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July 2010
10928653In memory of Fred Rogers/tg/ fondly remembers the man who taught us to dream and that he would always love us.mr rogers, tolerance, understanding, love2010-07-04 55 
October 2011
16747602Zerg Quest LIXLicky lick LIX! Lots of tongue-wagging. Much less sexy than I just made it sound.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Far too silly, Mexican standoff, chit-chat2011-10-27 11 
January 2012
17595495Chapter Quest II - The StandoffAfter fall of Heidrun Rising Sons find themselves locked in a crysis with their former Tyrian allies. Only intervention and rational negotiation by Onyxian techpriests saves the day and establishes first Rising Sons outpost - Salvation.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Techpriests, negotiations, stand-off, Chapter Master, Space Marines, Chapter2012-01-20 10 
February 2013
23136657Bizarre Adventure Quest IYou wake up in a dark forest, naked and half buried in dirt. Looks like it's time for a bizarre adventure!bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada2013-02-13 11 
23152392Bizarre Adventure Quest IIWhere you get hungry, punch a tree, and get a face full of crotch. This Bizarre adventure is just getting started!bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada2013-02-14 7 
23172870Bizarre Adventure Quest III: Singles Awareness Day EditionYou and Lisa Lisa manage to find the camp without further trouble. You meet a few of your fellow stand-users, get fed, and get a nickname, among other thingsbizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!2013-02-15 6 
23200334Bizarre Adventure Quest IVYou are a viking man, and a viking man never backs down from a fight! For the glory of Valhalla! WRRRRRRRRYYYYYY~!bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!2013-02-16 5 
23218706Bizarre Adventure Quest VWhere you get registered, get fabulous threads, meet your stand, the equally manly and Fabulous Tryggr The Warrior's Code, and get to know Lisa Lisa some more.bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!2013-02-17 5 
23240088Bizarre Adventure Quest VIWhere you wake up from a vision, then have a rather revealing breakfast with the Joker. Then you meet and do honorable battle with a true man.bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!2013-02-18 6 
23306075Bizarre Adventure Quest VII: ReduxWhere you grab a drink and promptly get kicked out of camp. Bizarro gets called out on not being Jojo enough. Can he rise to the challenge or will the quest die before it's realized?bizarre adventure quest, stand, viking man, mudada, Part Ex: Muscle is Heart!, Wrryyyy!, collective game2013-02-22 4 
August 2013
26666679JJBA Stand Creation/tg/ has a little fun making stands for JJBA. A little drama, but it gets patched up all fast.JJBA, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Stand2013-08-18 5 
January 2014
29738192TSAB Quest Chapter IIn which Takato undergoes a name change, trips out due to a machine, and gets told he is a mage.Collective Game, TSAB Quest, Nanoha, EnforcerStandby2014-01-24 6 
29816252TSAB Quest Chapter IIIIn which we make preparations and feel the burning fervour of true Japanese Fighting Spirit. Preliminary spell and load-out discussion.TSAB_quest EnforcerStandby, yamato damashi, samurai, male protagonist, Magical guy, magical girl2014-01-27 2 
29892230TSAB Quest Part IVIn which we talk to Toshiiro, get a bunk, and 4Chan starts hating on Enforcer's tablet.Collective Game, TSAB Quest, Nanoha, Magical Guy, EnforcerStandby magical girl2014-01-30 5 
March 2014
30956046Mr. Rogers Birthday 2014It's Mr. Rogers birthday again. I hope you enjoy the feels as much as we did.Mr. Rogers, Neighborhood, Love, Understanding, Feels, RIP2014-03-21 26 
April 2014
31298167TSAB Quest: Wonderland Wars IIn which we report to Hayate, get our ribs checked out, have a small flashback, and shoot at targetsNanoha, Collective Game, EnforcerStandby, TSAB Quest, Magical Guy, Wonderland Wars2014-04-06 2 
