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October 2013
27893783Nimble's Civ thread part 1Merfolk tribe lead by the stupid Lamaar create fishing nets and then chased out of their home when the water stops flowing and they find a pick-axeCiv thread, Nimble, Nimble's Civ thread, Merfolk2013-10-23 -2 
March 2014
30868705Island Orc Civ part 7Not a full installment of the series. Had to end it prematurely. In this one the humans invade the Orc Island and Gra'Ghus assembles defensive forces to fight them off.civ thread, civ, island, orc, orc civ, island orc, humans and orcs,2014-03-16 0 
July 2014
33489558Bearblood Clan: Skaven CivilizationA ragged band of Skaven settle in a valley. Bear-slaying (and bear-catching) ensues, followed by underground huts and a big bear pit for Nathaniel. Collective Game, Civilization, Civ, Civ Thread, Civilization Thread, Skaven Civ, Skaven, Skaven Civilization, Nathaniel2014-07-18 0 
February 2015
37991793Skaven Civilization Part 1Some skaven slaves manage to free themseves from human cultists who wanted to sacrfice them. They managed to start a village along with some hobbitsCollective Game, skaven, human, cultist, civ, civiization, civ thread, civilization thread, slaves, 2015-02-12 0 
38016410Skaven Civilization Part 1Part 2 of the Skaven Civ thread. Mengnaw is sent to deal with the lizardmen. They sign a trade agreement.Collective Game, civ, civilization, skaven, halfling, hobbit, canyon, Mengnaw, civ thread, Civilization thread2015-02-14 0 
July 2015
41454821GnolCivGnoll Civ threadGnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-26 2 
41479623Gnolciv2Gnoll Civ part 2Gnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-27 1 
41525023Gnolciv3Gnoll Civ part Gnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-29 2 
February 2016
45133419Skaven Civ Quest part 4Skaven Civ quest resurrection. We take of where we left a while back. We start expanding the civilization with architecture.skaven, collective game, quest, civ, civilization, civilzation thread, skaven, ratmen, civ thread, Drugil, Mengnaw2016-02-01 1 
45155239Skaven Civ Quest part 5Drugil, Mengnaw and Zlatmundi of the lake ambush the evil humans and lay siege to the occupied lizardmen villageskaven, collective game, quest, civ, civilization, civilzation thread, skaven, ratmen, civ thread, Drugil, Mengnaw2016-02-02 0 
45177071Skaven Civ Quest part 6The aftermath of the reconquest of the lizardmen lands. Mengnaw and Drugil get back home. We find a new faith in the face of the Sun God.skaven, collective game, quest, civ, civilization, civilzation thread, skaven, ratmen, civ thread, Drugil, Mengnaw2016-02-03 1 
April 2016
46883160Vampire Civ #1post apocalyptic, vampire hunter d style civ thread.Vampire, Civ thread, post apocalyptic, supernatural2016-04-25 4 
46901397Vampire Civ #2Vampire Civ #2 post apocalyptic, vampire hunter d style civ thread.Vampire, Civ thread, post apocalyptic, supernatural2016-04-26 3 
46942288Vampire Civ #3post apocalyptic, vampire hunter d style civ thread. The plot thickens! Vampire, Civ thread, post apocalyptic, supernatural2016-04-28 5 
May 2016
150450Demon Invasion Civ 3Demon invasion. Castle get.Demon Civ Thread demons game civ game demon2016-05-25 1 
June 2016
219501Demon Invasion Civ 4Young man gets a name - Josef. Found himself in a crazy city.Demon Civ Thread2016-06-10 1 
October 2016
651826Communist Knife-EarsA civ thread about knife ears that set up a communist government where longer knife ears are more equal.Elves, Civ Thread, Communism2016-10-12 1 
December 2017
2096247Lizard civ threadLizards found four cities enslave humans make alliance with orcs, trolls and vampires, bribe a dragon, make peace with elves and dwarves.civ, civ thread, lizard, civilization2017-12-11 1 
September 2018
2863872Human Civ ThreadHuman Civ Thread where we lead the Green Rapids Clan.civ thread, humanciv, green rapids2018-09-17 2 
November 2018
3014894Civilization Thread: Nova ClanWe oversee the Nova Clan from its inception until it discovers metal and is attacked by orcs.civ thread, Nova Clan, humans, civilization thread2018-11-16 1 
December 2018
3054392Dark Elf Civ ThreadSeven Clans of dark elves settle a new land and enslave some halflingsSeven Clans, dark elves, civ thread, civilization thread2018-12-06 3 
January 2019
3117112Goblin Civ ThreadGoblins start on stone age and lose lots of battles.goblin, goblin civ, civ thread, civilization, civqm2019-01-02 2 
3151427Goblin Civ IIWe don't do much at all because OP is super busy IRLgoblin, goblin civ, civ thread, civilization, civqm2019-01-12 1 
May 2020
4218451Ironbloods Civ ThreadOrcs of the Ironbloods Tribe go on a badly planned swamp attack on the undead lose all warriors then get enslaved by humansciv thread, civilization, bad end, ironbloods, orcs2020-05-11 -2 
May 2022
5227536Civ Thread: Bullywog Coalition 1The Bullywog Coalition is attacked by nearby elves, and then has to fight a dragon.Bullywogs, Civilization, Civ Thread, Kermit, Soulaj2022-05-22 1 
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