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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out those old status messages. It's probably a good thing that I haven't had to significantly modify the archive in so long that the 'updates' were from 2016. Here's to another... 13 years? Wow.

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April 2008
1573964ITT Stupid But Amusing Shit You Have DoneFor instance, throwing a ladder hard enough to out-damage the barbarian's battleaxe.D&D, storytime2008-04-22 37 
June 2009
4965691ITT: Worst Story/Player you ever had.Just another bad players/story thread. lulz ensue.Storytime, Bad Players2009-06-23 1 
July 2009
5114798Kender players suckA troll thread turns into a discussion of how /tg/ hates Kender, then becomes epic when stories are shared of superb in-character revenge against a douchebag Kender player.kender, revenge, storytime2009-07-06 277 
5145534Another Wasteland Warrior TaleWasteland Warrior brings another campaign story to /tg/.Wasteland Warrior, storytime2009-07-12 53 
5165594Wasteland Warrior Storytime/tg/ requests Wasteland Warrior stories and is rewarded. Captain Collateral, and killing Boba Fett included.Wasteland Warrior, storytime2009-07-15 27 
September 2009
5820756Wasteland Warrior Space Opera StorytimeWasteland Warrior being a BBEG bastard and then preparing for future sessions.Wasteland Warrior, Storytime, Evil Bastard2009-09-12 24 
5828035Things You've Regretted Doing in an RPG/tg/ provides some awesome stories, and a lot of Pokemon discussion inbetween.storytime, misty, regret2009-09-12 10 
5957719/tg/ storytime and QA with Wasteland Warrior Stories are swapped, questions are answered, fun is had.storytime, Wasteland Warrior2009-09-22 16 
October 2009
6489840Horror StoriesOP requests horror stories, Chuck-E-Cheese writefag delivers to stop thread derailment.horror, storytime, firstquest2009-10-30 7 
November 2009
6671995Saddest moment in your campaign/gameStorytime ensues.storytime, sad2009-11-12 3 
6741605Most good thing you've done in a game. A "good things you've done ingame" thread turns into a WW story session.stories, Wasteland Warrior, storytime, Good2009-11-17 10 
December 2009
7251082Bad DMing storytime and adviceAnon asks for stories about poor DMing, and /tg/ provides; plenty of advice on how not to be a bad DM is given as well.storytime, DMs, bad, DMing2009-12-23 3 
7282138Most guys killed in tabletopOP asks "In terms of numbers, what's the biggest amount your character has ever slain? HARD MODE: No magic." /tg/ provides storytime.storytime2009-12-26 4 
January 2010
7387989Examples of Play ContinuedOP attempts to start /tg/-wide storytime, ends up just delivering quality writefaggotry himself with Anon making minor contributions. Includes a continuation of the Examples of Play story.Kemosabe, storytime, writefagging, writefaggotry2010-01-02 6 
March 2010
8874104Not-so-Bitter BetrothalL5R Storytime about a Mantis Bushi and his drinking, swearing & fighting black sheep of a Crane bride.L5R, marriage, Crane, Mantis, Bushi, Storytime2010-03-30 25 
April 2010
9488779nWoD StorytimenWoD StorytimenWoD, Storytime2010-04-28 22 
May 2010
9903852Unimportant, Awesome NPCsYou know the story: The GM pulls an obviously unimportant NPC out of his ass, and the PCs like the NPC. They like it so much they make it ascend to awesomeness. This has happened to all of us. So tell me about yours, as a GM and as a PC.NPCs, storytime, GMing2010-05-19 6 
June 2010
10208453WW's drunken ramblings and Heresies. Heresy thread turns into WW storytime, complete with voice recordings from the man.Wasteland Warrior, storytime, WW, Drunk, story, writefag, Heresy2010-06-01 6 
10649511ITT: we run games/quests on Omegle and report the results/tg/ is brought to the masses. Hilarity and confusion ensue, with some excellent short game transcripts posted. New /tg/ tradition? Maybe.omegle, /tg/ to the masses, chat, storytime2010-06-21 11 
July 2010
10964326craziest shit you have ever done in game/tg/ shares tales of some of the Craziest things they've ever done. New Namefag Waffle House Millionaire all but steals the show with the tale of Old Man Hendersonstorytime, crazy shit, Old Man Henderson, dashingbastard, Waffle House Millionaire2010-07-06 107 
August 2010
11829913A Guide to Heinlein: Part 1Bitter Old Man tells /tg/ a story. A story of a recently turned wealthy man and his quest for justice upon an unscrupulous criminal.Heinlein, Sci Fi, Storytime2010-08-26 22 
11841933A Guide to Heinlein: Part 2Bitter Old Man continues telling a story to /tg/. The story of a recently turned wealthy man, and the consequences his actions takeHeinlein, Sci Fi, Storytime2010-08-27 13 
11881463A Guide to Heinlein: Part 3Bitter Old Man continues telling his story to /tg/, now with more thermite.Heinlein, Sci Fi, Storytime2010-08-30 11 
11894464A Guide to Heinlein: Part 4Bitter Old Man continues telling his story to /tg/. The story of William and Nate, and their attempt to finally get off planet.Heinlein, Sci Fi, Storytime2010-08-31 11 
September 2010
11920627A Guide to Heinlein: Part 5Bitter Old Man continues telling his story to /tg/. Wherein Nate finally makes his way off planet, and William commits another atrocity.Heinlein, Sci Fi, Storytime2010-09-02 11 
11972911A Guide to Heinlein: Part 6Bitter Old Man continues telling his story to /tg/. William, separated from Nate aboard the Carthage, tries to bluff their way into safe passage out of system.Heinlein, Sci Fi, Storytime2010-09-06 10 
11995407Storytiem: part the somethingth.STORYTIEM continues the adventures of Saburo, Al'Sham, Knock, Halfling and co.storytime, storytiem, al'sham, saburo, knock, halfling, blood bowl, awesome2010-09-07 28 
12082026A Guide to Heinlein: Part 7Bitter Old Man continues telling his story to /tg/. William and Nate slowly discover what life aboard the Carthage is like, and finally we leave the Heinlein system.Heinlein, Sci Fi, Storytime2010-09-14 10 
12130366My best horror RPGAtmospheric recollections of disturbing sci-fi horror.nightmare_fuel sci-fi storytime2010-09-18 129 
12141617DuskWood Hearts IIJoseph Evans and Cú Airúath Siblaid start the storytelling proper, and begin retelling their Inquisitorial mission alongside the Robo-loli, Rip and Knife-ophile, Lupus.story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-09-19 11 
12161415DuskWood Hearts IIIJoseph Evans and Cú Airúath Siblaid continue the storytelling, retelling the record of their first two battles alongside the Robo-loli, Rip and Knife-ophile, Lupus.story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-09-21 9 
12236243DuskWood Hearts VJoseph Evans continues his in character recap of the group's Dark Heresy session. Today they have drama in space, land on a swamp world, and someone almost gets shot in the head!story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-09-27 7 
October 2010
12317098DuskWood Hearts VIJoseph Evans continues his in character recap of the group's Dark Heresy session. Today, there's a cult ritual, a dismemberment, nightvision goggles, and someone gets engaged!story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-10-03 7 
12400927DuskWood Hearts VIIJoseph Evans continues his in character recap of the group's Dark Heresy session. Today, there's an interrupted wedding, another crazy person joins, an- WTF DID HE DO TO THAT DINOSAUR!?!story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-10-11 7 
12403221SS13 StorytimeSpace Station 13 stories, many of them hilarious. I don't even play it and this thread was well worth the read.SS13, Space Station 13, storytime2010-10-11 28 
12481769DuskWood Hearts VIIIJoseph Evans continues his in character recap of the group's Dark Heresy session. Today, there's an ambush, rotting gorillas, hammer-space hijinks and two team members are more insane than previously thought!story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-10-18 7 
12591983temptationsThread starts out asking about /tg/'s dirty little gaming secrets, gets derailed with an argument over Paladins, and ends in story time. /tg/ in a nutshellstorytime, dirty little secrets, Waffle house Millionaire2010-10-28 4 
November 2010
12717096DuskWood Hearts IXJoseph Evans continues his in character recap of the group's Dark Heresy session. A funeral, a genocide, crippling depression, someone gets dramatically slapped, and there are fancy clothes!story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-11-08 7 
12776514Epic KillsOP requests fa/tg/uys tell their most epic or just lucky kill. /tg/ does not disappoint, delivering story after story of extreme badassitude.storytime, epic win, epic kills2010-11-13 8 
12798995DuskWood Hearts XJoseph Evans continues his in character recap of the group's Dark Heresy session. Murders on a funeral worlds holiday? What are the odds!?story, storytime, dark heresy, writefag, Duskwood Hearts2010-11-15 8 
12807495Inside jokesWhat are your groups inside jokes?Storytime, funny2010-11-16 -14 
12861560Storytime that becomes AWESOME.A storytime thread goes from awesome tales of player hijinks and shenanigans to AWESOME as a lone luchadorre shows /tg/ the meaning of a hero.storytime, writing, lucha, AWESOME2010-11-20 21 
December 2010
13013334/tg/ stories of the humorous variety wherein we have an interview with a dreadnought, a paladin of Tyr, clanner mechwarrior, pilot and hopefully others Writefaggotry, story, funny, storytime, writing 2010-12-03 7 
13020762Space Marines of the Star ShanksComedy writefaggotry. If Douglas Adams decided to create a Space Marine's Chapter. Much dickwounding. Continuation of 13013334Writefaggotry, story, funny, storytime, writing, Star Shanks, dickwounding 2010-12-04 5 
13027500Old 40k RPG fluffPost on how the Imperium functions, in technology, language, culture and such.40k warhammer 40,000 rpg setting storytime science2010-12-04 6 
13040306The Tale of JakobAn anon tells the story of young Jakob, who, for just a few weeks, found a spark of hope in games, when elsewhere he found none.storytime, baww, manly tears2010-12-06 34 
13115808Tall Tales of AdEvaAnon requests stories from other Adeptus Evangelion players. Awesome ensues.AdEva, Adeptus Evangelion, Storytime, My Campaigns, Evangelion2010-12-12 5 
13137105Storytime with Al Kapown and OscarStorytime thread to make tales of /tg/ past easy to find and read. Also, circuit design, for some reason.al kapown, oscar, storytime2010-12-13 17 
