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January 2013
22781206Fixing Naruto as an RPG settingWhat starts as a question about using Legends of the Wulin for a Naruto RPG ends in a thorough discussion on how to fix its many problems to make it work as a setting, as well as commentary on other shonen series and their strenght as a possible RPG settinghomebrew, shonen, thread derailment, Naruto, One Piece, Soul Eater, setting discussion2013-01-26 5 
July 2013
26215956/tg/ does scienceAnon starts That Guy thread. Other anons find the OP pic hot and commence scienceing to find out why.SCIENCE!, Classic Blunder, derail, funny, why boner, seeking answer to why boner, Soul Eater, Maka, bonerology2013-07-25 39 
26222942Soul Eater Hombrew Brainstorm IBaby steps of the Soul Eater Hombrew.Homebrew, Soul Eater, Anime, Manga, Maka2013-07-25 0 
26244087Soul Eater HomebrewSoul Eater HomebrewSoul Eater Homebrew, Homebrew2013-07-26 8 
26296933Soul Eater Homebrew: Take 2Less shame. More game.Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-07-29 5 
26339959Soul Eater Hombrew: third time's the charmMeisters, Weapons and Magic.Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-07-31 4 
August 2013
26458499Soul Eater HomeBREW: The Phantom SystemSEHB starts back up again. Will it killed by the eventual Soul Eater Quest? Will they ever agree on game mechanics?Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-08-06 2 
26472980Soul Eater: The Grim Times Part 1In which anons create Dirk, a Soul-powered mercenary not-a-Jojo character and punch a punk's block off.collective game, Soul Eater, Soul Eater Quest, Jojo2013-08-07 7 
26529265Soul Eater: The Grim Times Part 2In which Dirk is accused for murders, gets paid and has an uneventful trip back to Eva.collective game, Soul Eater, Soul Eater Quest2013-08-10 8 
26568388Soul Eater HomeBREW: The Samefag WarsThe SEHB attempts to live in a post final chapter of Soul Eater and the beginning of the Soul Eater Quest world. Will it survive or is it just another flash in the pan?Soul Eater, Homebrew, Anime, Manga2013-08-12 2 
26604167Soul Eater: The Grim Times Part 3In which Dirk has a fashback to 'A Chance Meeting In the Middle' of his life with some one-eyed old man.collective game, Soul Eater, Soul Eater Quest2013-08-14 6 
October 2016
666621Wolfgang's Jumpquest Thread 10In which we fight aliens, almost die, and Jump to Soul Eater.Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-09 2 
680813Wolfgang's Jumpquest Thread 11In which we explore the world of Soul Eater!Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-09 1 
718256DWMA Quest #1We meet Tony Starbrine, a Meister at the DWMA. He meets an island girl, lights her on fire, stands up to a god... And that's just day one.DWMA Quest, Lord Death, Tony Starbrine, Soul Eater2016-10-18 23 
697205Wolfgang's (SAO) Quest Part 12In which OP takes a few days off, Wolfgang learns to use his powers, and we start a fight with a Witch!Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-21 2 
732114DWMA Quest #2Tony does well on a test, has private time with two girls, and encounters a Kishin Egg.Tony Starbrine, DWMA Quest, Soul Eater, Lord Death2016-10-25 20 
729249Wolfgang's Jumpquest Thread 13In which we found a weapon partner, kicked a clown's ass, and OP got so furious at the world he had to stop writing for several days.Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Nadia, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-28 1 
November 2016
775676DWMA Quest #3Tony has his first real fight, gets ambushed by a witch, and somehow comes out unharmed. Also, he bullies the little girl.Tony Starbrine, DWMA Quest, Soul Eater, Lord Death2016-11-02 22 
803390DWMA Quest #4Tony meets the Elite Neet, discusses 2D harem strats, and is caught alone with a girl by her father.Tony Starbrine, DWMA Quest, Soul Eater, Lord Death2016-11-08 16 
825319DWMA Quest #5Tony trains his soul, gets a part-time job, and finally goes to a real class... only to get stomped.Tony Starbrine, DWMA Quest, Soul Eater, Lord Death2016-11-14 15 
December 2016
933424DWMA Quest #7Tony gets to his dorms, works a job, and gets caught red-handed.Tony Starbrine, DWMA Quest, Soul Eater, Lord Death2016-12-13 11 
953734DWMA Quest #8Tony has classes, increases stats, and learns magic!Tony Starbrine, DWMA Quest, Soul Eater, Lord Death2016-12-22 11 
January 2017
1020716DWMA Quest #9Tony plays wingman, goes it alone, and runs away to victory.Soul Eater, DWMA Quest, Tony Starbrine, Lord Death2017-01-09 14 
December 2019
3930603Soul Eater Grim Tales #1Join us as we start off this coming of age adventure with our three protagonist Francis, Candace and Miguel as they head to Shibusen.Soul Eater Quest, Lord Death, AU, Multiple Protagonists, Collective Game2019-12-07 0 
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