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November 2009
6514867Dieselpunk: Or, I Can't Believe It's Not Steam/tg/ discusses dieselpunk, posts a bunch of images of the future, ca. 1950dieselpunk, setting, pulp, adventure2009-11-01 5 
6727224Setting Idea: Dieselpunk Fantasy WestA burgeoning idea for a Seam/Dieselpunk Fantasy Set in the Wild West.Dieselpunk, Steam Punk, Wild West, Homebrew2009-11-17 1 
January 2010
7743337Arcane WestCool setting ideas about a magic oil powered old west.homebrew, punkpunk, western, dieselpunk2010-01-24 0 
June 2012
19455107Turning PointA Dark Age dieselpunk homebrew. Armored cars and flying gay districts.Homebrew, Dieselpunk, Dark Age, Post-Apocalyptic, Tanks, USA2012-06-12 22 
April 2013
24210259Drilling for Black ManaBlack Mana can be stored as Oil. Factions fight and scheme to exploit it, birthing eldrich abominations in the process.setting, world building, dieselpunk, fantasy, necromancy, original content2013-04-13 12 
April 2014
31544990Dieselpunk Princess QuestThe adventures of Princess Alice in the Royal Naruna Navycollective game, dieselpunk,2014-04-18 5 
31626860Dieselpunk Princess Quest #2Alice sees the Comet's armament, meets a sloppy lieutenant, a high strung ensign, and a mysterious seerDieselpunk Princess Quest, collective game, dieselpunk,2014-04-22 5 
31783792Dieselpunk Princess Quest #3Alice receives a warning, admonishes a subordinate, reads her orders, and goes to dinnerDieselpunk Princess Quest, collective game, dieselpunk,2014-04-29 5 
October 2015
43078099Petr'oil: For Reich & Imperium [game2]Dieselpunk game of conquering the sands as not!Germans, not!Russians, and the Sandlandistan Princes themselves.Collective Game, conquest, risklike, Petr'oil, Dieselpunk2015-10-15 1 
July 2016
371014Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest #1You rescue a defector from Nazi controlled France, and get acquainted with the the occupants of Camp Eisenhower.Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-07-20 5 
388693Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest #2 Victory is deployed into Egypt to meet with a contact, but attempts to infiltrate a Hexenkraft hideout, and fights the undead.Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-07-27 5 
August 2016
417871Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest #3We fight the Hexenkraft as they attempt to steal treasures from the Mausoleum, capture one of their magical girls, and get possessed Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-08-07 3 
438498Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest #4We let a spirit into our body, and duel a Nazi who did the same, get transferred to Patton's command, and have weird dreamsDieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-08-07 3 
447009The Bizarre Adventures of Victory #5 We infiltrate the Hexenkraft controlled Tower of Babylon, steal a German walker, and rescue prisoners.Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-08-19 3 
459475The Bizarre Adventures of Victory #6You have your first encounter with Dracula, as well as your first encounter with a new and improved Mercy.Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-08-19 3 
478317The Bizarre Adventures of Victory #7After escaping the Tower of Babylon, you take a well deserved break. You meet a magical carny, and catch up with your sister.Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-08-19 2 
September 2016
496353The Bizarre Adventures of Victory #8Victory goes on a date with a mob boss, and discovers something sinister about her Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-09-02 2 
511020The Bizarre Adventures of Victory #9You offer a mobster safe harbor in exchange intel, and run afoul of a Hexenkraft submarine and it's crewDieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-09-02 2 
529734The Bizarre Adventures of Victory #10We go to the Bureau's resident super genius, and use his gadgets to infiltrate a mob hideout.Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-09-17 2 
548577The Bizarre Adventures of Victory #11We encounter a fire wielding magical girl, find out about Majestic, and discover the elusive Enrico Salvatore himself.Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-09-17 3 
October 2016
643950The Bizarre Adventures of Victory Issue #13We extract a couple of rookie magical girls from a sticky situation, and then get sent back to EuropeDieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-10-08 2 
674578The Bizarre Adventures of Victory Issue #14Victory and the girls are dropped into Poland to lend the Resistance there a helping hand!Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-10-22 2 
November 2016
734713The Bizarre Adventures of Victory Issue #15Victory and company break through German lines, and find themselves deep in the heart of Warsaw!Dieselpunk Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game2016-11-05 1 
December 2018
3068873ShellStorm Command: The African FrontCursedQm returns! We embark for the African front to assist the exiled French against a German offensive!CursedQm, Shellstorm, shell Command, mechs, dieselpunk, Althistory, ww1, strategy, collective game 2018-12-02 2 
September 2022
85795737What would the state of the world be like after centuries of industrial warfare?Worldbuilding for a thematically different post-apoc game from a more standard nuclear wasteland.ww1, ww2, world war, worldbuilding, setting, trench, dieselpunk,2022-09-08 7 
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