13158049Avoid the NoidDwarven alcoholism saves the day, and /tg/ discusses how best to use addictive alcohol to conquer dwarfkind.Storytime, Cerebrate Anon, Bottomless Flagon, The Noid, Eberron, Alcoholism, Dwarves, Dorfs2010-12-15 21 
13237239Biggs and Big IronWhat starts out as a wizarding troll thread becomes one of an epic tale of one Goliath and the hammer that broke an entire campaign. Includes a sarcastic bro-priest, a rules lawyer of justice, a little girl and a CE barbarian who gains levels in Paladin of Freedom after killing a man 3 times his level. Contains copious amounts of heroics and fuck the GM.Shit GM, That Guy, Biggs, HAMMERTIME, Little Girl, Paladin, storytime2010-12-21 23 
13254364Reverse Chivalry FollowupOP brings back more stories of his abusive paladin wife.paladin, chivalry, domestic abuse, storytime2010-12-22 24 
13320577Troll DMsPlayers discuss particularly sinister DMs they've encountered. One such DM tells the story of a problem player who got his comeuppance at the hands of a very, very cursed thief girl.storytime2010-12-28 7 
January 2011
13399772More Reverse ChivalryOP brings us an update on his storypaladin, chivalry, storytime2011-01-05 20 
13510539The Case Files Of 30 Meter MurphyIn which a Arbitrator, Assassin & 2 Psykers try to investigate a tech-cult without getting themselves killedDark Heresy, 40k, Storytime, Adeptus Arbites2011-01-13 4 
13545768Yet More Reverse ChivalryIn which we learn of the Order's origins and receive an update on OP's story.paladin,chivalry,storytime2011-01-16 20 
13553948Only Sane ManOP tells us the story of how his current party met. Coincidentally, it was at an inn.storytime2011-01-17 50 
13592149Only Sane Man 2OP tells us the how the story of how his strange party continues.storytime2011-01-20 34 
13597432ITT: Epic tabletop facepalmsGets awesome quick, and WHM makes a quick stop to tell us the tale of Buster, among other things.facepalm, storytime, WHM2011-01-21 5 
13634460ShadowRussia4E Shadowrun game set in St. Petersburg. First session is...odd.Shadowrun, storytime2011-01-23 13 
13668381Whom The Telling ChangedYour people have always gathered in times of trouble to hear the stories, since the time of their ancestors' ancestors. Tonight, as you listen to The Epic of Gilgamesh, your people must make a crucial decision. Depending on what questions you ask and what you point out during the story, the outcome will be vastly different.Gilgamesh, writefaggotry, quest thread, quest, collective game, game, history, storytime, storytelling2011-01-26 9 
13680077The Case Files of Castus "30 Meter" Murphy Pt. 2"30 Meter" Murphy rides again with an enthralling retelling of his adventures.Dark Heresy, 40k, Storytime, Adeptus Arbites2011-01-27 1 
13734176Reverse Chivalry ConclusionThe bittersweet conclusion.paladin, chivalry, storytime2011-01-31 21 
February 2011
13901851SENTENCES YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D SAY IN A TABLETOP GAME (BUT THEN TOTALLY DID)Anon shares some funny quotes, WHM shows up and contributes.OC, funney, whm, storytime?2011-02-15 5 
March 2011
1411523830 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp : Rogue Trader30 Meter Murphy drops in and lays down the tale of A great Rogue Trader ship and its crew.Rogue trader, Dark Heresy, 40k, Storytime2011-03-03 3 
1419877630 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp Part 2The Rogue Trader crew is down a few members. A planetary government is overthrown in two shots and the Astropath has a very bad dayRogue Trader, Storytime, WH40K2011-03-10 -1 
14341016Random Encounter turned Insane StoriesWhat started as a normal random encounter thread is quickly derailed when a poster begins talking about his girlfriend, who is apparently both ex-Mossad and extremely angry. Entertainment is had by all, along with discussion of whether one beatdown was justifiablestorytime, Sister of Battle, random encounter, crazy woman2011-03-24 8 
14381700Creepy Hotel Storyspiders and doorknobs, the source of true fear.creepy, storytime2011-03-27 14 
1443148730 Meter Murphy's Tales of the Warp Part 5: Promotions!The Rogue Trader crew purge a Nurgle infestation on their ship, deliver a box of psykers and get mindwiped about it, then Howling Banshees kill one of them. Rogue Trader, Storytime, Warhammer 40K2011-03-31 1 
April 2011
14399679The Tale of an Industrious Rogue"DM Kroft" expands (slowly) upon the tale of a rogue, his party, and their highly industrious insanity. Pathfinder, storytime, writefag, story time2011-04-01 33 
14435926Magical Girl StorytimeA GM recounts his group's military magical girls fighting a mysterious alien enemy in a magitech setting resembling that of the Nanoha series.magical girl, mahou shoujo, military, gm story, setting, storytime, magical girl lyrical nanoha, nanoha, magitech2011-04-02 8 
14475678How anon ran a game for elderlyWell, this kind anon volunteered to host a "game night" at the local old folks house. Although he was supposed to play Scrabble, he decided to run DnD instead. A fun night ensued, with badass old men and lots of people remembering the Biker DnD thread. The thread features the epic storitiem, /tg/ never changing, Watership Down, some guys being faggots and lots more. Surprisingly, no edition wars.DnD, elderly, veteran, storytiem, storytime2011-04-05 22 
14564348Shas'O Rymr's Rogue Trader TalesThe Shas regales us with a story of 40k action and adventure.40k, storytime2011-04-12 2 
May 2011
14815360Reaction Image Storiesfa/tg/uys post random images from their Reaction Image folder, and give short stories about what was REALLY going on in it. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Funny, Storytime2011-05-04 3 
14863919Keter the killer.Epic tale of a swordsman-turned-Diabolist-turned-hero of the wastes.Fighter, Wasteland, Keter, Falchion, Writefaggotry, Storytime, Evil2011-05-09 24 
14871818Jackie vs the world.A PC in a world that just hates PCs. Eventually he breaks the DM's bullshit in half and frees himself.THAT DM, Maenads, Mary-sue, Storytime, Gestalt, Escape2011-05-10 21 
14877949LARP storytime!Southern boys go larping and draw the ire of Peacock. Hilarity ensuesLARP, storytime, THAT GUY2011-05-10 59 
14888308Sal the bleak, Ur-priest of the end of all.A simple Gypsy guy who's the result of a supernatural gene-bashing, and his exploits as the world he lives in keeps hammering home how cold and uncaring it is to his people. Until he finally snaps and ends the world.Emrakul, Gypsy, Storytime, D&D, Paladin, THAT DM, Bard2011-05-11 9 
14907969Humans vs ZombiesA riveting discussion about HvZ occurs, with stories of epic games, Nerf gun modification, and Commissar roleplaying abound.Humans vs Zombies, Nerf, Gun Modification, storytime2011-05-13 6 
14941075Best Mutants & Masterminds Game EverThe Sovereign, Fishmonger, Ragin' Ronnie Reagan, Lucifer Lass, and the Masked Rider team up to fight crime...or sell action figures...or maybe take over the world? It's really hard to tell with these guys...M&M, Mutants & Masterminds, storytime, The Sovereign, Ragin' Ronnie Reagan, Fishmonger2011-05-15 28 
14969510RL admech encounters and adventuresThe omnissiah approves of this thread. /tg/ tells of RL invokations of various machine gods to fix things. also interns will do anything.admech IRL RL story storythread storytime2011-05-18 2 
14972306NASCAR Genesis: EinherjarEvangelion + Norse Mythology + Nascar. One of the most inventive and awesome uses of Adeptus Evangelion /tg/ has ever seenAdeptus Evangelion, Homebrew, Storytime2011-05-18 16 
15009660Time Travel CampaignsA thread for stories about time travel in people's games takes a turn for the epic when a stranger tells a heart-wrenching story about Asmodeus the Paladin. /tg/ weeps, and then someone who may or may not be the writer reveals a terrible secret, leaving /tg/ feeling confused and slightly inspired.time, time travel, story time, storytime, story, paladin, asmodeus, writefaggotry, manly tears2011-05-22 8 
15063299That AWESOME Guy/DMTired of all the That Guy/That DM threads, this was their antithesis with stories of just plain awesome teammates and DMs. Special stories include The Great Caseby, an albino troll with large testicles, and killing gods.story, storytime, stories, D&D, The Great Caseby, Call of Cthulhu, That Awesome Guy, That Awesome DM, Henderson2011-05-29 16 
June 2011
15134748Cursed ItemsA thread about cursed items in campaigns. Also the story of a druid and a holy turtle.cursed item, storytime2011-06-02 8 
July 2011
15450652In-game quotesGreat PC one-liners, storytime, and more.quotes, storytime2011-07-03 10 
15476554Peg-Leg Dave's storyPeg-Leg Dave tells about a baaad "hard" sci-fi setting and how he proceeded to make it a little betterawesome, Peg-Leg Dave, sci-fi, future, storytime, homebrew2011-07-05 29 
15483779Peg-Leg Dave DnD StorytimeDave relates an awesome story about two friends, a massive cooperative-DMed DnD campaign, and the quest to bring down a Mary-Sue empire of elves.Storytime, Dungeons and Dragons, Awesome2011-07-05 51 
15494324Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy StorytimePeg Leg Dave continues telling stories as promised, this time he introduces his Dark Heresy Character, Shenanigans Ensue.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-06 26 
15503442Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime I2Storytime with Pegleg Dave, he continues where he left offPeg-Leg Dave, Dark Heresy, Storytime2011-07-07 27 
15520509Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy storytime 3Peg-Leg dave shares the continuing saga of Silon and Co.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-09 24 
15546106Peg-Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Story-time part 4Peg-Leg Dave returns for Dark Heresy StorytimePeg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-11 24 
15598929Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime 5Peg Leg Dave returns for more Adventures in CrimePeg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-16 23 
15610421Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime 6The game turns bad with new players added. Dave ejects people out into space.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-17 23 
15619823Peg Leg Dave's Dark Heresy Storytime (THE END)The end of Silon's Adventures in Dark Heresy, For now.Peg-Leg Dave, Dark heresy, storytime2011-07-18 28 
15735503Medieval EngineeringEngineering student joins his TA's RPG. /tg/ listens as he goes back to 1231 Europe, learns of John Prester's Land, and revels in a smart, story-based world in which the PCs invent their way to glory. But can OP & pals prep for the Mongol invasions?MedievalHistory storytime awesomeroleplayers 2011-07-29 25 
