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April 2008
1578543How to be Lawful Good without suckingA thread on being LG that actually has useful information in it for once.lawful good d&d moralfag2008-04-22 0 
May 2008
1644913Peaceful WarriorA paladin tries mercy, munchkin party members disagree and get knocked out.Paladin, Lawful Good, story2008-05-02 10 
September 2008
2642353Anon and his little sisterAnon asks for advice about what army he should make for his little sister for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. At some point during the thread, Nurse-kun makes a rare appearance.dawwwwww, Nurse-kun, manly tears, beautiful, Damaged Goods2008-09-23 24 
October 2008
2811761How to Make a Good CharacterAnon posts 10 tips to avoid making a shitty roleplaying character. More advice is added, and wisdom is dispensed. Something most fa/tg/uys should read.advice, how to make a good character, 10 tips2008-10-16 6 
January 2009
3400562/tg/ being civilizedDefinitive proof that /tg/ truly can have a discussion of anything possible - and not have it turn into a skubfight or flamewar.good behavior, furry2009-01-14 37 
April 2009
4228112/tg/ - RIGHTEOUS/tg/ shows it has a heart. Tales of depresion, tales of RIGHTEOUS FURY, and just deads. Renews some of my faith in the world.Righteout, heart, good deads2009-04-09 7 
May 2009
4527588Goopunk Idea ThreadAnon comes up with an idea for drug-based goo armor/weapons/psychic shit. Thread is derailed when someone mentions goo-mecha shaped like dogs.Goo, Design, Cyberpunk2009-05-12 3 
4535896Goopunk redeuxA continuation of the previous Goopunk thread, with a timeline and more backgroundGoo, Goopunk, Cyberpunk, Design2009-05-13 2 
4559501Warhammer 40k for beginnersITT: Explain the Warhammer 40K universe to a total noob in as much or little detail as you want.40k, grimdark, summary, awesome, good, evil2009-05-16 0 
June 2009
4730204Talespin And Other Awesome ThingsPossible troll turns into an interesting discussion on turning TaleSpin into a campaign world. BlackSad, Maus, Lackadaisy are added, and it only improves from there.Noir, Pulp, Blacksad, Maus, Talespin, Setting, Nazis, Ideas, Furry, Good2009-06-01 0 
4775242Really bad fanfictionFanfiction so bad it rockets straight out the other side and becomes sheer awesome.bad, fanfiction, so bad it's good, awesome2009-06-05 3 
July 2009
5237253Dorf HistoryWe all know that dorfs have many traditions, facts and customs, some maybe alien and completely ridiculous. Let's invent some.dwarves, dorfs, breasts, bears, ale, beer, alcohol, mining, hammers, axes, mountains, awful good2009-07-23 17 
October 2009
6271097Goodnight Sweet Prince (lou Albano ver.)/tg/ bids a sweet goodbye to Lou Albano of Mario Supershow fame. goodnight sweet prince, mario, lou, albano, lou albano2009-10-15 7 
November 2009
6585314Homebrew Part 2See Homebrew Part 1. This section of the story takes place after the Great Stir, it describes how The Great Old One and the Ruler Archon were lost to the universe."Homebrew Part 2" "T'goo" "Ruler Archon" "Luminat" "Great Stir"2009-11-06 0 
6709859/tg/ and D&D 2nd Edition.Fa/tg/uys discuss the pros and cons of 2nd edition vs newer ones, along other oldfag concepts, with amazingly little trolling.Late Nite, D&D, 2E, 2nd, 2nd Edition, Late Night, constructive arguments, discussion, old school, oldfags, good /tg/2009-11-15 1 
6741605Most good thing you've done in a game. A "good things you've done ingame" thread turns into a WW story session.stories, Wasteland Warrior, storytime, Good2009-11-17 10 
February 2010
7941402Mass Effect Discussion Thats right, A mass effect discussion based on whats right or wrong. Whats technically good or evil, and just mindless speculation about ME3ME, Mass Effect, Disccusion, Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong, Just Plain Fun2010-02-06 0 
8135162RiderquestA journey of one hero and his pursuit of Justice, and his adventures for today.Kamen, Rider, Kamen Rider, Justice, Lawful Good, Good, Friend, /m/, quest, thread, quest thread,2010-02-18 2 
8269156Lamentations of a SociopathA fixation with falsities leads to the unraveling of society and sweet revenge for one fa/tg/uy sociopaths, raisins, goodburger, phylactery 2010-02-25 2 
April 2010
8995266Serenity RPG...is discussed, after a possible troll is gotten out of the way by the handy expedient of ignoring. Includes conversion of Firefly ships to Mongoose TravellerSerenity RPG, Mongoose Traveller, Firefly2010-04-06 1 
