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July 2010
11192160Things we are not allowed to doA long, hilarious list of things we, as players, are not allowed to do any more. Shenanigans occur.Funny, list, accident, incident2010-07-18 11 
September 2013
27069510A.I. Quest 6 Stay ConnectedOphion makes a few difficult decisions, as he realizes the danger behind unrestrained V.I. Poseidon suffers.A.I. Quest, Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, computer, machine, Program0, sentience, control, fate, prisoner, repairs, Gas, V.I., Casualties, Accident2013-09-07 20 
27334616A.I. Quest 8 First StepsOphion earns some upgrades this time around just in time for a pirate attack! The Fleet expands, but V.I. usefulness is in question.A.I. Quest, Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, computer, machine, Program0, sentience, control, fate, prisoner, repairs, Gas, V.I., Casualties, Accident, Pirate, Attack, Upgrade2013-09-21 20 
October 2014
35351727Accidental Idol Crime Quest 2 :MurderWhen on a date with an Idol, misunderstandings happen and people think we murdered her.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game, Oneshots2014-10-07 12 
35511879Accidental Idol Crime Quest 3: Idol CultYou are Iori Minase the idol and a cult just kidnapped your boyfriend Protag.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game, Oneshots2014-10-14 8 
35657424Accidental Idol Crime Quest 4: Child AbductionYour idol girlfriend has come home carrying a young child, and we immediately hear that the Mayor's daughter has been missing since this morning.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game, Oneshots2014-10-21 9 
35800381Accidental Idol Crime Quest 5: Russian MafiaIn which we peer into the past of our cab driver friend.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2014-10-28 8 
35842642Accidental Idol Crime Quest 6: Halloween SpecialHalloween is celebrated in an aMAIZEingly large corn maze. Then things start to get hot.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2014-10-30 7 
November 2014
36087754Accidental Idol Crime Quest 7: Russian Mafia 2You are Ivan Nabokov, and you are on your way to escaping the clutches of the Russian Mafia.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2014-11-11 6 
36235103Accidental Idol Crime Quest 8: Domestic TerrorismWhile out with your idol girlfriend you are accused of terrorism because of a cellphone game.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2014-11-18 5 
December 2014
36651097Accidental Idol Crime Quest 9: Domestic Terrorism 2You are Iori Minase, and you are waking up after being kidnapped to make bombs for a nefarious group.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2014-12-09 7 
36903059Accidental Idol Crime Quest 10: Domestic Violence: Christmas Special!Visiting your father for Christmas puts your life in peril more than once. But what doesn't? Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2014-12-22 7 
January 2015
37252704Accidental Idol Crime Quest 11: Public IntoxicationWe celebrate the new years by getting drunk with a bunch of Idols.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2015-01-09 5 
June 2015
40354489Accidental Idol Crime Quest 12: Domestic AbuseWe learn that acting isn't Protag's forte and that a black eye can bring Hell on Earth.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2015-06-03 7 
August 2015
41858085Accidental Idol Crime Quest 13: Public NudityWe're invited to a nude beach with Iori and all her Idol friends - what can go wrong?Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2015-08-14 6 
December 2015
44048064Accidental Idol Crime Quest 14: TrespassingWe get dragged to the top of a mountain, and the journey down is filled with peril.Accidental Idol Crime Quest, Collective Game2015-12-08 6 
June 2023
5664976Rise of the Awakened #6The party beats the owlbears, get blown up, narrowly survives, get kidnapped and robbed, escape, and accidentally warcrime their kidnappers.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Potato, Ord, Horny Deer, Accidental Warcrimes, Prison Break, Q Wolf Cult2023-06-29 5 
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