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February 2014
30327589Freelance Ghost Quest #1Gamma 4 makes his way off of Tarsonis and seeks refuge on a jungle planet.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-19 14 
30349650Freelance Ghost Quest #2Where Gamma 4 becomes Artemis, we get ourselves a job and talk to a xenobiologist who offers us her couch to crash on.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-20 11 
30372380Freelance Ghost Quest #3Where Artemis visits the biodome, and discovers an armoury.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-21 10 
30391896freelance Ghost Quest #4Artemis got some clothes, had to deal with particularly aggressive foliage to protect his Wraith, and had dinner with the Doctor.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-22 8 
30411564freelance Ghost Quest #5Where artemis gets Lisa a live Stalker specimen, modifies his suit and makes his official entrance into the village of Frontier.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-23 9 
30458308Freelance Ghost Quest #6Where Artemis comes clean with Lisa about his past, has a mental call and battle with Primus and commences his expedition of high adventure.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-25 8 
30502899Freelance Ghost Quest #7Where Artemis psionically meets Quartus, and the expedition gets attacked by a pair of stalkers.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-27 8 
30524456Freelance Ghost Quest #8Artemis arrives at the temple and gets mind-raped/scanned by an ancient Xel'naga device, which also seems to have removed all the effects of the mind wipes.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-02-28 8 
March 2014
30546493Freelance Ghost Quest #9Where Artemis discovers a breeding chamber, and the expedition gets into a fight while trying to destroy it.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-03-01 8 
30610844Freelance Ghost Quest #10Where Artemis discusses things with Haverdam, socialises, meditates on his ghost conditioning, and interacts with another Xel'Naga device.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-03-04 8 
30653943Freelance Ghost Quest #11Where artemis tries to get used to the changes he underwent.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-03-06 6 
30674848Freelance Ghost Quest #12Where Artemis returns to Frontier, and spaghetti is narrowly avoided.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-03-07 8 
30799973Freelance Ghost Quest #13Where Artemis recovers the last of his memories, gets to know his psychic powers a bit better, and talks to a psychic cat.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-03-13 6 
31140037Freelance Ghost Quest #14Where Artemis lets Murphy start modding the Wraith, finds out Weissdammer is an arms dealer on the side, and breaks into the armoury again.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-03-30 8 
April 2014
31493048Freelance Ghost Quest #15Where Artemis trains more psychics, tries to cook and teaches Lisa a bit about being a psychic.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-04-16 7 
31582683Freelance Ghost Quest #16Where Artemis meditates, meets the Protoss in Dreamland again, trains his shooting some more and does Diplomancy with Mittens and Haverdam.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-04-20 6 
31645147Freelance Ghost Quest #17Where Artemis talks to Murphy about the wraith a bit more, buys a computer, trains Lisa's psionics some more and gets a family visit.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-04-23 7 
31685036Freelance Ghost Quest #18: Shit is happening edition.Where Artemis confronts Primus.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-04-25 8 
May 2014
31911707Freelance Ghost Quest #19Where Artemis chases after Primus and has a mental duel.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-05-05 8 
31976628Freelance Ghost Quest #120Where Artemis gets a new suit, has exposition spouted at him and invites Lisa and Murphy to his new battlecruiser.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-05-08 7 
June 2014
32713947Freelance Ghost Quest #21Where Artemis introduces Lisa to Quartus, starts work on treating the Omega's crew and an unexpected guest interferesCollective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-06-11 4 
32800538Freelance Ghost Quest #22Where Artemis gathers his allies, plans his moves against Weissdammer and starts the fight.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-06-15 4 
32859581Freelance Ghost Quest #23Where Artemis takes down and captures Weissdammer, deals with some of the conflict's aftermath, and gets a warning from a protoss.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-06-18 7 
32939351Freelance Ghost Quest #24Where Artemis arranges a cover story about Weissdammer, waves off Lisa and Murphy, looks for info about ghost conditioning and spars with Quartus and Sextus.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-06-23 6 
July 2014
33206948Freelance Ghost Quest #25Where Artemis finishes the spar, researches protoss a bit and goes off to a science vessel.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-07-05 3 
33249865Freelance Ghost Quest #26Where Artemis downloads data while having fun with a small zerg hive.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-07-07 4 
33335993Freelance Ghost Quest #27Where Artemis escapes the derelict, unlocks his full psionic potential and picks up Lisa.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-07-11 3 
33515341Freelance Ghost Quest #28Where Artemis decides what to do with Weissdammer and has dinner with Lisa.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-07-20 4 
August 2014
34087607Freelance Ghost Quest #29Where Artemis departs to the High Templar for training, and hangs out with some zealots.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-08-13 3 
34253910Freelance Ghost Quest #30Where Artemis explores a Xel'naga WorldshipCollective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-08-20 4 
34343304Freelance Ghost Quest #31Where artemis makes an ancient terminal explode, resists the temptation to push a button and spars with a zealot.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-08-24 2 
34509195Freelance Ghost Quest #32Where Artemis talks to a depressed probe, possesses a protoss, makes a long-distance call to Quartus and prepares to head back to the worldship.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-08-31 4 
September 2014
