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June 2008
1975920Kids vrs. ZombiesAn inquisitor prestige class build request segues into little kids fighting zombies, gurps, and mind reading.GURPS, Zombies, Little Fears, Kids, namefaggotry2008-06-12 6 
2047216Little Folk/tg/ brainstorms about a game where all the people in the world suddenly find themselves 2 inches tall.Little Folk, RPG discussion2008-06-21 35 
November 2008
3059084Dark Heresy Campaign WritefaggotrySomeone's DH campaign arc ended. They wrote up the results in dense, hard-to-read format. Discussion of what to do with the little girl one PC rescued from a chaos orphanage and subsequently adopted ensuesDark Heresy, writefag, little girl2008-11-26 8 
June 2009
4732463Sailor moon suddenly invades /tg/Disturbingly, some of our fa/tg/guys know sailor moon in intimate detail.Sailor moon, magical girls, want to be the little girl, wtf2009-06-01 2 
4748059Merrygate and friendsImagedump of Merrygate from AC:4A turns to a general discussion on mecha ending in the creation of an Armored Core homebrew system. And Anonymous rejoiced.Armored Core, dat ass, dem titties2009-06-03 6 
4941851What not to do with little girls.Anonymous asks how to get rid of a little girl NPC stalking his party. Just when the thread can't get any worse, it is saved by a grimdark derail.little girl, bad DM, Dark Heresy, awesome DM2009-06-20 6 
August 2009
5431157Six Million Dollar ChanLittle amputee girl is going to be Six Million Dollar Chan. Further exploring the reconstruction of a surviving guro victim.dawww, sad little girl, cyborg, reconstruction2009-08-13 7 
5538301Archaeological report on humansArchaeologists of an alien civilization squabble about the curious properties of the perplexing human race.Collective game, hilarity, alien report, little purple tube2009-08-21 2 
October 2009
6390231Real Life QuestThe OP decides to try out a quest thread - Hits home and takes offQuest, Roleplay, Little sister, Life, Real, Real, Life, NeckBeard2009-10-23 3 
May 2010
9816575Gritty magical girlsIdeas for gritty magical!girls settings. magical girls, gritty, grimdark, idea thread2010-05-14 1 
October 2010
12416077My Little PonyStats for the various speices of MLP and an observation on the enslaving of malesMLP, my little pony2010-10-13 10 
12591983temptationsThread starts out asking about /tg/'s dirty little gaming secrets, gets derailed with an argument over Paladins, and ends in story time. /tg/ in a nutshellstorytime, dirty little secrets, Waffle house Millionaire2010-10-28 4 
December 2010
13237239Biggs and Big IronWhat starts out as a wizarding troll thread becomes one of an epic tale of one Goliath and the hammer that broke an entire campaign. Includes a sarcastic bro-priest, a rules lawyer of justice, a little girl and a CE barbarian who gains levels in Paladin of Freedom after killing a man 3 times his level. Contains copious amounts of heroics and fuck the GM.Shit GM, That Guy, Biggs, HAMMERTIME, Little Girl, Paladin, storytime2010-12-21 23 
February 2011
13801279All Teched Up With Nowhere To GoWhat starts as a simple roleplaying horror stories thread turns interesting when one of the named GMs turns up and /tg/ learns the value of Teching Up.That Guy, Freeform, shitty games, horror stories, Tech Up2011-02-06 20 
May 2011
14976361Girl QuestA girl named Issabella lives alone in the forest, and as far as she can remember, the world. When threatened by an invader, she must use her imagination to win the ensuing battle. But why has someone else appeared so suddenly?collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-19 5 
14987470Girl Quest Chapter 2Issabella's instinct to protect Mallory despite her past gets her in trouble.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map, Issabella, Mallory, Penelope2011-05-20 5 
14997995Girl Quest Chapter 3The players get a fresh start due to Issabella's sudden defeat. Mild meta-shenanigans ensue, along with hints as to what is actually going on, and another battle.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-21 5 
15008341Girl Quest Chapter 4Titania has tea, cake, and attempts to build an empire out of two girls and a frog.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-22 5 
15019784Girl Quest Chapter 5Titania manages the world that she now owns.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-23 2 
15054705Girl Quest Chapter 6Titania gains some magical power from... something. Lawful evil science is used to narrow down what that specific thing is.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-26 4 
