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March 2010
8512705Create a Species Thread Take TwoThis time we create an unnamed species of trilobite snakes who indulge in cannibalistic violence, prompted by their genetic rage, and rule the stars. Possibly they were the uplifters of the Zxyksi?Zxyksi, species, creature, world building, scifi2010-03-11 2 
8523765Species: Demonweb Dancers/tg/ created another species. This time, it's a bunch of huge, curious and philosophical spiders made of animated cloth and felt who maintain the Demonweb and do vaudeville performances for Lolth. Yeah.Zxyksi, world building, species2010-03-11 3 
May 2010
9781583Species: Working PartsIntroducing the Working Parts, a species of ant-sized and cat-shaped amorphous metal blobs that are highly individualistic and the product of a partially successful experiment to create a more efficient alternative to steam in a steampunk world!Zxyksi, world building, species2010-05-13 5 
December 2010
13142901Create a Species: Blue-Green/tg/ creates a race of caste-based, cybernetic hippy octopi.Create a Species, zxyxy2010-12-14 1 
13154521Create a Species: Acarus AdamasA sinister intelligence from hyperspace that abducts starships and devours them.Create a Species, scifi2010-12-15 6 
September 2011
16334080Create a Species: the AnthronsThe anthrons, a race of transorganic invertibrates that live in the vacuum of space and consume anything and everything. Their life cycle is totally wack.Create a Species, collective game, xenology, species2011-09-18 9 
16397318Create a Species: the Variable HostThis time, we've made a mass of pseudo-intelligent nanomachines, created to forcibly convert other races to the worship of their maker.Create a Species, collective game, xenology, nanites2011-09-23 6 
March 2013
23941315Create a Species: Ashagi/tg/ unleashes a race of cave nautuli who speak radiowaves and hear colors.Create a Species, Species, Ashagi, Scifi, Alien2013-03-29 4 
April 2014
31323207Alternate Reproduction WorldbuildingBrainstorming for culture and biology of how fantasy species reproduce. Less lewd than it sounds, also has golem-dorfs and deep ones being fantasy-setting salarians.Reproduce, worldbuilding, species, dwarf, golem, dryad, deep one, less lewd than it sounds2014-04-11 2 
August 2015
41746367Of Harpies and other birdfolkHarpies, how are they used in different settings? From the original greek myth to modern depictions, thread also discusses about variants based from different species of birds.fluff, harpy, harpies, oc, race, setting, species2015-08-11 7 
October 2015
43247321Skull-Mask Monster Species WorldbuildingOP posts a picture of a weird creature and asks /tg/ for ideas for backstory. Interesting wordbuilding and sentient mystical hivemind algae result.species, monster, worldbuilding, skull, mask, ghosts, sentient mystical hivemind algae,2015-10-25 1 
December 2015
44176832Homebrew species and cultures worldbuilding/tg/ invents and discusses new species and their cultures. Interesting worldbuilding results.worldbuilding, species, race, cultures, civilization, caterpillar people,2015-12-16 3 
January 2016
44998926Original Monsters and PC Species/tg/ invents various bizarre monsters and sentient species.monster, monsters, species, races, worldbuilding,2016-01-27 2 
August 2016
48986588unique/weird sapient species worldbuildingA discussion of nonhuman PCs and worldbuilding original species.species, race, PCs, monsters, worldbuilding, sentient ducks,2016-08-27 2 
November 2016
50240157Original Races besides the traditional orcs/elves/dwarves comboOP asks /tg/ for their ideas for new player races. Interesting worldbuilding and in-setting mythology result.races, species, worldbuilding, monsters, setting, mythology, ghouls, neon nightmare,2016-11-18 8 
March 2017
52252594original fantasy races/tg/ worldbuilds ideas for original fantasy races and what their cultures might be like.species, races, worldbuilding, fantasy, setting2017-03-31 4 
May 2018
59987035Alternate SpeciesAnons come together to describe and discuss Alternate Species to use in place of fantasy classics. Good for spicing up your worldbuilding.Alternate, Species, Race, Alternate Species, Alternate Race, Worldbuilding, Resource, Worldbuilding Resource2018-05-30 1 
June 2018
60272130hivemind religionsWhat kind of religious beliefs would a sentient eusocial species develop?worldbuilding, religions, hivemind, eusociality, aliens, species, missionaries, space vatican,2018-06-21 -2 
August 2018
61017447New xeno races in 40kIdeas for new xeno races and factions in the 41st Millennium.worldbuilding, 40k, xenos, species, races, factions,2018-08-02 1 
61149136fish people discussion and worldbuilding/tg/ brainstorms ideas for aquatic and amphibious sentient races.worldbuilding, ocean, aquatic, amphibious, species, races, deep ones, mermaids, underwater vore hell,2018-08-11 1 
61556718rogue homunculus civilization/tg/ worldbuilds a faction of unintentionally sentient, alchemically-created artificial lifeforms originally intended as a disposable army.golem, homunculus, frankenstein, undead, alchemy, species, steampunk, setting, worldbuilding, army, civilization,2018-08-26 4 
June 2022
85052418The OobakiriAnon posts a species they invented and associated in-universe mythology and an alignment system involving cleansing your soul of impurity.worldbuilding, species, race, setting, mythology,2022-06-29 6 
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