15757474Medieval Engineering IIOP and his buddies continue to prepare for the mongol invasion in medieval Poland. Confessional seal is broken, the guns/butter problem rears its head, and the science of screws gets explained.MedievalHistory MedievalEngineering storytime awesomeroleplaying2011-07-30 22 
August 2011
15875747Epic Moments ThreadExactly what it says on the tind&d, rpg, epic win, storytime, manly tears2011-08-09 14 
16037299Traditional Anthropomorphic GamesI canhear yoou groaning from across the net, but I'm saving this thread not just for the wealth of playable furry games, but for >>16038331 this tale of 'HURR DURR YIFF IN HELL' gone too far. Sin is when we treat people as things; this applies to all people, those we feel compatibility with and those who like what we do not like.Anthropomorphism, Furry, Mouse Guard, Storytime, righteous rage, Yiff in Hell, asshole, assault 2011-08-23 -25 
September 2011
16222803Nostalgia storytimeOp was going through some old things, and felt a big ol' wave of fond nostalgia.larp, storytime, nostalgia2011-09-08 8 
October 2011
16585489Storytime threadA sober storytiem spins another yarn of an awesome campaign. And some other stuff from Anons.Awesome, storytime, storytiem, Dungeons and Dragons, Captain Falcon2011-10-11 13 
16597555Dark Heresy StorytimeOP storytimes a three-year campaign.Dark Heresy, Storytime, DH, writefaggotry, 40k2011-10-12 40 
16607700Dark Heresy Storytime 2The conclusion of the three-year DH campaign of Lazarus, Sister Athena, and Tidus.Dark Heresy, Storytime, DH, writefaggotry, 40k2011-10-13 39 
November 2011
16809106Storytime Thread: Part TwoStorytiem continues his tale, the Pope of Faerun is created, and a drawfag drops in.Awesome, storytiem, storytime, Dungeons and Dragons, Faerun, Alphonse, armchair2011-11-01 47 
16827147/tg/ Shares DreamsDreams are shared and discussed, everything from the crazy to the nightmarish. Great campaign idea fuel.dream, storytime, storytiem, creepy, awesome, scary, weird2011-11-04 5 
16880285The Triumphant ReturnWaffle House Millionaire returns, surprisingly fun time is had by all, many stories are told.Waffle House Millionaire, storytime, epic2011-11-08 15 
December 2011
17145726StorytimeSamurai, Chosen of the Emperor, Prisioners rocking out; oh mystorytime, awesome, japan, glorious2011-12-08 10 
17342370Old Man Henderson Narrated Voice actor StephanosRex narrates the Old Man Henderson and other /tg/ storiesstorytime, Old Man Henderson, Cthulhu, Waffle House Millionaire, audio, voice acting, storytiem, /tg/, space marine2011-12-28 33 
January 2012
17397637What was the best thread of 2011?2011 was a pretty rockin year for /tg/. Anon recounts their favourites. Anagrams, Rap Battles, we have it all. Come take a trip down memory lane and welcome in the new year by reliving glories past./tg/, tg, 2012, 2011, memories, awesome, epic, win, 40k, homebrew, storytime2012-01-02 24 
17458366Memory Lane 2011 Part 2Come join us on a walk down memory lane! The best threads of /tg/ 2011. Linked and listed for your reading pleasure. Who needs other boards?/tg/, tg, 2012, 2011, memories, awesome, epic, win, 40k, homebrew, storytime2012-01-07 5 
17482364Whatever happened to Ozzmar?When one anon wonders if a screencapped story ever had a conclusion, the original poster steps up and continues the epic tale.storytime, awesome, paladin, Dungeons and Dragons, screencaps2012-01-10 23 
17485327Stephanos NarratesStephanos Rex returns to /tg/ for some awesome voice acting. storytime, Old Man Henderson, Cthulhu, Waffle House Millionaire, audio, voice acting, storytiem, /tg/, space marine2012-01-10 13 
17531839That Guy Called HalflingOP makes a THAT GUY thread, but dominates it with his own stories of Halfling; a man apparently fine outside games, but a bitch in themthat guy, that, guy, halfling, story, storytime, story time, pokemon, 40k, bitch, rule bending, rules, min-maxing, min maxing, minmaxing, minmax, highschool, high school, poke mon2012-01-14 7 
17555364STORYTIEM Part 3Alphonse, Tim, Arthur and Rekrabbob return with a force to meet new friends and new enemies.storytime, Dungeons and Dragons, Alphonse, Faerun2012-01-16 20 
17586782Space Wolves are AssholesStory is written about Space Wolves being assholes, /tg/ takes it upon themselves to write the other perspectivesstory, storytime, writing, funny, space wolves, space marines, guardsmen, whores2012-01-18 10 
17595297That Guy And The BearStorybro recounts the time a homophobic That Guy meets his match in the form of a big, burly gay rugby player.That Guy, gay, storytime, epic, lulz, bear, bears2012-01-19 22 
17689575Deffwotch once moreShas returns to expound upon the mysteries of very small men, Orkz, and one of the toughest fights our Orkstartes have yet faced.Deffwotch, orkz, deathwatch, shas'o, storytime, WAAAAAGH2012-01-27 10 
17693217Dykes of LondonExploits of an all-girl group of Shadowrunners in England. The team comes together, and shit rapidly hits the fan. Shadowrun, storytime, Dykes of London2012-01-27 10 
February 2012
17810362Old World of Darkness StorytimeAlice in Wonderland in a post apocalyptic America run by Technocrats post apocalyptic, Alice, World of Darkness, oWod, Changeling, Technocrat, Storytime2012-02-05 5 
17812927Dykes of London 2- I wanna DO him!After things go tits-up, the shadowrunning ladies finish their first job, and one of them finds true love.Dykes of London, Shadowrun, storytime2012-02-05 4 
17892000d02 StorytimeOP tells us about running a couple of d02 games at a con, hilarity ensuesd02, storytime, funny2012-02-11 25 
17975270ArturWhat starts as a pretty boring thread becomes glorious in the face of Artur, Russian Space Tramp, Psudo-big-Daddy and Mute mechanic warrior; a great character in a terrible game.bestthingever, That Guy, storytime, awesome2012-02-16 23 
18152223How to fight monstergirlsStories of tragedy and loss in the fight to keep humans from being raped to death by monsters.monstergirl, rape, storytime2012-02-29 22 
March 2012
18165669How to fight monstergirls, part 2Stories of tragedy and loss in the fight to keep humans from being raped to death by monsters. Continued.monstergirl, rape, storytime2012-03-02 9 
18176533Reginald "Ragin' Reggie" DempseyIn the midst of a "What I made..." thread, one anon storytimes the tale of a man in the zombie apocalypse who punched stuff real hard.Ragin' Reggie, Storytime, All Flesh Must Be Eaten2012-03-03 45 
18193676Evangelion storytimeOP comes to /tg/ with a tale of his characters undying love, /tg/ discusses Evangelion.awesome, adeva, evangelion, storytime2012-03-04 12 
18205767The Burnscour LictorThe great Rogue Trader Mathias Fellburg shares the tale of a Tyranid beast that hounded his every move.Rogue Trader, Storytime, funny2012-03-04 21 
18228308Shadowrun StorytimeOP begins his story of a Shadowrun That Guy (tm)Shadowrun, Storytime, That Guy, 2D, Street Samurai, Infiltrator, Hacker, Mage2012-03-06 209 
18244120Shadowrun Storytime 3viking-ghost fist fights, ghoul hospitals and all around awesomeness happensShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Geek the Mage2012-03-07 45 
18249865Tales of PC logicTales of Player Character logic resulting in amusing and often fatal consequences.stories, storytime, PC logic, TPK, total party kill, funny2012-03-08 5 
18268827Ragin' Reggie II: Electric BoogalooRagin' Reggie's back for more storytime.Ragin' Reggie, Storytime, All Flesh Must Be Eaten2012-03-09 31 
18278118Omegle Quest/tg/ wades the shit of a/s/l to bring Omegle Quest to the usually not-so-enthusiastic masses of Omegle. Hilarity ensues.Omegle Quest, Collective Game, /tg/ to the masses, chat, storytime, Omegle2012-03-11 5 
18291189Shadowrun Storytime 4The Ares runs begin, Tank gets a SIN, and an interrogation gets...weird.Shadowrun, Storytime, 2D, Geppetto, Dervish, Tank, Teacup Ride, Cyberpunk, Knight Errant2012-03-11 44 
18305008Shadowrun Storytime 5The hunt for Joy begins, the team has a revelation about Dervish, and Geppetto makes some...dirty dealings.Shadowrun, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytime, 2D, TwoDee, Vegas, Tamanous2012-03-13 46 
18400401Shadowrun Storytime 6Bend the Infiltrator joins the team, spirits get stoned, 2D jizzes himself, and the Vegas arc comes to a close.Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, TwoDee, Geppetto, Dervish, Bend, Vegas, Las Vegas2012-03-21 43 
18421888Shadowrun Storytime 72D and the crew head to Tokyo, Shenanigans ensueShadowrun, Storytime, TwoDee, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Tokyo2012-03-23 46 
18458666I am OverwatchIn which the new player Autismo makes a GM look like a boss, and players are amazedstorytime, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Autismo 2012-03-26 116 
18519535Deffwotch: Episode 26 - HeroA final, cataclysmic showdown between Necoho and Da Kill Team. The penultimate episode of Deffwotch.storytime, orks, ork, deffwotch, dark heresy, hero2012-03-30 3 
April 2012
18532456Shadowrun Storytime 8The team goes to Lagos, and runner-on-runner violence happens! Geppetto kills a guy in a really fucked-up way. Also Nextwave!Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, Shadowrun Storyime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Lagos, Nextwave2012-04-02 45 
18645891Shadowrun Storytime 92D and crew finally corner Two-Times in Bogota. The Sixth World is marred forever.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Bogota, Sensei, Pirates, Aztechnology2012-04-09 37 
18647754Shadowrun Storytime 10TwoDee retires.Shadowrun, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytime TwoDee2012-04-10 36 
18848099Shadowrun Storytime 11The Summer episode! The Team tries their hand at a bank heist.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Bank Heist, Bank Job2012-04-24 36 
18857254Tales of the CommonsIn which the writefags spin tales of commoners spurned, commoners triumphant.Storytime, Commoner, Story time, Blacksmith's Daughter, Baker's Daughter, Blacksmith2012-04-25 12 
May 2012
18990192Shadowrun Storytime 12The team goes back to college. It's not quite how they remember...Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, Geppetto, Bend, Dervish, Wildcard, College, University2012-05-05 34 
19083275The Tale Of Hitsito The ArmoryStorytime of an Epic Level DnD game, Dueling Gods, Neverwinter gets destroyedDowjin, Daies, Hitsito, Van, Destamona, DnD, Epic, Storytime2012-05-13 10 