June 2011
15330682Sargent ScramblesWhat starts off as a "fight the necrons" thread quickly turns into Pokemon 40kNecrons, blood angels, pokemon, ripper, DICKS, Skittles, Awesome, Quest2011-06-21 17 
July 2011
15492650CazaclawCombining two of the most terrifying monsters ever to create the thing of nightmares.Fallout, New Vegas, Cazador, Deathclaw, Pants shitting, tarrasque2011-07-06 10 
August 2011
15820617Bittersweet Turned HopefulRequest thread is hijacked by bittersweet stories. One guy is reminded of a girl he knew long ago, and finally gets in touch with her during the thread. Great Romantic Success is had.d'aw, hope, hopeful, good end, bittersweet, memories2011-08-05 37 
January 2012
17531267My Little Paranoia: Friendship is MandatoryOP proposes Paranoia set in the universe of My Little Pony. /tg/ keeps its shit together long enough to get things done.Paranoia, ponies, homebrew, setting, My Little Pony, friendship, My Little Paranoia2012-01-14 11 
February 2012
17967339Zerg Quest LXXIVDaleks fighting toad-men in a refinery? Yeah, that happened.Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Dyles, Zergleks, I'm feeling a little gassy tonight2012-02-16 11 
May 2012
19112522Kindheitstrauma Playing Children Homebrew/tg/ collects point buy drawbacks for a childhood horror game, remembers own childhood, is being awesome.Mommy is sick, Daddy gets mad, My brother is dead, Mommy's Icky Friend, Divorced, Little Princess, Beaten, My Little Robot, Bad Touch, Jog Dad, Little Sunshine, In the System, Our Pride, Evil?, On Ritalin, Home Alone, Moving Again, I'm a Mistake2012-05-16 22 
July 2012
19993725The Ponyverse is horrifying/tg/ has a reasonable discussion about My Little Pony, mostly picking out the implications of horrifying classism and how Celestia has apparently designed her own Orwellian utopia (because it actually works)My Little Pony, civil discussion, how is this even happening2012-07-22 37 
August 2012
20165003Scraplootas cont'dMore fluff, more drawings, Blue gets a funstikOrkz, homebrew, Blue, tau, eldar, fanseer, Boris, Fizzgutz, Threegrot, Dirknitt2012-08-04 7 
October 2012
20962727Civilization Game Part 23A cultural exchange, discovery of a holy site, the River Brothers get humanitarian aid and everything is wonderful.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-10-03 5 
November 2012
21673404Civilization Game Part 41The tribe prepares for the battle to come throughout the winter months, but Derrik returns with the news that they will be expected...Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-11-21 5 
21703293Civilization Game Part 42The tribes plans are uncovered by their enemies! With food running low, the Riverlands Concord is signed and the warband prepares to set forth!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-11-23 2 
21778405Civilization Game Part 43The warband departs, ready for... Well what do you expect? Meanwhile back home, disaster strikes with the harvest! Man, I knew they forgot SOMETHING!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-11-28 5 
January 2013
22817457Molten GoldWhat begins with OP telling his plans for what happens to 20000GP worth of molten gold poured into a Bag of Holding turns to a discussion on other sorts of tricks he could pull on the party instead. A nightmarish river of kittens is involved.Gold, Coins, Kittens, Molten, Bag of Holding2013-01-28 6 
February 2013
23394127Trickster Daemon QuestIn which Anomaly is freed from it's prison, and on a whim, chooses to protect a small girl named Mari.Collective Game, Daemon, Not The Little Girl, Trickster Daemon Quest2013-02-27 27 
March 2013
23614573/tg/ against the FaeOP comes to /tg/ with a tale of mind-control fetishry and bad GM railroading, /tg/ proceeds to create weapons of mass fae destruction.Fae, railroading, shitty_gm, revenge2013-03-11 13 
June 2013
25267569Warhammer Fantasy QuestDA ORKIEST QUEST YOU EVER DUN PLAYED IN We got uz some boyz, did kunnin brutality, and brutal kunnin', gork, we got it allCollective Game Naffzod Beardsplitter Ork Quest2013-06-06 6 
July 2013
26122431Jerkoff Thread 52Some more bitches die unnecessarily grimderp deaths.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Waifus, Slice of Life, Grimderp, Edgy, Mecha, Not mechas, Waifus, Dead Waifus, Waifu Wars, Waifus are really the main draw of the quest you know, Its written by a girl so you know its good!2013-07-20 16 
26135904Detergent Quest - UncappedBecause we really need more quest threads where no one actually runs a quest on this board.Collective Game, Bleach, A reference to that one shitty overblown magical girl anime, recap episodes always suck2013-07-21 21 
