa cock. Now it's just you, your gun that shoots katanas, and a million ninjas between you and REVENGE. EDGY QUEST, Collective Game, Edge, Ninjas2014-08-05 24 
November 2014
36261395The Edge Chronicles SettingOP's question of whether or not anyone's used the Edge Chronicles in their games gives rise to a brainstorm of setting ideasEdge Chronicles, Game Ideas, Roleplaying, Setting2014-11-23 5 
December 2014
36420920Edge Chronicles RPG Thread 3Where /tg/ continues to fill out the crunch and runs two playthroughsEdge Chronicles, RPG, Homebrew, fluff, crunch, game design2014-12-02 2 
36501450Edge Chronicles RPG Thread 4/tg/ continues to develop the setting, skills and chargenEdge Chronicles, RPG, Homebrew, fluff, crunch, game design2014-12-08 1 
36636588Edge Chronicles RPG Thread 5/tg/ fleshes out Skills, the doc and starts on Alchemy.Edge Chronicles, RPG, Homebrew, fluff, crunch, game design2014-12-15 1 
36766823Edge Chronicles RPG Thread 5Where /tg/ continue to work on Alchemy and the Mire almost TPK's a playtest.Edge Chronicles, RPG, Homebrew, fluff, crunch, game design2014-12-16 1 
36788078Edge Chronicles RPG Thread 7/tg/ reviews professions, works on alchemy and continues the DocumentEdge Chronicles, RPG, Homebrew, fluff, crunch, game design2014-12-22 1 
36915208Edge Chronicles RPG Thread 8/tg/ tests out the Rolling system and forgets to bump the threadEdge Chronicles, RPG, Homebrew, fluff, crunch, game design2014-12-23 1 
April 2015
39306136 Lamentations of the Flame Princess Storytiem: 2 edgy, 2 egregious A little girl, the ghost of her necromancer grandfather, a orphan whose parents were eaten and/or raped to death by bears, and a priest who has a cuddle pillow of his goddess team up to murder hundreds of innocents and summon a demon. Also kill a bear I guess.Lamentations of the Flame Princess, LotFP, lotfp, storytime, storytiem, BEARS, edge, edgy, edgelord, sitcom2015-04-13 4 
May 2015
39949689GM vs. That Guy: Dark Heresy editionA GM and a That Guy hash it out on /tg/ in front of everyone. Logs were posted, macros were made, laughs were had.GM, That Guy, Dark Heresy, Skittles, Star Wars Episode 2, drama, ow the edge2015-05-14 14 
October 2015
42889010Renegade Space marine creation threadAn odd thought turns into a good idea that is well thought out and fluffed into a usable chapter./tg/ get shit done, Space Marines, Renegade Space Marines, fluff, good ideas, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, At the edge of known space,2015-10-07 -1 
November 2015
43563767Soul Calibur Quest #1We choose our protagonist, and learn that Tira ain't right in the head.Collective Game, Soul Calibur Quest, Soul Master, Soul Calibur, Soul Edge, Soul Series, Edgar, Hilde, Tira2015-11-10 5 
43578709Soul Calibur Quest #2An assassin seriously overestimates his ability, Ivy needs to calm down, and our squire is a fucking idiot.Collective Game, Soul Calibur Quest, Soul Master, Soul Calibur, Soul Edge, Soul Series, Edgar, Ivy2015-11-12 5 
May 2016
47116438A Hedge in the ReachSer Joffrey Flowers make his way to Tumbleton for the tournyaSoIaF, Hedge Knight Quest, Reach, Collective Game2016-05-07 8 
October 2016
704899[ONESHOT] Edgelords of The Outer RimYou are Wedge Hastings, and you make your way to your new home in The Outer Rim.Edge, Edgelords of The Outer Rim, Fantasy, Oneshot, Collective Game2016-10-15 2 
705227Edgequest: Get Over It 1In which we make characters and arrive on the weird islandcollective game, over the edge, edgequest, quest 2016-10-20 1 
737428[ONESHOT] Edgelords of The Outer Rim 2Wedge and Maria come across a small fishing village, and test their mettle with a dragon.Edge, Edgelords of The Outer Rim, Fantasy, Oneshot, Collective Game2016-10-22 1 
743011Edgequest: Get Over It #2In which our heroine looks for her cousin by visiting a really weird baredgequest, over the edge, collective game, quest, bizarre, hot wings, microphone abuse, 2016-10-26 1 
764790[ONESHOT] Edgelords of The Outer Rim FinaleWedge and company finally reach the border.Edge, Edgelords of The Outer Rim, Fantasy, Oneshot, Collective Game2016-10-29 1 
753727Edgequest Get Over It #3 Scarier Than Performance Art In which everyone seems to know our missing cousin and we ride in a limo under threat of deathcollective game, edgequest, over the edge, quest, roleplay2016-10-29 1 
November 2016