19082172The Tale of Patrick O'CallahanWell, citizens of /tg/, gather round. Get yerselves a pint, warm up by the fire, and stop ogling the damn whores for a second so I can tell you the story of the best elf I've ever had the fortune of playing, Patrick O'Callahan.Story, Storytime, Patrick, O', Callahan, Irish, Elf, Awesome, Barfight, Justice, Wish2012-05-13 41 
19113000The Tale of the Godhand and the GodslayerA L5R story told by Ikoma Kiyoshi, a tale of of Honor, Duty, Tragedy, and facing impossible odds.Legend of Five Rings, Storytime2012-05-15 13 
June 2012
19350780Shadowrun Storytime 13The long-delayed conclusion! The team ends the Granger run in a blast of bullets, bombs, and flower petals.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, 2012-06-03 35 
July 2012
19744246Shadowrun Storytime 14The Trout Run starts with a bang! Evil cultists and shit-covered capybaras abound.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-05 39 
19835955Warhammer High: ROAD TRIP!Writefag Someone else. surprises /tg/ with a new Warhammer High story. It involves warp travel, and lots of it.Someone else., writefaggotry, warhammer high, Primarchs' daughters, storytime, rule 632012-07-12 12 
19882126ROAD TRIP! ContinuesYet more faggotry from Someone else.Someone else., writefaggotry, warhammer high, Primarchs' daughters, storytime, rule 63, ROAD TRIP2012-07-16 10 
19962789Mearls and 3.5Hot Man to Manual actionman on book action, erotica, epic, writefag, storytime, DnD, 3.52012-07-20 15 
20001747Unexpected PC Shenanigans It seems duels between master assassins are very brief affairsPC, game, awesome, storytime, PC said the darndest things, surprise, buttsex2012-07-23 9 
20058837ROAD TRIP! Once moreThe Nocturne leg of the trip concludes. Ahriman's Aide and Darkmage submit subsequent chapters of their own stories.Someone else., writefaggotry, warhammer high, Primarchs' daughters, storytime, rule 63, ROAD TRIP2012-07-28 13 
20080536Shadowrun Storytime 15The team gets a nwe target, Wildcard and Dervish harass a checkpoint guard.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-29 32 
20080691The Return of Old Man HendersonWhat starts as a simpley Storytime thread turns awesome with the revival of the legendary saga of Old Man Henderson, the man who won Call of Cthulhu.Game, Awesome, Storytime, Old Man Henderson2012-07-29 40 
20097465Old Man Henderson: The Director's CutMore tales of the legendary Old Man Henderson, the man who won Call of Cthulhu, as well as the rest of the game's party, as told by one of the players.Game, Awesome, Storytime, Old Man Henderson2012-07-30 45 
20098708Shadowrun Storytime 15.5Adversary says hi.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, twodee2012-07-30 35 
20106184Bad Player Ideas/tg/ shares their experiences with hilariously stupid PC ideas.storytime, player ideas2012-07-30 11 
August 2012
20168261Gambling DreadnaughtAn Deathwatch GM regales a tale of a gambling Dreadnaught.storytime, interesting, 40k, dreadnaught, gambling2012-08-03 18 
20238400Bad DM cannot into dramaDouchebag DMing thread is taken over by the rageworthy tale of a DM who despite being a drama major completely fails to deliver any to his group.Bad DMing, storytime, That Guy, That DM, douchebag DM2012-08-08 21 
20263848Old Man Henderson the Complete Story Part 3We get even more of the story of Old Man Henderson.Game, Awesome, Storytime, Old Man Henderson2012-08-11 35 
20275472ROAD TRIP! Part TresThe party leaves Nocturne for the land of more wolfs Someone Else, Writefaggotry, Warhammer high, Primarchs' daughters, storytime, Rule 63, ROAD TRIP2012-08-13 11 
20366845Shadowrun Storytime 16: The Tale of Felix RamirezThe team initiates their newest member, ex-Aztechnology Eagle Warrior Felix Ramirez.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Felix Ramirez, Locke2012-08-18 46 
September 2012
20521280Space Station 13: The Storytime-iningMany a man tried to discuss SS13, but few returned alive.Space Station 13, SS13, Storytime, Storytiem2012-09-02 7 
20654901Tales of MCF IncOP tells tales of a group of mercenaries that always royally fuck up their missions.storytime, D20 Modern, guns, fuck ups, mercenaries2012-09-09 11 
20666515Tales of the Harem KnightsBuilding off of a previous thread many anons donned names and stories, all of good quality at least.Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-10 22 
20674762TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume ThreeThird thread in TeeGee Harem Knights. More stories, equipment to bring to fantasy worlds, plus a bar song!Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building, bar song2012-09-10 23 
20684912TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FourFourth volume of the escapades of our TeeGee nationTeegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-11 16 
20698883TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FiveWe reach the fifth thread of this amazing saga full of writefaggotry, now with an Ork invasion and a look into the Merchant Guard!TeeGee, Harem, Knights, Storytime, Stories, Waifu, Monstergirl, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-09-12 17 
October 2012
20950596Shadowrun Storytime 17Happy birthday, 4chan! TwoDee returns with a very Dervish-heavy tale.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Locke, trolls, Fight Club2012-10-01 41 
21023175Player attempts to eat everythingOP seeks help on dealing with omnivorous player, turns into storytime of his exploitsStorytime, Humor, OMNOMNOM, DM2012-10-07 0 
21038431Dark Heresy StorytimeA Dark Heresy game where everything that can go wrong does. Repeatedly. And, as always, it's the Psyker's fault.Dark Heresy, Daemonhost, TPK, Storytime, Story, Tumble-Dryer of Blood,2012-10-08 75 
21190429That Feel: The Saddest Thing I KnowOP needs a tragic background story for a character. Halfway through the thread a Dane tells the story that he calls 'The Saddest Thing I Know', /tg/ doesn't have time to brace before the impact and is blown away by what can only be described as possibly the worst feel ever.That Feel, The Saddest Thing I Know, First World War, World War 1, Denmark, Danish, Dane, worst feel ever, feels, sadness, storytime2012-10-19 21 
November 2012
21391043Dread storytimeIn which a mental facility is set on fire, demons attack a jail, and a jenga tower remains standingWaffle House Millionaire, storytime2012-11-02 7 
21445029The Tale of an Industrious RogueGM tells a story about the business exploits of his players, and the crazy plans they made.Industrious Rogue, Pathfinder, Storytime, DM Kroft, Salt, Business, Dreams2012-11-05 137 
21662853Old Man Henderson ReduxA screencaps thread turns into a retelling of Old Man Henderson by another of the playersstorytime, crazy shit, Old Man Henderson, Waffle House Millionaire, Cthulhu, plot derailment2012-11-20 27 
December 2012
21851801Everyone Hates That Guy MikeOP tells the story of "That Guy Mike" and how after being invited to a Pathfinder game he proceeded to systematically make each person leave, each for a different reason!That Guy, Pathfinder, Storytime, game, writefag, mtg, magic, FLGS2012-12-02 33 
21951711Nation Game RP - Part TwoHomebrew Nation Building Game played every week on Skype as I writefag weekly updates for /tg/. This week our Professor takes us through the second turbulent year of the Proto-Age, where the thunder of war increases and violence accelerates with the rapid expansion of the new city-states.nation, nation builder, roleplay, writefaggotry, writefag, homebrew, worldbuilding, storytime 2012-12-08 8 
21950414Necromancer StorytimeOP tells a story of a necromancer. /tg/ starts off skeptical, but the thread quickly delves into awesome storytime.Necromancer, storytime, DnD, morality, undead,2012-12-08 32 
21970830THAT GUY removal.Delicious revenge storytiemTHAT GUY, storytime, D&D, Awesome, Revenge2012-12-10 10 
22004170Storytime and kicks to the faceOP accused of rape by That Girl, another story about creepy implications.That Guy, Story, Storytime2012-12-12 0 
22042204Necromancer Storytime #2OP returns with more storytime about an NG necromancer and his group of Truthseekersnecromancer, storytime, DnD, morality, truthseekers2012-12-14 15 
22098308Time-Travel MindfuckDark Heresy party is sent back in time. Starts whimsy, get's weird fast.tzeentch, storytime, what is happening, madness2012-12-18 15 
January 2013
22418819Inquisitor: Case of the Purple HairAn Inquisitor Thread becomes awesome when OP lays out a tale of Purple Hair and its Sinister Source.Inquisitor, Storytime2013-01-05 15 
22453115Inquisitor: Zazel Strikes BackOP delivers a sequel to the Case of the Purple hair, Hereteks and Craftworlds are involvedInquisitor, Storytime2013-01-07 9 
22799333How To Kill A TitanBarbarian Rage, Teamwork, All Aboard The Avalanche ExpressDnD, 3.5, Dowjin, Storytime, 2013-01-26 7 
February 2013
22955487THE WONDER-PLANETAn anon tells a story of cosmic fantasy.storytime2013-02-04 11 
22967859Storytime!Amsuign stories of stupid bear-raised barbarians, dwarf dwarfs, badass mech pilots, inventively cruel/awesome gms, and more.storytime, silly, funny2013-02-04 1 
23055894Viral Marketing and Engine Heart StorytimeViral's marketing and Bee-Bot StorytimeViral Games, Bee-Bot, Engine Heart, Storytime2013-02-12 8 
23386536Pantheon, Thread IA gaming group collaboratively storytimes their campaign.storytime d&d2013-02-26 10 
March 2013
23534221Funzo the ClownOP describes the wacky adventures of Funzo the Clown, and his magical monkey Bungo.storytime2013-03-06 48 
23577656A tale of GAROAn epic tale of how four Makai Knights protect a shrine from the forces of evil.Storytime, GARO, paladin, demons2013-03-09 26 
23657708Alternate History India 1915Anon tells us of his amazing game where he and his fellows are mages helping Glorious India throw off the yoke of the British Empire in the middle of the Great War, and we discuss how best for India to liberate itselfAlternate History, Mage, White Wolf, India, 1915, AH, storytime, gaming, roleplay, advice2013-03-13 18 
April 2013
24138093The Tale of Tel`rynDowjin tells the story of Tel`ryn and epic level adventuresdowjin, daies, tel`ryn, telarin, rpg, dnd, dungeons and dragons, storytime, writefaggotry2013-04-09 2 
24265864The end of Barry BanjoEngine Heart general becomes storytime. Barry the animatronic banjo bear meets his final destiny. barry banjo, banjo, storytime, engine, heart, engine heart2013-04-17 11 
24325576Shadowrun Storytime 18A long delay finally bears fruit! The Shadowrun Storytime team goes to HELL!Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, 2D, TwoDee2013-04-18 55 