September 2013
27344108Eclipse Phase: Captain SilkbeardOne anon walks us through Eclipse Phases' life path character creation system. Dutch spider-pirates ensue.character cretion, eclipse phase, sci fi, spiders, lulz, lol, awesome, holland, knitting, weed, whores2013-09-21 13 
October 2013
27488162All-children ADVENTURE party ideasOP asks if an all-kids adventuring party would be acceptable. /tg/ jumps on the idea and awesome ensues.campaign ideas, campaign, Children, Adventure, loli, /tg/_gets_shit_done, I wish to be the little girl, Monsters, Digimon, Game Ideas, little fears2013-10-02 16 
February 2014
30453585BoatmurderedSome Swede-fag tells /tg/ a story of the time he sent his players into boatmurdured.Storytiem, Pathfinder,Exploding Dice, Shitting the queen,D20,Boatmurdered, Dwarf Fortress2014-02-24 17 
March 2014
30638206Tim Quest OneshotTim, unknowingly to him, is stuck in a sort of time loop. As the loop goes on, his co-workers gradually disappear before only he is left.Collective Game, Shitty Drawquest, Quest, Tim Quest2014-03-05 0 
May 2014
32359019Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 2Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, Manliness, Anaru, ToothpicksA fallen hero rises from the battleground and enters a fight that only he can settle. With a little help from Mako, of course.2014-05-26 6 
July 2014
33233112A Tale of Witches: Chapter FourMaria of House Antioch, bearer of the raven seal and a couple other titles learns that even smartasses are often more kind and loyal than you might expect. Also featuring twins, a vanishing QM and lots of speculah.A Tale Of Witches, collective game, female protagonist, original setting, Weisman, gitting gud2014-07-07 16 
33291618A Tale of Witches: Chapter fiveMINDREADING LECTURE, fuck yea. Oh and everyone is late including Eriadne, Maria and Weisman. Especially Weisman.A Tale Of Witches, collective game, female protagonist, original setting, Weisman, gitting gud2014-07-10 16 
33560253Dark Eldar playing PretendTypical Dark Eldar discussion.warhammer, 40k, dark eldar, itt, roleplay, rpg, commoragh, decadence2014-07-22 2 
August 2014
33884947Crafting a Cute Singularity FamiliarThe OP claims to have stumbled across a black hole while adventuring, and wants to turn it into a "problem" disposal system disguised as a cute young girl. A bit of fluff and hard science is discussed.black hole, singularity, familiar, monster girl, wizard, golem, little girl2014-08-06 14 
February 2015
37756776Modern Knight Quest #6Ser Aldrich continues his quest ay the Museum of Natural Histor, where dark forces grow below...little more about modern dispositions Collective Game, Modern Knight Quest, Knight, Time Travel, Dread2015-02-03 5 
March 2015
38492486Khornette Quest #24Cinder goes too hard and then has to travel to the past to try and commit suicide to prevent Ignitrix from being pissed. Needless to say, nothing goes to plan.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Time is bullshit, Not as Planned, Stop Hitting Yourself, ELH2015-03-06 12 
38971390Extranatural Enforcer Quest #1Jason has to save some newbie's asses, is very aware of the dangers of windows, and then hooks his basebal bat up on a few dates with some elves and an ogres nutsacks.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Mittens Made With Love2015-03-28 10 
April 2015
39180728Extranatural Enforcer Quest #3Jason emulates a cosmetics sales agent when he visits a drug dealer who turned on LL, which is to say he gets into a fight, throws magical crack everywhere and then gets into a car chase. Back at the office he finally gets some info out of the Druid in the basement.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Mittens Made With Love2015-04-07 10 
39200202Extranatural Enforcer Quest #4Jason goes to see Uncle Frank and then heads back to the office to have a chat with his favorite magic crack fiend who decides that he would rather live with bowel and prostate cancer and gives up the goods on his operation. Then Jason finally goes and burns Kendall’s fucking magic crack-den house down. Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Mittens Made With Love2015-04-08 7 
39428640Extranatural Enforcer Quest #8Jason goes full Vaas on some surprisingly well learned drug dealers, finds out he'll be working with the men in black, and then gets his Vader on for meeting the men in black.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Mittens Made With Love2015-04-19 6 
