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April 2012
18870957NearFuture Cyborg Quest 1You get hit by a car, and end up put back together by an (evil)? company. Things happen.Collective Game, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futurepoker2012-04-27 25 
18886961NearFuture Cyborg Quest 2You end up talking with Grayson, talking with Abel, get caught by Jun, and then PRESS RELEASE.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futuremolotovs2012-04-28 25 
18897967NearFuture Cyborg Quest 3In which Dave makes new enemies, kills said enemies with a single, well-placed punch, and then makes new friends! Also, Clippy is DEAD AND GONE FOREVER.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futureguns2012-04-29 23 
18908813NearFuture Cyborg Quest 4In which Dave makes a few calls, a few visits, learns how to use a gun, and meets, once again, his TRUE LOVE. Also, we techpriest now, and Alli is insane.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Irrational Teenage Futurewomen2012-04-30 23 
May 2012
18922372NearFuture Cyborg Quest 5Action, explosions, followed by terrible pick ups and losing at futurepoker. Also, a possible company conspiracy. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, FutureEXPLOSIONS.2012-05-01 20 
18927361NearFuture Cyborg Quest 6In which SHOPPING SPREE! We get lots of cool stuff, all three AI are awake, and we have a job to do tomorrow.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Mysterious nat100 futuregirl2012-05-01 15 
18936558NearFuture Cyborg Quest 7You finally meet the mysterious nat100 woman, and go on the mission. Shit hits the fan, and right at the conclusion, Exabyte gets banned for a day.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futureplasma2012-05-02 15 
18950122NearFuture Cyborg Quest 8We learn a bit more about . . everything, get some upgrades for our 'drites, and finally get a badass coat and helmet. Then we discover a new bad guy, visit Abel and Ishelda, and get a call from Grayson.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futurestompykillbots2012-05-03 15 
18967708NearFuture Cyborg Quest 9.5In which Dave learns Grayson's Story, becomes Cyborg Batman, Amy joins EE, and we got a distressing message from Abel.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte, Futurepowersuits2012-05-04 14 
18976780NearFuture Cyborg Quest 10We hear the rest of Abel's message, and then autosage kicks in.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-04 13 
18977292NearFuture Cyborg Quest 10.5In which Dave does a little digging, goes on a date, gets in a firefight, and ends up capturing an enemy Agent. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-05 13 
18988929NearFuture Cyborg Quest 11In which Dave meets the board, and then gets attacked by CD. Also, a mole? Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-06 14 
19000952NearFuture Cyborg Quest 12In which Dave has an important talk with everyone, and then begins his most difficult mission yet. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-07 17 
19013295NearFuture Cyborg Quest 13In which Dave and Amy go on a date, Epona is completed, and a new corp shows up.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-08 18 
19025746NearFuture Cyborg Quest 14In which Dave & Co do research, and Dave gets a new, customized power suit. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-09 15 
19055759NearFuture Cyborg Quest 15In which Dave finds out about the new, mysterious corp, and another shopping trip where he buys Cool Things.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-11 17 
19068485NearFuture Cyborg Quest 16Dave gets yet more upgrades, does a mission against the FUTUREMILITARY, and finally has a Relationship Talk. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-12 20 
19079698NearFuture Cyborg Quest 17Abel gets in a sticky situation, you get him out. Then Dave gets drugged and knocked out. A new enemy?Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-13 20 
19102573NearFuture Cyborg Quest 18You learn more about Resurgence, confront Twelve, prepare and execute a mission, and an existential issue is laid to rest- for now.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-15 16 
19114123NearFuture Cyborg Quest 19In which you meet Amy's parents, see PENGUINS, and end up going back home.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-16 17 
19126217NearFuture Cyborg Quest 20In which Dave works on the Ravens a bit, repairs the Dome, and goes on a surprisingly calm date with Amy- but only after meeting an old enemy who should be dead.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-17 16 
19137844NearFuture Cyborg Quest 21In which Dave has a day off, realizes he has no clue what to do with a day off, and resorts to doing a mission with Gemini.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-18 14 
19150140NearFuture Cyborg Quest 22In which you wake up after sexy times and star trek, complete the Raven, and find out you're going to moscow. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-18 13 
19161691NearFuture Cyborg Quest 23In which we prepare for the mission against CD, get Luin designed and built, and spend a lot of time, both dressed and undressed, with Amy.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-20 12 
19174638NearFuture Cyborg Quest 24In which you execute a mission, and then go into hiding and start designing a new suit. Exabyte shows off his hilarious lack of knowledge about all things /k/.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-21 13 
19187523NearFuture Cyborg Quest 25In which Dave executes a mission to steal a piano, finds an underwater research facility, and then gets some parts for a death machine.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-22 15 
19199031NearFuture Cyborg Quest 26In which Lucca arrives, and we discover another Resurgence Mole. Epsilon gets shot.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-23 13 
19211662NearFuture Cyborg Quest 27Dave, Lucca, and Amy discover a few new technologies, Jormungandr is named, and they find the underwater location of Twelve's mobile base.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-24 13 
19224666NearFuture Cyborg Quest 28In which Dave, Amy, and Lucca rescue the Atlantis Team, capture a Resurgence Operative, and see Lucas for themselves.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-25 13 
19238741NearFuture Cyborg Quest 29In which you Twelve, diplomance Three, and Amy is going to murder Lucca. The end is in sight.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-26 13 
19250991NearFuture Cyborg Quest 30A few questions are answered, plans for the future are made, and Dave finally makes up with his parents.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-05-27 18 
19275428Sorceress Quest 1The daughter of Arcturus ends up in a new world, and quickly befriends a bear, two rangers, and then burns a few trolls to death.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-05-29 39 
19288653Sorceress Quest 2Where Ishelda hobnobs with nobles, ousts a conspirator, meets some orcs, and nat 100s, nat 100s everywhere.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-05-30 28 
19302286Sorceress Quest 3Ishelda out-magics some birdbrains, meets some orcs, and ORCISH HISTORY LESSONSCollective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-05-31 24 
June 2012
19315502Sorceress Quest 4Ishelda meets some trolls, Lewin burns some trolls, and then the group meets some royalty.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-01 20 
19326811Sorceress Quest 5Where Ishelda gets some new gear, talks to royalty, goes back to Sirius city, and plans a scenic route to elven lands.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-02 20 
