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April 2008
1586226Bureacracy in 40KYour thread is very important to us, please hold.40K, paperwork, red tape2008-04-23 11 
November 2008
2986784Dave EldarWhat started with a discussion of Fluff and Crunch changed for the better with a story about Davius, the Space Marine Scout who is supposed to infiltrate an Eldar Craftworld. Now he is known as Dave Eldar. He enjoys Shooting Shuriken Catapults, and Doing Eldar things.Dave Eldar, writefaggotry, Shuriken Catapults2008-11-13 23 
May 2009
4483250Masterwork +3/tg/ takes everyday objects and makes them awesome.masterwork, ignore copypasta, duct tape2009-05-07 1 
4501185Clerks&Officesmeta "your party encounters" thread turns into using a if-adventurers-played-p&p-rpgs for an edition war, which turns into design for that kind of gameD&D, game design, metaphor, meta, edition faggotry2009-05-08 16 
December 2009
7301214Rune Funkin the 70's bands fought on the fields of honor for the number 1 spot and a shiny new record deal. AKA Bard Settingbards, rune funk, funktapus keech2009-12-27 3 
February 2010
8217390Post-apoc roleyplay threadSome sort of post-apoc roleyplay in a world where apparently demons have joined the general populace. Rather shadowrun. It's good.roleplay postapocalyptic demons bars shadowrun2010-02-22 2 
April 2010
8895534Wormhole Cyberpunk settingAliens seek refuge, but end up crash landing and screwing up the planet big time. Cyberpunk without the 80's feel.scifi apocalypse post-apocalypse post postapocalypse alien refugee immigrant war science fiction SHTF future cyberpunk punk white knight whiteknight2010-04-01 2 
January 2011
13680314Network 0 done rightAnon starts a thread about Lost Tapes and it ends with an awesome story about Network 0HtV, nWoD, Lost Tapes, Hunter, ideas2011-01-29 3 
March 2011
14157022About steak, tapeworms and other thingsConversation about how your characters usually eat, turns into debate about steaks, tapeworm conspiracies, nationalities and rainforestsSteak, Rage, tapeworms, derail2011-03-07 -4 
February 2012
17914370Devil-In-TrainingA demon comes to /tg/ for help in landing his first "sell your soul to the devil" Faustian bargain. The neckbeards flex their BBEG muscles and offer what help they can.deal with the devil, demon, devil, evil, Faustian bargain, Punisher’s daughter, Screwtape, sell your soul, Wormwood2012-02-13 10 
April 2012
18637014The Most Glorious BoonDenizens of /tg/, I have paid with my blood and my sweat, and in return the forge granted me a most glorious boon!Duct tape, Kludge, Funny, classic tg2012-04-09 38 
May 2012
19172753Eastern Continent Evo Game pt 2Picks up where thread one leaves off. Eastern continent: The savage land of swamps and mountains.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Higitain, Boomer, Joord, Azrach, Tapascu, Vindra, Ngung, Dahon, Ribboner, Ramel2012-05-22 1 
19218964Eastern Continent Evo Game pt 3Things get wrapped up, and the LemUy stiol prove to be a driving force in this world.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Higitain, Boomer, Joord, Azrach, Tapascu, Vindra, Ngung, Dahon, Ribboner, Ramel, Skulk, LemUy2012-05-27 1 
August 2012
20120029Blue and the Scraplootas - Part 4In which the Scraplootas, the Orks who found and raised Blue, the awesome spanna grot (Tau), are developed and made into a fuck-awesome tribeTau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin, Squig Drone, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, muckin' about, grots, CODORKS GORKAMORKA, Dokta Grotapus2012-08-01 11 
August 2013
26928971Government Bureaucrat QuestWe are Nicholas Voronov, Paperwork Wizard. Collective Game, Bureaucracy, Paperwork, Red Tape2013-08-31 6 
January 2014
29311485Fate/Stay Again, Fifty-third VerseIn which we try to solve a jigsaw puzzle with three different boxes and a Jenga set.Nasuverse, AC-Guy, Grail-Kun, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Again, Tactical Metaphysics Ignorance Action2014-01-07 22 
29629932Red Sands ReduxWe choose a bandit leader and lay some waste in the wastes.Postapoc, Collective Game, Red Sands, Redux, NamelessQM2014-01-20 5 
October 2014
35572034Khornette Quest #12In which we find out we suck at Zero-G combat, learn to drive a Glaive, and make a decision regarding the AI.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Rak'gol, Nurgelette, Roosterteeth, Duct Tape, ELH2014-10-17 13 
April 2015
39054250Malal/Malice WorldbuildingAnon starts a thread asking where the pictures of Malal's daemons were from. /tg/ starts brainstorming ideas for how Malal cults would work.Worldbuilding, cult, Chaos, Malal, Malice, Chaotic, Gods, troll, metaphysics, Joker, /tg/ is incapable of staying on topic,2015-04-02 5 