39471839Extranatural Enforcer Quest #9Jason sets out to reconnoiter where the raid will be happening, has a close call with a fae hound, then goes for a swim before finally calling his Ma. He then chats with the LT about contingency plans.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love2015-04-21 8 
39550009Extranatural Enforcer Quest #10Jason navigates the minefield that is flirting with a terrifying and horny cougar who knows how to slice you up and stich you back together in order to get medical assistance for the upcoming raid. Amber then kicks the festivities off at the raid by well ventilating the roof and several fae hounds, seriously woman, remember the fundamentals and use your sights.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love, Goddammit Danzig2015-04-25 6 
May 2015
39695078Extranatural Enforcer Quest 11Wherein Reinhardt breaks everything: Petunias, Pelvis', and Promises to Promiscuous Physicians.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love, Goddammit Danzig2015-05-02 6 
39949689GM vs. That Guy: Dark Heresy editionA GM and a That Guy hash it out on /tg/ in front of everyone. Logs were posted, macros were made, laughs were had.GM, That Guy, Dark Heresy, Skittles, Star Wars Episode 2, drama, ow the edge2015-05-14 14 
June 2015
40628621Extranatural Enforcer Quest #12Jason is all healed up and gets some new tats as well as some new runes on his beloved bat, then goes to see the LT and her fancy new mahogany desk to get his next task; getting a mage on the payroll, and sets off to interview the first candidate who turns out to be a magical flying dwarf NEET.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love2015-06-16 6 
40742300Extranatural Enforcer Quest #13Jason finishes up interviewing the not so mundane candidates for LL's magical vacancy by interviewing a wannabe rockstar Geothurge who's hair gel is likely seeping into his brain and reacquainting himself with a familiar Elf Druid who is afraid of wood chippers.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love2015-06-22 6 
July 2015
41354878Extranatural Enforcer Quest #17Jason stops by his favorite vertically challenged mage's family's home for dinner and apple tart, then LT interrupts his evening before he can get to the apple tart to talk business and politics, I bet she stole it for herself.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love2015-07-21 10 
August 2015
41735474Extranatural Enforcer Quest #18Jason is so good at his job, our enemies outsource to us to threaten our own boss. Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love2015-08-08 5 
October 2015
43081579Home brewed reworking of Bioshock RPGOP asks for input to work Tonics into spell systems. /tg/ runs off with it into the direction of it's own game system. Crunch ensues.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-20 6 
43219967Home brewed Bioshock RPG #2Continuing from the first thread.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-24 0 
43332824Home brewed Bioshock RPG #3More crunch added along with discussions about how real life tech on building on the bottom of the sea. Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-31 1 
November 2015
43453917Home brewed Bioshock RPG #4New Homebrew guy posts up parts of the Alpha phase RPG and anons start to dig in to get shit done.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-05 0 
43540626Home brewed Bioshock RPG #5Status effects, Melee weapons and conditions are worked on. 3D IRL table top figurines are made as well.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-11 0 
April 2016
46700945Script Kitten Quest #1First Episode of Script Kitten Questscript_kitten_quest, skq, cyberpunk, collective_game, catgirl, waifu2016-04-16 3 
46766232Shitty Spookym QuestCertainly lives up to it's name.Shitty, The Spookster, SSQ, Collective Game2016-04-19 7 
June 2016
276655Hill Giant Civ Quest IVAfter the events of Amberly, the giants and humans agreed to a year-long ceasefire. These are the events that transpired during it.Hill Giant Civ Quest IV, hill giant, Hill Giant Civ Quest, Collective Game, Civilization, civ, shitty dragon battle2016-06-22 1 
December 2016
920796Shitty Bard Quest: #1A commoner with a guitar passes as a bard. Carnival games ensue.SBQ, Shitty Bard Quest, Shitty, Bard, BardQM, Collective Game2016-12-10 12 
933651A Lazy Quest About Magical Girls And StuffThe new member of a trainee magicians team makes a really bad impression and helps blow up monsters. As in explosions. Lots of them.LQAMG, mitty, Collective Game2016-12-13 4 
