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June 2013
25496815Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 1Metagaming our way through the Code Geass plot, episodes 1-4.Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-06-18 12 
25535961Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 2Meta gaming our way through to world domination. Episodes 5, 6, and 7.Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest, double crit2013-06-20 14 
25574911Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 3 Because the only thing better than bad anime is bad anime and That GuysCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Insert just as planned joke here, metagaming is for faggots, I recognize that bulge2013-06-22 10 
25627405Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 4Metagaming our way through Code Geass, failing to get geass, trying to get a robot legCollective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest, robot leg2013-06-25 8 
25666856Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 5Wherein terrible decisions are made.Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-06-27 8 
25706783Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 6Rise from the dead, catch a glimpse of our true power, get geass, and do some shanking. Ep. 10 - 11Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest, shank2013-06-29 7 
July 2013
25743248Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 7Everything gets spilled and the old plot barely progresses at all.Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-07-01 13 
25877594Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 8In which /tg/ dice gives us our mask back, with interest. Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-07-08 10 
25938544Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 9The end is nighCollective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-07-11 10 
26035953Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 10In which we crit succeed everything everCollective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-07-16 11 
26077693Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 11We cash in our ticket and tell rng to fuck offCollective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-07-18 10 
26177583Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 12Sod whoever it was that came up with parlay!Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-07-23 8 
26216976Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 13In which we make Captain Falcon proudCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-07-25 10 
26294915Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 14Come watch everyone forget how to vote!Collective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-07-29 3 
August 2013
26400177Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 15The geass battle continues, but Frank has woefully few allies.Collective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-03 3 
26435387Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 16The Big Damn Hero Show.Collective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-05 11 
26457869Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 17It's Party TimeCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-06 5 
26469866Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 17.5The Party Raises a FlagCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-07 3 
26549459Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 18Poor timing, for the thread and a forced vacationCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-11 3 
26627916Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 19We push the buttonCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-15 1 
26646284Meta Game Quest : Code Geass OmakeIn which nobody shows up to beat answers out of the QM when he freely presents himself like a pinata.Collective Game, Code Geass, Meta Game Quest2013-08-16 0 
26667699Meta Game Quest : Code Geass 20Shut the door and close your ears, it's the ghosts of Christmas pastCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-17 2 
26702781Meta Game Quest : Code Geass FinalEverything comes to a closeCollective Game, Meta Game Quest, Code Geass2013-08-19 7 
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