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March 2013
23882683Black Lagoon RPGOP asks how you'd run a Black Lagoon game. Great discussion is had.black lagoon, awesome, RPG, recommendation2013-03-26 6 
July 2019
3629029Black Lagoon Quest #1Episode 1: Iron TortugaMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-07-15 5 
3674190Black Lagoon Quest #2Episode 2: 35 ChambersMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-07-30 5 
August 2019
3727225Black Lagoon Quest #3Episode 3: TakeoutMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-08-19 2 
September 2019
3774790Black Lagoon Quest #4Episode 4: Tooth and ClawMachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-09-08 2 
October 2019
3821395Black Lagoon Quest #4Episode 4: Bush Garden Part 1MachPunch, Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon Quest, BLQ2019-10-07 1 
July 2022
5310387Communist War Criminal Waifu We're a young man who falls in love with a lovely nun. After we discover clues about her past, we have to decide what road to follow.OP QM, Black Lagoon, Rosarita, War Criminal, Nun, Communist, F.A.R.C., Colombia2022-07-21 0 
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