956529A Lazy Quest About Magical Girls And Stuff #2Where a team of magician trainees get literally railroaded. And then blow stuff up.LQAMG, mitty, Collective Game2016-12-21 5 
976651A Lazy Quest About Magical Girls And Stuff #3Where a team of magician trainees enter some weird alternate reality and go through a festival in search of things to blow up.LQAMG, mitty, Collective Game2016-12-28 4 
January 2017
987786A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #1An autistic goatgirl with a shovel and a bucket wanders the land for adventure.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-02 26 
998168A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #2An autistic goatgirl bonks someone on the head, meets people, and goes into town.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-04 18 
1011675A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #3An autisticute goatgirl meets some adventurers, causes a minor heart attack, and goes to sleep.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-07 14 
1027034A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #4An autistic goatgirl runs off to find a big snake.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-10 14 
1044821A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #5An autistic goat gives a bird a name, says goodbyes, and meets a walking bush.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-17 13 
1073258A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #6A fairy does fairy things in the village of bush people, and a goat stabs a branch with a shovel.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-24 12 
1088976A Sword's Exile #1A snow-covered land. A young girl with little more than her memories, and her blade.SEQ, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-28 5 
1099727A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #7An autistic goatgirl participates in a frog experiment and gets listless.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, Collective Game2017-01-31 8 
February 2017
1127609A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #8A wolf-girl searches for her goat, witnesses a bug be useful in a prison break, and runs into a lot of birds.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-02-07 10 
1159630A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #9A goat-girl encounters a man and his birds, accomplishes a stealth mission, and then comes right back for a face-full of feathers.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-02-15 11 
1189562A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #10The confrontation with the Baroness. The curtain call for the rebellion at Silvercrest. GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-02-24 12 
March 2017
1216571A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #11A short thread. An epilogue to the first arc. A slice of life before the journey starts again.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-03-01 8 
1268492A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #12A sheep does nothing useful, and a goat sings a siren song for a ball of fluff.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-03-17 8 
1297158A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #13A goatgirl meets a strange not-person, then a strange earth-person, then eats some mushrooms.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-03-26 7 
April 2017
1331641A Sword's Exile: Shooting StarsA girl carrying a stained blade. A hunt for a great and dangerous beast. Parallel tales, and the two that seek their conclusions.swordexile, mitts2017-04-05 8 
1342839A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #14A goatgirl walks around a big city, decides not to REMOVE UNDEAD, and gets dressed up.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-04-08 11 
1363461A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #15A goat feeds leaves to a tortoise, has something sweet, and visits a classroom.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-04-16 7 
1387449A Sword's Exile #2A sudden pursuit. A place of shadows that belong elsewhere. A meeting with one left behind.swordexile, mitts2017-04-24 5 
1408627A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #16A goat talks with a nice old teacher, meets little metal constructs, and does some learning about the world around her.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-04-30 7 
May 2017
1430755A Sword's Exile #3A madness. A town, a land dyed red. A girl that seeks answers, and another chance.swordexile, mitts2017-05-10 5 
