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June 2009
4727699ArachnopocalypseThe world of man is over. Now the world belongs to the arthropods. Foremost among them are the spiders who now struggle to survive against innumerable dangers.setting, spiders, homebrew2009-06-01 2 
February 2010
8181276Spider StorytimeRandom shit thread becomes epic when a writefag crashes the partyspiders, writefag2010-02-20 2 
March 2010
8846702LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 3Two hundred years after Part 2, Rachnus and his brother Alpharius plan the assault on a renegade human world suspected of sorcery. Rachnus recalls the death of his adoptive father Maloris, and he along with the Silencers (The Legion's Nulls) prepare to make planetfall.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, ALPHA LEGION2010-03-29 10 
8866464LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 4Rachnus Rageous and his Silencers land on the warp-infested planet, and make their way to the capital city's heart, only to find... Daemons.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, EMPRAH, TZEENTCH, OMEGON, ALPHARIUS, ALPHA LEGION2010-03-30 10 
8879803LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 5Rachnus and Alpharius conquer the chaos-ridden planet, and the Emprah calls for a family reunion!RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, SMURFS, ALPHARIUS, TIALOC, SKY SERPENTS2010-03-31 7 
April 2010
8904549LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 6Isstvan V, the glassing of Rachnus' homeworld, and the capture of Tialoc.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, ISSTVAN V, SKY SERPENTS, TIALOC, ALPHARIUS, HORUS HERESY2010-04-01 5 
8963143LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 9Generic puttering around in the aftermath of the heresy - Also, NECRONS!RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, SMURFS, ALPHARIUS, TIALOC, SKY SERPENTS2010-04-04 5 
July 2010
11262498Spiders? In MY vagina?I'm trying to calculate a reasonable volume of spiders a drow could spew from their nethers.drow, spiders, vagina2010-07-22 37 
December 2010
13186600Thousandlegged GoldenspidersTwo photographs are transformed into a discussion on golden thousand legged spiders.spiders2010-12-17 11 
February 2011
13917447And They Shall Know no Fear, only spiders./tg/ indulges in one of its oldest and most primal phobias.spiders2011-02-16 9 
May 2011
14897507Dark Lord Quest Part 2In which we recruit an assassin, and continue working on our plans for world domination. Also, SPIDERS!quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, witch, contract, bind, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS2011-05-12 10 
14904666Dark Overlord Quest 3We meet the old boss. And manipulate him.quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS2011-05-13 10 
14918470Dark Overlord Quest 4With success comes annoying adventurers, parasitic merchants, and fucking elves. Oh those fucking elves.quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS2011-05-14 8 
14928381Dark Overlord Quest 5We find out who the plotter spying on us was, form a plan for dealing with him, and get closer to Shaiara. We also have a revelation: bonsai is evil!quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS, bonsai, evil bonsai2011-05-15 10 
14939603Dark Overlord Quest 6We have a tournament and meet an uppity drow. We also find an orc ronin without a katana folded a million times.quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS, drow, orc2011-05-16 10 
14949512Dark Lord Quest Part 7The torture go on, the orc samurai becomes our servant, and our spiders became torturers and can even talk!quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS, drow, orc, torture2011-05-17 9 
14954504Dark Overlord Quest 8Taunting the drow, who KEEP ON PISSING US OFF! Also a nice meal.quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, spider, torture, drow2011-05-17 9 
14960957Dark Overlord Quest 9Not much gets done, BUT we do learn a lot. And seem to have some horrible Shadow Magic disease. Also, Succubai!quest, collective game, overlord, evil, dark overlord, witch, contract, bind, spiders, spider, SPIDERS, OH GOD SPIDERS, Succubai, Shadow, Archon2011-05-18 10 
August 2011
16097053Spider CultureDevelopment of a spideroid culture. Discussion on art and language.Spider, Art, Music, Culture, Nation2011-08-29 13 
December 2011
17384620Spiders are SuperiorThis thread is spiders.spiders, spider, funny, copypasta, never change /tg/2011-12-31 11 
January 2012
17422141Spiders in the ShedWe take control of a spider in the shed, survive, and thrive.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-01-05 31 
17432395Spiders in the ShedSome exploring, some housekeeping, some nookie, ZOMG CENTIPEDES!Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-01-06 21 
