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January 2019
3187108Spider-Verse Quest #1J.J. Jameson is bitten by a radioactive spider, saves his best friend, and becomes the Shutterbug.Spider-Verse Quest, Collective Game, PatternmakerQM, Marvel, Shutterbug2019-01-21 14 
February 2019
3204118Spider-Verse Quest #2In which our hero designs a costume, gets a job, and somewhat manages to stalk a supervillain.Spider-Verse Quest, Collective Game, PatternmakerQM, Marvel, Shutterbug2019-02-05 10 
3267695 Spider-Verse Quest #3in which our hero takes down a supervillian, goes on a date and prepare a sting operationSpider-Verse Quest, Collective Game, PatternmakerQM, Marvel, Shutterbug2019-02-27 5 
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