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November 2009
6835885Rumbling spell orchestra for beginners A short thread detailing the rules for rumbling spell orchestra (the Touhou TCG). Includes a mediafire link to the translated version, details of a hamachi network for RSO games and an IRC channel to find matches. Card Game, Touhou2009-11-24 3 
May 2011
15036495"What if we could turn monsters into cards" SettingTalk of using magic to bind monsters to cards, and building a game around that.Monster Card Game2011-05-24 14 
April 2012
18661443Rainbow Arcade Ch. 1Goose wakes up from a very odd dream, and then decides to go hang out with his cute neighbor Unoe. And then a trip to the local arcade somehow turns into an exciting card battle with a mysterious stranger.Rainbow Arcade, Rainbow Quest, Collective Game, Card Game2012-04-11 11 
18822321Rainbow Arcade Ch. 1.2After an all too brief encounter with a mysterious woman, Goose is thrust back into combat against Dom.Rainbow Arcade, Rainbow Quest, Collective Game, Card Game2012-04-23 8 
August 2012
20322589Chess Apocalypse Quest/tg/ elects to play as a Pawn in a sinister game between seedy factions with unknown motives. A Bishop appears to pick up a package, a Rook destroys our building and slaughters our backup, and /tg/ is left wondering who to trust when a certain someone pulls us aside for a quick chat.Chess Quest, Collective Game, Chess, Cards, Card Game, Pawn2012-08-15 10 
September 2012
20584312Monster CrabsOP finds a crab-fighting card game being developed by an 8-year old. The kid's dad also finds the thread.Monster Crabs, Games Save The World, kickstarter, Crabs, Cards, Card Game2012-09-05 32 
December 2012
22273114Rainbow Arcade Ch.2After allying with Dom, Goose visits the arcade, Dom almost got conned, and both find eerie messages in the games.Rainbow Arcade, Rainbow Quest, Collective Game, Card Game2012-12-29 5 
January 2013
22839538Ravnica is a-changin' Come gather round clans, who just feed and destroy. And hear about the labyrinth, and Niv-Mizzet's ploymtg, card game, song, parody, OP is not a faggot2013-01-28 31 
March 2013
23461390Racer Queens 2The game about sexy cyborg racer girls shall be a card game.nineties, 90s, race queens, motorball, cyberpunk, modempunk, worldbuilding, racing, card game 2013-03-04 1 
23550141Succubus Lord Quest Part 24Join Brooklyn as he heads to the bar, meets friends, and plays card games!Succubus, Quest, Demon, Collective Game, Succbus Lord Quest, post apocalyptic, winter, Card Games2013-03-07 23 
May 2013
24870934Duel Masters Discussion/tg/ discusses Duel Masters and finds that it is metal as fuckDuel Masters, TCG, Card Games, Metal, Awesome, WOTC2013-05-17 9 
June 2013
25174553Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 58Hito are going through adventure to build his own his own game deck.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Card Games2013-06-02 1 
25300550/tg/ plays Mornington Crescent/tg/ plays a classic game, Docklands rules. As you'd expect, things get buggered up fast.Mornington Crescent, board game, card game, what kind of game is this, funny2013-06-07 6 
25318928Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 59Hito is slowly building up his own deck by defeating other monsters.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Card Games2013-06-09 1 
25451557Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 60Hito finally bought some spell cards.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Card Games2013-06-15 0 
July 2013
26268681Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 64Hito almost finish his deck building and now he only need to find artifacts.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Card Games, Team Fortress2013-07-27 1 
January 2015
37629415Coconut and Lychee Juice: a Story of EnduranceAn anon's foray into a possible DM-side drink has gone wrong. Oh so horribly wrong.drink, fortitude save, CON check, put the juice in the coconut, possible trading card game, /ck/ related, just go to the hospital already2015-01-26 7 
December 2015
43972819Ork Quest 3Card games and demons.Collective Game, Ork Quest, Card Games2015-12-04 18 
January 2016
450118394chan as a Card GameAnon tries to create a 4chan Spurdo deck, roleplaying ensues.Card, 4chan, Game, Magic, MTG, 4chan Card Game2016-01-27 8 
April 2017
52611013Philosophy: the Enlightenment general/tg/ discusses both the current meta and past glories of a card game it wishes actually existed, and a grand ol' time is had by all.Card Game, philosophy, roleplay, game design2017-04-10 14 
November 2019
69191066Merlin, part 1A card game created during OP's school daysmerlin, card game2019-11-04 3 
69212212Merlin, part 2A card game created during OP's school daysmerlin, card game2019-11-04 3 
March 2023
5580836Corner SolitaireOneshot. Spooky things occur while playing Solitaire facing the corner of a room.Quest, One-Shot, Horror, Spooky, female MC, Creepypasta, Card Games, Short2023-03-02 4 
August 2023
5716511Card Game from Hell One-shotAnon takes part in a hellish duel. The winner will have his wish granted, the loser will die a gruesome death.Collective Game, Card Game2023-08-31 5 
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