31583463TSAB Quest: Wonderland Wars IIIn which we select upgrades, and Alice Wakes UpNanoha, Collective Game, EnforcerStandby, TSAB Quest, Magical Guy, Wonderland Wars2014-04-20 1 
May 2016
25265Jojo's Bizarre Quest ThreadAvery Agejo has a very bizarre adventure.Collective Game, jojo, jjba, avery agejo, stands, 2016-05-03 7 
July 2016
48485603Altered Human QuestA washed up QM decides too run again, it starts with gang violence, murder, and humorous misunderstandings.Collective Game, Altered Human, superpowers, funny misunderstandings, attempted murder, PRANK GONE WRONG2016-07-27 4 
396277Last Artist Standing Quest #1A party adventures through the world of LASotopia, their players drawing their actions and the world around them as they go.Last Artist Standing Quest2016-07-29 2 
October 2016
704861Not so Glorious Quest: Chapter 8The dumb adventures of Ilin, a girl who wants to be glorious and fit. The Adoption chapter.drawquest, fun, cute, fitness, swole, Ilin, fantasy, medieval, dumb, glorious, Collective Game, cake, stands2016-10-17 3 
737549Not so Glorious Quest: Chapter 9The dumb adventures of Ilin, a girl who wants to be glorious and fit. The Cat chapter.drawquest, fun, cute, fitness, swole, Ilin, fantasy, medieval, dumb, glorious, Collective Game, cake, stands2016-10-24 2 
766378Not so Glorious Quest: Chapter 10The dumb adventures of Ilin, a girl who wants to be glorious and fit. The Shimilia duel chapter.drawquest, fun, cute, fitness, swole, Ilin, fantasy, medieval, dumb, glorious, Collective Game, cake, stands2016-10-31 2 
November 2016
792079Not so Glorious Quest: Chapter 11The Final Chapter of the Adventures of our Super SWOLE Heroine: Ilin! Time to become Glorious!drawquest, fun, cute, fitness, swole, Ilin, fantasy, medieval, dumb, glorious, Collective Game, cake, stands2016-11-09 7 
December 2016
955844World War II JoJo Quest #1The Blue Division soldier Julian de la Torre and his Stand [EUROBEAT] hit the GASQuest, JoJo, JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure, World War 2, Nazi, Communist, Vampire, Stand, ROAD ROLLER, Eurobeat2016-12-19 20 
January 2017
1001500World War II JoJo Quest #3We wake up tied to a table, crack jokes with the Nazis, agree to fight mysterious Vampires in Italy and...JoJo, Eurobeat, DungeonQm, WW2JoJo, Bizarre, Nazis, WW2, DRIFTING, Vampire, Stand, Tags, 2017-01-04 7 
July 2017
1635732The Last Stand: A Cape Oneshot (maybe more)In a world ruled with an iron fist, the last vestiges of rebellion had one last shot. And failed. Time to go down swining.Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-05 2 
1650682 The Last Stand: A One Shot No MoreRaijin vs the Regime escalates and continues as we push into the Citadel. How long can he last?Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-11 3 
1708380The Last Stand: One Shot, Two Shot, Three ShotRaijiin continues fighting the regime, coming up against a feared group of superheroines once he fled the family reunion.Collective Game, Superhero, Cape, Raijiin, Gaia, Earth, Regime, Yuri, Lightning, Last Stand, Last, Stand, Doomed, Veteran, Star, Wagon2017-07-29 2 
August 2017
1767357The Last Stand: Wait Didn't We die? Last Stand Gets a sequel! ... until Real life means it has to be shelved for a while.Collective Quest, Star, Wagon, Superhero, Cape, Earth, Regime, Last Stand, Doomed, Naga, Sequel2017-08-19 2 
December 2018
3082998Stand Quest RequiemWe are King Crimson, and we inhabit our new host who is a quirkless in a quirk-filled world.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2018-12-11 26 
3115510Stand Quest Requiem 2We bust slime man's eyes, meet our Boss' childhood idol, order better pants and deal with Bird bro's uncle's spirit(Stand).Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2018-12-28 21 
January 2019
3156173Stand Quest Requiem 3We go to the tailor,get info from the tailor,go into haunted alleyways,kill a beast,get a visit from a friend and curb a bad habit.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-01-14 12 
February 2019
