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April 2010
9147601Horse SeppukuA Unicorn clan bushi asks /tg/ for help regarding her failing. /tg/ tells her to have her horse commit seppuku.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Ronin, Horse, Seppuku2010-04-12 17 
May 2014
31874114Princes of the Earth Quest Episode 0: PrologueOur protagonist is created and starts on his first job - to find Cannibal Hohei and bring him to justice.Princes of the Earth, Exalted, Quest, Collective Game, Western, Ronin2014-05-03 10 
31886857Princes of the Earth Quest Episode 1: PilotOur protagonist survives against implausible odds, cheats against unfair opponents, and succeeds beyond his wildest imagination.Princes of the Earth, Exalted, Quest, Collective Game, Western, Ronin, Lunar2014-05-04 14 
32037493Princes of the Earth Quest Episode 1: Prince of the MoonOur protagonist learns what he's become, becomes what he's become, cashes in, and cashes out.Princes of the Earth, Exalted, Quest, Collective Game, Western, Ronin, Lunar2014-05-11 7 
November 2018
3001149Sengoku Quest IYositomu Morisada, old servant of Otagaki, finds himself as a ronin after losing his master.Sengoku, quest, collective game, Yositomu, Morisada, Japan, Samurai, Ronin2018-11-02 1 
September 2019
68085623Epic Song of Swords fecht thread.What started as a Song of Swords thread quickly turned into an epic fecht thread : Katana vs Sword and Oberyn Martell VS Gregor Clegane.Song of Swords, SoS, Game of Thrones, Oberyn Martell, Gregor Clegane, Katana, Sword, Fecht, Ronin, Knight2019-09-01 2 
January 2020
3999879Hedge Quest: Humble Beginnings EditionThe first thread for Hedge Quest! Ronin-chan has a wild time at a rural town festivalHedge Quest, Ronin-chan, QM Pk, Peekay2020-01-06 9 
February 2020
4014254Hedge Quest: The Road to Glory EditionTomoe, aka Ronin-chan, and Co. arrive at Ophelie! She explores in preparation for the tournament.Hedge Quest, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, QM Pk, Peekay2020-02-01 7 
4060198Hedge Quest: Rough and Tumble EditionThe Tournoi d'Ophelie is on! Our heroine Tomoe and Co. face it head on until disaster strikes!Hedge Quest, Rough and Tumble, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, QM Pk, Peekay2020-02-26 6 
April 2020
4176945Hedge Quest: Prime Suspect EditionTomoe gets a new outfit and becomes a criminalHedge Quest, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, QM Pk, Peekay2020-04-18 9 
December 2020
4515832Hedge Quest: Dead of Night EditionAfter months of laying low, Tomoe decides to head out on Halloween with the goal of kidnapping a princessHedge Quest, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, Peekay2020-12-05 6 
July 2022
5310892Hedge Quest: Summer of Sake Edition Tomoe(?) is acting pretty strangely back home.Hedge Quests, Ronin-chan, Tomoe, Tomoko2022-07-24 10 
February 2023
5533329Hedge Quest: Endless MorningTomoe remembers a fragment of her past.Hedge Quest, Tomoe, Peekay, Ronin-chan2023-02-24 14 
November 2023
5784155Hedge Quest: Dancing with MyselfTomoe meets aa ghost from the past in more ways than one, then smashes her fat butt through a wallHedge Quest, Tomoe, Peekay, Ronin-chan2023-11-07 10 
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