24362245Shadowrun Storytime: Another TaleAnother group tells their story Shadowrun, Storytime2013-04-20 22 
24408734Come on and SlamOP asks what system to run a Space Jam game in. Homebrews and storytime follow.Charles Barkley, Come on and Slam, Welcome to the Jam, Space Jam, Homebrew, Storytime2013-04-23 21 
24400998Leonidas and..."Collin"Two 'That Guys' in a Deathwatch game. What could go wrong?deathwatch, that guy, storytime2013-04-23 21 
24483685The Boss's GameAnon tells the tale of how he came to play Dnd with his boss and a bunch of other random staff. Really awesome stroy that inspires jealously.The Boss's Game, Story, roleplay, D&D, storytime, random encounter2013-04-27 10 
24538967To Kill a SkinwalkerOP asks how /tg/ would go about killing a skinwalker. Creepypasta follows and /tg/ loses its collective shit.Skinwalker, Horror, Navajo, roleplay, Storytime, Australia, Legend2013-04-30 25 
May 2013
24604445A Difficult Dilemma A tale of 2 anons whose characters struggle to reconnect & escape a slave-owning mining settlement w/ an ugly secret.character, roleplay, storytime, 4e, advice, oh god why, DnD2013-05-04 6 
24928926Martian Death QuestThe original author of the Martian Death Quest returnsMartian Death Quest, My best horror RPG,nightmare_fuel sci-fi storytime2013-05-20 15 
25064626That Guy vs. YahwehWhat starts as a That Guy/That GM thread turns hilarious when one Guy, who doesn't know what 'omnipotent' means, tries to fight god.That Guy, epic, story, stories, storytime, awesome, /tg/, omnipotence2013-05-27 51 
25064084RPGs for kids/tg/ discuss games they've ran for children.Harry Potter, /tg/, rpgs, GURPS, storytime, adorable, Toon, Mouse Guard2013-05-28 7 
June 2013
25224953Most insane thing your party ever did/tg/ remembers the most batshit crazy things they've ever pulled in a gamestorytime, character, epic gaming moments, awesome, drow, 3.5, Exalted, Paladin2013-06-04 6 
25404002First-time GM Stories/tg/ recalls the first time they ever ran a game/tg/, storytime, GM, DM2013-06-14 7 
25527343Bastards in Zombie Apocalypse /tg/ advises the leader of a group of coldhearted bastards in how to thrive during a zombie apocalypse campaign. Storytime part one of two.zombie, storytime2013-06-19 1 
25594732A tale of a rabbit, a hobbit and that dmAnon appears with a story-time of much bullshittery inflicted by a rail-roading DM, and one plucky rabbit that manages to survive it. A game of kill the wabbit ensues.storytime, that dm, one lucky bunny2013-06-23 45 
25571222That GM advice/storytimeOP asks for advice with a railroading DM, and gives context for his woes.That GM, advice, storytime, Pathfinder2013-06-23 5 
July 2013
25776534ENGINEERING/tg/ tells tales of cleverness, batshit insanity, and everything in between.storytime, engineering, arrowhead of total destruction2013-07-02 2 
25795457Homebrew storytimeStorytime of a party in an allegedly low-magic Pathfinder game that turned into a clusterfuck of deities, dragons, vampires and other epic-level threats. Homebrew, storytime2013-07-03 8 
25826870Shadowrun Storytime 19: The Final Run Part 1Lo, the beginning of the end.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Bend, Geppetto, Locke, Sensei, Wildcard2013-07-05 60 
25850439The tale of HydraAlphone Kapwon brings another tale of bad roleplay, bad GMs and magnificent bastardy. All with the help of a fat, ugly industrialist.storytime, Alphonse, freeform, stories, science, industry, magnificent bastard2013-07-06 22 
25857504Homebrew storytime part 2The finished tale of a party in an allegendly low-magic homebrew settings that get overran by magic, dragons, vampires and other epic threats.Homebrew, storytime, Marcus Revaine2013-07-06 6 
25940768Ad Eva Discussion and StortimeAnons talk about Adeptus Evangelion, also, storytime about AdEva game with Pacific Rim material in it.Adeptus Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pacific Rim, Evas, Jaegers, Storytime2013-07-11 1 
25990953Tales of heroism, betrayal and loveA young harpy asks /tg/ for stories. /tg/ obliges her.storytime2013-07-14 2 
26179955Stories of the board/tg/ comes forth with many new stories. Of course it's gonna get archived!story, stories, Undead, Necromancy, necromancer, storytime, DnD, 40k, Dark Heresy2013-07-23 5 
26208662Halo Covenant StorytiemFa/tg/uy tells story about playing a Halo Homebrew. Also some discussion on Halo in general.Halo, Covenant, Storytime2013-07-24 5 
26245330The Tale of Daies 3Meet Hitsito's new character Tyranis. Daies reveals his next nefarious plan.storytime, writefaggotry, rpg, dnd, dnd 3.5, daies, dowjin, tyranis2013-07-26 3 
26258267Genius The Transgression: Aesthetics and StorytimeOP talks about mad science aesthetics, and one anon shares his tail of a mad scientist who really liked his cat.Genius: The Transgression, Storytime, Mad Science,2013-07-28 11 
August 2013
26441447Horrors in a nuclear bomb shelterA GM tells the story of his horror campaignstorytime, horror, numbers stations2013-08-05 37 
26534970Another day on SS13Space station 13 story, chaplain teams up with clown to create religion then kill everyone.Space station 13, clown, SS13, storytiem, storytime2013-08-10 11 
26566163General storytime threadMany awesome stories are told, and many are screencapped.storytime2013-08-12 5 
26683670CHAPTER MASTER: A chapter management simulationSome good stories and some excellent news? Promising anyway, and may the Inquisition stay the fuck away from our suspicious dealings.CHAPTER MASTER, vbcoder, Chapter, Master, Storytime, 40k2013-08-19 10 
26775464Space Station 13 StoriesSpace Station 13, where you can make as many sadistic or epic moments as you are robust. >Space simulator >More like CLOWN RAMPAGE/virus/space crazies simulator.SS13, Space Station 13, Storytime, Clown, Mime2013-08-22 5 
26786075Best lines from playersSome great lines, and some great storytime. Oh, and pizza.storytime, food2013-08-24 8 
26799728Nintendo Pulp AdventuresIn which Nintento games as pen-and-paper campaigns are discussed, and five people from the 30's end up in the Mushroom Kingdom.Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Hollow Earth Expedition, Storytime, Nintendo, 19362013-08-24 2 
September 2013
26990453Vampire the Requiem- Blood and Smoke: BurningSome namefag tells the tale of his Vampire: The Requiem campaign, complete with murder, politics, impressively competent Ghouls and color commentaryVampire, Storytime, World of Darkness2013-09-07 15 
27129641 Blood and Smoke: Burning, Part 2The namefag continues his tale as the coterie tangles with a demon and prepares for a very special Hanukkah party.Vampire, Storytime, World of Darkness2013-09-10 11 
27266199Clown Thread with Gropey the ClownInteresting stories from a very interesting clown, and other folks. Life lessons and advice.Clown Thread, Storytime, Life, Clowns2013-09-17 20 
October 2013
27512545Canterbury TalesOP posts an oddly familiar tale. /tg/ joins in with their own stories. Canterbury Tales, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Storytime2013-10-01 12 
27514961Villains Who Make It PersonalAnon comes to us with tales of a villain who uses the most vile of weapons, NTR. /tg/ responds with their own tales of villains who affected them and their characters on a personal level. Villains, Storytime, NTR, Evil, 2013-10-01 5 
27549696IRL Crit Success/FailuresTales of (mis)fortune, and a man and his thieving crowstorytime, awesome2013-10-03 11 
27685205Heartwarming General/tg/ shares heartwarming stories from the games paststorytime, story, heartwarming2013-10-13 5 
November 2013
28263566Screencaps threadSome old, some newawesome, funny, screencaps, storytime2013-11-14 6 
December 2013
28617703Times your group has had to end for the nightTimes a campaign has had to restart, be rewritten, or put on hold because of silly bullshit players pull. Also a small bit of advice on worldbuilding.DM, GM, DMing, GMing, worldbuilding, story, stories, storytime, PC, GMPC, DMPC, bard, paladin, seduction, cancer, Elder evil, EE, BBEG2013-12-02 5 
29155369Tale of the BDSM DM (Correct thread)A request for tales of bad DMs turns into a storytime session about a BDSM obsessed DM, rape and dragons.BDSM, storytime, that guy, that dm, dean2013-12-30 14 
January 2014
29207144Jebediah Zandersmith: supernatural detectiveThe tales of Zandersmith, the wacky supernatural detecrive with a Gremlinstorytime2014-01-01 27 
29217154Shadowrun Storytime 20: The Final Run Part 2The tension keeps up as the team struggles to hunt down their quarry.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Bend, Geppetto, Locke, Sensei, Wildcard2014-01-01 75 
29226125Larry The Transgender "RP"-istThings get a bit odd as a That Guy gets the Girl, then OP continues with another... "story"Storytime, Larry, Transgender, Rapist, Rape, That Guy, Story, Nunsplosion2014-01-02 21 
29486770One party and AbsolutionAnon tells the story of his party rising through the ranks to change the world in increasingly extreme ways.Storytime, Writefag, Absolution, Badger god2014-01-13 46 
29633723The Hair BeastOP tells the story of a creature he created with a Wish spell.storytime wish monster hair2014-01-20 8 
February 2014
30183805Chicago Unmasqued arc 1 ch. 1A storylog of a Vampire: the Masquerade game, set in 1990s Chicago. Sabbath, Camarilla, the unfortunate Caitiff PCs caught in between, a diablerie, two separate masquerade breaches, and a final death... and this is just the first chapter of the first arc.storytime, vampire, vtm, V:tm, masquerade, chicago2014-02-12 4 
30145700Suddenly, Sailor Moon invades /tg/ againAnon asks for systems to run a Sailor Moon campaign with. Sailor Magneto is created, stories are told, and great times are had by everyone.Sailor Moon, Sailor Magneto, RPG, storytime2014-02-12 5 
30361162Story TimeA well written story about a guy who plays TTRPGS.story, time, storytime2014-02-20 1 
30389899Warforged StorytimeFeaturing Tim and Jim the Warforged brothers, Lichforged, Nanoforged, the 3/4ths golem, the Iron Giant, and an obscenely corny yet somehow endearing story of friendship and slapping death's shit, among other things.story, time, storytime, warforged, Pinocchio, lichforged, nanoforged, nanohaforged, 3/4ths golem, FRIENDSHIP, Iron Giant, character concepts2014-02-22 9 
March 2014
30627173Necromancer Story TimeHalf-ork barbarian, Warforged wizard and Elf druid (and also Human Paladin) in quest to find eight metal keys in a Serne world. Search proves problematic and challenging.Necromancer, campaign, storytime2014-03-05 5 
