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January 2015
37262984Dying Cape Quest #1A superheroine discovers she has terminal brain cancer, yay!Dying Cape Quest, Collective Game, Alteration, Original2015-01-09 8 
37306192Dying Cape Quest #2Kaiju fightin', and yes, she's till dying.Dying Cape Quest, Collective Game, Alteration, Original2015-01-11 5 
37372535Dying Cape Quest #3Dying superhero seeks comfort. Or not.Dying Cape Quest, Collective Game, Alteration, Original2015-01-14 3 
February 2015
38268778Dying Cape Quest #4A not so dying superhero gets a happy end. Then the world ends.Dying Cape Quest, Collective Game, Alteration, Original2015-02-24 1 
May 2016
120Planescape Quest: Fluffy Tails: Impromptu and Casual PrologueAn arcanaloth who is a cute anime foxgirl visits Sigil, befriends other cute anime girls (and a trap), and joins the Society of Sensation.Collective Game, Planescape Quest, Planescape, Fluffy Tails, Magical Girl, Female Protagonist, D&D, Fantasy2016-05-02 3 
January 2017
1032590Alchemy Escape- Part 1Dan farnick want out of this room, and will sacrifice however many cheetos he requires to do so.Alchemy Escape, Alchemy Escape Quest, Collective game, alchemy, cheetos, so many cheetos, god damn thats a lot of fucking cheetos, part one2017-01-15 2 
June 2017
1593718Marvel Cape Quest! Issue #1! We meet our hero, Solomon Burges, who finds a strange book on a deserted island in the Bermuda Triangle. The first of many adventures? Collective Game, Marvel, True Believer, Marvel Cape Quest, Magic, Deus Vult 2017-06-22 3 
1578523DC Cape Quest: Issue #5PapaSlink doesn't like doing quests any more and the quest is put on indefinite hiatus PapaSlink,DC Cape Quest, Cancelled 2017-06-23 -1 
1612719Marvel Cape Quest! Issue #2! Short thread this time, as True is busy! In which Doctor Voodoo helps unlock the spirit in our book! He was eaten by rabid parrots! Marvel, Marvel Cape Quest, True Believer, Collective Game, Magic, Deus Vult2017-06-30 2 
July 2017
1621991Web-Weaver Issue #1: The First Steps are Always the StrangestD.C, Spider-Man, Cape Quest, 2017-07-01 2 
1656813Marvel Cape Quest! Issue #3! A Day Late Special Edition!Fernando the magic Bible calls Doctor Voodo a nigga, Solomon gets invited to meet Doctor Strange, and OP's internet eats shit.Marvel, Marvel Cape Quest, True Believer, Collective Game, Magic, Deus Vult2017-07-14 2 
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