May 2015
40184688Pokemon Quest #91We recover from our wounds, solve the mystery of the missing ring, get to Faeden, catch Metapod and begin our battle to catch MeloettaPokemon Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer, Bulbasaur, Meloetta, Sneasel, mystery, metapod2015-05-26 20 
April 2016
16860Quest thing3 adventurers enter, but only 1 leaves alive.notapaladin, collective game, Muchaaaaaaaa lucha, Portal Wizard, Holy Bones, Loch, Mystery Box2016-04-30 14 
July 2016
327666Deep Sea Submarine Adventure #1A captain of a submarine goes on an adventure. Shit happens.notapaladin, collective game, submarine, deep sea adventure, Moby Dick2016-07-05 2 
August 2016
429833Deep Sea Submarine Adventure #3Labeled it as part 6 in the OP for some reasonnotapaladin, collective game, submarine, deep sea adventure, Moby Dick2016-08-07 6 
450337Deep Sea Submarine Adventure #4The adventure ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. Metaphorically, as it literally ended with the captain blown up. notapaladin, collective game, submarine, deep sea adventure, Moby Dick2016-08-09 1 
465403Civ Thing 4 tribes fuck around to survive Civ Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-08-13 5 
469168Civ Thing #2Rocks, rocks everywhereCiv Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-08-14 3 
479938Civ Thing #3Nothing really happened ingame. But a dragon player got real saltyCiv Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-08-19 1 
488294Civ Thing #4Barbarians fuckup alot, what else is newCiv Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-08-20 2 
491577Civ Thing #5The tribe goes through winter. OP goes full retard.Civ Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-08-23 2 
503132Civ Thing #6Basically a salt mineCiv Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-08-28 1 
515625Civ Thing #7The salt continues and the orcs punched a meteorCiv Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-08-31 1 
September 2016
522833Civ Thing #8Weeaboos go full weeb and get murderedCiv Thing, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-09-06 2 
539832Civ Thing #9The final anticlimatic conclusion to the not so epic saganotapaladin, Civ Thing, Collective Game2016-09-14 2 
588958Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #1The sequel to Civ Thing where all the tribes are enslaved by The Kingdom. Salt levels are at a dangerously high state.Civ Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-09-20 1 
600481Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #2Switched viewpoint over to the goblins for this one. Ended in failure.Civ Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-09-21 1 
606300Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #3This time it's a double feature of Elves and Dragons. One ended in failure and the other didn't.Civ Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-09-25 1 
625596Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #4Barbarians get salty as their Chief betrays their religion and joins a war against the barbarian God BrockCiv Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-09-29 1 
October 2016
637485Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #5Manlets get another chance to be the hero. Then they ate shit and got stabbed in the face.Civ Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-10-02 1 
652414Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #6Barbarians are shown to be delusional wusses. There was also an elf kid.Civ Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-10-10 1 
49744075Pathography - Forgotten Places, Lost Spaces The OP proposes a setting in which the United States is secretly a patchwork of both real and surreal places, states and territories.Original Content, Brainstorming, Metaphysics, Paranormal, Worldbuilding, Setting, Campaign, Department of Transportation2016-10-13 40 
690158Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #7return of a manletCiv Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-10-21 1 
699213Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #8Triple feature. Only 1 ended with somewhat successCiv Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-10-21 1 
741672Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #9A dragon and elf cements their places in Civ Thing 2, whenever that is.Civ Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-10-26 1 
749863Civ Thing Aftermath Adventure #10Final episode. Brock gets rekt and barbarians still suck dick.Civ Thing, Civ Thing Aftermath, Collective Game, notapaladin2016-10-28 1 
November 2016
