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May 2008
1775987RapeguardA moronic DM shoehorns a celibate paladin into a magically-dominated fall because "all men want to have sex with women, no matter what they say." /tg/ plots revenge.No it's not a rape thread, blackguard, stupid DM, paladins2008-05-20 26 
June 2008
1927081Rapeguard, continuedUpdate on Anonymous' plan for vengeance on his group's DM.No it's not a rape thread, blackguard, stupid DM, paladins 2008-06-07 25 
June 2009
4750158Drew the Lich: Plottan part 2Shit hits the fan when Kiara returns. Continuation of previous thread.Drew the lich, OH SHIT, blackguard, we need more kiara porn2009-06-03 49 
August 2009
5557739Blackguard Radio Chatter*Hiss* Is this working? *Static* Inquisitor Lord are you there? Your blackship crashed and we're stranded! *Static* -end help. Did you survive the crash?Raido Static, Blackguard, Guardmen2009-08-23 -2 
January 2011
13547642The Blackguard's DaughterThread about a butthurt DM turns into original writefaggotry. Rape is surprisingly left aside.blackguard, elf, daughter, evil, writefaggotry2011-01-17 27 
13574563The Blackguard's Daughter Part IIA continuation of the story of Lily.blackguard, elf, daughter, evil, writefaggotry2011-01-19 20 
January 2012
17733889BLACKGUARD QUEST - WITH STARS IN HIS EYESFreed Slave hopes to conquer world. collective game, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-01-30 11 
February 2012
17757543BLACKGUARD QUEST – Vol. 2 – MALIGNANT HOPECut off early due to random URL ban?!? Hero pays a kindness to old slave friends, goes to new land, explores new magicscollective game, magic, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-01 3 
17789368BLACKGUARD QUEST – Vol. 3 – HIGH ADVENTUREOur Hero enchants some weapons, delves into a dungeon, slays a necromancer, some lizardmen and some cannibalistic half orcs. collective game, rogues, magic, barbarians, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-03 3 
17801539BLACKGUARD QUEST - Vol. 3 pt 2 - The Sands of DespairOur hero accepts a quest to woo a princess and robs a templecollective game, rogues, magic, barbarians, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-04 2 
17811020BLACKGUAQUEST - Vol. 3 pt 3 – An Oasis of TalentTakes the Princess to the Prince. Denied reward. Murders prince and all his guards. Rides into sunset with princess in crew. collective game, rogues, magic, barbarians, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-05 6 
17871904BLACKGUARD QUEST - Vol. 4 - Blood From the StarsOur hero enters an ancient temple, and converses through dreams with black godscollective game, magic, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-09 2 
December 2012
21846007BLACKGUARD QUEST – Vol. 5Explores desert fortress, battles ancient metal skeletonsCollective Game, quest, blackguard quest2012-12-02 4 
February 2013
23016703Childhood friend became a blackguard, what do?OP asks the question, thread is derailed twice and quality writing is produced.What do?, paladin, blackguard, Descartes2013-02-07 4 
May 2013
24599545Best Blackguard Ever"One of my players decided to roll a Chaotic Evil Blackguard for my current campaign... I'm not sure if he's doing Chaotic Evil wrong, or if everyone else is." It's the latter.D&D, Blackguard, Chaotic Evil2013-05-03 63 
June 2015
40623401Blackguard Quest #1The opening thread for blackguard quest, we go through chargen, and find out that everything we've thought was true was a pack of lies.Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Chargen, Eclipse2015-06-16 12 
40631620Blackguard Quest #1.5We fall, form a pact with two evil gods, and soul-meld with our bro Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Chargen, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-16 7 
40641779Blackguard Quest #2We decide to keep a child, and fight our first boss battle Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-17 6 
40648761Blackguard Quest #2.5Wherein Jasmine falls, and we have a talk with our ring. Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-17 5 
40667357Blackguard Quest #3We socialize, burn down a cathedral, get introduced to our first familiar, the flashback ends, and we level up. Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-18 7 
40696834Blackguard quest #4We kill a shit-ton of goblins, have a run-in with negative energy, and almost die. LOSTBOY delivers another story Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-20 5 
40800364Blackguard Quest # 5I don't know why I ever thought that there would be SOL in this one. Avitus re-discovers Ravenchain Castle, a hidden fortress that feels oddly familiarCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-25 6 
July 2015
41327589Blackguard Quest Lore Q/A sessionI return! Several questions are answered, slight world-building is done, and LOSTBOY get himself in a fightCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-07-20 3 
41351008Blackguard Quest #6We take our rightful place as the lord of Castle Ravenchain, and get set to bitch-smack a paladin.Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-07-21 5 
41416286Blackguard Quest #7Thread takes a massive nose dive and goes full retard when Eclipse abandons the thread. Bleach and lawful retarded ahoy.Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-07-24 5 
41436539Blackguard Quest #8We beat the shit out of a paladin. Archived early, lostboy might have put in some greentext, so I advise reading through the whole thingCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard, Paladin2015-07-25 5 
41467604Blackguard Quest StorytimeA clollection of in-universe short stories, with some lostboy greentextCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard, Storytime2015-07-26 2 
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