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January 2008
1092796Drew the LichDrew has a little trouble with EvilEpic RP Drew Lich2008-01-31 70 
February 2008
1098288Drew the lich *part two*FLYING ZOMBIE SHARKS!Epic RP Drew Lich drawfag2008-02-01 29 
December 2008
3136974The return of Drew the LichHe's baaaaaccckDrew, Lich, D&D, dragfaggotry2008-12-09 36 
3144112The Continuing Adventures of Drew the Lichyet more.drew, lich, D&D, drawfags2008-12-10 29 
June 2009
4725435Drew the LichDrew finds a bard to teach him being CG.Drew, Lich, D&D, drawfaggotry2009-06-01 38 
4748469Drew The Lich: PlottanDrew the Lich asks /tg/ for help to take over the world.Drew the Lich2009-06-03 38 
4750158Drew the Lich: Plottan part 2Shit hits the fan when Kiara returns. Continuation of previous thread.Drew the lich, OH SHIT, blackguard, we need more kiara porn2009-06-03 49 
September 2009
5946371Tavern owned by lichWhat if a bored lich set up a tavern? Anon involves Drew the Lich in answering the questionDrew, Lich, Tavern, Inn, Great guy2009-09-21 14 
December 2009
6977334A new Drew the Lich thread?In MY /tg/? It's more likely than you think. Technically, though, it's more a Kiara thread.Drew The Lich, Kiara, Blackfist, OH SHIT2009-12-03 21 
7003621Amazing Technicolor Kiara In HOT bikini Blackguard on Vecna negotiation, if you know what I mean. Drew The Lich, Drew, Kiara, Blackfist2009-12-05 21 
December 2012
22057442Drew's Kobold Civ QuestWe tame some ants, get get a buncha other stuff set upDrew, Kobold Civ Quest, Collective Game2012-12-16 3 
22070851Kobold Drew 2Get an alliance with goblins, and get some coal mines set upDrew, Kobold Civ Quest, Collective Game2012-12-16 0 
22092337Drew's Kobold Civ Quest 3Get some Goblin Slaves and set up a religious baseDrew, Kobold Civ Quest, Collective Game2012-12-18 0 
March 2013
23494921Scenes from a HatHi, I'm Drew Carey, and I'll be your host for tonight.Humor, Quotes, Meta, Drew Carey2013-03-04 26 
April 2014
31299479The King of Fighters Quest Round 26: "The Infinite Waltz" ReduxKatja talks with Yuri, King, Fiona & Tsuyako as "The Infinite Waltz" continues to match on before going off as Jean-Claude Gabriel once more... (With the 25th Round 404'ing before it could get properly archived.)SNK, Collective Game, King of Fighters, KoF Quest, Katja Hartkern, Jean-Claude Gabriel, Andrew Draco, Kazunori Kazahaya2014-04-07 5 
31420000Freeform thread...and the story of Andrew Jacksonfreeform, mary sue, awesome, andrew jackson, eagles, freedom2014-04-13 5 
October 2015
42907652The King of Fighters Quest Round 48 (Part 1)We take at look at Andrew Draco's morning. It only raises questions about "The Infinite Match" and Jean-Claude Gabriel.SNK, Collective Game, King of Fighters, KoF Quest, Jean-Claude Gabriel, Andrew Draco2015-10-06 7 
October 2016
693636The King of Fighters Quest: Reborn #12We spar with Joe Higashi, contemplate existence out on the road and fight in an underground tournament being run by an old friend.SNK, Collective Game, King of Fighters, KoF:R Quest, Katja Hartkern, Katherine Hart, Andrew Draco, Kazunori Kazahaya2016-10-17 5 
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