3192075Stand Quest Requiem 4We get to the exam, meet an invisble cutie, kick some robo ass, freak 3 people out and find out a future classmate has a Stand.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-02-02 10 
3272470 Stand Quest Requiem 5We continue on with the test, face off against the 0-pointer, defeat and dance on the 0-pointers destruction and befriend Grape Chad(Mineta)Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-02-24 10 
March 2019
3315312 Stand Quest Requiem 6Izuku goes exploring at the ol' Kira Manor, finds a secret underground bunker, finds a body and gets scared by a lamp.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-03-15 8 
April 2019
3377048 Stand Quest Requiem 7We continue our exploration, extreme autism happens, we collect all the artifacts and kill a stationary gaurd with his help(Stand).Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-04-02 22 
3416784 Stand Quest Requiem 8We encounter crazy bitch, make a new stand arrow(spear),get stalked by said bitch and get an alter-ego. Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-04-15 11 
3452368 Stand Quest Requiem 9We look for worthy ones,encounter the love of our life,meet and KO Stain,drop our spaghet and have Italian with friends.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-04-30 20 
May 2019
3487650 Stand Quest Requiem 10We tell a worried sibling blood thot's location,get accepted to UA and continue finding worthy ones.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-05-13 10 
3519069Stand Quest Requiem #11Izuku in the act of creating an anonymous image board gets trapped in a modern art museum, where he faces off against a bizarre opponent Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-05-29 7 
June 2019
3566092Stand Quest Requim #12Izuku Midoriya begins his first day at UA but the Quest is cut short. Rest well STANDO, see you in a few months.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-06-13 6 
August 2019
3724516King Crimson QuestAfter escaping GER, KC finds himself in a world of alien suffering and capes in this one-shot.Stand Quest, Collective Game, Worm2019-08-13 6 
October 2019
3861650Stand Quest Requiem #12.5Deku makes some friends and acquires forbidden knowledgeStand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2019-10-14 11 
December 2019
3954010Destiny Quest: Dark Ages #1The Risen Exo Genesis-22 begins his journey Destiny Quest,STANDOQM2019-12-18 0 
January 2020
3990614SQR: Different Life, Same SoulThe quiet life of Yoshikage Kira continues in the world of ghouls.Stand Quest,STANDOQM,Spin-off,Tokyo Ghoul2020-01-15 5 
February 2020
4058182Axis Mind Quest: #1Our programming BEGINS/EMERGES/ENTERS the GRIM/DESPAIR/DARKNESS of the far future. STANDOQM,Destiny,Warhammer 40k,Collective Game2020-02-09 0 
March 2020
4126852Stand Quest Requiem #13The battle trial begins with Deku and Sero facing off against Iida and Tokoyami.Stand Quest, My Hero Academia, Collective Game2020-03-25 7 
71579421Nechronica thread. Red Planet Storytime and Port StorytimeRed Planet Storytime begins. Port Storytime continues and things will never be the same. Discussion of Holics, parts, and attack types. Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, memory, Port, Tachi, Protoca, war, Red Planet, tower, mars, space, system, last stand, parents2020-03-30 5 
June 2020
4270958unAnchored #1The tale of an inhuman fruitsman in the icy wasteland of GellSTANDOQM,unAnchored,Collective Game2020-06-09 0 
July 2020
4341081SQR: The Other Stands #1Kenny Ackerman tries to find the true man's world inside the walls.Stand Quest,STANDOQM,Spin-off,Attack on Titan, SNK2020-07-26 2 
August 2020
4397014RWBY: Wandering Through The Blaze #1A mystery unfolds in the frontier settlement of Cognac's Rest.STANDOQM, RWBY, Collective Game2020-08-30 4 
September 2021
4980802Stand Quest Sagas: Okinawan Slave Quest #1Our protagonist begins his trials and tribulations on the shores of Nanjing.Stand Quest Sagas, Okinawan Slave Quest, Collective Game2021-09-15 0 
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