19336888Sorceress Quest 6Where Ishelda inadvertently kills Uriel, travels to the elven lands, and meets some elves.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-03 17 
19348622Sorceress Quest 7In which we learn a bit about Elven culture, Kiyara, and start construction of an airship.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-04 18 
19360912Sorceress Quest 8In which the airship starts working, we learn more about Kiyara, and torture the rangers by teaching them to Waltz. Also, we meet Ser Bubbles.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-05 20 
19385231Sorceress Quest 9In which Ishelda starts rallying up elves and orcs to fight demons, and we find out more about Ser Bubbles.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-07 20 
19397395Sorceress Quest 10We have a talk with Azariel, learn a few things, learn that dragons can end the world, and Ezekiel joins the party.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-08 18 
19409673Sorceress Quest 11We take a break in lizardman land, meet more coven, and invent a signature spell. Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-09 20 
19421066Sorceress Quest 12Wherein we get to the Wall, create a new troll, learn more of the demons and Kyvann, and have some girltalk with Raziel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-10 16 
19433610Sorceress Quest 13Wherein we fight demons, shove PURE ANGER into a dragon's nostrils, and free Kyvann. Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-11 16 
19446344Sorceress Quest 14wherein we introduce Ezekiel and Raziel to the queen without issue, and Grubwort turns out to be leaving the party.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-12 16 
19457368Sorceress Quest 15Wherein Ishelda plans for the future, learns more of demons and her own magic, and we return to sandbox mode.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-13 16 
19469338Sorceress Quest 16Wherein we meet a dead wizard and give them a body, and then steal the seeds for elven flowers. Lewin gets injured.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-14 18 
19481855Sorceress Quest 17In which we upgrade the Jormungandr, learn more of ogres and dragons, and Ell's lineage is discoveredCollective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-15 16 
19492272Sorceress Quest 18Wherein we have cryptic talk with Impulse, political talk with Vithriel, and then an angry talk with Fellwind.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-16 16 
19505182Sorceress Quest 19Wherin we have some GIRL TALK with raziel, take a dive into memory lane, and Impulse gets tricksy.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabytes2012-06-17 20 
19517458Sorceress Quest 20Wherin we have Bubbles stolen, acquire the Heart, Fellwind and Lewin leave, but we meet Kristoph, and prepare for the ball.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-18 18 
19531150Sorceress Quest 21Wherein Ishelda goes to the ball, gets antagonized by the High Lady Cerulean, and then has a talk with High Lord Sirius. the idea of the coalition is brought up.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-19 16 
19544303Sorceress Quest 22Wherin we retrieve some artifacts, do a physical training montage, do the BEARDROP DEEPSTRIKE, and brain someone with a brick.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-20 16 
19556387Sorceress Quest 23Wherin we speak with Marigold, learn more about artifacts, and meet High Lord Ursae.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-21 15 
19569309Sorceress Quest 24Wherin we talk with Raziel, Marigold, and learn a bit more about kalak physiology. Also, girltalk. lots of girltalk.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-22 17 
19582485Sorceress Quest 25Wherin we meet the High Lord and Lady Neptune, fight some mutants, a small bit of girl talk, and we enter the Warped Lands.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-23 20 
19594895Sorceress Quest 26Wherin we meet time-travelling kalak, cute hatchling kalak, an old kalak, and then a shitstorm ensues.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-24 16 
19608787Sorceress Quest 27Wherin we have a questions and answers session with Azariel, settle things with the Evil Twins, and find out that there's something lurking inside of the ankh.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-25 20 
19622655Sorceress Quest 28Wherein we speak with a very rude dragon, learn about sorcery, go to the crypt, learn about shapeshifting, and learn about necromancy.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-26 22 
19637214Sorceress Quest 29Wherein we toy with shapeshifting, talk with everyone, find out that Kaliel is really creepy, and then so much girltalkCollective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-27 20 
19650366Sorceress Quest 30Wherein we travel to hobgoblin lands, confirm the closure of the demon portal, meet the elves there, and UNLEASH VENGEANCE.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-28 20 
19659775Sorceress Quest 31Wherein The Wanderer gives us a cryptic warning, we meet Redglare, and meet one of Kaliel's creepy creations.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-29 20 
19673804Sorceress Quest 32Wherin we stop Eidolon's resurrection, hit Ragnarok multiple times, become Boss of a kobold clan, and close a stable time loop.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-06-30 17 
July 2012
19697457Sorceress Quest 33Wherin we have no clue what is going on anymore. We learn about the mask, the Wanderer, Eidolon, and Ragnarok.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-02 16 
19711602Sorceress Quest 34Wherin we drop off the kobolds, Marigold has some fun with knives, and then we talk to Venus. More mindfuck, and a certain word is spoken aloud.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-03 14 
19725034Sorceress Quest 35Wherin we meet some human ex-slaves, design a zergattata, and watch a duel. Also, necromancy time with raziel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-04 14 
19737156Sorceress Quest 36In which we find out that Arcuturs may not be dead after all, talk to High Lord Venus some more, and oversee negotiations. Finally, a talk with Azariel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-05 14 
19751184Sorceress Quest 37In which we learn about Cerulean's murder, hear Raziel and Kristoph shack up, and turn Grayson into a human.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-06 15 
19792662Sorceress Quest 39In which we finally get to orcish lands. Hopefully.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-08 14 
19806745Sorceress Quest 40Wherin we talk with the orcs and learn exactly what has been going on with The Wanderer. Hopefully.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-07-09 16 
19846202Space Cyborg Quest 1Wherin Dave and Amy go on a mission. To MARS. Also, alien technology. Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-13 22 
19862637Space Cyborg Quest 2Wherein we return home, get paid, talk to three, and then start research on the alien tech, with the help of DouglassCollective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-14 13 
19877690Space Cyborg Quest 3Wherin we finish the Sleipnir, fight an infiltrator, and finally, finally acquire the Davemobile. Also, Aliums.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-15 15 
19892765Space Cyborg Quest 4Wherin we speak with the Asurians and learn more about their tech, and the mysterious Others.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-16 13 