93060004chan Helps Cancer Research/tg/ responds to a thread copied over from /sci/, then a bunch more boards get involved. Vote as much as you can, as long as you can. http://www.refresheverything.com/kanziuscancerresearchgood cause, cancer, copypasta, crosspost2010-04-20 12 
9314175Village drawing RPG 2Conitniuation from previous thread, we start with a refuge from the fishing village. Commerce, water worship and toll collecting. And, of course, awesome art from the elusive OP who refuses to get a tripcode.Village, awesome, water, good, trade2010-04-20 29 
June 2010
10417479Doppleganger Damacy XVII Doppleganger Damacy continues. We find some clues to who we are. Also, food. :)Doppleganger Damacy, OM NOM NOM, Doppleganger, Quest, Growth, No stealth any more good job with the lizards guys2010-06-11 43 
December 2010
13030117Goofus and Gallant QuestAre you a Goofus? Or are you a Gallant?Goofus and Gallant Quest, Quest2010-12-05 2 
13032814Goofus and Gallant Quest: The ConclusionAnd so it comes to a disappointing end.Goofus and Gallant Quest, Quest2010-12-05 2 
13201397Have you ever played a White Knight campaign?OP asks if anyone ever played a LG-only/Paladin-only campaign, with a description of how being a White Knight would be. Hilarious copypasta ensues and white knights' sheer evil-smiting power and moral grounds are discussed.White Knight, Black Knight, Lawful Good, Morality2010-12-18 5 
January 2011
13380336Awesome Parents60 year old dad sits in on a D&D game...and turns out to be an awesome player. Mom buys an Ork army and plays WH40K with her son. Beautiful things.gaming is good, awesome folks, manly tears2011-01-03 16 
13446636Goofus and Gallant Quest II/tg/ continues to ruin the lives of little children.Goofus and Gallant Quest, Quest2011-01-09 3 
February 2011
13868183Good Mastermind A fa/tg/uy comes up with an idea - what if a good guy was like an evil mastermind in every way, but was totally good? Awesome writefags join in.Good, Mastermind, Writefag2011-02-12 22 
14037159How to be a good DM/GMSome easy advice on how to be a good DM/GM. Applies to every system out there.DM, GM, Advice, Good, How-to2011-02-25 6 
March 2011
14311224Mr. Rogers birthdayIt's Mr. Rogers' birthday.Mr. Rogers, neighborhood, RIP, civility, kindness, good2011-03-21 25 
April 2011
14612827Marche of FFTA"The Stealthiest Lawful Evil Protagonist in the history of Lawful Evil protagonists."Lawful Evil, Lawful Good, BBEG, troll, trolling, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy tactics advance, fft, ffta, fantasy, paladin, discussion2011-04-16 8 
July 2011
15664087Google+ Requests/tg/ embraces the future of social networking!Google+, G+, foreveralone, social networking2011-07-22 13 
August 2011
15820617Bittersweet Turned HopefulRequest thread is hijacked by bittersweet stories. One guy is reminded of a girl he knew long ago, and finally gets in touch with her during the thread. Great Romantic Success is had.d'aw, hope, hopeful, good end, bittersweet, memories2011-08-05 37 
November 2011
16799919Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.2/tg/ finds their fate in Trapped in Bat-Wing Hall & Night IN Werewolf Woods!GOOSEBUMPS, COLLECTIVE GAME, TROLL2011-11-01 2 
16802788Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.2.5The thilling conclusion to GYG/tg/ed.no.2!goosebumps, collective game, dream, troll2011-11-01 2 
16831866Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.3/tg/ finds their fate in The Deadly Experiments of Dr Eeeek & Deep in The Jungle of Doom!GOOSEBUMPS, goosbumps, collective game, okay.jpg, badass, monster2011-11-04 0 
16911855 Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.4/tg/ finds their fate in Bewar the Purple Peanut Butter!collective game, goosebumps, railroading2011-11-11 0 
16913080Give Yourself Goosebumps /tg/ edition no.5/tg/ finds their fate in Scream of the Evil Genie!collective game, goosebumps, troll, death2011-11-11 1 
January 2012
17684321Humanity Fuck...ing AnalysisA writefag writes a really good analysis of humanity, and then creates a settinghumanity, writefag, aliens, goo-girls2012-01-27 13 
March 2012
18320539Overlord AppreciationThe people of a newly formed merciless dictatorship thank the overlord for improving their lives.Evil, Evil Overlord, Propaganda, Roleplaying, Campaign Setting, Commoners, Common Folk, Bastard Elves, Asshole Elves, Goodguy Badguy2012-03-14 51 
18324310Let no good deed go unpunished, ConclusionOnce upon a time, OP shared a story of a jackass DM who felt virtue was its own punishment. Now OP returns months later, with his tale of woegood deeds, no good deed goes unpunished, That DM, that guy,2012-03-14 15 
