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August 2016
465398Evo Game- New Beginnings (Thread 1)A bunch of lunatics make up nonsensical creatures. Most of them die. It is the fredanian era on the planet essari, and life is beginnning. evo, evolution, essari, fredanian2016-08-16 12 
481190Essari EvoGame: Part 2 - Resilience of LifIn Essari's Triumphic era, strange new forms of life appear, including clouds of flying plants and animals that appear as stone.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Triumphic2016-08-24 10 
September 2016
503385 Essari EvoGame: Part 3 - Tropic ThunderLife begins to diversify as isolated ecosystems form on the various landmasses of Essari's Magnarovic era.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Magnarovic2016-09-03 8 
536274EvoGame: Part 4 - Life Finds A Way Life continues to evolve on Essari, the world gets a facelift and new biomes turn up. all this and more as the Magnarovic era continuesCollective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Magnarovic 2016-09-14 6 
October 2016
617075EvoGame: Part 6 - Braffbergs RisingAs the world changes from Early to Mid Autumignis, regions experience significant changes as the Styrax Colony begins to soar the skies.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Magnarovic, Autumignis2016-10-03 5 
676769EvoGame: Part 7 - Along Came EmraHovering Amalgamatiadite made of plant matter and slime evolve.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Autumignis2016-10-22 5 
August 2017
1743424EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 1: Dawn of a New Era We return to Essari after a long hiatus to fill in some of the newly vacated ecological niches and drag a few species towards sapience.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic 2017-08-17 4 
1791016EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 2: The Last Primal AgeIn this thread life continues to evolve and the sapient lifeforms of Essari develop some useful skills as Essari's Tribal era approaches.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic 2017-08-31 3 
September 2017
1852333EvoGame/TribalEvo - Return to Essari Part 3: The Flame of CivilizationSapient Life finally begins to take shape and learn basic technologies. Slavery, economics, black winters, and Emra shenanigans run wild.Collective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2017-09-21 5 
October 2017
1894113EvoGame/TribalEvo - Return to Essari Part 4: The Many Flavors of SocietyAs the tribal era of Essari continues technology advances, cultures continue to evolve and the world enters an era of peace and prosperityCollective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2017-10-06 3 
March 2018
2334618EvoGame/TribalEvo - Return to Essari Part 6b: The TripodsThe Tripod cultures are developed as they push to the near-modern era.Collective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-03-11 3 
May 2018
2556721EvoGame/CivEvo - Return to Essari Part 6c: The Stitcher MemoirsA thread focusing on the Stitcher and their wars and conquests of the Torray and Foltania; ending with them reaching the near-modern age.Collective Game, evo, evolution, tribal, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-05-25 3 
August 2018
2788028EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 7a: Planet Essari IA mini thread series meant for diversifying life on Essari. Focuses mostly on Mountains, Freshwater, Caves, Deserts & Polar Habitats.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-08-23 1 
September 2018
2830115EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 7b: Planet Essari IIA mini thread series meant for diversifying life on Essari. This thread focused on the major terrestrial ecosystems found across the planet.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-09-09 1 
October 2018
2896140EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 7c: Planet Essari IIIA mini thread series meant for diversifying life on Essari. This thread focused on the major marine ecosystems found across the planet.Collective Game, evo, evolution, essari, evogame, Emrialatic2018-10-08 2 
March 2020
4095346Return to Essari pt. 8a: The Silent DecadeAs civilizations flourish, diminish, and come into contact with one another all over Essari, a rapid pace of development seems inevitable.Collective Game, evo, evolution, evogame, essari, Emrialatic2020-03-17 2 
April 2020
4154902Essari: Grabraf QuestA Kholeskan expat looks for coin and glory.Collective Game, NonGent, essari, kholeskan2020-04-05 1 
June 2020
4277056EvoGame - Return to Essari Part 8b: Ad Siderum EssariEssari's Civilizations enter the modern age, including nuclear warfare, space races, political intrigue & AA-Node induced global catastrophCollective Game, Evo, Evolution, Evogame, Essari, Emrialatic2020-06-20 1 
October 2020
4445472EvoGame - Return to Essari Finale: Omnes viae ad finem stellaeThe Final Thread of Essari, featuring some brief exploration into potential space colonization. Also where the story finally petered out.Collective Game, Evo, Evolution, Evogame, Essari, Emrialatic2020-10-09 0 
December 2020
4548147Essari Spaceship EvoSpin-off adventure where players evolve different spacecrafts piloted by the different races of the Essari EvogameCollective Game, Evolution Game, Essari, Spaceship2020-12-27 0 
January 2021
4580370Space Whale Evo thread 1Come along with us and evolve space creatures based on the creature in Essari Spaceship Evo in a alternate timeline or dimensionEvo, Evolution, Evogame, Evo Game, Collective Game, Essari, space, sci-fi2021-01-23 0 
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