1473799A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #17Night. A goat makes a decision, and looks for a friend.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-05-20 7 
1497501A Goat-Girl's Fantasy Quest #18Struggles with things from the outside. Dawn, and an ending.GFQ, autisticgoatgirls, mitty, mitts, Collective Game2017-05-27 8 
July 2017
1559347New World Evo 2Oozes learned their tragic past. Skitters suck. Zombie trees are spreading influence. Ooze, skitter, spore, volcano, team game2017-07-04 2 
August 2017
1716509RWBY: Gemini Quest #5Whitaker discovers what's under Penny's skin, a plot to rob beacon, his acting abilities, and some monkey troubles.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-02 24 
1734328RWBY: Gemini Quest #6In which the cat is let out of the bag, Yang and Whitaker duke it out, Whitaker makes a pun and a plan to crash a club.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-09 24 
1767163RWBY: Gemini Quest #7Solid Whitaker busts a club, arrests the crook, goes bowling and wakes up in a strange place.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-16 23 
1778726RWBY: Gemini Quest #8Team SPWB takes a day off to go to check out the beach.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-24 23 
September 2017
1824490RWBY: Gemini Quest #9The Schnees take a break from the rest of the team, forgetting a constant of the universe: Whitaker Schnee does not get to take breaks.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-09-07 22 
1863107RWBY: Gemini Quest #10Whitaker and Weiss do exercises and learn exactly how much damage you can do with a single Fire Dust crystal.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-09-20 22 
1884279RWBY: Gemini Quest #11Jaune puts up a shockingly good fight and Whitaker calls home to mother.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-09-25 22 
October 2017
1930897Shitty Acting Quest 1The adventures of Gabriel Lincoln, newbie actor and crit-addict.shitty acting quest, collective game2017-10-06 30 
1931327RWBY: Gemini Quest #12Whitaker and Blake share a lesson about the importance of family, and one of Whitaker's hidden enemies finally makes her move.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-10-12 20 
2Shitty Acting Quest 2Gabriel continues training for his first big role. Crits put QM on suicide watch.shitty acting quest, collective game2017-10-22 0 
1954538Shitty Acting Quest 2Gabriel continues training for his first big role. Crits put QM on suicide watch.shitty acting quest, collective game2017-10-22 7 
1987910Quest Subjects II13 strangers awake in a cave with strange objects and no memories of anything. Be the Little GirlSubject Quest, Quest Subject, Quest Subjects, Dork West, Fantasy, Scifi, Little Girl,2017-10-27 2 
November 2017
2053227RWBY: Gemini Quest #14Whitaker and Blake have a few choice words with Ms. Goodwitch, and Ruby asks a friend for help.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-11-15 20 
January 2018
2194236Viserys Quest IIIn which we march, and march, and march some more.Viserys, Asoiaf, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, Beneath the Gold the Bitter Steel2018-01-07 6 
April 2018
2442415Cyberpunk Parahuman Quest Thread OneZander B. Krupp, loyal friend turned superpowered vigilante, fights crime in a dome city a hundred years into the future.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Parahuman, Superpower, Cape, Chitter2018-04-05 1 
2450509Cyberpunk Parahuman Quest Thread TwoZander sees his neighbor's newborn kittens, thoroughly interrogates a gangster, bargain hunts at a thrift store, and goes grocery shopping.Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Parahuman, Superpower, Cape, Chitter2018-04-11 0 
2466230Banisher QuestThe Case of The Naked Lady.Detective, Supernatural, Collective Game, Banisher Quest, Gritter2018-04-23 2 
May 2018
2501239Banisher Quest 2We finished our job but the danger is not over yetDetective, Supernatural, Collective Game, Banisher Quest, Gritter2018-05-06 2 
June 2018
60225648Varsol RPG DumpRemember ORB OF THE ALBINO DOOMGOAT? OP has returned to tell us even more.Orb, Doomgoat, Varsol, RPG, breathing is a spell, spitting is also a spell2018-06-10 43 
2635672Lost in the Rain: Zombies, Rain, Tunnels, TrainsA strange little thing finds Warmth in a cold and empty world. Bullying ensures.LITR, mitts, autisticzombiegirls2018-06-19 10 
September 2018
2878268Fallout Hawaii #1 (Reboot)You lose your right to the throne. You leave the vault in hope of gaining it back.Fallout, Monarchism, Collective game, Hawaii, Anime titties2018-09-21 1 