August 2012
20183136Gerald's Epic Goomba-StompA Space Wolf falls from space to goomba-stomp a Daemon Prince.deathwatch, wtf, epic, goomba-stomp, daemon, 40k2012-08-05 5 
October 2012
21273541A Good HFY ThreadWith reposting of classics, statement of what HFY is, and plenty of new OC.HFY, Humanity Fuck Yeah, good thread, OC, writefaggotry, Drake MacDougal,2012-10-26 21 
November 2012
21530501Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 37Hito singing along with Father William so that they could cast powerful blessing on the weapons so that Hito and his gang can defeat rest of the Chaos Gods.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chaos, Khorne, Nurgle, I Feel Good, Singing2012-11-11 1 
December 2012
21978086Fanfictioneers GuideA short discussion of fanfics, a small guide to find best ones and some suggestions.fanfic, awesome, good fanfic2012-12-10 16 
February 2013
23320304/tg/ Anime PicksAnon asks /tg/ for anime recommendations. /tg/ answers with discussion and lists./tg/, anime, good taste, favorite, recommedation2013-02-23 6 
March 2013
23477347Anti-Succubi, Valkyries and Other Cosmological ThoughtsOP asks for a good-aligned parallel to a succubus. Thoughts progress to valkyries and what the proper reward for good acts is supposed to be.Succubus, cosmology, good, evil, angel, demon2013-03-03 7 
23882683Black Lagoon RPGOP asks how you'd run a Black Lagoon game. Great discussion is had.black lagoon, awesome, RPG, recommendation2013-03-26 6 
April 2013
24496481The Last Battle of Monsters and MenITT: the old gods stir, the land cackles, and the sea reclaims the sky as once more the last battle between all that is good and all that is evil breaks across the multiversehumor, funny, pranks, coaster, evil, good, lulz, THE RING2013-04-28 4 
June 2013
25569558Final Fantasy Quest 3The one that comes after 4, but only in America.Collective Game, Final Fantasy Quest, Spiky Hair, Pizza Cutters do not make for good swords, Its not quite the same without the soundtrack2013-06-22 7 
July 2013
26122431Jerkoff Thread 52Some more bitches die unnecessarily grimderp deaths.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Waifus, Slice of Life, Grimderp, Edgy, Mecha, Not mechas, Waifus, Dead Waifus, Waifu Wars, Waifus are really the main draw of the quest you know, Its written by a girl so you know its good!2013-07-20 16 
December 2013
28704031Good Eldritch Abominations/tg/ Tells of encounters with helpful abominations.Eldritch Abomination, good, 2013-12-07 45 
January 2014
29360104D&D Alignment: How very Neutral of you.A few guys actually make some gods-damned sense of D&D alignment.DnD, D&D, Dungeons, Dragons, Planescape, Neutral, Zapp, Brannigan, good, evil, law, chaos, sense, fluff, alignment, explanation, succubus2014-01-08 13 
29795815Princess Guard Quest 117Collective Game, Princess Guard QuestIn which we stupidly decide to wander the city for no good reason.2014-01-26 21 
February 2014
30115768SingulEDGEityWith help of anons, OP creates the edgiest character to join freeform RP.ow the edge, evil good, dinosaurs, drugs2014-02-09 11 
March 2014
30878391Wolf Quest 18 FinalWe bathe in the ashes of a god. Good End.Collective Game, Wolf Quest, Wolf, Whitefang, Legendary, Final, Good End2014-03-17 14 
May 2014
31888036Sext Adventure Quest: "Sword" Sucking SagaSee, its quirky and cute when I write poorly written porn because I do it in pictures~Smut, bad writing, good grammar is for nazis, lolsorandumb, lwys2014-05-03 10 
July 2014
33149919Faggot Dragon Waifu Greentext Thread 2SO KAWAII! SO TSUNTSUN! SO UGUU! SO TWO!Dragons are for faggots, Waifus are for losers, Shame is for living with, This will never be good2014-07-03 10 
33204505Magical Girl Noir Quest 218An unprepared magical girl witnesses some drastic redecoration and presses onward!Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, Magical Girl, noir, drawfag, Chiaki, Sayaka, Wendy, Good for nothing2014-07-05 18 
August 2014
34459836Esper Quest: Thread 11We start with Mami, whose day has been (and will continue to be) full of robots! Then, the plot thickens!Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, JUSTICE, LASERS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, GOOD OLD-FASHIONED NEWFANGLED FISTICUFFS2014-08-28 6 
September 2014
34981520Homeless Mutant Quest #88JJ wins at tag, meets Molly, gets /fa/ and is best husbando.Homeless Mutant Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Homeless, Mutant, marvel, hobo, stealth, good golly miss molly, atrophy, fiinally2014-09-20 30 
