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October 2011
16709008Bishop Tristan's Civilization GameA new civrunner appears and proceeds to frolic with desert elves.Civilization Game, Bishop Tristan, Collective Game, Desert Elves2011-10-23 17 
16711708Bishop Tristan's Civilization Game 2When we make elves, we really make magic-loving, magic-using, magic-everythinging elves. Except for the tree hugging part. No trees in the desert.Civilization Game, Bishop Tristan, Collective Game, Desert Elves2011-10-23 13 
May 2012
19279836Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 5-3, Just DesertsA separate segment focusing on the desert biome during the Triumph of Spring era. Lots of technobabble.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, FortuneHost, evolution game, evolution, evo, desert, camelback 2012-05-30 6 
December 2012
21826521Age O' Drakes Part 10After a HUGE recap that sums up most of what happened in the past. Then TG does more magic stuff, goes to make boats and a magical testing area. Along with checking out the desert, making an Orc Bro, and finding some 'undead' possibly.Human, Collective Game, D&D, Desert2012-12-01 1 
21951357Dragon Clan War: Desert Storm 1As dragons come together in groups to eventually grow their families and clans to take over the world...Dragons, Brass, Blue, Desert Collective Game, Lizard Men2012-12-09 0 
August 2013
26599118Warforged Quest 1: MediForgedWe start a quest in the desert dealing with the Warforged. While the DM thinks it'll end up Warlord Warforged. It's really Warforged Medic.Warforged, Quest, MediForged, Desert2013-08-13 4 
September 2013
27186819Desert Island Maid Quest IXThe Vampire is freed, we take a rest and we pot-shot a shoggothDIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-13 2 
27221405Desert Island Maid Quest - XThe Chosen One returns home and discovers it riddled with traps.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-15 1 
27285036Desert Island Maid Quest - XIWe beat a vampire in sparring and have a breakthrough with our head maid. The morning brings new clothes and a sunken space ship. A rescue mission is mounted.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-18 1 
27334483Desert Island Maid Quest XIIFirst we scuba, then we STALKER, then we Space Hulk. A night of terrible rolls makes us want off the MaidQuest ride.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game 2013-09-21 -2 
27367067Desert Island Maid Quest - XIIIPretty good shots you made here chosen one. The space hulk is cleared of xenos and the warp threat ended. The emperor is pleased.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-23 1 
27406431Desert Island Maid Quest - XIVWe escape the imploding wreck with minimal harm, discover a lost treasure and diffuse a blowout. Short session.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-25 0 
December 2014
36483393Desert Aurora Quest #1Unit A-213 follows orders from the mainframe and finds a creator. Desert Aurora Quest, Collective Game, post apocalyptic, one-shot, one shot 2014-12-01 5 
January 2015
37339037The All Guardsmen Party and the Super SpyThe All Guardsmen Party teams up with an Interplanetary man of mystery to investigate corruption in the Imperial Guard.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Necrons, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-01-13 176 
February 2015
38181397The All Guardsmen Party and the Greater GoodThe All Guardsmen Party go to Tau space to track down some vile, xenos-loving traitors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Tau, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Greater, Good2015-02-20 172 
May 2015
39817769Arcane Desert QuestWinston Hamilton the 30-year-old buff as hell farmer deals with a shady trader and drops his flaming house atop a demon.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-08 11 
39917113Arcane Desert Quest #2Winston awakens in Clarice's home, asks many questions, then sets out on his quest to save the town from going hungry.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-13 4 
39962761Arcane Desert Quest #3Winston sets off, staves off dehydration, and accepts a job to rid some bandits for the town he finally arrives in.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-15 2 
40099100Arcane Desert Quest #4Winston murders 5 bandits, one of them a magi, and ends up taking responsability for her young sister.Arcane Desert Quest, Appy, Collective Game, Quest, Quest thread, Magi, Magical girl, AppyQM, Magical, Demon2015-05-22 3 