34601341Freelance Ghost Quest #33Where Artemis Wakes up and has to deal with a Hybrid.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-09-04 4 
34724605Freelance Ghost Quest #34Where Artemis gets the AI a body, it calls itself Ed, and we have a pleasant talk with Lisa.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-09-09 4 
34909113Freelance Ghost Quest #35Where Artemis battles the High Templar and heads back to the Omega.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-09-17 3 
35066886Freelance Ghost Quest #36Where Artemis hangs out with Ed and spars with Quartus and Sextus againCollective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-09-24 3 
35219320Freelance Ghost Quest #37Where Artemis takes his robotic buddy out for a tour of the ship.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-09-30 3 
October 2014
35367237Freelance Ghost Quest #38Where Artemis cooks with Lisa, has a romantic evening, and goes to war the next morning.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-10-08 3 
35707386Freelance Ghost Quest #39Where Artemis goes to war.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-10-23 1 
35813522Freelance Ghost Quest #40Where Artemis pushes deep into Zerg Territory.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-10-29 3 
November 2014
35958596Freelance Ghost Quest #41Where Artemis battles the CerebrateCollective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-11-05 5 
36122409Freelance Ghost Quest #42Where Artemis deals with the aftermath of the Cerebrate fight and rejoins his allies.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-11-13 5 
36246673Freelance Ghost Quest #43Where Artemis takes care of his buddy and goes to meet an executor.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-11-18 3 
36392138Freelance Ghost Quest #44Where Artemis returns home.Collective Game, Starcraft, Freelance Ghost Quest, Supervisor2014-11-26 4 
March 2015
38631415Magus Hunter Quest #1: Character CreationWhere Michael Weston is made, backstory is fleshed out and his initiation as a Vindicator Primus is completed.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-03-12 21 
38699882Magus Hunter Quest #2We get a team together to take a road tripCollective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-03-15 17 
38829090Magus Hunter Quest #2Where we realise the mansion is haunted, and find a hidden cellar.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-03-21 14 
38932253Magus Hunter Quest #4Where we make a defence plan, shop a bit and go on our first actual mission.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-03-26 16 
38988451Magus Hunter Quest #5Where we wrap things up at the farm, have a serious talk with Milly, find out more about the house and set up the surveillance.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-03-29 15 
April 2015
39069414Magus Hunter Quest #6Where we build most of the training room, dig up a dolmen, learn about ley lines and find the practically dead remains of an ancient warlord.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-02 13 
39110003Magus Hunter Quest #7Where we finish our training room, find important info about ley lines and magic circles, and hunt down a werewolf.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-04 12 
39219226Magus Hunter Quest #8Where we say goodbye to Helena, realise a strange phenomena, research it and start building an R&R room.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-09 8 
39382587Magus Hunter Quest #9Where we talk to HQ, finish and test the R&R room, have another bad dream and have a guest spar verbally with Milly.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-17 10 
39402882Magus Hunter Quest #10Where we go on patrol, break up a gang fight, meet a detective and find a trader in magical goods.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-18 10 
39507994Magus Hunter Quest #11Where we confront our father alongside Wooster, train and almost finish the shooting range, and call up DCI Nettles.collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-23 7 
39563892Magus Hunter Quest #12Where we encounter and deal with a group of drug mystical dealers.collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-26 6 
39650477Magus Hunter Quest #13Where we finish the shooting range, analyse ley-lines and get informed of a joined Op organised by the entire Order.collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-04-30 4 
May 2015
39728942Magus Hunter Quest #14Where we work on the magic circle some more, get a creepy vision and find out the truth about Milly.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-05-04 4 
39789281Magus Hunter Quest #15Where we train a lot, have a new kind of dream and find something weird about ourselves, brainstorm on rooms to biuld and are informed of Operation Daybreak.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-05-07 6 
39936537Magus Hunter Quest #16Where we plan our attack and meet up with the two squads under your command.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-05-14 4 
39992381Magus Hunter Quest #17Where Operation Daybreak is a go!Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-05-17 4 
June 2015
40641876Magus Hunter Quest #18Where we meet the Vindex Primus, get debriefed, talk with Edward and see a glimpse of the coming storm.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-06-17 5 
40716278Magus Hunter Quest #19Where you finish work on the security room and deal with Milly in the fallout of her getting drunk.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-06-21 5 
40780508Magus Hunter Quest #20Where we buy lots of stuff, train a bit, find the first magic circle, and go on a date.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-06-24 2 
July 2015
40927165Magus Hunter Quest #21Where we go to the final circle and find Tobias PattersonCollective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-07-01 3 
41179223Magus Hunter Quest #22Where we deal with political fallout and have a chat with the Arch Magus.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-07-13 5 
41241508Magus Hunter Quest #23Where we deal with a vampire attack and decide on a name for our book.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-07-16 10 
41302679Magus Hunter Quest #24Where we make a lot of phone calls, start making an infirmary and train some more.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-07-19 6 
41393039Magus Hunter Quest #25Where we hunt an abyssal, an abyssal hunts us, and we screw up majorly.Collective Game, Magus Hunter Quest, Supervisor2015-07-23 3 
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