786884"Racing" adventureThe race starts off with Orc Cleric and Daemon Paladin getting in some early victories before Daemon Paladin has to go to the hospital.notapaladin, collective game, racing, racing adventure2016-11-16 1 
March 2017
52438077Vampires throughout history setting worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting based off ancient middle eastern mythology, history and vampires infiltrating various cultures.vampires, setting, worldbuilding, middle east, vald tapes2017-03-30 9 
September 2018
2880397Living Factory #1Introducing Daedalus, the newborn(?) automaton in their first quest: to simply communicate with a researcher. Today, words, tomorrow, legs.Living Factory, Collective Game, bioengineering, robot, machine, AI, sci-fi, science, bio, Tutorial Assistance Program, TAP, immobile2018-09-16 2 
July 2019
3669591Super Robot Pilot Thing #10Space cowboy Fester Winchester kills some mecha beasts with his new friend, space cop Jester Frenks.notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2019-07-30 1 
August 2019
3713942Super Robot Pilot Thing #11Jester fucking diesnotapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2019-08-12 1 
September 2019
3747555Super Robot Pilot Thing #12Shenanigans happen as Space Pirate Edward is assailed by voices in his head. notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2019-09-07 1 
3800701Super Robot Pilot Thing #13Edward proves himself to be a much more effective protagonist. Unfortunately Fester is revived.notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2019-09-22 1 
October 2019
3852954Super Robot Pilot Thing #14Fester bumbles his way through the plot as a new enemy group is discovered notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2019-10-26 0 
November 2019
3890315Super Robot Pilot Thing #15Fester bumbles his way through the plot some more as OP dies repeatedly notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2019-11-15 0 
December 2019
3925622Super Robot Pilot Thing #15It's almost the end, and Fester is still incredibly cursed by shit rolls.notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2019-12-09 0 
January 2020
3982045Super Robot Pilot Thing #17The final episode. Everything is incredibly cursed both in and out of threadnotapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE 2020-01-06 0 
February 2020
4014815Skeleton Island 2, part 1The skellies return. This time it's Shotasniffer that's the protagonist. notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-02-02 2 
4046636Skeleton Island 2, part 2The shenanigans continue as Shotasniffer tries to rescue Rasputin from their Great Grandmanotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-02-02 1 
4082411Skeleton Island 2, part 3The first confrontation against Grandma! notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-02-29 1 
March 2020
4119767Skeleton Island 2, part 4Doing crimes and letting bad things happen to Quattro notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-03-23 0 
April 2020
4153250Skeleton Island 2, part 5Prepping and planning an elf kingdom invasion notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-04-04 0 
4174684Skeleton Island 2, part 6Shotasniffer infiltrates the elf kingdom. Then travels to an alternate dimension.notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-04-18 0 
4196315Skeleton Island 2, part 7The search for Quattro continuesnotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-04-22 1 
4210296Skeleton Island 2, part 8Big ol' fight against the ALT-Yellows!notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-04-28 0 
May 2020
4231955Skeleton Island 2, part 9Returning to the island, Shotasniffer finds that it has been significantly fucked since she last left itnotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-05-23 0 
June 2020
4277121Skeleton Island 2, part 10The mechapocalypse continuesnotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-06-16 1 
4305937Skeleton Island 2, part 11The Quattro and Marian episode notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-06-28 0 
July 2020
4326826Skeleton Island 2, part 12The end of the Mechapocalypse and the start of doing crimes. Probably. notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-07-19 0 
4363572Skeleton Island 2, part 13Separate storylines n shieet notapaladin, drawquest, super robot pilot thing, mecha, cowboy, communist overlords, quest, collective game, SPAAAAAAACE2020-07-30 0 
August 2020
4384641Skeleton Island 2, part 14The solo missions continuesnotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-08-13 1 
September 2020
4407544Skeleton Island 2, part 15End of the solo quests and prelude to the moon mission!notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-09-03 0 