July 2015
41352599LowDesert punk Trucker Quest part 1It seems you are awake and heading for Bastardo with not-so-precious cargoDesert Punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-07-21 2 
41436802LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 2It seems yo arrived at Retiro del Bandido and delivered your supplies...Desert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-07-27 2 
August 2015
41591184LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 2It seems you've reached JotaSeta and did some spiritual searchingDesert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-01 1 
41733189LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 4It seems that you are now stuck in a serious predicamentDesert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-10 1 
41894662LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 5It seems you have sacrificed something to get out of your predicamentDesert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-18 0 
42033192LowDesertpunk Trucker Quest part 6It seems Mikel is having some headaches...Desert Punk Quest, Desert punk, Low Fantasy, Trucker, Collective Game2015-08-24 1 
May 2016
114900Deserter QuestLuce, a Conscript of the Serenian kingdom army, has deserted his post. He begins his journey home, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.Collective Game, Quest, Deserter, Luce, Priestess2016-05-15 6 
July 2017
54556497Hourglass Worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting that takes place in an hourglass watched over by a mad god.world building, desert, madness2017-07-29 7 
August 2017
1724420SecondStrifeQuestYou are Xerxes. You escaped prison to journey to your brothers, all the while surviving the Second Age of Strife.DesertRedQM, SecondStrifeQuest2017-08-05 1 
December 2017
2112205Fantasy Soldier: The Quest [Chapter 1]The men of Lars marches off to the north to eradicate the barbarian threat it houses.Fantasy Soldier, DesertRedQM, Collective Game, quest2017-12-06 4 
2133398Fantasy Soldier Quest Chapter 2The brave men of Lars finally launches their assault on the barbarian tribes at the heart of the mountain. More mysteries emerges.Fantasy Soldier, DesertRedQM, Collective Game, quest2017-12-16 1 
February 2018
2278441The Wizard's Apprentice Chapter 1A young lady starts her apprenticeship with the great Wizard of the West. But first, meeting sone of the faces in the wizard's village.DesertRedQM, TWA, Collective Game, quest, fantasy, magic, wizard2018-02-15 2 
April 2018
2473123Talon Mook Quest #1Follow the (mis)adventures of Talon Operative #2314 as he begins his journey in search of vengeance and sweet, sweet purple booty.DesertRedQM, Overwatch, quest,, Collective Game2018-04-19 8 
2487372Talon Mook Quest #2From terrorism and slaughter of the innocent in Numbani to recruiting psychopaths and befriending an Overwatch agent. We have it all.DesertRedQM, Overwatch, quest, Collective Game, TMQ2018-04-25 8 
May 2018
2505622Talon Mook Quest #3Recruited a mechanist and a cyborg ninja, defeated Genji and prepared for our trip down under HQ.DesertRedQM, Overwatch, quest, Collective Game, TMQ2018-05-04 7 
June 2018
2638473Soulless Quest #1Birthed as a being without a soul with the gift of [DESTINY] from a goddess, your journey begins here.DesertRedQM, SQ, quest, Collective Game, fantasy2018-06-22 2 
July 2018
2657561Soulless Quest #2: ImperialAfter much hardships, the Soulless finally reached the Imperial City, only to land yet into more trouble.DesertRedQM, SQ, quest, Collective Game, fantasy2018-07-07 2 
September 2018
2871899Oasis Quest[1]Whole lot of sand, not a lot of life.collective game, oasis quest, desert, elf, suspicious tree2018-09-12 1 
2854865Fate/ Neverending Twilight QuestA new Holy Grail War emerges in Fuyuki CityFate, DesertRedQM, Collective Game, quest2018-09-13 1 
2874452Fate/ Neverending Twilight Quest #2Confrontation with a certain family of magusFate, DesertRedQM, Collective Game, quest2018-09-13 1 
November 2023
5778682Vacuo QuestThe beginning of Picaro Calavera's journey to becoming a huntsman. Or maybe to uncovering a global conspiracy, who knows.Vacuo Quest, DesertQM, RWBY, Collective Game2023-11-03 10 
December 2023
5833482Vacuo Quest 2After dealing with Gillian, Picaro goes to Atlas to help Isaac get prosthetics limbs while shenanigans ensues, with a hint of conspiracy.Vacuo Quest, DesertQM, RWBY, Collective Game, Mystery, Fantasy2023-12-30 6 
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