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December 2014
36819300Just Some Evolution Game 4The fourth thread of this newest addition to the proud family of evo games. Kerps, groombs, fennets, and pholls (oh my!) all get their time in the alien sun. Also, say hello the the Icebreaker Fenish!JSEG, evolution, evo, like spore, except not shit2014-12-18 1 
March 2015
38729549Gentlemen, BEHOLD!Dr. Tory Matheus Sinclair, mad scientist extraordinaire, slaughtering rats without a care, accidentally ignites all the air. All of it. R.I.P.Drawfag, collective game, one-shot, mad science, highly contagious fungal explosive flammable inextinguishable super rat poison, Incendispore2015-03-16 7 
July 2015
40955013Spore Quest (1) - Spore RisingAnons take up the life of an alien spore and its attempt to take control over the crew of the vessel, which mostly go unimpeded. For now...Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-02 16 
41039197The Spore Quest (Ep. 2) - Theft of the Glimmering Golden GalleonIn this episode of Spore Quest: the spore tries to infect the rest of the ship, and Richardson plays around in engineering! What could possibly go wrong?Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-06 12 
41102092The Spore Quest (Ep. 3) - Life on the FringeWith the Golden Galleon under its control, the spore contemplates changing the crew into more ideal forms, and where it will consume its next bounty.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-09 15 
41187824The Spore Quest (Ep. 4) - Its First StepsThe spore begins expanding its information and control of the Joker system, and decides how to proceed with the Golden Galleon's transport mission.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-13 15 
41400061The Spore Quest (Ep. 5) - A Gas of A TimeThe Spore deals with the newly-acquired and newly-vacated Charlie gas refinery, and tries to figure out its next move.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-07-23 10 
August 2015
41632407The Spore Quest (Ep. 6) - Celestial NavigationThe Spore is given a secret mission by the FMC.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-08-03 10 
41979698The Spore Quest (Ep. 7) - The Terror From the DeepThe hosts of the spore invade and terrorize the staff of the Gates-Lyon outpost and the Surveyor of Opportunity.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-08-20 6 
42034396The Spore Quest (Ep. 7.5) - Submarine SubversionThe spore continues its takeover of the Surveyor of Opportunity, and the Gates-Lyon Research Station.Collective Game, Spore Quest, hivemind, alien, sci-fi2015-08-23 6 
July 2017
1559347New World Evo 2Oozes learned their tragic past. Skitters suck. Zombie trees are spreading influence. Ooze, skitter, spore, volcano, team game2017-07-04 2 
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