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November 2009
6558083Exalted 101Despite a little meandering, this topic soon became quite the primer for anyone asking after Exalted.Exalted, Exalted 101, newbie seeking help2009-11-04 2 
April 2012
18557635Ancient Abyss Evo GameEvolution happens yet again in an isolated underwater ecosystem turned tectonic trench.Collective Game, Primordial, Glub, Crub, Seekeed, Kwenom, Skrimp2012-04-06 1 
December 2012
22000241QUICK, HIDE!99, 98, 97...hide, seek, hide & seek, dc80 escape artist, simple games2012-12-13 6 
22042204Necromancer Storytime #2OP returns with more storytime about an NG necromancer and his group of Truthseekersnecromancer, storytime, DnD, morality, truthseekers2012-12-15 15 
July 2013
26215956/tg/ does scienceAnon starts That Guy thread. Other anons find the OP pic hot and commence scienceing to find out why.SCIENCE!, Classic Blunder, derail, funny, why boner, seeking answer to why boner, Soul Eater, Maka, bonerology2013-07-25 43 
August 2013
26903501Hide and SeekWhat starts off as a thinly-veiled parody of edition wars culminates in a discussion of a time-honored classic and its variantstraditional game, hide and seek2013-08-30 4 
May 2014
32247033Deep Breath worldbuildingWe continue the worldbuilding marathon of Solod; it's been 24 hours, and it's still running.fantasy, setting, worldbuilding, homebrew, god, Solod, Deep, halfling are demonic deathseekers and orcs are junkpunk-borgs treants2014-05-21 4 
July 2015
41184684Girls und Panzer Quest: Glory SeekerYou are Gloria Sotohiko, and you just blew all your command points to lose a Pershing that was chasing your Flag tank.Collective Game, Girls und Panzer, Glory Seeker, Quest, TheDoctorIsIN2015-07-14 5 
August 2017
1720414Seeker Quest 1A fantasy RPGSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-08-06 23 
1744324Seeker Quest 2A fantasy RPGSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-08-06 7 
1767640Seeker Quest 3A fantasy RPGSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-08-17 7 
1790017Seeker Quest 4A fantasy RPGSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-08-22 4 
September 2017
1810789Seeker Quest 5A fantasy RPGSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-09-04 3 
1853154Seeker Quest 6A fantasy RPGSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-09-16 3 
1872858Seeker Quest 7The seeker hunts down monsters in a cave. Control temporarily switches to another character.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-09-22 3 
1895867Seeker Quest 8Finished some quests and collected rewardsSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-09-30 3 
October 2017
1919628Seeker Quest 9Our heroes track down some bandits to bring them to justice.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG2017-10-08 3 
1942033Seeker Quest 10Christof gets rekt by some bandits and then tries to reenact Iron Man's origin story.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-10-15 4 
1968905Seeker Quest 11After some auditions two new party members join the team.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-10-21 4 
1996576Seeker Quest 12The party fights skeletals and levels upSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-10-28 4 
November 2017
2041105Seeker Quest 13Party member backstory and leveling up charactersSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-11-11 3 
2081466Seeker Quest 14A goblin fort is razed and the party meet a witch with some informationSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-11-27 4 
December 2017
2104545Seeker Quest 15Slime extermination missionSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-12-04 3 
2117284Seeker Quest 16Mud golem leg amputation partySeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2017-12-10 2 
2137221Seeker Quest 17Taking on an orc with lots of traps and weaponsseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2017-12-16 3 
2156005Seeker Quest 18Fight against Alina's familyseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2017-12-25 3 
January 2018
2206785Seeker Quest 19Hobos, giant trees and professional wrestlingseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-01-13 4 
2227085Seeker Quest 20The temple of disrespected god statuesseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-01-20 4 
2246141Seeker Quest 21The hat episodeseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-01-27 3 
February 2018
2266105Seeker Quest 22World building library episodeseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-02-05 4 
2299167Seeker Quest 23Fight against an illusionistseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-02-18 4 
2323524Seeker Quest 24Fight against a really tough guy with and axeseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-02-25 4 
March 2018
2356868Seeker Quest 25Upgrading and purchasing magic items from the relic shopseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-03-11 3 
2375319Seeker Quest 26Return to Leefside to deal with the orc problem once and for all. Also Ulric and Alina polymorph into birds.seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-03-18 3 
2400589Seeker Quest 27Alina and Ulric perform espionage in the form of birdsseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-03-24 4 
April 2018
2415782Seeker Quest 28Salaman and Christof receive a ransom letterseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-04-06 3 
2479057Seeker Quest 29A little skirmish against the orcs before the liberation commencesseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-04-27 3 
May 2018
2579538Seeker Quest 30At the army camp, waiting for the battle to beginseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-05-27 3 
July 2018
2697222Seeker Quest 31The human and orc forces clash in the town of Clarcton.seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-07-16 3 