October 2014
35282462Space Pirate Naga Quest 14Our fearless captain braves the depths of a forgotten ruin belonging to the disgusting Lamias before meeting an old friend.Space Pirate Naga Quest, Collective Game, Space Pirate, Naga, Mechs, Ruin Looting, Lamias are just the worst, Smooth Jazz is the bane of all things good2014-10-04 5 
35586871Tiji Sector - Traveller 1It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, tiji, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-19 2 
35631395Tiji Sector, Sub-sector A, part 2It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, tiji, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-20 2 
35652246Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part3It has come to my attention that /tg/ has a Sector for 40k, but not Traveller. We should correct this grievous error. Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-21 2 
35706457Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 4A lot of bumping waiting for /tg/ to get off it's ass and stop masturbating to MtG and 40kTraveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic2014-10-24 2 
35740251Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 5Anon makes a Brick Joke that gets some math behind it. Four more systems completed, plans get made for the Quadrant.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-10-25 2 
35801160Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 6A few more systems get detailed, polities of the Sector are Discussed. ForeverGM is old and heads to bed earlyTraveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-10-28 2 
35822300Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector A Part 7Systems get developed, a rest is declared, polities are contemplated, and the Sub-Sector Map is posted. Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-10-29 2 
35864849Tiji Sector Project, Polities and Places of Sub-Sector AForeverGM makes a T5 character waiting for /tg/ anons to join the discussion.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T5, character creation2014-10-31 2 
November 2014
35947193Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B, Imperial SpurA Long Living Thread trying to generate interest for the project. System Info generated for SSB. Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-05 0 
36084553Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B part 2Starting the week off right with a new Tiji Sector thread. Sub-Sector B the Imperial Spur gets some polish and a new polity arises.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-11 0 
36130187Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B part 3Not a lot gets done at first, but not!Pirates get a new system to scope out.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-13 2 
36234503Tiji Sector Project, Sub-Sector B part 4Work Progresses and new systems are fleshed out, FGM has crappy internet. Subversion of the Feldspar Alliance.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-11-18 0 
December 2014
36514714Tiji Sector Project, It's ALIVEFGM is back and get's the Project back on track...or not, thanks captcha.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52014-12-02 1 
37033413 Leviathan Quest 1you come to your senses as black goo and go on to take over sam and find yourself in the amalgam of marvel movieverse and comicsmarvel, Dick Roman, collective game, quest, Arceus Exalted, Supernatural, Leviathan, Black goo, shapeshifter, doppelganger, comic, avengers, mutant2014-12-29 0 
January 2015
37132287Explaining the real world to utopia's nativesOP ask /tg/ how we would explain the IRL world and it's problems to an innocent native of a fantasy realm where bad things can't happen. Writefags arrive and heartwarmingness results.Ethics, writefags, heartwarming, evil, good, Alfred Pennyworth 2015-01-04 7 
February 2015
37961700Tiji Sector Project, A New HopeFGM is back and get's the Project back on track, rant about workTraveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T52015-02-13 0 
38181397The All Guardsmen Party and the Greater GoodThe All Guardsmen Party go to Tau space to track down some vile, xenos-loving traitors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Tau, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Greater, Good2015-02-20 172 