31000748Magical Kingdom Writefaggotry"Scenario: You suddenly find yourself in charge of your standard fairytale kingdom. How you ended up in charge is unimportant. Maybe you're a long-lost heir misplaced by an incompetent king, maybe you're a charming hero who was for some reason given the hand of a crown princess due to generosity of an incompetent king or maybe you just killed the off the previous ruler in a revolution against his kingly incompetence. The important part is that the realm you oversee is a full-blown Disney-out-the-ass type of deal complete with rebellious princesses, braggart wannabe-heroes, charming underdog commoners, bumbling advisors, an evil sorcerer or two with perhaps a dragon on standby, an overabundance of animal companions and woodland creatures that for some reason aren't being turned into food, wish-granting fairies/gnomes/trolls and a metric fuckton of things that shouldn't talk or sing but do both. As you might expect, the place is a shithole and on the verge of financial and socio-political ruin. How does a bad dude like yourself build this brightly colored trainwreck into a military and economic superpower feared the not-world over."writefaggotry, writefag, Hypnojew, disney, story, time, storytime, no discussion2014-03-22 8 
31026745Only Sane Man 3In which OP continues the story of his dysfunctional party after a long wait.storytime, OnlySaneMan2014-03-23 14 
31058461This goddamn moment from a game you can't forgetMemorable moments that define tabletop gaming. Crit successes that shatter the plot, crit fails that cause TPKs on the first enemy encountered, everything's here.Story, storytime, stories, nat 20, natural 20, DnD, D&D, 3.5, 4, Crit, Crit fail, fail, awesome, epic2014-03-25 10 
April 2014
31230485On the divinity of the God EmperorSome guy asks for in-universe arguments for proof of the Emperor's divinity. He gets what he asked for, along with pasta, slight storytime, and DMing advice40k, Emperor, Emps, Emprah, funny, story, storytime, stories, pasta, copypasta, fuck witches, DM, GM, DH, that guy, argument, arguing, theology2014-04-03 5 
31271134How to Avoid a Boss Fight in Dark HeresyAnon tells the story of how attempting to talk his way out of a boss fight landed him a daemonette girlfriend. Additional storytime follows.Dark Heresy, Storytime, Story, Time, Warhammer, 40k, daemonette, Scott Pilgrim2014-04-06 5 
31674272A crazy PC's memorialA tribute to a good friend and crazy players like him. Story time, Storytime, awesome, crazy, crazy shit, D&D, Mage, lulz, epic, /tg/ 2014-04-24 10 
June 2014
32816963Order of the Emerald StarDiscussion and storytime about the Order of the Emerald Star, an ingame religion worshipping a former PC's Bard after he Ascended.Gods, Deity, Emerald Star, Bards, Music, Paladin, Storytime,2014-06-17 4 
32910549The Loon There are plenty of threads about That Guy, the douche that makes any game terrible. The Loon is the one that pulls something completely ridiculous and succeeds.Awesome, funny, storytime, storytiem2014-06-22 22 
32944715>Hey /tg/ I'm sick. Could you post things to distract me from how crappy I feel?>I fell in a lake today. Feel free to laugh at my misfortune.funny, humor, humour, storytime2014-06-23 5 
33023335Shadowrun General: Humanis EditionShadowrun general starts up all normal like, and then nazisbipolar, nazi, humanis, shadowrun, storytime, storytiem2014-06-26 3 
July 2014
33393181GodbuildersOP tells of how he got his players to develop a pantheon for an original setting. Awesome and storytime results.Worldbuilding, Pantheon, Gods, Storytime2014-07-14 6 
33605642Lamentations of the Flame Princess Storytiem: Edge editionA little girl, the ghost of her necromancer grandfather, a fourteen year old boy still traumatized by the time his parents were raped to death by bears, and a priest team up to murder the shit out of some people, no matter how many people they have to murder in order to do it.Lamentations of the Flame Princess, LotFP, lotfp, storytime, storytiem, BEARS, edge, edgy, edgelord2014-07-23 10 
33660810High Mortality Party StorytimeThe most convoluted dark heresy origin story ever and a few more lighthearted stories.Dark heresy, Only War, Shoggy, Storytime, Mortality, Deaths, DnD, Tulip, Shane, Tommy, Troll Fucker, Volg, Paradox, Death2014-07-26 75 
33710707Martian Death Quest Supplemental Resources Anons compile a list of resources and atmosphere suggestions for running a MDQ.nightmare_fuel sci-fi storytime, Martian Death Quest, My best horror RPG, Atmosphere, Resources2014-07-31 1 
August 2014
33787250Goldern /tg/ storiesNew capsAwesome, funny, storytime2014-08-01 2 
34095013All Guardsmen Party StorytimeHoly shit this campaignStorytime, Dark Heresy, Guardsmens, Story2014-08-12 141 
34091720The ConservatorsOP comes in with a concept for poor, badly equipped marines, proceeds to flesh them out into an interesting custom chapter with very unique practices.Space Marines, Custom Chapter, storytime, Conservators2014-08-13 22 
34152354Second Conservators threadFleshed out more of the Conservators chapter, OP started a POV character.Space Marines, Custom Chapter, storytime, Conservators2014-08-15 15 
34162691Tabletop Rage storiesOP:Has a game ever gotten so heated that people were shouting at each other? Or so heated that someone quit/stopped coming? stories, rage, drama, Ragequit, storytime2014-08-16 0 
34173548GM rage quitsRagequits and storytimesrage, ragequit, storytime, that guy, that dm2014-08-16 0 
34183552GM Non-Fuckups Everybody makes mistakes. While for most people it's difficult but usually necessary to admit those mistakes, GMs are never allowed to do so. That'd be like god showing up to a bunch of scientists and telling them whatever they're working on is pointless because it was just something he fucked up. "Sorry, lemme fix that, carry on." funny, storytime2014-08-16 13 
34197710Conservators Thread 3Some more writing and lore about the galaxy's poorest space marines.Space Marines, Custom Chapter, storytime, Conservators2014-08-18 14 
34333783The Case of the Missing PsykersThe All-Guardsman Party Returns! A PC is lost, and duct tape is used!All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-08-23 135 
34287751Conservators Thread IV: A New ThreadPeople keep on fluffing the Conservators, OP finishes his story and the Imperial Cult is examined.Space Marines, Custom Chapter, storytime, Conservators2014-08-23 12 
September 2014
34660239The All Guardsmen Party and The BoxThe All Guardsmen Party goes off with their new interrogator to investigate a regiment's new weapons.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Story, Shoggy, The Box, Only War, Guardsmen2014-09-06 236 
34985468The All Guardsmen Party and Nubby's GirlfriendThe All Guardsmen Party gets a smokin hot Interrogator and goes to purge some genestealers.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Nubby, Girlfriend, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-09-20 116 
October 2014
35298895Modern FantasyWhat starts of as dating advice for dating a Dhampir quickly becomes a series of in character discussions about fantastical people living in a mundane world, from Wizard debates on ethical practice to debates on fae dickery and racial bigotry its a weird thread, even for /tg/.Modern, Fantasy, In Character, Storytime2014-10-05 1 
35461504The All Guardsmen Party Purge Some HereticsThe All Guardsmen Party checks out why a wasteland world hasn't been praising the Emprah.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Crisp, Fallout, Heretic, Heretics, Purge, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-10-12 120 
35703690A tired GM's taleSleep-deprived GM recounts his less than logical ploy to make his players move the plot via magical realm. Things do not go as planned.Storytime, magical realm, loli, john cleese, rhyming, history, psychology, derail2014-10-23 12 
November 2014
35923989The All Guardsmen Party Buys a ShipThe All Guardsmen Party goes to help purchase a used starship. Nothing could possibly go wrong.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Buy, Ship, Occurrence, Border, Nubby, Warp, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-11-03 139 
36338781The All Guardsmen Party Teaches SchoolThe All Guardsmen Party goes to train some fresh recruits how be proper Inquisitorial Goons.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Cutter, School, Teach, Train, Necron, Necrons, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-11-23 132 
December 2014
36995529Shadowrun Storytime 21Merry Christmas, chummers. Shadowrun Storytime comes to a long-awaited end.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Locke, Wildcard, Bend2014-12-27 57 
37016947Shadowrun Storytime 21.5Wrapping up loose ends.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Locke, Wildcard, Bend, Trout, Geppetto2014-12-28 66 
January 2015
37084497The Free CompanyOP comes in with an idea about a group of loyalist marines with their own ship, made from an amalgamation of exiles rogues and last survivors from dozens of chapters with a slight pirate flavor. A truly incredible amount of writing ensues and they are rapidly fleshed out.Free Company, space marines, Brethren of the Fringe, storytime2015-01-01 6 
37267602Expedition to the Surface World!Urist McDorfking meets with a returning party of dwarven adventurers to ask what the surface world is like. Misinterpretation, elf-hate, great works of industry and cosmology discussion result. Then writefags show up.dwarf, dwarves, cosmology, misinterpretation, storytime, writefag,2015-01-10 3 
37339037The All Guardsmen Party and the Super SpyThe All Guardsmen Party teams up with an Interplanetary man of mystery to investigate corruption in the Imperial Guard.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Necrons, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-01-13 139 
37403665Captain DrakeThe tale of how a an RP thread hijack turned into an epic adventurestorytime, Sci Fi, rp, forum, hijack2015-01-16 81 
February 2015
37794163Britbongsteros StorytimeIn world geographically the same as our own, fantasy tropes meet local mythology. Gather around, and listen to the story of purging necromancy, assassinating nobility, and fighting the terrors of this world. And remember, act in accordance to the Purple Penguin's will. Opening post is required reading.storytime, storytiem, purple penguin, world building, writefaggotry, awesome 2015-02-04 44 
