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December 2009
7268954Con-QuestYou decide to take over the world as a mad scientist/magicianCollective game, quest, conquest, mad science, steam punk2009-12-24 0 
December 2012
22261914 Succubi Lord Quest: Part 7Join us for a flashback where we play as Demon Queen Miyu, Demon of SCIENCE!Succubus, Quest, Demon, Collective Game, Succbus Lord Quest, mad science, SCIENCE!2012-12-28 20 
January 2013
22316221Succubus Lord Quest Part 8The trilling conclusion of Miyu's flashback and followed by Mina stealing Brooklyn's innocence.Succubus, Quest, Demon, Collective Game, Succbus Lord Quest, mad science, SCIENCE!, post apocalyptic, winter2013-01-01 20 
May 2013
24900834Mad Science Quest: The Seven Seas of ScienceSomewhere during the gilded age in an alternate Earth where Mad Science is an old and respected profession a scientist named Finneus Edward Line takes to the high seas in search of his destiny.Mad Science, Quest, Collective Game, Angry Scientist !osBKEuoIfA 2013-05-19 6 
July 2013
26258267Genius The Transgression: Aesthetics and StorytimeOP talks about mad science aesthetics, and one anon shares his tail of a mad scientist who really liked his cat.Genius: The Transgression, Storytime, Mad Science,2013-07-28 11 
March 2015
38729549Gentlemen, BEHOLD!Dr. Tory Matheus Sinclair, mad scientist extraordinaire, slaughtering rats without a care, accidentally ignites all the air. All of it. R.I.P.Drawfag, collective game, one-shot, mad science, highly contagious fungal explosive flammable inextinguishable super rat poison, Incendispore2015-03-16 7 
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