38246094Battle-Sister Quest: Thread 4Bella takes a dip, becomes strong like (strong thing), kisses (and gets kissed), gets a Multi-melta for free, and is attacked by an invisible butt!Battle-Sister Quest, Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, Heresy, Forbidden Love, Yuri, Eldar, Dual-wielding, EsperQM, Collective Game, Warlock, Felinid/Catgirl, Techpriest, Mechanicus, Goo, Super-strength, Invisibility2015-02-23 8 
March 2015
38649163In Memoriam: Sir Terry Pratchett, Thread Three/tg/ is given a stickied thread in which to hold the wake.Terry Pratchett, mourning, feels, sad, try not to cry, cry alot, good night sweet prince2015-03-13 27 
April 2015
39130060An Unimportant QuestPrelude. I'll miss you.Collective Game, Unimportant, Forgotten things, goodbye2015-04-04 9 
39429646Wanzer Quest IX We go back on memory lane, a good man is dead and Nature cuts the thread short. Wanzer Quest, Good men die young, Nature is a bitch2015-04-19 3 
July 2015
41076678Anon wants people to read his shitty webcomicAnons argue over whether or not said shitty webcomic is relevant to /tg/ (spoiler: It isn't. Neither are Unsounded, Meek, Oglaf, or that one with the blue space elves)SPERG FIGHT! SPERG FIGHT! SPERG FIGHT!, Addendum: googling "blue elf webcomic" tells me it's called Outsider, huh, love LWYS-kun2015-07-08 17 
August 2015
41901253Mandala of FortunePut your character up. Name their greatest deeds and virtues. Now their greatest sins. Spin the Mandala of Fortune and see what (often epic!) afterlife your protagonist/antagonist will suffer before Enlightenment!writefaggotry, Hinduism, Buddhism, allignment, writefag, fluff, awesome, religion, afterlife, player character, good end, bad end, allignment, epic2015-08-17 31 
October 2015
42889010Renegade Space marine creation threadAn odd thought turns into a good idea that is well thought out and fluffed into a usable chapter./tg/ get shit done, Space Marines, Renegade Space Marines, fluff, good ideas, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, At the edge of known space,2015-10-07 1 
November 2015
43646188/tg/ creates utopiaIn which OP asks how /tg/ posters would create a utopia if given reality warper powers. Discussion of human nature, religions and the need for evil results. Surprisingly civil.ethics, utopia, dystopia, god, power, good, evil, Skull-King The Giant Robotic Scourge Of Mankind,2015-11-15 2 
December 2015
44021265Good Mindflayers: A Philosophical StudyIn which /tg/ engages in a sophisticated discussion on the morality of the Illithids. mind flayer, illithid, good-aligned, paladin, monk, cuisine 2015-12-10 1 
March 2016
46096223Be the BEG Chapter 10We find out the reason for Marigold's turnCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Goo2016-03-19 10 
June 2016
47557122RPG's in your countryDo you have any specific RPGs in your country that arent known to broader public? Share your knowledge in little known rpgsRPG, setting, international, rare finds, rare, indy, good, game2016-06-03 5 
November 2016
809548Future Naruto Quest XXIThe aftermath of the Jinchuuriki Conference, waifuing ensues. Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2016-11-18 5 
838460Future Naruto Quest XXIIKuro makes great progress in all facets of his life. Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2016-11-27 5 
December 2016
875893Future Naruto Quest XXIIIOur hero, Kuro Nijiiroh, goes on a mission of vital importance. Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2016-12-06 5 
903713Future Naruto Quest XXIV: Baratsuchi GaidenKuro learns his girlfriend's backstory, then has a meeting with the Hokage.Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2016-12-14 5 
943570Future Naruto Quest XXVKuro has to put his affairs in order before his mandated "vacation"Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2016-12-24 5 
April 2017
1320613Future Naruto Quest InterludeThe return of Kuro Nijiiroh! Sort of. Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2017-04-09 6 
1361143Future Naruto Quest XXVIKuro's return to the Leaf (for real this time!)Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2017-04-21 5 
May 2017
1394373Future Naruto Quest XXVIIKuro refuses promotion by nepotism, spends time with his cousin, and plans a trip to StoneFuture Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2017-05-02 6 
1445657Future Naruto Quest XXVIIIKuro heads to the Stone for a furlough, despite just getting back. Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2017-05-23 3 
June 2017
1501355Future Naruto Quest XXIXKuro embarks on his first solo mission, but enjoys time with Baratsuchi first.Future Naruto Quest, Naruto, Collective Game, Quest, No Country for Good Trips2017-06-05 1 
