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April 2013
24130315BioShock multiverseWhat other universes in fiction have a man, a lighthouse and a city? The nature of the multiverse, vidya BioShock, and revolution.multiverse, vidya, BioShock, revolution2013-04-09 10 
24346225Bioshock: Nature's LadderFollowing the disaster of the Boer War and the resulting crisis in national confidence, the eminent scientist Sir Edward Dalton proscribed as the only possible solution to the moral degeneration of Britons the new science, in fact a genetic religion of hereditary genius, eugenics - the science of human advancement. He and his colleagues conspired in the construction of a haven from which to escape the Lloyd-George government, completing the underground city and going below during the "dark days" of the post-war Lloyd-George coalition ministry. The city was made possible by the sapling of the Tree of Life from the Himalayas, and the Soma flowers which bloomed from it - symbiotic organisms which made gross cellular mutation achievable; speeding up the construction and the subsequent breeding program immensely.Bioshock, Nature's Ladder, World Building, Setting2013-04-22 10 
January 2014
29412421BioShock Quest: Chapter 2Upon moving further into the Bounty, Jim and James are invited to help bring down a big daddy by a few desperate splicers. Instead of helping them, the PI and his bumbling sidekick help their target, though Jim receives a harpoon to the shoulder for his troubles. They end up finding a place to rest for the night.BioShock Quest, Collective Game, BioShock2014-01-11 7 
January 2015
37105387Capitalizing CthulhuOP proposes a CoC campaign based off Ayn Rand. /tg/ proves itself impossible to troll and Bioshock+Lovecraft, Galt as a Mi-Go trying to lure the "best" of humanity into a trap so he can extract their brains, railroads spelling out the Elder Sign and Yithians complaining about people stealing their technology.Objectivism, Bioshock, CoC, Cthulhu, Lovecraft,Cultists, Campaign Hooks, Better then it sounds,2015-01-01 12 
October 2015
43081579Home brewed reworking of Bioshock RPGOP asks for input to work Tonics into spell systems. /tg/ runs off with it into the direction of it's own game system. Crunch ensues.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-20 6 
43219967Home brewed Bioshock RPG #2Continuing from the first thread.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-24 0 
43332824Home brewed Bioshock RPG #3More crunch added along with discussions about how real life tech on building on the bottom of the sea. Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-31 1 
November 2015
43453917Home brewed Bioshock RPG #4New Homebrew guy posts up parts of the Alpha phase RPG and anons start to dig in to get shit done.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-05 0 
43540626Home brewed Bioshock RPG #5Status effects, Melee weapons and conditions are worked on. 3D IRL table top figurines are made as well.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-11 0 
March 2017
51980267Frontier Freaks Setting WorldbuildingA setting which can basically be described as "biopunk wild west" is invented.worldbuilding, western, wild west, bioengineering, biotech, biopunk, bioshock, transhumanism, Pasteur, 1800s pseudoscientific beliefs,2017-03-12 5 
February 2018
2266425A Man Chooses: A Bioshock QuestA horribly flakey QM takes us on a magical adventure, down where it's wetter. Take it from me.Bioshock, SilverQM, A Man Chooses, Delta2018-02-11 1 
March 2018
2396836Rapture Labyrinth Ghosts of an era past linger in this city...Collective game, rapture, bioshock2018-03-30 2 
April 2018
2403286Welcome to Rapture Quest 1We awaken to a doctor who saved our live before setting out on a quest to save our wife and daughter while killing splicers.Bioshock, Big Daddy, Splicers, plasmids, Adam, Eve, 2018-04-06 1 
June 2022
84908693/tg/ makes a Bioshock gameA discussion of steampunk vs dieselpunk aesthetics leads to worldbuilding a setting based around a Company Town.bioshock, alternate history, worldbuilding, setting,2022-06-17 1 
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