17454210Spiders in the ShedMore to explore,"HI MOM!", orphans, and wheels.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-01-07 21 
17540183Spiders in the ShedMore housekeeping, Enter the Gods, Exodus, Ladybugs and War.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-01-14 16 
17618746Spiders in the ShedBase building, evil experiments 101, games and diversions, and BABIES!Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-01-21 16 
17708851Spiders in the ShedNegotiations, an ally, back to bringing home the bacon, and some ant antics.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-01-28 16 
February 2012
17801814Spiders in the ShedFishing trip, socializing, project SCARECROW, wee bit of lawn care vandalism, and an aerial intercept mission!Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-02-05 14 
18000428Spiders in the ShedViolent vistas, "the only good scout is ...," inventory ideas, ramping up the defense industries, and realpolitik research.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-02-19 14 
18093549Spiders in the ShedMaginot lining, diplomatic flamboyance and personnel management, change of persona, The Good Life and Hive Society.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-02-25 13 
April 2012
18528131Spiders in the ShedFashion accessories, casualties, noble triage, body checking with explanations, and narco negotiations.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-04-01 13 
18648326This thread is now spider villiansRiddle thread gets derailed, /tg/ makes a spider villian.Spider, villian, the spider man, spiders to spider2012-04-10 10 
18709099Spiders in the Shed"MA! I got one.", "NO! BAD!", delivering deliveries, apis junta with overseeric nommination, and disciplinary déjà vu.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-04-14 13 
18803273Spiders in the ShedAmbush, bowling for bees, oily third degree, bubble wrap, play catch, and the hunt.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-04-21 12 
May 2012
18987240Spiders in the ShedKiting resources, pax bow, wasp convoy of doom, and when the going gets weird - the weird turn it over to a committee.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-05-05 12 
19078031Spiders in the Shed"Sister can you spare some honey?", meet the revolutionaries, commando raid with zombie addict support, draconically applied leverage, and steersmanship through the murky waters of civil war.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-05-13 12 
19160562Spiders in the ShedWorrying wasps, getting the pieces into place, fantastic fashion sales pitch, entrepreneurial failure: catastrophe theory illustrated, and a show of farce.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-05-20 12 
June 2012
19419816Spiders in the ShedCrime and punishment, good cop bee cop, tales of trashed hives, cute recruit, and arguments.Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-06-10 12 
19686309Spiders in the ShedWasp artistic endeavours, ant march, 4chan failure - thread aborted ( Saving for posterity anyway. Stay tuned for next thread. ) Spider Quest, Collective Game2012-06-30 11 
July 2012
19868766Planetary Governor Quest: Part FourteenWe talk about politics, Democracy up, make some good headway in dismantling the Hulk, and accidentally wake up something terrible in the core of the Hulk by abysmally failing a roll.Planetary Governor Quest, Collective Game, Space Marines, Astartes, Imperial Guard, IG, PDF, RT, Rogue Trader, Xenos, Warhammer, 40K, Tyranid, Tyranids, Genestealer, Pirates. spiders, oh god why, SOB, Sisters of Battle2012-07-14 11 
19886971Planetary Governor Quest: Part 15The continuation from 14.5, we bro it up with insect Xenos, piss of the SOB, and finally finish with that HulkCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Space Battle, Orks, RT, Rogue Trader, HTML, Space Hulk, Politics, Spiders2012-07-15 13 
September 2012
20730757Nightbane Horrible Abomination GenerationWarning, may include distilled fears of all of mankind in Bear-Wolf-Spider form, with gunarms. Jesus Christ.Monster Generation Bearspiderwolf NeverStopScreaming2012-09-15 5 
October 2012
20976897Lich's Employee Quest pt 4Daniel has a song and dance to beat Mort, and stumpbles gets an apprentice.Skeleton quest, jazzy, sing song, spider2012-10-04 20 
21153111Lich's Employee Quest pt 14Daniel goes into the woods, and get stuck in a time loop. Time travel occurs.skeleton quest, Hydra, forest, time travel, training, spiders2012-10-17 11 
December 2012
22308210PokeQuest: The Journey of Tomas GreenIn this quest OP gives /tg/ the control of a farm boy going to see his uncle in the capital city. He brings a Gastly and goes down the main road. Steals a Zorua, and somehow mcguiver a guy into giving them a Tower.Pokemon, Quest, collective game, Ghosts, Spiders, 2012-12-31 7 
April 2013