1500695Good Boy QuestIts a bad story about being a good boyGoodBoyQuest2017-06-06 1 
February 2018
57632629Kamigakari Thread translation and storytimesAnon comes through with scans. Help with translation and character sheet use and development. Misfits in Osaka continues Shizune is awkward.Kamigakari, character sheet, translation, books, scan, google docs, storytime, Ito, Misfits in Osaka, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons2018-02-01 2 
August 2018
61535005Swords of Avalon Starting with a "Lets make a mecha setting" prompt, /tg/ goes Arthurian in space.Mecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian2018-08-22 10 
61597280Swords of Avalon 2Continued work on a Mecha Knight settingMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-08-28 5 
September 2018
61680425Swords of Avalon 3More building of a mecha focused TG homebrewsetting Mecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-09-05 2 
61802014Swords of Avalon 4Continued discussion of a TG homebrew setting, now with space norsesetting Mecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-09-10 2 
61906865Swords of Avalon 5Continued work on tg homebrew mecha settingMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-09-14 2 
October 2018
62177905Swords of Avalon 8Continued work on a homebrew Mecha Knight setting. Lore deepens with many new charactersMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-10-08 3 
62336286Swords of Avalon #10Continued work on SoA Lombard-RT War EditionMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-10-09 1 
62262342Swords of Avalon #9ByZant EditionMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons. ByZant2018-10-10 0 
62423910Swords of Avalon #12More work/details on the setting continuesMecha, Knightly, Good Guy Megacorps, Setting, Arthurian, Dragons2018-10-15 0 
February 2019
3251755 Objectively Good Angel QuestDuma, Angel of Silence and Vindication appearing in a world to cleanse it of evil.Good, Angel2019-02-22 1 
April 2019
3386927The Big Bad Wolf Quest #1Selling nude photos of high school girls is hard work, and totally professional!Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen2019-04-02 6 
3401882The Big Bad Wolf Quest #2Mary's a fellow woman of the trade, Goldilocks is a pervert, and Little Red Riding Hoods has become leashed! Also, cleavage factory.Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen2019-04-08 2 
3416319The Big Bad Wolf Quest #3Morioka starts to break minds, grab ass, grope titties, and make love for eight hours straight.Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen, hentai2019-04-13 1 
3429492The Big Bad Wolf Quest #4Morioka experiences a special Saturday and Kitasawa finally arrives, neatly packaged. Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen, hentai2019-04-19 1 
3445322The Big Bad Wolf Quest #5A decadent-breasted clash between Hanami and Mary has begun at day, Kita's Robin Hood reveal at night! Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen2019-04-23 1 
3456685The Big Bad Wolf Quest #6Goldilocks shows a sign of Morioka's consequence. He later ends up having sex with three of Hanami's personas.Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen, hentai2019-04-29 1 
May 2019
3470733The Big Bad Wolf Quest #7Morioka might've brought a dark elf to his world. But that matters not -- the N.R.O. has come!Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen, hentai2019-05-04 0 
3481461The Big Bad Wolf Quest #8Morioka begins tested copulation with Kitasawa. But QM gets a warning and the thread is archived for some reason.Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen, hentai2019-05-04 1 
3454059Minion Quest: Thread 1-1General Goomba and his loyal crew set sail to aid Bowser in his latest plot!Super Mario, TRPG, General Goomba2019-05-06 1 
3483261The Big Bad Wolf Quest #8.5Morioka is given a late night surprise! The tower is attacked! Mother Goose, The Big Bad Wolf Quest, modern fantasy, fairytales, ecchi, shounen, hentai2019-05-09 1 
3490510Minion Quest: Thread 1-2The threat of the Fury Plague continues!Super Mario, TRPG, General Goomba2019-05-27 1 
June 2019
3562913Undying King Quest #1In which we awaken to insolent adventurers and a broken kingdom.King, Kingdom, Ghost, Wraith, Fantasy, Cleric, Addventurers, Will eventually become a Civ Quest, Undying King Quest, Goodbye QM2019-06-25 3 
July 2019
