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June 2008
2072431Peasants and Pestilence/tg/ considers the role of peasants on the tabletop and suitable classes for everyone's favourite underdogs. ..Skilled labourers need not apply.peasants2008-06-25 6 
April 2010
9391381Peasant? QuestA surreal trip through the dreamscapes of RICK! the peasant, or possibly hero, in something vaguely resembling classic text game format.Peasant? Quest, quest, Ghoul2010-04-24 1 
May 2010
10182014Commoner RPGPlayers play ordinary folk trying to go through life during interesting time periods instead of being hobo adventurers.normal common peasant mortal mundane life2010-05-31 0 
February 2011
138249194X Lessons"What have turn-based games taught you about how you would run a country?" /tg/ shares its vision of the world. Ghandi the Insane Conqueror, Dierdre the Filled With Mindworms, unstoppable spearmen, space travel without engines, cheating AIs, and the Pope.Civilization, SMAC, spearmen, awesome, games, 4X, Ghandi, peasants, Master of Orion2011-02-08 10 
July 2011
15710346A Knight's QuestA knight decides how to rule his newly inherited land.Collective game, Quest, Knight, Filthy peasants2011-07-26 25 
15721967A Knight's Quest part 2A knight decides how to rule his newly inherited land.Collective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-07-27 22 
15733358A Knight's Quest part 3The Empire ComethCollective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-07-28 14 
15745377A Knight's Quest part 4The Kingdom gears up for War.Collective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-07-29 16 
August 2011
15780071A Knight's Quest part 5We become lord of County of Urs and the Kingdom readies itself for war.Collective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-08-01 14 
15791965A Knight's Quest part 6Raiding in the Empire.Collective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-08-02 11 
15804405A Knight's Quest part 7Knight's be questanCollective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-08-03 10 
15864745A Knight's Quest part 8A Wintery Tale.. and a secret pact made.Collective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-08-08 9 
15877568A Knight's Quest part 9Knights and StewardsCollective Game, Quest, Knight, Quest, Filthy Peasants2011-08-09 9 
January 2012
17739341/tg/ discusses peasants, cuckholding, pastries and japanese culture/tg/ discusses peasants, cuckholding, pastries and japanese culturethe slightly overweight redheaded baker's daughter, weeaboos, cuckholding, pastry, NPCs, peasants2012-01-31 -12 
May 2012
19302239Grimdark/Necromancer Apprentice ThreadStarted with a lowly peasantborn killing his abusive father to protect his sister and mother, face an unknown power, become a necromancer apprentice with unholy gentleman's natureCollective Game, Necromancer Apprentice Quest, Necromancer, Quest, Peasants, Gentlemen, Undead, Lich, BRAAAAAAIIINSSS2012-05-31 8 
19305370The Necromancer's Apprentice part 2Caim continues on his path as the Necromancer's apprentice, learning the secrets of how to manipulate souls The creepy mask continues to creepy it upCollective Game, Necromancer Apprentice Quest, Necromancer, Quest, Peasants, Gentlemen, Undead, Lich, BRAAAAAAIIINSSS2012-05-31 7 
October 2013
27675147Level 0 Peasants vs 5 RatsWe knew they were still inside, the chewing.. The terrible chewing. How did they get out of the basement? we had, in our previous lives, forgotten to close the door behind us.Level 0, Story time, DM, Evil, Bear trap, Peasants, TPK 2013-10-10 143 
February 2014
30519810On PeasantsWere they really dirty, uneducated, ignorant and as expendable as they are portrayed? Or is there something more to the Medieval and Fantasy peasant than what we know? Answers to this and more to be found here.The Archivist, peasants, peasant, peasantry, setting, world building, settings2014-02-27 7 
June 2014
32511645Peasant QuestA smarter than average peasant prepares to embark on an adventure. Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-06-02 13 
32533712Peasant Quest 2APart 2: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32524979Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-06-03 10 
32548487Peasant Quest 3We try to reason with our eldritch waifu.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-06-03 7 
32571376Peasant Quest 4We break out of our prison and find a kindred soul. Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-06-05 10 
32655615Peasant Quest 5We try to blend in and meet some of our kin.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-06-09 7 
32671912Peasant Quest 6We board a ship and find where our old village was.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-06-10 7 
32692011Peasant Quest Part 7We do a bad thing and also find out what happened to 'mother'.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-06-11 8 
32877233Peasant Quest 8In which we move to Casablanca, almost get laid and a skeleton makes fun of us.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-06-20 8 