19908734Space Cyborg Quest 5Wherin everyone gets kidnapped. filled with a terrible resolve, we invent a teleporter, return home, and start talking tech with Gareth and his future-van co.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-17 13 
19923655Space Cyborg Quest 6Wherin we meet the 'Others', Phi joins the party, then we get heavily augmented and enter battle with the Emperors.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-18 13 
19938977Space Cyborg Quest 7Wherin we meet Grayson, meet Alliclone, and Alliclone has a Schrodinger's Cat mind. Also, more aliums.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-19 13 
19953696Space Cyborg Quest 8Wherein we talk with 1-Ship-1, Phi, and then trade some tech. We save Abel, and Alli gets a crush.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-20 13 
19967469Space Cyborg Quest 8Wherin Alli goes a bit more wonky, and Abel makes a new friend. Also, alium robots return.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-21 13 
19980104Space Cyborg Quest 10Wherin In which Dave forgets the first rule of building clearing, and then we kick in the faces of some more Emperors.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-22 13 
19992717Space Cyborg Quest 11Wherein we get Amy back, and then cyborg makeouts, cyborg makeouts everywhere. Also, new and old plot threads are brought to life.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-23 14 
20006451Space Cyborg Quest 12Wherein we let Dani off the leash, have a semi-serious talk with Amy, and continue our search for the mindcore.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-24 13 
20018937Space Cyborg Quest 13Wherein we help Dani solve a problem, Exabyte temporarily loses the ability to count, and Amy finally joins one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-25 13 
20034772Space Cyborg Quest 14Amy gets a new implant and we spend the whole day having crazy new forms of fun.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-26 13 
20048987Space Cyborg Quest 15Wherein we hurt Smokey, bring Dani back, play with Amy's bullfrog, and then we make a big mistake.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-27 12 
20059856Space Cyborg Quest 16Wherein we talk with Gareth, awaken Bubbles, and possibly find out the location of the mindcore.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-27 13 
20073777Space Cyborg Quest 17Wherein we plot and plan and prepare for the mission to get our friends back.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-29 13 
20088532Space Cyborg Quest 17Wherein we go do a mission against ArmaTek on a private island. Traps, traps everywhere.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-07-30 12 
August 2012
20117252Space Cyborg Quest 19Wherein we meet K again. One question is answered, and hundreds more are raised.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-01 11 
20132813Space Cyborg Quest 20Wherein K is very sleepy, Amy gets confused about her sexuality, and Lucca loses at FutureCraft. A lot.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-01 11 
20149600Space Cyborg Quest 21Wherein we take SAI assistance and go down to Neptune.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-02 11 
20164946Space Cyborg Quest 22Wherein we are received favorably by the AI ships, and receive a mysterious message.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-04 11 
20193996Space Cyborg Quest 23In which Dave reawakens Phi, unites Azure, and then thinks exotic matter is candy and dies. No, seriously.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-06 15 
20207987Space Cyborg Quest 24In which Dave got better.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-06 10 
20222811Space Cyborg Quest 25Wherein the world starts to end. we talk to the AI ships for assistance, and Minerva is actually useful, while the Neptune Emperor is not.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-08 9 
20236646Space Cyborg Quest 26Wherin we crash the UN to let them know what's really going on.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-08 9 
20250656Space Cyborg Quest 27Amy comes to terms with being a digital mind in a fleshly body.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-09 12 
20264013Space Cyborg Quest 28Wherein an alium crashes our nice dinner.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-10 11 
20276850Space Cyborg Quest 29Wherein we kill some Emperors, and then meet Baron.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-12 13 
20290495Space Cyborg Quest 30Wherein Dave's saga ends. . but a lot of more things begin.Collective Game, NearFuture Cyborg Quest, Space Cyborg, Cyborg, Exabyte2012-08-12 27 
20373396Sorceress Quest 41Wherein Ishelda isn't a little girl anymore.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-18 15 
20387551Sorceress Quest 42Mind-controlling cults are bad news.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-19 13 
20402632Sorceress Quest 43Wherein Kristoph is rather upset.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-20 14 
20412148Sorceress Quest 44Wherein we learn more about Feegul and his clan of kobolds.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-21 12 
20426588Sorceress Quest 45Wherein we travel around the known world to collect our party.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-22 14 
20441209Sorceress Quest 46Where Jormungandr finally leaves the continent.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-23 13 
20456202Sorceress Quest 47In which we meet the royal family of Sosaria and show off a little *too* much.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-24 13 
20469225Sorceress Quest 48In which a creepy woman comes to speak with us.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-25 14 
20482951Sorceress Quest 49In which we have a talk with Kaliel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-26 14 
20495814Sorceress Quest 50In which we speak with Jeanne, something is wrong with Raziel, and Fellwind becomes the fluffiest thing on the planet.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-27 14 
20508766Sorceress Quest 51In which we speak with Ezekiel, and Grayson is having too much fun being human.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-28 17 
20519692Sorceress Quest 52In which we finally meet the fuzzy sgragol.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-29 17 
20531566Sorceress Quest 53In which the fuzzy sgragol dies, and you end up stranded in the jungle with Kal and some minotaurs.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-08-30 14 
September 2012
20555403Sorceress Quest 54In which we arrive at Ghuzhradesh, and Kaliel finishes her living armor.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-01 14 
20581976Sorceress Quest 55In which Ishelda examines her new, strangely magic arms, and figures out what to do next.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-03 14 
20596051Sorceress Quest 56In which we have a talk with Kaliel, and finally reach Sosaria.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-04 13 
20608908Sorceress Quest 57In which Belethor makes a daring escape.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-05 13 
20622290Sorceress Quest 58We end up drunk on swamp brew, talk with Belethor a bit, and speak with Raziel about her gift.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-06 14 
20634993Sorceress Quest 59In which there is a reunion between Ishelda and her kingdom.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-07 13 
20660076Sorceress Quest 60In which we meet someone new.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-09 12 
20673687Sorceress Quest 61In which we get interrogated by Marigold.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-10 11 
