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December 2008
3236238Fish on a PlaneExcellent story about an assassin hunting a Deep One.Lovecraft, Deep Ones, story2008-12-24 27 
March 2009
4038731NautilusA bunch of fa/tg/uys develop some fluff for a nautiloid race that lives near volcanic mineral vent deep beneath an ice sheet that floods whole planets for terraforming,Interesting Ideas pop upNautilus,Fluff development,W40K,Deep sea2009-03-21 10 
July 2009
5250103Shodan mentors CortanaWhat began as an intelligent discourse on Shodan's sentience and underlying motivations immediately devolved into a 'hawt' AI-on-AI Lez Librarian SlashFic."SHODAN, System Shock, Cortana, Halo, LezSlash, Deep Thinking, Sentience, Componants"2009-07-25 9 
5272737Jawfish Quest VIThe Deep Ones handle the rebellion, but are they bad enough dudes to defeat Gaia? Jawfish, Quest, Deep Ones, Team Land, Team Deep2009-07-28 3 
September 2009
5821800Rap Battle Round 4/tg/ freestylers tear it up again. Newcomer Waaaaghmillionaire squares off against Sword n Board S&B, Waaaaghmillionaire, MC Deeplich, Rap2009-09-12 10 
January 2013
22822844Fantasy Quest XIIIn this thread, our Bard once again proves that she can't board a vehicle without having it wrecked along the road. Featuring Deep Ones Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, crash, boat, deep ones, deep, ones2013-01-28 10 
June 2013
25587475Fantasy Cheers Quest 11Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.Collective Game, Tavern Quest, Deep and Mysterious, Deposed Nobles Are Totally Original2013-06-22 12 
25677603Deep Rot - Can't Stop The RotThe fine folks of /tg/ continue the tale of deep rot and add further ideas to the concept.Deep Rot, Pathfinder2013-06-28 11 
August 2013
26530675NEET Lich shenanigansA question regarding Lich NEETS go further than, perhaps, expected.Lichs, Lich, NEET, Skeleton, Deep Rot2013-08-10 6 
February 2014
29996343Deep Waters QuestA wisecracking submersible pilot encounters alien horrors deep in the Superatlantic Trench.Collective Game, Deep Waters Quest, MARS, Horror, Underwater, Submarine2014-02-04 11 
April 2014
31323207Alternate Reproduction WorldbuildingBrainstorming for culture and biology of how fantasy species reproduce. Less lewd than it sounds, also has golem-dorfs and deep ones being fantasy-setting salarians.Reproduce, worldbuilding, species, dwarf, golem, dryad, deep one, less lewd than it sounds2014-04-11 2 
May 2014
32247033Deep Breath worldbuildingWe continue the worldbuilding marathon of Solod; it's been 24 hours, and it's still running.fantasy, setting, worldbuilding, homebrew, god, Solod, Deep, halfling are demonic deathseekers and orcs are junkpunk-borgs treants2014-05-21 4 
August 2014
34155655Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 02We say fuck you to the shounen tournament plot and choose to walk our own path.Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-16 8 
34168221Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 03Short thread. We apologize to Akiho before heading to the Gym. Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-16 9 
34321220Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 04After a full day at the gym, we set off to explore the Railroad Plains. Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-23 6 
34483729Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 05We team up with a former Digital World hero.Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-30 6 
November 2014
35977237Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 06 RKD returns from hiatus as we make plans to deal with Analogman's plans and do some more training. Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-11-06 7 
February 2015
38134108Horrific monstrosities of the deep sea/tg/ talks about some of the real-life abominations native to the deep sea, concludes that Aquaman is actually pretty badass. Also worldbuilding.Deep Sea, Monster, CoC, Terror, Abyss, Kill It With Fire, Abomination, Aquaman, Mermaids, Merfolk,2015-02-19 10 
38172946Abyss Thread Two: Aquatic VorealooContinued discussion of the horrors of the abyss, both real and /tg/-made.Deep Sea, Monster, Abyss, Terror, Kill It With Fire, Merfolk, Abomination, Cute Girls Doing Terrifying Things, Underwater Vore Dimension2015-02-24 3 
38277831Abyss Thread Three: Abyss HarderMore discussion, more worldbuilding, more fleshing out the mermaids of the deep.Deep Sea, Monstergirls, Abyss, Terror, Kill It With Fire, Merfolk, Abomination, Cute Girls Doing Terrifying Things, Underwater Vore Dimension2015-02-26 1 