775642Edgequest: Get Over It #4Marie gets a lot of information and an offer from a mysterious man in a limousine. Also aliens are real. edgequest, over the edge, collective game, chesire cat, 2016-11-04 1 
March 2017
1263683God of Edge: The Beta Uprising part 1A diety quest that very quickly falls into untold levels of degeneracy.Deity, prometheus, fantasy, rape,edge,nc172017-03-30 2 
September 2019
3782187Edgeworld Quest 1Emma Handel has a bad morningEdgeworld Quest, NitroExpress, Collective Game2019-09-22 0 
January 2020
3999879Hedge Quest: Humble Beginnings EditionThe first thread for Hedge Quest! Ronin-chan has a wild time at a rural town festivalHedge Quest, Ronin-chan, QM Pk, Peekay2020-01-06 9 
70484710Chuuni alignmentA truly chuuni edgelord drives a rather good discussion of alignment with his autism.that guy, good, evil, alignment, edge2020-01-17 -10 
70716203Superman versus the EdgelordsIn which Supes and Mr Rogers tag team the edgiesSuperman, Mr. Rogers, Edgelords2020-01-29 0 
February 2020
4014254Hedge Quest: The Road to Glory EditionTomoe, aka Ronin-chan, and Co. arrive at Ophelie! She explores in preparation for the tournament.Hedge Quest, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, QM Pk, Peekay2020-02-01 7 
4060198Hedge Quest: Rough and Tumble EditionThe Tournoi d'Ophelie is on! Our heroine Tomoe and Co. face it head on until disaster strikes!Hedge Quest, Rough and Tumble, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, QM Pk, Peekay2020-02-26 6 
March 2020
4112569Hedge Quest Interlude: Ophelie's FinestOfficers Raphael and Monet of the Ophelian Watch begin investigating a murder!Hedge Quest, Ophelie's Finest, Officer Raphael, QM Pk, Peekay2020-03-24 7 
April 2020
4176945Hedge Quest: Prime Suspect EditionTomoe gets a new outfit and becomes a criminalHedge Quest, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, QM Pk, Peekay2020-04-18 9 
December 2020
4515832Hedge Quest: Dead of Night EditionAfter months of laying low, Tomoe decides to head out on Halloween with the goal of kidnapping a princessHedge Quest, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, Peekay2020-12-05 6 
January 2022
5075383Scumbag Antipaladin QuestA crazed deserter goes on a hunt for blood, meets an orc, and has an unholy amount of luck.Collective Game, Edgy, Edgelord, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Scumbag Antipaladin2022-01-07 27 
February 2022
5111607Scumbag Antipaladin Quest #2The paladins arrive in Dalhurst, Melvin gets new followers, Sadie and Melvin fight, we meet a Antipaladin, our sacrifices begins, QM flakes.Collective Game, Edgy, Edgelord, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Scumbag Antipaladin2022-02-15 8 
July 2022
5310892Hedge Quest: Summer of Sake Edition Tomoe(?) is acting pretty strangely back home.Hedge Quests, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, Tomoko2022-07-24 10 
February 2023
5533329Hedge Quest: Endless MorningTomoe remembers a fragment of her past.Hedge Quest, Tomoe, Peekay, Ronin-chan2023-02-24 14 
November 2023
5784155Hedge Quest: Dancing with MyselfTomoe meets aa ghost from the past in more ways than one, then smashes her fat butt through a wallHedge Quest, Tomoe, Peekay, Ronin-chan2023-11-07 10 
December 2023
5829969Cyberpunk Quest #1Kai's father, an NCPD netrunner, is killed during a cyber psycho attack on New Years - A conspiracy is afoot, and Kai seeks the truth.Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk RED, Night City, Cyber Psycho, Eddies, Netrunning, AI, Edgerunner, flirt with cars, nomads2023-12-27 24 
February 2024
5904737Black Magic QuestA high-school student discovers a sinister grimoire and his ancestors' dark secrets. he sets out to use them for fun, profit, and 'justicedark magic, hypnosis, blackmail, sex, demons, edge, family drama, brazzers.com2024-02-08 10 
April 2024
5944098Cyberpunk Quest #2Kai continues his search for answers, but mostly just finds more eddies and problems.Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk RED, Night City, Cyber Psycho, Eddies, Netrunning, AI, Edgerunner, flirt with cars, nomads2024-04-15 10 
May 2024
5985534Cyberpunk Quest #3Kai recovers from his ICE induced coma suffered at the end of the last thread. Thread was cut short due to time constraints.Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk RED, Night City, Cyber Psycho, Eddies, Netrunning, AI, Edgerunner, fry your own brain, cop mommy2024-05-25 3 
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