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September 2022
5365161Glitter Band Quest PrologueThe Thousand Nights, a Solstice-class Hunter performs an ambush. QM archive your own threads you fuck!Collective Game, Quest, ObserverQM, Sci-fi, Glitter Band Quest2022-09-19 0 
December 2022
5453877Retaliation Quest An amnesiatic captain and a peculiar AI try to wipe out the alien empire that killed humanity.space, Sci-Fi, drawquest, ObserverQM, Original Setting2022-12-18 14 
February 2023
5508648Retaliation Quest II After attacking a group of mining stations, you search for a way to escape retrograde erasure. space, Sci-Fi, drawquest, ObserverQM, Original Setting2023-02-04 13 
March 2023
5575267Retaliation Quest IIIYou continue your attack and talk with a dying hunter. space, Sci-Fi, drawquest, ObserverQM, Original Setting2023-03-23 12 
April 2023
5647943Retaliation Quest IVQM retaliates against his abusive father by making cuckold humiliation porn.space, Sci-Fi, drawquest, ObserverQM, Original Setting, ntr, cuck, cuckolding2023-04-30 25 
September 2023
5725182Retaliation Quest VYou close on the alien homeworld. space, Sci-Fi, drawquest, ObserverQM, Original Setting2023-09-17 3 
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