33064729Peasant Quest 9Our quest to find some necromancers doesn't get off to the best start.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-06-29 7 
July 2014
33309627Peasant Quest 10We complete a quest and learn time powers!Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand, Vampires2014-07-11 7 
33603338Peasant Quest 11We become a vampire dad!Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2014-07-24 6 
33648483Peasant Quest 12We arrive in New York and set up base in an abandoned hospital. Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-07-25 6 
August 2014
33866674Peasant Quest 13We struggle to deal with local politiciansPeasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2014-08-04 7 
October 2014
35501753Peasant Quest 14Peasant Quest returns after a long hiatus. Featuring cheeky magesPeasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2014-10-14 5 
35707194Peasant Quest 15We allow the mages to purge some vampires and learn new tricks.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Ampersand2014-10-24 5 
April 2015
39285276Peasant Quest RebootWe're back baby.Peasant Quest, Collective Game, Vampires2015-04-12 9 
39419774Peasant Mecha Commander QuestThe peasant finds an ancient mecha during his nettledick gathering trip.Peasant Mecha Commander Quest, Collective Game, PeasantDrawfag2015-04-19 12 
39438531Peasant Mecha Commander Quest 2The Peasant Explores the Golem and recruits a town with MANLY SHOUTINGPeasant Mecha Commander Quest, Collective Game, PeasantDrawfag2015-04-19 12 
39467215Peasant Mecha Commander Quest 3Peasant tries to make a speech, goes alpha on the bakers' daughter and is - maybe - about to get his arse kicked.Peasant Mecha Commander Quest, Collective Game, PeasantDrawfag2015-04-21 11 
June 2015
40756036Field kit inspection penal regiment /tg/Another field kit inspections sees sora taking the penal regiment to purge church desacrated by chaos confectioneryfield kit inspection, penal regiment designation /tg/, collective game, ruh, grenadier sahar, palatani sister theresia, gary the catachan, ruh, gibbers, peasant2015-06-23 5 
December 2017
2113986Fantasy Peasant Lord QuestYou are Sir William of Olmsville, peasant turned lordFantasy Peasant Lord Quest, Peasant Lord, Civ Quest, City-builder2017-12-13 10 
February 2018
2246095Peasant Lord Quest 2.5Year 768, We encounter the elvesPeasant Lord Quest, PeasantQM, fpciv, town management2018-02-04 6 
2279903Peasant Lord Quest 3We train for the tournament and deal with the CountPeasant Lord Quest, PeasantQM, fpciv, town management2018-02-25 4 
June 2018
2585243Peasant Lord Quest, Year 768Start and end of the tourney arcPeasant Lord Quest, PeasantQM, fpciv, town management2018-06-02 7 
2632707Peasant Lord Quest, Year 768: Part 2Grim tidings of future conflict, a lady is chosen, a blow is struck, blood is shed, and a QM neglects to archive their own thread.Peasant Lord Quest, PeasantQM, fpciv, town management,2018-06-23 3 
July 2018
2683491Peasant Lord Quest, Year 768 pt 3We go on a honeymoon trip and strike a deal with the CentaurionsPeasant Lord Quest, PeasantQM, fpciv, town management,2018-07-10 3 
January 2019
3147189Peasant Lord Quest, Year 768: Part 4The first council meeting and the second harvest ball Peasant Lord Quest, PeasantQM, fpciv, town management,2019-01-16 2 
December 2020
4548523Heroforge - Peasant QuestA peasant girl's adventuresHeroforge, Peasant Quest2020-12-27 1 
August 2023
5710673Bretonnian Peasant Quest 1A Peasant, whose life has gone to ruin thanks to a Vampire, now works to become someone that can slay her. Collective Game, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, The Machine QM, Vampires, Knights, Bretonnia, Peasant, Lucian2023-08-22 31 
October 2023
5742568Bretonnian Peasant Quest 2Lucian Heir of Ruin faces necromancers and an Ork Warboss. With nobility comes honour and Quarrel as a Peasant Knight.Collective Game, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, The Machine QM, Vampires, Knights, Bretonnia, Peasant, Lucian2023-10-01 23 
5779152Bretonnian Peasant Quest 3Having sequestered for a while with Count Remon, Lucian gains the companionship of a Lizardman and finally begins the long journey to AlbionCollective Game, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, The Machine QM, Vampires, Knights, Bretonnia, Peasant, Lucia2023-10-31 13 
December 2023
5813629Bretonnian Peasant Quest 4While passing through Castle Bastonne, Lucian investigates the disappearance of a magic sword and discovers an infestation of Skaven.Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, The Machine QM, Vampires, Knights, Bretonnia, Peasant, Lucian2023-12-05 8 
January 2024
5862458Bretonnian Peasant Quest 5In the mountain of dwarves, Lucian defeats foes, recovers the cursed sword, and swears the oath of a grail knight Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, The Machine QM, Vampires, Knights, Bretonnia, Peasant, Lucian2024-01-22 6 
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