3615503Undying King Quest #2A much shorter thread, in which we arrive at a riverside fort, get kingnapped, and then used as a flailKing, Kingdom, Ghost, Wraith, Fantasy, Cleric, Adventurers, Will eventually become a Civ Quest, Undying King Quest, Goodbye QM2019-07-12 1 
3629029Black Lagoon Quest #1Episode 1: Iron TortugaMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-07-15 5 
3674190Black Lagoon Quest #2Episode 2: 35 ChambersMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-07-30 5 
August 2019
3701485Joker Quest: Episode 164 (B)We return to the Real, and make a Faustian pact for the return of Best Girl.Joker Quest, Collective Game, The Good Kind of Netorare2019-08-03 10 
3727225Black Lagoon Quest #3Episode 3: TakeoutMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-08-19 2 
September 2019
3774790Black Lagoon Quest #4Episode 4: Tooth and ClawMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-09-08 2 
October 2019
3821395Black Lagoon Quest #4Episode 4: Bush Garden Part 1MachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-10-07 1 
November 2019
3917562Body Horror Quest - 34th VeinToday was a good day. Shu got to meet the Ant Queen and took her family on a relaxing day trip to Laoc...until a flying kaiju came along.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, Francine, slice-of-life, Laoc, Ant Queen, a good day2019-11-19 14 
December 2019
3951968Body Horror Quest - 35th VeinHunger Riots are the worst. They can easily swallow up a town like Laoc whole if Shu doesn't put down the hunger-mad fast enough. Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, Laoc, Hunger Riots, town event, combat, hunger-mad, a good day2019-12-12 13 
January 2020
4006160Body Horror Quest - 36th VeinAnd now for the tedious part after the Laoc hunger riots: cleaning up , level-ups and some heart-to-heart talks for those who need it.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, Laoc, a good day, clean-up, Julia, Gemma2020-01-13 13 
70484710Chuuni alignmentA truly chuuni edgelord drives a rather good discussion of alignment with his autism.that guy, good, evil, alignment, edge2020-01-17 10 
4038281Body Horror Quest - 37th VeinShu leaves Laoc to kill a giant anteater for Ants, and helps out a pair of lovers before being gently reminded that they are being HUNTED.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, Laoc, Ant Queen, a good day, the hunt, hexane2020-01-30 11 
March 2020
71594322Traveller Character CreationA Character Creation thread with the Traveller system, resulting in a female version of Jabba the Huth, ending as a thug in a space prison.Traveller, Character Creation, Annalise Whitechaple, Whitechaple, Character, Creation, Mongoose2020-03-23 1 
May 2020
72871780"Are there any other serious sci-fi settings like Warhammer 40K?""In which the question of 40K's (non)seriousness and the Imperium's (lack of) goodness and necessity is settled. /pol/tards btfo get rektWarhammer, 40K, serious, seriousness, good, goodness, necessary, necessity, Imperium, sperg2020-05-29 9 
November 2021
5015255Lolimort Quest #2First spells learned, an interview with an Irishman, and a stroll through the slums.Lolimort Quest, Tammy Morgana Riddle, CHARISMA, Rich Witch Bitch, Timmy is a good noodle 2021-11-13 3 
April 2022
5196847HELP WANTED! Yet Another Facility Management Quest #5 An American soldier is finally put to rest, cowboys prepare to invade, and C-0RA finally took her meds.Administrator, Collective Game, Lobotomy Corporation, Fan Quest, Coffee Addiction, Emily is a good robot2022-04-26 7 
July 2022
5294551Modern Blue Goblin (Mythic RPG)Muhammad Saiful, a violent blue goblin, explores Singapore. A Google Street View quest. Collective, Google Street View, Modern, Random, RPG, Satire, Singapore, Wux2022-07-02 4 
5310387Communist War Criminal Waifu We're a young man who falls in love with a lovely nun. After we discover clues about her past, we have to decide what road to follow.OP QM, Black Lagoon, Rosarita, War Criminal, Nun, Communist, F.A.R.C., Colombia2022-07-21 0 
September 2023
5745384Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 14Abandoned by his gods, the Dragonborn hunts down a former friend to regain his power... And risks losing everything he loves and holds dear.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, demonology, necromancy, mind control, bad end, good end, harem ending2023-09-26 9 
February 2024
5911016Gotham Goon QuestAnons create an aspiring drug lord. A fat man is thrown into woodchipper. QM has a breakdown. Free for a good home.DC, Goon, Gotham, Comics, Collective Game2024-02-08 6 
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