October 2018
2927237Long Lost Stars #1The tale of a horned girl wandering through eternal night. Of meetings and partings. Of trials, of seeking, and of dimming light.mitts, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, autistichornedgirls2018-10-07 8 
2961643Long Lost Stars #2The hunters, and their prey. The will of those that came before. Wishes, and light.mitts, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, autistichornedgirls2018-10-21 5 
November 2018
3001789Long Lost Stars #3Silkworm Quest! Silkworm Quest! Long Live Silkworm Quest! Broken light, lost hope. New meetings, new mysteries.mitts, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, autistichornedgirls2018-11-04 4 
3036521Long Lost Stars #4Things that mimic life, or live? Strange and stranger creatures. Strange and stranger places. The dreamer dreams of lost wonders.mitts, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, autistichornedgirls2018-11-18 4 
December 2018
3078769Long Lost Stars #5Doubt and uncertainty. An answer, a wish. An ending that can't be reached. Tonight too, the dream marches on.mitts, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, autistichornedgirls2018-12-09 4 
3127729Long Lost Stars #6New wishes fall to frozen earth. Night grows darker, and hunger threatens their light. A meeting with a young star.mitts, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, autistichornedgirls2018-12-28 2 
May 2021
4762133Hobo's EpicCan an alcohol-addled homeless tramp turn his life around with a little bit of luck and the help of an old friend?Fae Smelter, New York, Adventure, Quest, Gritty, Urban, Hobo2021-05-19 0 
June 2021
4819167(You Are A) Craigslist Killer QuestYou're a young detective in Southern USA who can't stop and won't stop abducting and mutilating the local women. What will Velton County Fae Smelter, Gritty, Killer, Serial Killer, Detective, Rape, Sex, Depravity, Toothpaste, Tooth paste, Occult, Crazy, Insane Lincoln, Velton2021-06-16 3 
July 2021
4880552(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 2You're a sick young son of a bitch who abducts women, violates them, then mutilates their corpses. Your body count? Two and a half. For nowFae Smelter, Velton, Gritty, Killer, Serial Killer, Detective, Rape, Sex, Depravity, Toothpaste, Occult, Crazy, Insane, Part, 2, Two2021-07-24 2 
January 2022
5088777The Little Dungeon That Could #1A little Dungeon is born in the cellar of an abandoned orphanage. A minion is spawned and immediately disappoints.The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D2022-01-26 21 
February 2022
5115656The Little Dungeon That Could #2The first proper invaders arrive and are very intrusive. The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D, Base Building2022-02-18 15 
April 2022
5174317The Little Dungeon That Could #3It's a large, wondrous world out there. How horrible. Won't somebody think of the goblins?The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D, Base Building, Romcom2022-04-05 14 
May 2022
5219726The Little Dungeon That Could #4Brands, beatings, and building. The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D, Base Building2022-05-13 11 
June 2022
5270371The Little Dungeon That Could #5We expand the brand collection, explore the city, defeat invaders, and acquire an angel. The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D, Base Building2022-06-22 10 
July 2022
5314371To the Bitter End [ One Shot] part IIn Which the first party Attempts to reach the heartCollective Game, Bitter End2022-07-27 1 
5312855The Little Dungeon That Could #6We buy a trap room, corrupt an Angel and plan to infiltrate the Delvers. Then the QM kills himself trying to change the combat mechanics.The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D, Base Building2022-07-28 3 
5324733The Little Dungeon: Rise of Arthur ValraWherein the new mechanics teased at the end of Thread #6 are put into practice, and the QM is eaten by giant spiders.The Little Dungeon That Could, Spin-Off, Oneshot2022-07-29 3 
September 2022
85797761Comfy/Wholesome/Bittersweet ThreadAnons share bittersweet moments from their games & settings; One anon shares a bronze-age world of black winters and Hearth-Mothers.worldbuilding, setting, winter, snow, cozy, comfy, bittersweet2022-09-11 0 
5365161Glitter Band Quest PrologueThe Thousand Nights, a Solstice-class Hunter performs an ambush. QM archive your own threads you fuck!Collective Game, Quest, ObserverQM, Sci-fi, Glitter Band Quest2022-09-19 1 
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