38181397The All Guardsmen Party and the Greater GoodThe All Guardsmen Party go to Tau space to track down some vile, xenos-loving traitors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Tau, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Greater, Good2015-02-20 151 
April 2015
39165875The All Guardsmen Party and the Xenotech Heresy P1The All Guardsmen Party investigates a string planet-wide disappearances.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Aimy, Drone, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Xenotech, Heretek, Eldar, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-04-06 113 
39185203The All Guardsmen Party and the Xenotech Heresy P2The All Guardsmen Party investigates a string planet-wide disappearances.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Aimy, Drone, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Xenotech, Heretek, Eldar, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-04-07 120 
39306136 Lamentations of the Flame Princess Storytiem: 2 edgy, 2 egregious A little girl, the ghost of her necromancer grandfather, a orphan whose parents were eaten and/or raped to death by bears, and a priest who has a cuddle pillow of his goddess team up to murder hundreds of innocents and summon a demon. Also kill a bear I guess.Lamentations of the Flame Princess, LotFP, lotfp, storytime, storytiem, BEARS, edge, edgy, edgelord, sitcom2015-04-12 4 
39385080Shadowrun 5e storytimeThat Guy shennanignsthat guy, shadowrun, 5e, storytime2015-04-16 -14 
June 2015
40385247Moments when YOU became That GuyMoments when players broke their games, some in epic ways, some not so much.awesome, characters, gaming, PC, storytime, that guy2015-06-06 7 
40392795Story ThreadStories from the table game, wizards, great succeses, no luck from the dice gods, those guys or that DM.epic, funny, gaming, PCs, that guy, that DM, original content, story, storytime, wizard2015-06-06 6 
40588807Most Fun You've Had With A CharacterStory time thread, great succeses and other pc's achievements.fun, funny, gaming, PCs, that guy, that DM, original content, story, storytime2015-06-15 3 
40747009The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Acquisition ExpertsWorking alongside Astartes! Meeting Orks and 'Nids again! Critfails galore! It's episode 12.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Drone, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Xenotech, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Sarge, Twitch, Nubby, Doc, Tink, Aimy, Interrogator Greg Sargent2015-06-22 128 
40745299Slavery in RPGsOP asks if others have found slavery in their games, interesting talk ensues.fantasy, slavery, storytime, American Civil War, Elves2015-06-22 -3 
40766711Rooting for the EmpireStories and talks of what it means to be the best villains around. "I answered that Advert!"storytime, villain, star wars, 2015-06-23 5 
40785780THAT guy threadVarious THAT Guy stories, some funny, some Oh God Why?!bad, faggotry, gaming, storytime, that group, that guy2015-06-29 2 
July 2015
41229071Raising Awareness/Writefag Training: The SUE Files Anon regales us with a tale of a DM so terrible and a setting so horrid that it beggars beliefThat Guy, That DM, Homebrew setting, Mary Sue, Storytime, DMPC2015-07-16 50 
41355121Raising Awareness/Writefag Training: The SUE Files Part 2SAN checks are made, insanity reigns, but finally, finally, it ends.That Guy, That DM, Homebrew setting, Mary Sue, Storytime, DMPC2015-07-21 26 
41298468DMPCs do and don'ts/tg/ discusses and regales instances in which DMs used a DMPC or a NPC, in a beneficial and/or engaging way, or as an excuse to play their special snowflake character.BBEG, DMPC, mary sue, NPC, roleplay, storytime, THAT DM2015-07-24 -2 
41467604Blackguard Quest StorytimeA clollection of in-universe short stories, with some lostboy greentextCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard, Storytime2015-07-26 2 
41521864LotW Magical Girls StorytimeStorytime of a LOTW-Based Magical Girl game + Rules discussionstorytime, lotw, magical girl, nanoha, Legends of the Wulin2015-07-31 11 
August 2015
41612411LotW Magical Girls Storytime Part 2Storytime of a LOTW-Based Magical Girl game continuesstorytime, lotw, magical girl, nanoha, Legends of the Wulin2015-08-07 8 
42204030The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: DewarpA short look into how much of a bitch it is to transport a live Zoanthrope across the galaxy.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Zoanthrope, Dewarp, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-08-30 83 
October 2015
42828741Everyone is John StorytimeJohn the TSA Agent has to foil the dastardly terrorists.Everyone is John, EiJ, John, TSA, Terrorists, Storytime2015-10-02 35 
42898714Meanwhile, the Time Wizards!Time Wizards storytimes are had, and the rules of Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition are sharedTime Wizards, Time Wizards: Sober and Serious Edition, Storytime, Rules, Time Wizard Archibald2015-10-06 48 
43150931Rogue Trader: Astra IncognitaRogue Trader Story Hecator Rifts AdventureRogue Trader, Warhammer 40K, Storytime, Story, Roleplaying2015-10-19 8 
43288004The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Delivery Experts Part 1The all Guardsmen Party tries to make a simple supply run.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-10-26 122 
November 2015
43403681How A Game Almost Fell Apart"Alright /tg/ let me tell you about how my game nearly fell apart. This tale involves autism, Shadowrun, betrayal, friendship, and approximately $12,000 in dragon dildos."storytime, autism, dragon dildos, addiction, that guy, shadowrun2015-11-01 43 
December 2015
43990923The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Delivery Experts Part 2The party slowly limps their way across the galaxy in their shitty ship, while their passenger steadily ruins everything.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-12-05 80 
43979509/tg/ Builds a Pantheon #5/tg/ Builds a Pantheon threadWorldbuilding, Pantheon, Gods, Storytime,2015-12-05 3 
44027113The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Delivery Experts Part 2 The SequelThe party slowly limps their way across the galaxy in their shitty ship, while their passenger steadily ruins everything. Part 2.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-12-07 91 
44048143All Cogbro Storytime 1We join our party: A Cowboy Cog, A Coggy Cog, A Doggy Cog and owner, and a Ladycog (Emphasis on the lady)Storytime, Warhammer 40K, AGP2015-12-07 32 
February 2016
45537638Maid RPG Storytime/tg/ shares its ridiculous experiences with Maid RPG. Stories are shared, characters are rolled, settings are written, maids are posted.maid rpg, storytime, military, ramping a btr off a drawbridge2016-02-23 29 
45692741How I Became a Vengeful Fucking DMOP tells the story of how his party's That Guy led him to destroy everything their characters ever loved. Storytime, OHGODWHY, Insanity, Demigods, Dragons2016-02-28 -16 
April 2016
46463257Manor of Tian storytimeOP tells the tale of a rogue, a wizard, a cleric, a ranger and a fighter exploring the haunted Manor of Tian. Atmospheric horror ensues.Horror, storytime, manor, Tian2016-04-05 39 
46575971The All Guardsmen Party and the [REDACTED] ConspiracyThe party deals with a conspiracy that threatens them with torture and execution. But mainly execution. All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2016-04-10 95 
46600041The All Guardsmen Party and the [REDACTED] Conspiracy Part 1.5The party deals with a conspiracy that threatens them with torture and execution. But mainly execution. Part 1.5 because it's very small.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Demonthrope, Tyranid, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2016-04-10 74 
46864402The All Guardsmen Party and the [REDACTED] Conspiracy Part 2The party deals with a conspiracy that threatens them with torture and execution. But mainly execution.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Demonthrope, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2016-04-24 76 
46840826The Headmaster Tale: Part 1Anon asks /tg/ help for defending aganist Elven siege lead by the Dm's GF, awesomeness happens, nice list of siege tipsThe Headmaster, Storytime, Siege, That Dm, That Girl2016-04-26 23 
46858409The Headmaster's Tale Part 2Headmaster prepares for his last stand aganist the Death KnightThe Headmaster, Storytime, Siege, That Dm, That Girl2016-04-26 21 
46876988The Headmaster's Tale: Part 3The Aftermatch, Bit of lore on Sin Dragons and the gods, New CharactersThe Headmaster, Storytime2016-04-26 18 
July 2016
48057301How That Guys Can Ruin a Good Game Pt. 2OP is back with a followup and an update: GOOD END GET.Oriental adventures, that guy, problem player, cringe, storytime, poetic justice, fucking rekt, lol2016-07-01 1 
48087737"Why are Paladins so hates?" Plus anon rage.OP asks /tg/ why some people whine when someone plays a Paladin and the thread derails into why a randomanon who hates Paladins is a faggot.That Guy, Problem Player, storytime, Paladin, Drama, Paladins, rage2016-07-05 -4 
48242575LotW Magical Girls Storytime Part 3After an extremely long wait, storytime of a LOTW-Based Magical Girl game continuesstorytime, lotw, magical girl, nanoha, Legends of the Wulin2016-07-14 6 
August 2016
48586572Peg-Leg Dave StorytimePeg Leg Dave returns after years of lurking for yet another story. Peg-Leg Dave, Storytime, Dark Heresy2016-08-02 32 
48865258Fallout Storytime ThreadTales from the Wasteland Fallout, storytime, story, post apocalyptic 2016-08-22 8 
September 2016
49496804Heroes of the SpiderwoodsWhat begins as a greentext about the dangers of wild magic spirals into an epic tale of sacrifice and determination.storytime, DnD, Dietrich, Eisen, Fiona, Gunnar2016-09-26 93 
October 2016
49998783Post-Apocalyptic Myths, Tall Tales and Urban LegendsSome time after the End, a group of weary scavengers gather around a campfire to share stories, tall tales and urban legends.Post Apocalyptic, stories, setting, worldbuilding, fallout, creepy, storytime, urban legends, tall tales, myths, lies,2016-10-29 22 
50033219The All Guardsmen Party and Inquisitor Asshat's Stupid "Stealth" Mission - Part 1The party prepares to get ready for their new mission, while being hated by their new boss and everyone else.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition,2016-10-31 73 
December 2016