20685357Sorceress Quest 62In which Zeke is very embarrassed, and we speak more with Cassiel Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-11 13 
20698275Sorceress Quest 63The further adventures of Cain, King of New Arcturus.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-12 13 
20709969Sorceress Quest 64The ogres arrive at Triune's Gift, and they bring gifts of fuzzy!Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-13 11 
20722510Sorceress Quest 65Belethor gets drunk, Raziel shows us her past, and we have a serious talk with Kaliel.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-15 11 
20733784Sorceress Quest 66In which we ride Kaliel. And it's awesome.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-15 11 
20746305Sorceress Quest 67In which Artifacts, artifacts everywhere doing things.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-16 12 
20759211Sorceress Quest 68In which we learn wizardry, and we finally get to see Kaliel naked.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-18 12 
20773166Sorceress Quest 69In which The Wanderer laughs at us, and we have a strange talk with Dras'Lea.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-18 12 
20786632Sorceress Quest 70Sorceress Quest 70Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-19 21 
20811002Sorceress Quest 71Sorceress Quest 71Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-21 12 
20823656Sorceress Quest 72In which Leon has a talk with us.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-22 12 
20838237Sorceress Quest 73In which Leon leaves New Arcturus, and the kingdom starts making preparations.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-23 12 
20852997Sorceress Quest 74In which we have some tea with our father, and catch up.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-24 11 
20865274Sorceress Quest 75In which we have some cryptic dreams.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-25 11 
20878922Sorceress Quest 76In which spiders are dicks, as usual.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-26 12 
20892582Sorceress Quest 77Wherein we follow Kaliel for the last leg of her journey.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-27 11 
20906259Sorceress Quest 78In which we meet... something. Or someone. And they're not very clean.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-28 12 
20918937Sorceress Quest 79In which Ishelda's father and lover meet.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-29 11 
20932095Sorceress Quest 80In which Jeanne is panicking, and we finally learn exactly what Grayson is. Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-09-30 11 
October 2012
20947052Sorceress Quest 81In which Belethor leaves, and we have a farewell tea party for him.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-01 12 
20960551Sorceress Quest 82Sorceress Quest 82Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-02 12 
20974853Sorceress Quest 83In which we prepare to go east.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-03 12 
21001879Sorceress Quest 84Sorceress Quest 84Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-05 12 
21014394Sorceress Quest 85Our armor is complete, and we try it on.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-06 12 
21028731Sorceress Quest 86In which it's finally time to head east.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-07 11 
21042012Sorceress Quest 87Sorceress Quest 87Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-08 2 
21056277Sorceress Quest 88In which we're finally at the Palace of the Great Wyrm, and we meet Quaz's mom.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-09 13 
21069814Sorceress Quest 89In which we speak with the gearworks.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-10 14 
21081785Sorceress Quest 90Sorceress Quest 90Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-11 11 
21095568Sorceress Quest 91In which we speak with Tyr.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-12 11 
21108540Sorceress Quest 92In which we have the worst hangover we've ever had.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-13 13 
21122369Sorceress Quest 93In which a bad day gets worse. Much, much worse.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-14 12 
21137130Sorceress Quest 94In which we speak with the restored Dras'lea.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-15 16 
21151531Sorceress Quest 95In which the reunion is still ongoing, and we enjoy a little down time.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-16 13 
21165573Sorceress Quest 96In which Shenanigans!Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-17 13 
21180092Sorceress Quest 97In which we have a bit more leisure time, and Kaliel wakes up.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-18 21 
21207869Sorceress Quest 98We have a nice dinner with Kaliel, and then someone important arrives.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-20 14 
21223815Sorceress Quest 99In which Lil' Bubbles is rather glitchy, and we get some more visitors.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-21 14 
21238995Sorceress Quest 100In which Lea calls off the spar due to heartwarming, and everybody works on their own pet projects. The hundredth thread!Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-22 23 
21254652Sorceress Quest 101In which Grandpappy comes to Sanctuary.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-23 12 
21270865Sorceress Quest 102In which we speak with Grayson about the past.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-24 13 
21297631Sorceress Quest 103In which Mala and Kaliel have a lengthy discussion about fleshcrafting.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-26 11 
21311224Sorceress Quest 104We travel across the face of the arakoatoan world and finally speak with the Library.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-27 11 
21326519Sorceress Quest 105In which we wake up with nothing much to do.Collective Game, Sorceress Quest, Sorceress, Exabyte2012-10-28 22 
November 2012
21655376Vale Quest 1In which a new saga starts in the most cliche manner possible.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-19 10 
21687069Vale Quest 2WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-22 11 
21744816Vale Quest 3In which we go shopping, and spend about half our cash on new equipment and books, before we prepare to cross the marsh.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-26 14 
21776750Vale Quest 4In which we travel into the marsh, meet some new people, and the Order is messing things up.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-28 10 
21808544Vale Quest 5In which we fight the undead, and learn more about Cass.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-11-30 13 
December 2012
21837497Vale Quest 6In which we stay at a very strange inn, kiss the girl, and our witchling learns a new trick.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-02 12 
21886740Vale Quest 7In which we find out that the Maenad aren't quite so stupid, and then find out that Gabriel has a nefarious plan.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-05 11 
21935017Vale Quest 8Wherein we kill a fairy, meet Astora properly, and have a very strange dream.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-08 8 
21963903Vale Quest 9In which Gabriel is a cheating bastard!Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-10 13 
21994809Vale Quest 10In which we give a mermaid her skin back, and learn a few things about ourselves.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-12 8 
