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November 2012
21643172Kamen Rider Henshin - the Tokusatsu RPGAn anon posts about his work for a Kamen Rider-inspired game, and takes on a nick. Much discussion of game mechanics and potential design takes place within.Kamen Rider, Design, Homebrew, Tokusatsu, Faggot Rider, roll202012-11-19 5 
September 2018
2876951Spider-Man of Tokyo Quest, Issue 1A bomb injures Takuya Yamashiro and kills his dad. After a blood transfusion from Peter Parker, Takuya becomes the fabulous Kamen Spider!Marvel, Spider-Man, Tokusatsu, Master Weaver, Collective Game2018-09-14 5 
October 2018
2941009Spider-Man of Tokyo Quest, Issue 2Our hero's date with Hitomi is interrupted by a kaijin attack. Also, Takuya hides a body.Marvel, Spider-Man, Tokusatsu, Master Weaver, Colle2018-10-12 3 
July 2020
4316188Godzilla: Hyper Invasion #1When aliens come knocking upon Earth's doorstep, Godzilla is roused into action after witnessing his son's kidnapping.Godzilla, Hyper Invasion, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu, Drawquest, Collective Game2020-07-11 32 
August 2020
4370979Godzilla: Hyper Invasion #2 (Chapter2, Part 1)Godzilla continues his fight against the aliens in his bid to find Junior. In this chapter part he faces off against the powerful Zetton!Godzilla, Hyper Invasion, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu, Drawquest, Collective Game2020-08-10 23 
October 2020
4450315Godzilla: Hyper Invasion #3 (Chapter 2, Part 2)After saving his endangered child Shin from King Ghidorah, Godzilla heads to San Francisco on a rampage. The Humans fight back fiercely.Godzilla, Hyper Invasion, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu, Drawquest, Collective Game2020-10-04 14 
4449430KAIJU QUEST 1Waking up from a stirred slumber, Dynasuarus finds himself upon the Devil's Archipelago, the home of monsters.Collective Game, Kaiju, Tokusatsu, Kaiju Quest, Drawquest, Monster2020-10-12 0 
4483117Godzilla: Hyper Invasion #4 (Chapter 2, Part 3)After defeating Amuro Ray and Char Aznable in the Gundam and Zeong, Godzilla confronts Biollante in Los Angeles.Godzilla, Hyper Invasion, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu, Drawquest, Collective Game2020-10-31 13 
January 2021
4565789Godzilla: Hyper Invasion #5 (Chapter 3, Part 1)Doctor Serizawa, creator of Destoroyah, becomes associated with the ambitious Metphies and his dark faith. Kiryu battles Angels.Godzilla, Hyper Invasion, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu, Drawquest, Collective Game2021-01-08 11 
July 2021
4887482Godzilla: Hyper Invasion #6 (Chapter 3, Part 2)Godzilla is whisked away into the Monster prison of Zagres and her Dada servants, but Jet Jaguar comes to the rescue.Godzilla, Hyper Invasion, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu, Drawquest, Collective Game2021-07-21 1 
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