24002336Spider derailingOP wants help with miniatures. He gets horrifying spiders. (land_war_in_asia.jpg)spiders, spiders, spiders, pubic lice, horror2013-04-02 5 
June 2013
25324824Hollow Quest Redux 7We make an inspirational speech, gain an army, then find the wolf bro and bring him into the foldCollective Game, Bleach, Hollow Quest Redux, AzureEarth, upgrade, Wolf Bro, Wolf, Bro, Ally, Spider2013-06-09 24 
September 2013
27108806Post Apoc Hivemind Mutant Civ Quest Part (2 or 3)Giant Spider Tanks. New awesome heroes. Lots and lots and lots of debate. Memor somewhat elaborated.Collective Game, Mutants, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Spider tank2013-09-09 5 
27317114Post Apoc Hivemind Mutant Civ Quest Part 9Things continue to unravel. More heroes vanish, others thankfully return. Our insignificance becomes more significant. Minor things like spiders and alternate conversion techniques discovered. Conspiracies, revelations, we go down the rabbit hole.Collective Game, Mutants, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Spiders, Political Intrigue, Impending Doom2013-09-20 5 
27344108Eclipse Phase: Captain SilkbeardOne anon walks us through Eclipse Phases' life path character creation system. Dutch spider-pirates ensue.character cretion, eclipse phase, sci fi, spiders, lulz, lol, awesome, holland, knitting, weed, whores2013-09-21 13 
January 2014
29809101Peter Parker Quest 42Maximum ChristmasCollective Game, Peter Parker, spider-man2014-01-27 20 
April 2014
31561086Gentlemen Spiderfolk WorldbuildingA thread on spiderfolk rapidly develops into an entire middle eastern/arabian nights setting with intellectual philosopher-gentlemen who just happen to be vaguely humanoid spider-monsters. Also pigmy headhunter kobolds.gentleman, gentlemen, spider, spiderfolk, worldbuilding, philosophers, middle east, kobolds, pigmy headhunter kobolds, roman, roman lizardmen,2014-04-20 5 
May 2014
32075160HorrorworldOP posts the beginning of a story in which the Old Ones return bringing with them all humanity's fears then requests contributions. What follows is absolute nightmare fuel and spiders. Lots of spiders.Horrorworld, stories, story, worldbuilding, Old Ones, spiders, 2014-05-13 16 
August 2014
33858723Cursed Apprentice Quest 3In this episode we meet a QT spider and make it our familiar, We cuddle it and arwen, We decide to say fuck it with the town and ditch, on a walk to the city, Shit happens.Cursed_Apprentice, Quest, Collective Game, Spiders, Cute, Shota, Fried chicken, brown elf boobage, whyaretherenopicturesofshotawizards,2014-08-03 13 
November 2014
36022362Letters from Gri'goriThe thread where the concept of Drow refugees as Eastern European immigrants is bandied about. drow. D&D, characters. funny, spiders2014-11-08 44 
December 2014
36746401Arachnophobia QuestThe crawling terror strikes in your bedroom at your weakest moment! I hate spiders, oh do I hate them very much so! Collective Game, Spiders, oneshot, one-shot2014-12-14 1 
July 2015
41522153Oh god, spiders!Alright, fa/tg/uys. I'm running a Pathfinder campaign right now and one of my players said encounters with spiders were always boring, cuz they're all just about webs and poison. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a spider encounter terrifying? I've picked out the monster to use, the Diamond Spider, and the setting/environment is a dense Temperate Forest.spiders2015-07-29 17 
August 2015
41537612Spiders!Spiders in 3.5x as race and culture? /tg/ sets to fleshing out the concept.Spider, spiders, worldbuilding, lore, d20, D&D, Pathfinder, homebrew2015-08-01 6 
November 2015
43782487Underdark Quest 1: Character creationSomewhere, deep in the underdark in the city of Granthabur, Rahymus Razenbur, a male member of the Razenbur house starts his day and decides to train a bitCollective Game, Underdark Quest, SpiderGod, Drow, Horrible awful things, Evil, Underdark,2015-11-23 5 
April 2016
46506490Giant Psionic Spider CivWe awaken and see the world through the eyes of sentience. We spin homes, lay babies, and make a new acquaintance.Spider Civ, Collective Game, Civilization Game2016-04-07 5 
July 2017
1621991Web-Weaver Issue #1: The First Steps are Always the StrangestD.C, Spider-Man, Cape Quest, 2017-07-01 2 
1641664Bugworld Adventure #2The party goes off in search of information on the leviathan. Bug is lazy.Bug, Bugworld, Crab, Leech, Spider, Adventure2017-07-15 1 
September 2017
1845516Bugworld Adventure #3The party sees a setpiece, fights a boss.bug, bugworld, adventure, crab, leech, spider2017-09-16 1 
June 2018
2641818Dark Magical Girl Quest #2Akane further breaks and trains Chouko, but the thread is cut short by life. Dark Magical Girl Quest, Revenge, SpiderAnon, Corruption, Villain2018-06-23 5 
September 2018