22026173Vale Quest 11In which we meet a chocolate elf, touch scaly tail, and make gunpowder.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-14 10 
22056396Vale Quest 12In which we have a very strange dream, and continue on to Amberway.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-15 8 
22085972Vale Quest 13In which Abel buys alchemy supplies, has a moment with Astora, and decides where to go next.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-18 8 
22119704Vale Quest 14In which we take the Silver Serpent south, and run into women problems.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-19 8 
22154022Vale Quest 15We spar a bit, and then tell the captain about our dream and prepare for a storm.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-21 8 
22185735Vale Quest 16In which we go fishing for kraken, and arrive in Atlask.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-24 10 
22248300Vale Quest 17In which we learn that our father couldn't keep it in his pants, and then we go exploring the desert.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-28 10 
22282876Vale Quest 18Where we travel the desert some more, talk to Tannis about her past, and Ariana does weird things.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2012-12-30 11 
January 2013
22320506Vale Quest 19In which we meet, and shortly after fight with, a wizard.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-01 11 
22375571Vale Quest 20We sell dragon parts, arrange for new equipment to be made, get a tattoo, and meet Kale's lover.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-04 11 
22413750Vale Quest 21In which we defeat everyone in the arena, go on a date with Ariana, and buy gifts for the group.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-06 10 
22451830Vale Quest 22Wherein we spend some time at the beach.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-07 18 
22490982Vale Quest 23In which we visit with Lyra and Isavla, eat some dragonburgers, and go on a ride with Astora.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-10 13 
22529184Vale Quest 24We learn about the aftermath, the voices give us some information, Stirge shows up, and we say goodbye to Astora (For now).Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-12 12 
22583293Vale Quest 25In which we have a talk with Cass, visit with Isavla, and go cave exploring!Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-15 10 
22622994Vale Quest 26In which we unseal an ancient evil. Like fools.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-17 10 
22661545Vale Quest 27In which we gain new power, and forge a new weapon. We say goodbye to Isavla.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-19 11 
22697536Vale Quest 28In which the weather turns mean, and we end up on an island with a unicorn and a fairy.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-21 8 
22754518Vale Quest 29In which autosage kicks in almost immediately.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-23 7 
22756297Vale Quest 29.5In which we sing, swim, and meet Ariana again.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-24 8 
22806284Vale Quest 30We meet up with everyone, Gareth parleys with us, and we creep out of Amberway under nightfall.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-27 10 
22843339Vale Quest 31Wherein we travel to Sanctuary, play battlechess, meet another witch, and then find ancient, secret chambers full of ancient magical artifacts.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-29 14 
22880529Vale Quest 32In which we wander about the mansion, take a bath, have dinner, and hear a very strange prophecy.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-01-31 11 
February 2013
22936904Vale Quest 33Wherein we bang the witch, do Magic, and then meet the slimiest person in existence.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-03 11 
22955124Vale Quest 34Wherein we meet some new, eccentric people, get stabbed by a unicorn, and find a library.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-04 11 
22974357Vale Quest 35Wherein we make some things, kiss the girl, get some drinks- and then an old 'friend' returns.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-05 8 
22992940Vale Quest 36Wherein we shoot elves, shoot trolls, shoot everything. Then we drink copious amounts of alcohol and have copious amounts of hot witch sex.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-06 11 
23028100Vale Quest 37In which we meet Kelaris, the imperial princess, and then talk about what to do about Sky. Hannah brings up a revelation.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-08 8 
23047766Vale Quest 38In which we talk to Cass, meet a Spirit, finally reach the palace, and meet another relative.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-09 11 
23066258Vale Quest 39In which we learn about our parents, go into the Gauntlet, and then lose a friend forever.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-10 11 
23105808Vale Quest 40In which we make a robot hand, learn where not to pet the kitty, and meet Andalus.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-12 11 
23125592Vale Quest 41Wherein we interrogate a traitor, learn about Andalus, and finally reach Vigil.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-13 10 
23164123Vale Quest 42Wherein we speak to Thor, use a Spell, and then fight some Forged. The Wyvern is hungry.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-15 11 
23182964Vale Quest 43Wherein we play with explosions, pet the kitty, and then meet someone rather insane.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-16 11 
23201439Vale Quest 44Wherein we learn about Andalus and Astora's past, we show everyone what we can do with a spear, and then Tannis and Astora have Issues.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-16 11 
23241626Vale Quest 45Wherein we fight Forged, Astora goes nuclear, and then the Sentry becomes the Guardian.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-19 11 
23262873Vale Quest 46Wherein we arrive home, speak to an old friend of the family, and then go delving in an ancient fortressCollective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-20 9 
23283760Vale Quest 47The end is near. People die, and... Things change.Collective Game, Vale Quest, Vale, Exabyte2013-02-21 12 
23367934Harrumph Quest 3Exabyte gets drunk again! Beach party ensues.Collective Game, Exabyte, Harrumph Quest2013-02-25 5 
March 2013
23467581Psion QuestIn which Heather learns of her abilities, and goes to spaceCollective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-02 28 
23485942Psion Quest 2In which Heather meets her roommate, a tiger, her counselor, and finally, Damien.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-03 22 
23504943Psion Quest 3Wherein we go into SPACE. And then talk with people, get a call from Prometheus, and finally mess around in a sensory deprivation tank.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-05 16 
23524648Psion Quest 4Where we learn a lot about Anna, learn Sarvesh's specialization, and find out that Damien's tastebuds are broken.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-06 20 
23543930Psion Quest 5Where we meet the coolest spaceship ever, sleep in Zero-G, and set out on a mission to save Prometheus.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-07 23 
23561604Psion Quest 6Wherein we save Alex, our ion boots malfunction, and we find out something very intriguing about our friend.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-07 20 