August 2018
2750726Seeker Quest 32Trying to fight in a room covered in grease and spider webs.seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-08-03 3 
2786841Seeker Quest 33Part I of the fight against the orc generalseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-08-20 3 
2802420Seeker Quest 34Part II of the fight against the orc generalseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, rpg, drawquest2018-08-20 4 
September 2018
2839196Seeker Quest 35The battle is all but won, some warriors desert the battle to loot the town.seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, draw quest2018-09-07 2 
2856338Seeker Quest 36After battle celebration, Christof takes the opportunity to speak with the Arch-DukeSeeker Quest, fantasy, dolomite, draw quest2018-09-14 3 
October 2018
2913571Seeker Quest 37Christof and Ulric have a disagreementSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2018-10-10 2 
2950839Seeker Quest 38Christof beats the shit out of Ulric and then the party gets surrounded by bloodthirsty jabberwocksseeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-10-18 3 
December 2018
3069699Seeker Quest 39Suspiciously well equipped bandits ambush the party in a crystal cave.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-04 3 
3087623Seeker Quest 40The illusion wielding bandits are defeated. Christof takes his team onwards to the lair of the dark wizards and meets a hostile transmuter.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-10 3 
3099627Seeker Quest 41Fight against the traitorous Salaman and his sister IkaraSeeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-16 3 
3115597Seeker Quest 42The group leaves Salaman in jail and goes on to complete the mission without him. A strange necromancer offers some potions to help. Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2018-12-31 2 
January 2019
3159460Seeker Quest 43The party flees through the night under hail and torrential rain. A creature of the night ambushes them.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2019-01-13 3 
3177187Seeker Quest 44A large wizard battle commences. Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2019-01-21 3 
3194255Seeker Quest 45The wicked sorcerers are defeated but their leader manages to escape.Seeker quest, dolomite, fantasy, RPG, draw quest2019-01-27 3 
February 2019
3211514Seeker Quest 46In which we round up all the evil sorcerer clone children.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2019-02-04 2 
3251561Seeker Quest 47After some discussion with Shornas and Shawel Shawel joins the party. Kalim arrives but some of the children have run away.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2019-02-15 2 
3268439Seeker Quest 48The party searches for the runaway children. Christof almost purges a uncooperative goblin and the party fights a band of slavers by a riverSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2019-02-23 3 
March 2019
3290450Seeker Quest 49While planning to sneak attack a band of partying goblins the slavers return and force a fight.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2019-03-05 4 
April 2019
3377787Seeker Quest 50The end of the clone children arc.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2019-04-04 2 
June 2019
3595409Seeker Quest 51Christof leads the party to Castle Malgrave.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2019-06-29 2 
July 2019
3613751Seeker Quest 52The party attacks some unusual demons. It seems they know you by name.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2019-07-07 3 
3636068Seeker Quest 53The party is forced into a difficult battle against some demonettes. They're forced to retreat, but an undead adversary blocks their path.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2019-07-20 2 
August 2019
3676052Seeker Quest 54Reunion with the SalamanSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2019-08-05 4 
October 2019
3805718Seeker Quest 55Meeting the Wish GranterSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2019-10-02 2 
3858507Seeker Quest 56Three wishes are made. The party encounters the demon Al'GokozSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2019-10-21 2 
November 2019
3887587Seeker Quest 57Algokoz fight part 1Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2019-11-10 2 
December 2019
3956457Seeker Quest 58End of Malgrave Arc. The party builds a raft to travel up the river to the city of the dead. Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2019-12-25 3 
January 2020
4003940Seeker Quest 59The lobster monster thingy episodeSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2020-01-23 2 
February 2020
4040106Seeker Quest 60The party reaches the necropolis of Tywardreath, Alina and a group of summoned minions scale the walls to open the gates from the inside.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2020-02-11 1 
March 2020
4080808Seeker Quest 61The party infiltrates Tywardreath, then has to rendevouzSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2020-03-05 2 
April 2020
4133765Seeker Quest 62The party creeps through the dead city to the Archduke's forward baseSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2020-04-04 3 
4174773Seeker Quest 63The coomer episodeSeeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2020-04-23 2 
May 2020
4212044Seeker Quest 64The quest is now a skirmish.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest 2020-05-16 1 
June 2020
4259550Seeker Quest 65Lich boss fight.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2020-06-07 2 
July 2020
4306285Seeker Quest FinalThe final showdown between Christof and the djinn Dhabul the Tyrant.Seeker Quest, Dolomite, Fantasy, RPG, drawquest2020-07-08 2 
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