2876951Spider-Man of Tokyo Quest, Issue 1A bomb injures Takuya Yamashiro and kills his dad. After a blood transfusion from Peter Parker, Takuya becomes the fabulous Kamen Spider!Marvel, Spider-Man, Tokusatsu, Master Weaver, Collective Game2018-09-14 5 
October 2018
2941009Spider-Man of Tokyo Quest, Issue 2Our hero's date with Hitomi is interrupted by a kaijin attack. Also, Takuya hides a body.Marvel, Spider-Man, Tokusatsu, Master Weaver, Colle2018-10-12 3 
2954744Homefront Hero quest: The Spider Strikes! 1The beginning of a new cape quest set in the world of the webcomic The Power of Stardust.Capeworld Comics, Superhero, Superheroes, The Spider, Collective Game2018-10-22 2 
January 2019
3187108Spider-Verse Quest #1J.J. Jameson is bitten by a radioactive spider, saves his best friend, and becomes the Shutterbug.Spider-Verse Quest, Collective Game, PatternmakerQM, Marvel, Shutterbug2019-01-21 14 
February 2019
3200451Married To A Giant Spider QuestWe figure out what to do with the thief, have the eggs harch into abominations, attempt to civilize the goblins, and hire household help.Married To A Giant Spider Quest, Collective Game2019-02-04 2 
3204118Spider-Verse Quest #2In which our hero designs a costume, gets a job, and somewhat manages to stalk a supervillain.Spider-Verse Quest, Collective Game, PatternmakerQM, Marvel, Shutterbug2019-02-05 10 
3267695 Spider-Verse Quest #3in which our hero takes down a supervillian, goes on a date and prepare a sting operationSpider-Verse Quest, Collective Game, PatternmakerQM, Marvel, Shutterbug2019-02-27 5 
May 2021
4746140GG Quest Vol. 1 Iss. 1The Green Goblin fights the Avenging Spider-Man in the skies over Manhattan. But wait, why's he the hero? This will be explored.Marvel, Earth 1962, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Weeaboo, Collective Game2021-05-05 7 
August 2021
80785841Nechronica thread. Translation Update: Armed Set.Armed Set, a short 3rd party sourcebook for the Japanese TTRPG Nechronica, gets an unofficial English translation. Anon asks how to Chariot.Nechronica, update, book, rules, spiders, armed set, translation, Thanatos, Requiem, Stacy, armaments, Chariot, class2021-08-21 1 
March 2022
5152685Maximum Spider Quest #1When common crook, Ben Parker, gets bitten by a radioactive spider, his whole world gets turned upside down!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-03-20 37 
May 2022
5202187Maximum Spider Quest #2Ben drives some vampires out of NYC and has a rather distressing confrontation with Maria Hill!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-05-02 22 
June 2022
5252259Maximum Spider Quest #3Ben befriends Gwen Stacy, rescues his brother and fights an army of mercenaries for control of Slip's suit!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-06-12 20 
July 2022
5302462Maximum Spider Quest # 4When Ben takes a job from Maria Hill, The Desperados are tasked with rescuing a group of young mutants from the magical island of Neverland!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-07-17 15 
September 2022
5371849Maximum Spider Quest #5.5Ben ties up a few loose ends, learns how to cook with Cindy and captures Electro for Reed Richards! The lost thread link is included here!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-09-23 15 
November 2022
5412960Maximum Spider Quest #6The Desperados rob a bank with White Rabbit, and several months later, Ben begins his operation to capture the Silvertongue!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-11-08 11 
December 2022
5456156Maximum Spider Quest #7When the Silvertongue operation doesn't pan out, Ben seeks alternative solutions from an unexpected ally.Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-12-18 10 
January 2023
5500368Maximum Spider Quest #8The Chameleon finally makes his move, and Ben finds out just what it is that Victoria's been trying so hard to hide from him!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2023-01-19 8 
February 2023
5540500Maximum Spider Quest #9As the Silvertongue arc comes to a close, Ben prepares to dive right back into the criminal underbelly of NYC with his faithful Desperados!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2023-02-26 5 
April 2023
5583809Maximum Spider Quest #10Ben finds a new home for W, confides in his team of Desperados, and picks up Cindy after a fight breaks out on her first day of school!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2023-04-04 3 
May 2023
5611746Extremely Low Effort Fetish Isekai QuestA guy who died is turned into a spidergirl and sent to another world by a goddess who hates her. Or cares about her. Maybe both.Collective Game, Isekai, Arachne, Spidergirl2023-05-04 -7 
5627815Maximum Spider Quest #11The Desperados take a trip to Las Vegas and get wrapped up in the affairs of "The Family"---a powerful crime syndicate.Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2023-05-11 4 
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