23579055Psion Quest 7Wherein Heather talks to Summer, finishes Anna's drone, and spends some time with Jilly.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-08 16 
23595452Psion Quest 8Wherein we learn more about Anna, do a lot of practicing, and meet a technician.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-10 14 
23611392Psion Quest 9In which Heather blows up a few computers, learns more finesse, and then unlocks the key to technopathy. Also, a big decision comes up for Anna.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-10 13 
23627940Psion Quest 10The shit officially hits the fan.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-11 17 
23643815Psion Quest 11We learn of the mutable nature of time, make plans to thwart the Void Queen, and call home.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-13 17 
23662919Psion Quest 12We go to training, learn more about the strange black spheres we can create, and talk to Summer about some of her insecurities.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-13 16 
23682693Psion Quest 13Wherein we talk to Sarvesh about his little sister, investigate the byproduct of our powers, and then start designing our spaceship.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-14 15 
23701496Psion Quest 14Our protagonist starts on the mission to save Anna's father.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-15 16 
23718674Psion Quest 15In which we make plans to go clothes shopping, and then we meet Sarvesh's little sister.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-16 15 
23735247Psion Quest 16Wherein we fly a spaceship, wander about a mall, and then meet an old 'friend'.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-17 16 
23753949Psion Quest 17Wherein we spend some time at the pool, Anna gets a haircut, and then we buy some alcohol.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-19 15 
23770294Psion Quest 18In which we go back to the station, talk to Alex, and then visit Jilly for a time.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-20 14 
23786997Psion Quest 19Wherein we learn some new tricks from Jilly, get advice from Manus, and then Damien does something... unusual.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-21 15 
23804595Psion Quest 20Wherein we talk to Damien about time travel, give Summer some catnip, and then drink. A lot.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-21 14 
23822033Psion Quest 21Wherein we board Ishelda, listen to ancient voice logs, and enter a small battle.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-22 14 
23839417Psion Quest 22We come back to the station, spend some time examining the alien ship, and then Damien receives some disturbing information.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-24 13 
23857074Psion Quest 23In which we go to Damien's homeworld.Collective Game, Exabyte, Psion Quest2013-03-25 16 
23874897Psion Quest 24Wherein we make our way home, watch movies, disassemble the alien ship, and speak to their computers.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-26 17 
23893057Psion Quest 25Wherein we speak with an AI, talk to Summer, and enter a pocket dimension.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-27 15 
23909726Psion Quest 26Wherein we design our ship, cause our clothes to explosively demanifest, and a friend gets angry at us.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-28 15 
23926667Psion Quest 27Wherein we make amends, make plans for the weekend, and then try to come to a decision.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-29 16 
23943911Psion Quest 28Wherein we make plans to learn a new ability, and things go drastically wrong.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-29 15 
23960737Psion Quest 29Wherein we watch lots of movies, find out that Jilly's tail is extraordinarily soft, and then have a talk with Sarvesh.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-03-31 14 
April 2013
23978470Psion Quest 30In which we learn more about our anomalous critter, transfer the bubble drive to a new ship, and fly it. Alone.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-01 13 
23997239Psion Quest 23Wherein we meet Epsilon and Rho, make our way back to the station, and incur minor brain damage. Again.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-02 14 
24014730Psion Quest 32Wherein we talk to Rho, make Sarvesh a new hand, and have an important talk with Alex. Also, Thread 31 was mislabeled as thread 23.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-03 14 
24034878Psion Quest 33Wherein we go to the beach! And then we go home! And finally, we go to the pool.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-04 14 
24054178Psion Quest 34Wherein we spend the night watching movies, Jilly grows a mouth, and then some of Heather's backstory is fleshed out.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-05 15 
24073075Psion Quest 35Fun times at the beach! We get a massage and a proposition from Epsilon, a personal talk with Jilly, and then we win a splash war with Ellie!Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-06 15 
24091737Psion Quest 36Wherein we ride on a raft with Summer, watch movies, and finally get laid.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-07 11 
24107838Psion Quest 37Wherein we hear a worrisome story from Ellie, speak with Alex and Rho a bit, and Epsilon chooses a name.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-08 13 
24128438Psion Quest 38Wherein we look at our forgotten memories, get into an argument with Alex, and build a new body for Omnissiah.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-09 14 
24147988Psion Quest 39Wherein we watch the fake big bang, do Science, and Anna's pretty hot.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-10 14 
24168965Psion Quest 40In which Anna wakes up, we sleep, and then Damien starts meddling.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-11 13 
24187584Psion Quest 41Wherein we talk with Alex, do plenty of training, and... then we meet Lambda.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-12 17 
24205726Psion Quest 42Wherein Damien does something amazing, we work on a gun, and then we end up with a few people in our bed.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-13 14 
24222216Psion Quest 43Wherein we finish the ion lance, go on a rescue mission, and Anna ends up with some problematic side-effects.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-14 15 
24241263Psion Quest 44We do more training in which strange things happen, meet an alien, and watch movies with Theta, Summer, and Anna.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-15 13 
24262143Psion Quest 45Wherein we play videogames with Jilly, have a philosophy talk with Omnissiah, and tech talk with Sarvesh.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-16 13 
24279545Psion Quest 46Wherein we find out our hull has arrived, spend some time working on our ship, and then go out to find a fusion reactor.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-17 16 
24298122Psion Quest 47Wherein we meet Newt and Helios, then we learn about Dragon, and finally go on our first date.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-18 15 
24318476Psion Quest 48Wherein we play around drunk with anna, come to a decision in the morning, and then Omnissiah becomes Omniscient for a short time.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-19 14 
24338445Psion quest 49Wherein Sarvesh goes stupid, Alex is there for us, and we start out on another date.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-20 13 