June 2015
40589034The Deep South of A Fantasy World/tg/ discusses the mythology of the Deep South and how to implement it in a fantasy game.Mythology, America, South, Deep South, Catfish, Fantasy2015-06-15 12 
September 2015
42789070Deep Sea Terror and WorldbuildingA discussion of deep sea wildlife develops into worldbuilding for two original settings. Also, it is reaffirmed that the deep sea is horrifying and our primordial ancestors left the water as the lungfish equivalent of "fuck this, I'm out of here."deep sea, mermaids, worldbuilding, deep ones, great flood, lovecraft, future, elder things, water, sea, ocean, terror,2015-09-30 2 
June 2016
47642451The Sun Shines Over InnsmouthInnsmouth has a tourist problem. Later turns into discussing the ghost of Conan as an antagonist in Delta Green and general Bizarro Mythos.lovecraft, deep ones, Innsmouth, plot hooks, Bizarro Mythos, 2016-06-08 11 
July 2016
327666Deep Sea Submarine Adventure #1A captain of a submarine goes on an adventure. Shit happens.notapaladin, collective game, submarine, deep sea adventure, Moby Dick2016-07-05 2 
August 2016
429833Deep Sea Submarine Adventure #3Labeled it as part 6 in the OP for some reasonnotapaladin, collective game, submarine, deep sea adventure, Moby Dick2016-08-07 6 
450337Deep Sea Submarine Adventure #4The adventure ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. Metaphorically, as it literally ended with the captain blown up. notapaladin, collective game, submarine, deep sea adventure, Moby Dick2016-08-09 1 
October 2016
49905799Horrible Deep Sea MerfolkAfter the success of a previous mermaid thread, Anon renews the idea that more sinister species of merfolk may live deep beneath the waves.Oceans, Deep Sea, Abyss, Mermaids, Merfolk, Abyssal Merfolk, Body Horror, Brainstorming2016-10-24 18 
November 2017
56144646Horrible Deep Sea Thread"I'll be posting factual information about horrible creatures from the deep sea..."deep, sea, deep sea, ocean, wildlife, fish, whales, mermaids, salt, sharks, eels, biology, horror2017-11-03 10 
August 2018
61149136fish people discussion and worldbuilding/tg/ brainstorms ideas for aquatic and amphibious sentient races.worldbuilding, ocean, aquatic, amphibious, species, races, deep ones, mermaids, underwater vore hell,2018-08-11 1 
September 2019
68511456horrors of the deep (again)another episode of /tg/ visits the deep oceandeep ocean, horror, gulper eel, eel2019-09-24 6 
July 2020
73880485MTG Card design derailed by schizoSomeone derails a boring Custom Card General with surprisingly well thought-out 10-color Magic schizophrenia they found on the internet.MTG, Magic, purple MTG, yellow MTG, brown MTG, orange MTG, pink MTG, deeplore, color-theory, color theory2020-07-22 3 
August 2020
74398585The Omnisssiah invents AM:tGSasha Vyoks-childer/The God-Emperor's Waifu fixes WoTC's cowardice.MTG, Magic, purple MTG, yellow MTG, brown MTG, orange MTG, pink MTG, deeplore, color-theory, color theory, cyan MTG, cinnabar MTG, cream MTG2020-08-19 -1 
74410233o/nWoDg gets crashed by The OmnissiahThe God-Emperor's waifu/Sasha Vykos's childer invades WoDg with SASS and VULGAR MAGIC ADVICE FOR /tg/ CUCKS!oWoD, nWoD, AdMech, Sasha Vykos, MtG, deeplore, 40k, Warhammer 40k, Vampire, Vampire 2020, cyberpunk, CCGs, lolcows2020-08-19 -4 
74432909ADVANCED Magic the Gathering shitpostingOmnissiah is Sasha Vykos' IRL/Sims-childr, Digimon is darkMTG, Magic, purple MTG, yellow MTG, brown MTG, orange MTG, pink MTG, deeplore, color-theory, color theory2020-08-23 -1 
December 2020
4539304Deep JourneyOuter God shenanigans lead to a strange adventure through dimensions.Deep Journey, Collective Game, Deep Anon2020-12-07 4 
January 2021
76852063Horrible Deep Sea ThreadHorrible facts about weird deep sea animals/tg/, Deep sea, Ocean,2021-01-18 12 
4603883Deep Journey 2Deep Journey's sequel.Deep Journey, Collective Game, Deep Anon2021-01-21 1 
February 2021
4610793Panzer Commander Quest #68Richter's travels back to his unit are cut short, and he has a long night of fighting against those he once fought for.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Cajun Cooking, deep frying, a smattering of actual tank2021-02-18 5 
December 2021
82409791Atmospheric Vore HellWhat if a perpetually airborne ecosystem similar to that of the deep sea existed?deep sea, monsters, speculative evolution, speculative biology, sky, gas giant, upper atmosphere, worldbuilding, The Horror of the Heights,2021-12-04 1 
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