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April 2013
23990637Pacific RimOn Pacific Rim and making a setting that takes inspiration from it and XCOMpacific rim, scifi, RPG, kaiju, eva, XCOM2013-04-01 8 
July 2013
25940768Ad Eva Discussion and StortimeAnons talk about Adeptus Evangelion, also, storytime about AdEva game with Pacific Rim material in it.Adeptus Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pacific Rim, Evas, Jaegers, Storytime2013-07-11 1 
26143288Pacific Rim Quest Part 1The fate of the world is in our robotic hands. WE MUST ACTCollective Game, Pacific Rim Quest, Jaeger, Kaiju, Giant Monster, Mech2013-07-21 15 
26160234Pacific Rim Quest Part 2The London Event has brought everyone to the brink. The arrival of a new class of Kaiju might push us over the edge...Collective Game, Pacific Rim Quest, Jaeger, Kaiju, Giant Monster, Mech2013-07-22 10 
26194492Pacific Rim Quest Part 3NUKE ITCollective Game, Pacific Rim Quest, Jaeger, Kaiju, Giant Monster, Mech2013-07-24 7 
August 2013
26426539Pacific Rim DiscussionAnons discuss Pacific Rim and cry tears for Cherno Alphapacific rim, Cherno Alpha, RPG discussion2013-08-04 11 
January 2014
29489371/tg/ vs a KaijuOP playtests a simple d6 homebrew where CHERNO ALPHA sets a Kaiju on fire and then tesla punches it.playtest, getting shit done, pacific rim, Cherno Alpha, kaiju, giant robots punching giant monsters, mech2014-01-14 1 
February 2014
30076854Cherno Alpha QuestA feminine young Russian gets word of a kaiju event. Thread cut short by net issues.Cherno Alpha Quest, collective game, deculture, drawfag, Pacific Rim2014-02-07 27 
30119121Cherno Alpha Quest 02A feminine young Russian fights a kaiju. Thread cut short by net issues. Again.Cherno Alpha Quest, collective game, deculture, drawfag, Pacific Rim2014-02-09 24 
30210899Cherno Alpha Quest 3A feminine young Russian ignores the taunting and heads home to have a hot meal and a bath.Cherno Alpha Quest, collective game, deculture, drawfag, Pacific Rim2014-02-13 28 
April 2014
31736311Pacific Rim + EVA CrossoverWhat starts out as figuring out a system to run a Pacific Rim game almost immediately turns into a Pacific Rim and Evangellion crossover thread.Pacific Rim, Evangelion, ADEVA, Homebrew, Lore, Crossover2014-04-27 22 
31753617Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #2The development of the JaEVA crossover universe continues.Pacific Rim, NGE, Evangelion, AdEVA, Crossover, Lore2014-04-27 17 
31764373Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #3In this thread we begin developing some more detailed lorePacific Rim, NGE, Evangelion, AdEVA, Crossover, Lore, Homebrew2014-04-28 7 
31780494Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #4We lay down some actual mechanics since the whole point was a system to play this in.Pacific Rim, NGE, Evangelion, AdEVA, Crossover, Lore, Homebrew, JAEVA Project2014-04-29 7 
May 2014
31812335 Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #5In which rules are codified, lore is forged, and /tg/ gets shit done.Pacific Rim, Evangelion, Crossover, Lore, Homebrew, JAEVA Project2014-05-01 6 
31854928Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #6In which we refine the rules, start to generate example characters, and argue over it being a crossoverPacific Rim, Evangelion, Crossover, Lore, Homebrew, JAEVA Project2014-05-04 6 
May 2015
39802793 KAIJU QUESTYou wake from your slumber, opening your eyes for the first time. KAIJU QUEST, KAIJU, QUEST, Overseer, Pacific Rim2015-05-07 5 
April 2017
1370219Pacific Rim: Resurgence Quest 1We are Zane Jacobs. No we're not, we're Zack Warwick, ex-Ranger. We decide to protect the daughteru and become a Ranger again.Pacific Rim: Resurgence Quest, Pacific Rim, Giant Mechs, Daughteru, Collective Game2017-04-20 3 
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