24357947Psion Quest 50Wherein we go on a date! Movies, Food, and massages! At the station, though, things are afoot...Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-21 14 
24379088Psion Quest 51We go through the interview, Learn a Thing about Summer from her dad, and finally... finish our ship.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-22 13 
24400131Psion Quest 52Wherein Theta messes with our biology, we name Rho, and we finally do our demonstration.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-23 13 
24418271Psion Quest 53Wherein we talk conspiracy, Jilly comes to a decision, and we pilot our ship to another world... Mostly!Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-24 13 
24438021Psion Quest 54.5Wherein we go to Sarvesh's house, play Futurecraft, and autosage kicks in.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-24 13 
24440712Psion Quest 54.5 ContinuedWherein we meet the cutest psion we ever will, and we learn about Sarvesh's family. The first part of this thread is labeled 'Psion Quest 54.5'Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-25 13 
24456951Psion Quest 55Wherein we spend time as a centaur, find out what Sarvesh's machine is, and learn some bad news.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-26 11 
24473742Psion Quest 56Wherein we are Anna, and then not, and Bad Things Happen.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-27 13 
24491512PsionQuest 57Wherein we set out to save Anna and Alex, Surya gets hurt, and we finally talk to Anna.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-28 12 
24510705Psion Quest 58Wherein we create a monster, a crystal, and then spend some time with Summer and Sigma.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-29 14 
24530066Psion Quest 59Wherein we spend some time in Summer's dimension, and speak to Omni about his theory.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-29 13 
24550435Psion Quest 60Wherein we go to breakfast, and then permasage kicks in. Again.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-04-30 13 
May 2013
24552670Psion Quest 60 ContinuedWherein we spend time with Summer, go to her home, and find out something about her mom.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-01 12 
24570211Psion Quest 61Wherein we spend some time with Summer and her mom, and then head to Heaven's Jewel to show off to Ellie.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-02 14 
24588346Psion Quest 62Wherein we spend some time with Ellie, go to the station with her, and then a 'guest' arrives.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-03 13 
24605225Psion Quest 63Wherein we play with our exosuit, meet an Older Robin, and make an ill-advised bet with a future-seeing clairvoyant.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-04 13 
24643719Psion Quest 64Wherein we meet aliens, Serpensal, and a strange new psion.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-06 13 
24664769Psion Quest 65Wherein we learn more of Lin and Serpensal, and Devourer runs into a bit of trouble.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-07 15 
24683835Psion Quest 66Wherein we learn manifestation, have an accident, and then go to watch meowvies.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-08 16 
24727730Psion Quest 67Wherein we find out we did things with robin, Theta changes us around, and Exabyte almost dies.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-10 13 
24747724Psion Quest 68Wherein we spend some time as a nagala, do some practice, and learn something about Ellie.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-11 14 
24786308Psion Quest 69Wherein we meet, fight, and kill Drake. Ellie is weird.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-13 15 
24806284Psion Quest 70Wherein we meet the Devourer again, play with a laser, and then go to Alex's parents' house.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-14 12 
24825094Psion Quest 71In which we return to the station, talk with people, and leave the station again. Robin has a talk with us.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-15 12 
24844631Psion Quest 72Wherein the strangest, most surreal things are happening to and around us. We meet Winter.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-16 12 
24882437Psion Quest 73Wherein we experiment more with our new powers, talk with Manus, and watch movies with Damien.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-18 11 
24901345Psion Quest 74Wherein we squee over new tech, dress up all dapper, and drag Keen into having midnight lunch with us.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-19 12 
24938687Psion Quest 75Wherein we hang out with Summer, plan for Ellie's power suit, and play with a young version of ourselves.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-21 10 
24957725Psion Quest 76Wherein lots of bad things happen, and then we give the best demonstration of physics possible.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-22 12 
24975487Psion Quest 77Wherein we finish Ellie's exosuit, find out about the future, and go meet Delta.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-23 12 
25014335Psion Quest 78In which we talk with Delta, meet Jabberwocky, and then practice more. Also, talks with Manus!Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-25 12 
25053348Psion Quest 79Wherein we meet Alex's parents, train with Lin and Isaac, eat breakfast, and meet Jilly's mom again. Shenanigans happen.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-27 11 
25071670Psion Quest 80In which we have some fun with Luna, and then talk with Robin about her powers and past. Time Shenanigans happen.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-27 10 
25092247Psion Quest 81Wherein we talk to Rho, do lots of practicing, and awaken a supposedly ancient 'evil'.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-29 7 
25136282Psion Quest 82Wherein bad things are going to happen if we don't help. So we do.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-31 7 
25156376Psion Quest 83Wherein we work with the aftermath, speak with some kliktik, and have our talk with Anna.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-05-31 5 
June 2013
25175974Psion Quest 84Wherein we are Rho. We play pranks on people, play a game, and then talk with Devourer.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-06-02 6 
25220507Psion Quest 85In which we find out Rose's power, learn about Keen getting stiffed, and do lots of practice.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-06-04 10 
25238540Psion Quest 86Wherein we eat with people, learn about our aunt, and go to our grandparent's house.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-06-05 7 
25282718Psion Quest 87In which we hang out with our grandfather, find some FUTURE TECHNOLOGY, and have another talk with Anna.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-06-07 8 
25320265Psion Quest 88Wherein we find out things we already knew, go to a new star system, and break into a UPA installation.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-06-09 7 
25342411Psion Quest 89Wherein Sara gets hurt, we kick someone in the nuts, and finally confront ArmaTek.Collective Game, Psion Quest, Psion, Exabyte2013-06-10 15 
July 2013
25843279Harrumph Quest 4In which we're an alien thing on a quest for sun eating!Collective Game, Exabyte, Harrumph Quest 2013-07-06 2 
August 2013
26752019Ascent Quest 1In which a mysterious stranger enters a mysterious town in search of magic artifacts.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-21 16 
26789098Ascent Quest 2In which there is a gibbering monster in the shadows.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-24 13 