4432931Skeleton Island 2, part 16The "heroes" get to the moon while shenanigans happen at home.notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-09-29 1 
October 2020
4471579Skeleton Island 2, part 17Moon and island troubles continue.notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-10-28 0 
December 2020
4511553Skeleton Island 2, part 18Fleshbob attack!notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2020-12-04 0 
January 2021
4568669Skeleton Island 2, part 19The skellies comes up with a disgusting plannotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-01-11 1 
February 2021
4613861Skeleton Island 2, part 20Shotasniffer and her siblings somehow blunder their way into the top...of the heroes.notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-02-22 1 
March 2021
4667909Skeleton Island 2, part 21Family reunions are the worst. Oh and Marian and Quattro get kicked out of the main quest.notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-03-29 0 
May 2021
4732930Skeleton Island 2, part 22Ancient evils are banished to the Moon while OP avoids drawing bikinis as much as possiblenotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-05-12 0 
July 2021
4840680Skeleton Island 2, part 23Beach time shenanigansnotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-07-02 0 
August 2021
4904464Skeleton Island 2, part 24Beach time shenanigans are over, now time for MOON SHENANIGANSnotapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-08-10 1 
4952419Skeleton Island 2, part 25The Finale! notapaladin, drawquest, skeletons, skeleton island, shotasniffer2021-08-27 3 
September 2021
4983711Knight Quest #14 (5) Knights, 1 Holy Grail, 1 Shitty GnomeCollective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2021-09-27 5 
October 2021
5003665Knight Quest #1Definitely not sewer exploration with definitely not mutantsCollective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2021-10-24 6 
December 2021
5035917Knight Quest #3Correctly numbered this time. The Weeb has a competency problem and OP rigs dice.Collective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2021-12-13 1 
February 2022
5111972EvoGame - Renewed Tale of Two Moons Part 1: Dawn on Western Janus/Qst returns to the Lunt system, stopping off at Janus' Aetheria region to start evolving the survivors of its last extinction event.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Janus, evogame, Metapurgaluxian era, Lunt system, Region One2022-02-10 1 
5102308Knight(s) Quest #4The gang fights some chairs, trash mobs and discover enemy knightsCollective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2022-02-13 0 
March 2022
5154329Knight(s) Quest #5Featuring Sober Mob Knights from the Devil May Cry™ series and Goblin Culture Collective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2022-03-23 1 
May 2022
5225941Knight(s) Quest #6Little progress is made and OP gets banned for being a filthy dice riggerCollective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2022-05-28 1 
July 2022
5285876Knight(s) Quest #7The Grail is secured from ass-clapping cultists and Episode 1 of Captain Knights: Civil War™ occurs.Collective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2022-07-02 2 
5295041EvoGame - Renewed Tale of Two Moons Part 2: Twilight on Western RieniaFocus shifts over to the first region of Rienia, recovering from it's most recent extinction event.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Metapurgaluxian era, Lunt system, Region Two2022-07-14 0 
August 2022
5334602Knight(s) Quest #8The knights complete their quest and every thing may or may not be all a dream Collective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2022-08-01 1 
October 2022
5383541Space Adventure Thing Part 1Agent No-Name and his crew go on a quest to rescue the Space Empire's Princessnotapaladin, space, drawquest2022-10-04 3 
5383411EvoGame - Renewed Tale of Two Moons Part 3: Meridian Islands of JanusWe return to Janus Medial Hemisphere, where the ocean and island life dominate. Mungori and Tungus diversification dominates the thread.Collective Game, evo, evolution, Rienia, evogame, Metapurgaluxian era, Lunt system, Region Two2022-10-09 1 
November 2022
5421631Space Adventure Thing Part 2Fighting rebels, stealing ships, saving Dragons. 'nuff said.notapaladin, space, drawquest2022-11-12 1 
December 2022
5454753Space Adventure Thing Part 3We steal more shit, find NOTHING AT ALL IN A METEOR SHOWER and acquire a mech. Then Agent No-Names' helmet explodes.notapaladin, space, drawquest2022-12-15 1 
January 2023
5484331Space Adventure Thing Part 4Luscious Lips and Party Rockersnotapaladin, space, drawquest2023-01-06 1 
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