26839517Ascent Quest 3In which the Wanderer sets things on fire and runs away.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-26 12 
26879047Ascent Quest 4Wherein the Wanderer and the Foreigner wander the village, talk about stealing a baby jackalope, and then enter the city proper.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-08-29 12 
September 2013
26937968Ascent Quest 5Wherein we play around in the city, get a hug from an inhabitant, and then make a new friend.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-01 11 
26983624Ascent Quest 6In which we solve our problems through clever application of explosions, learn a new trick, and our past is starting to haunt us.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-03 10 
27042905Ascent Quest 7Wherein we explore some catacombs, get greeted by something, and then receive some mail.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-06 9 
27105544Ascent Quest 8In which we talk with a lady, get attacked as soon as we stop talking to her. Then we talk with a gentleman about said lady. We get a second glove. Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-09 10 
27143256Ascent Quest 9Wherein we fail a lot, spend the night in the city, and meet Something.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-11 9 
27199333Ascent Quest 10Wherein we find lots of paper, loot part of an entire city, and then give a girl some jewelry.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-14 9 
27261895Ascent Quest 11In which we relive our past, and find out some things about our friends. New locations are found.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-17 8 
27315437Ascent Quest 12Wherein we get clumsy, get hurt, and find out that there's a lot more behind the disappearance of Kystara than we thought.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-20 8 
27364871Ascent Quest 13In which we walk through the rain, find a shipwreck survivor, and watch Tarda melt.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-23 8 
27417538Ascent Quest 14In which we speak with Marcus, go hunt for a book, and things start to get serious.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-26 8 
27467672Ascent Quest 15Wherein the wanderer learns that petting jackolopes are a bad idea, and then his heart is broken.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-09-29 10 
October 2013
27519292Ascent Quest 16In which we learn about the Runic Project, Tarda, and about our new bodypart.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-02 10 
27567611Ascent Quest 17In which we punch something harder than ever before, and Tarda wants revenge.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest, Fantasy Stalker2013-10-04 7 
27625658Ascent Quest 18Wherein we fight a monster, and then recover something that Mal had left behind.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-08 8 
27678162Ascent Quest 19Wherein we get a complete overhaul, help Tarda, and talk with Mal.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-11 8 
27721593Ascent Quest 20In which we have a talk with Ann, recharge some runes, have a talk with Marcus, and then enter a warzone.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-14 7 
27776548Ascent Quest 21Wherein we fight a strange remnant, give Mal an arcane item, and then ride a jackolope.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-17 8 
27792210Ascent Quest 22We go to a kobold village, talk with Tarda, and reunite with Steve.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-18 7 
27809703Ascent Quest 23In which we talk with 'Failure', go to a festival, and then talk with Rebel.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-19 8 
27843513Ascent Quest 24Wherein we fight monsters. Lots of monsters. Then we learn absolutely nothing about the indomitable project.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-21 5 
27863210Ascent Quest 25We get stabbed in the lung, our part-remnant nature starts to assert ourselves, and then we go dragonnapping.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-22 6 
27899079Ascent Quest 26Wherein we talk about Bruno with Tarda, learn that Steve is causing us pain, and then fight with Kaederi some more.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-24 5 
27917202Ascent Quest 27Wherein we blow up a building, give Tarda a bunch of notes, and then we get a trog to play with our leg.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-25 7 
27970416Ascent Quest 28We find out that we have a brand new body. We take it for a spin, spend some time with people, and get an offer from Tarda.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-28 8 
28004528Ascent Quest 29The Wanderer puts on the Indomitable Project. Shit happens. The story ends... For now.Collective Game, Exabyte, Ascent, Ascent Quest2013-10-30 14 
December 2014
36671608Wizard QuestIn which Kanna the Wizard meets a bunch of adventurers and succeeds in her first quest!Collective Game, Wizard, Wizard Quest, Exabyte2014-12-10 14 
October 2015
43254725Azure Quest 1In which an AI is born and argues about its right to live. And is an adorable robopup.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2015-10-25 20 
November 2015
43410001Azure Quest 2In which we play videogames, get transferred into a new body, and we get our first mission.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2015-11-02 11 
43562370Azure Quest 3In which we save the damsel in distress, watch fireworks, and then write a Hello World program!Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2015-11-10 11 
December 2015
44020884Azure Quest 4In which we are THE BEST ROBODAUGHTER.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2015-12-07 7 
44152025Azure Quest 5We meet Kate's sister, watch some jerk get a desk thrown at him, and then construct a tiny pink spider.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2015-12-14 6 
44283655Azure Quest 6Christmas episode! We bounce off the walls for a bit, INITIATE HUG PROTOCOLS, and Kate's a badass.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2015-12-21 6 
January 2016
44565404Azure Quest 7In which we do some practice, get some things done... And then bad things happen elsewhere.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-01-05 6 
44667567Azure Quest 8In which our friend Kate is sad and needs a hand.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-01-10 5 
44878018Azure Quest 9In which we discover that we cannot, in fact, eat ice cream. We immediately decide to rectify this.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-01-19 7 
44987941Azure Quest 10We come up with a plan, and begin carrying it out. Kate gets some augmentations.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-01-25 7 
February 2016
45135859Azure Quest 11In which we have some fun with Kate's body, and then we hang out at her old place.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-02-01 6 
45321824Azure Quest 12In which we collect LOTS of toys! And some information, too.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-02-10 7 
45598493Azure Quest 13We do some design work, and make plans for the future.Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, Exabyte, Azure Quest,2016-02-24 7 
September 2019
3778400Broken Soul Quest 1A crippled mage tries to fix his problem, and accidentally binds himself to the God of Sin.Exabyte, Urban Fantasy, Mage, Sin, BSQ2019-09-01 3 
July 2020
4304828Daedalus QuestKassa crashes a spaceship, and wakes up 500-something years later in an alien world.Collective Game, Exabyte, Sci-fi, Daedalus 2020-07-05 2 
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