50535024The All Guardsmen Party and Inquisitor Asshat's Stupid "Stealth" Mission - Part 1 ReduxThe party gets on the trail of "The Conspiracy" while having to deal with Sciscitat, his team, and other assorted bullshit.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition,2016-12-05 81 
50796364Larp thread gone rightAfter a thread that called American larps lame slowly fell into autosage, LARPfags created a new thread, for stories and cool photos.LARP, storytime, bucket, teeth2016-12-21 7 
February 2017
51604789Love and krieg 2.0 Ork edition no.10Thr continuation of all the writefaggottry.krieg, love and krieg 2.0, writefaggotty, storytime, writefag,2017-02-11 6 
51665003Thoughts on Magical GirlsMagical Girls are discussed; Anons give storytime on a Fantasy WWII Magical Girl Campaign.Magical Girk, Mahou Shoju, Storytime2017-02-13 3 
March 2017
52272249Wodehouse MAID campaign #1Anon delivers on his promise to storytime the MAID campaign he participated in that is very reminiscent of Wodehouse novels.storytime, MAID, funny, 2017-03-22 23 
52335377Murder Gent, and other storiesIn which the tales of Murder Gent are told.D&D, storytime, roleplay2017-03-27 25 
April 2017
52364366L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Greentext thread about a party of Jade Magistrates in Legend of the Five RingsL5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-04 30 
52474763L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 2The continuing tale of Crab-anon and his party of Jade Magistrates in Legend of the Five RingsL5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-07 21 
52587795L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 3Goddammit Monkey! Edition. The continuing tale of Crab-anon and his party of Jade Magistrates in Legend of the Five RingsL5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-07 22 
52660787The Legend of Half-OrcbroA lowly half-orc goes on a quest to find those who killed his mother, and learns the meaning of friendship.Half-Orc, Storytime, Greentext, Orcs2017-04-13 53 
52685301L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 4Phoenix Father-in-Law is a douche Edition. Crab Adventures fighting evil and stupid people.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-18 20 
52819543L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 6Shaming the Phoenix, The tournament continues, Much to the Crab's joy.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-22 18 
52859722L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 7The tournament ends. Maho-Tsukai shenanigans. Haikus.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-25 16 
52918691L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 8A convoluted Scorpion plot is foiled. Now our brave Crab hero has to deal with assassins, blood magic, and worst of all... politics.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-04-27 15 
May 2017
52964044L5R: Memories of a Stonewall Part 9Ishigaki Mura grows, a new Crab is born, and feels are had by all. L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-04 14 
53051554L5R: Memories of a Stonewall Part 10In which Ishigaki and company accidentally a whole village. L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-09 13 
53150670L5R: Memories of a Stonewall Part 11The war between the Crab and the Scorpion heats up with Ishigaki and his comrades right in the middle.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-15 14 
53248930L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 12There are stones, and there are walls, but there is only one stone wall. The continuing tale of Crab-anon and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-20 13 
53335675L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 13I see a red Stone Wall and I want it painted black. The continuing tale of Crab-anon and his party of Jade Magistrates. L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-23 14 
53439299L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 14Shine on you crazy Stone Wall. Crab-anon's continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-05-30 13 
June 2017
53584343L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 15Hey there Stone Wall, doesn't it feel like our time is running out? The continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-03 14 
53693251L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 16Stone Walls don't fear the reaper. Crab-anon's continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-13 14 
53833232L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 17Do you know where you are? You're in the Jungle, Stone Wall! Crab-anon's continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade MagistrateL5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-16 15 
53922267The Patchwork GodA D&D campaign involving a bunch of frankensteinian cultists and their patchwork creation is discussed.frankenstein, mad scientist, divine, deity, cultist, monster, storytime, campaign, adventure hook, D&D, worldbuilding,2017-06-22 5 
54007948Hard words for GMs to say"What's the hardest thing you've ever had to say to a player as a GM?"GM, that guy, storytime2017-06-27 -12 
53965244L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 18We are the Wall!L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-27 14 
54040351L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 19See you, Stone Wall. The climax of Crab-anon's continuing tale of Hida Ishigaki and his party of Jade Magistrates.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-06-28 15 
July 2017
54095900L5R: Memories of a Stone Wall Part 20A continuation of Crab-anon's wrap up. Char-sheets are shared, and links to the missing threads are posted.L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Greentext, Storytime, Crab, Samurai2017-07-06 15 
54521560Magical Realms Both Creepy and CuteOP requests the creepiest magical realms players or DMs have experienced, thread is derailed by a cute story of romance and elf racism.magical realm, elf, drow, storytime2017-07-26 8 
54578358 The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 2The All Guardsmen Party Returns!All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2017-07-28 57 
54594909The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 3The party assists in the acquisition of a spooky box. All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2017-07-29 59 
September 2017
55378048Baba Yaga in Delta Green CampaignThe story of a Delta Green campaign with Baba Yaga in the starring role as the monster.storytime, campaign, delta green, call of cthulhu, hellboy, witch, baba yaga,2017-09-21 5 
November 2017
56344476Kamigakari Thread storytimesA Kamigakari thread sees the resumption of a storytime and the beginning of another. Mages infiltrate school. Yakuza and ghosts are trouble.Kamigakari, storytime, Crazy Isekai Story, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Futaba, Shizune, Jagasaki, high school, roll202017-11-13 4 
56403336Kamigakari Thread storytimesMisfits in Osaka continues.Kamigakari, storytime, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Futaba, Shizune, Jagasaki2017-11-18 3 
56586721Kamigakari Thread storytimeStatting Mononoke, Misfits in Osaka continues, advice on searching for images to use and games. Kamigakari, storytime, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Futaba, Shizune, Jagasaki, Pixiv, image search,2017-11-28 3 
December 2017
56714893Kamigakari Thread storytimeAnswers and info from a player in Crazy Isekai Storytime, More Misfits in Osaka, Battle with an undead Samurai.Kamigakari, storytime, Ruth, Crazy Isekai Story, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Futaba, Shizune, Mononoke, summoning, mages2017-12-04 5 
56774869Kamigakari Thread storytimesMisfits in Osaka & Crazy Isekai Storytiming. Slavery, Social Awkwardness, Akira in a Plugsuit! Advice on building and rebuilding characters.Kamigakari, storytime, Ruth, Crazy Isekai Story, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Futaba, Shizune, plugsuit, pdf2017-12-09 4 
56856351Kamigakari Thread storytimesMisfits in Osaka continues. A giant snake woman and a spirit detective. Kamigakari, storytime, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Futaba, Shizune, Jagasaki, Ren2017-12-15 5 
56984041Drow NPC Backstory/tg/ is challenged to provide an original, non-sue and genuinely interesting backstory for a drow NPC character.storytime, story, worldbuilding, writing, drow, NPC,2017-12-18 5 
January 2018
57159049Kamigakari Thread storytimesMisfits in Osaka continues. Crazy Isekai Storytiming, a retelling of how it began. Anon speculates on stating things.Kamigakari, storytime, Ruth, Crazy Isekai Story, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons, Su2018-01-05 1 
57282638 PTU storytime pokemon tabletop unitedGM shares a short game they ran. Follow the story of two sisters venturing out into the world to become Pokémon trainers.Pokémon, pokemon, Ruth, PTU, storytime, chikorita, scyther, Kate, Bree, Fey, Gloria, rules, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., forest, battle, survival, map2018-01-07 3 
57632629Kamigakari Thread translation and storytimesAnon comes through with scans. Help with translation and character sheet use and development. Misfits in Osaka continues Shizune is awkward.Kamigakari, character sheet, translation, books, scan, google docs, storytime, Ito, Misfits in Osaka, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons2018-01-31 2 
February 2018
57726099Evil lair, catacombs edition/tg/ discuss best evil lair, until french anon derail it with his IRL skulls throne.worldbuilding, IRL, storytime,2018-02-04 5 
57923494Tale of the Promethean HeistersTheBlackScribe storytimes his favorite campaignhalo mythic, promethean heisters, theblackscribe, storytime2018-02-13 15 
58159093The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 4The return of the nightmare superiors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-02-25 67 
58177335The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 5In which a lot of shit blows up.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-02-26 58 
March 2018
58286435The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 6Shit goes down with Bane, and Asshat lives up to his name.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-03-04 61 
June 2018
60136434HFY Thread With Original StoriesA HFY thread with the rarest of things, original stories rather than just reposting and memes.HFY, fiction, storytime, writefag, greentext, original content,2018-06-08 9 
60232637The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: Escape?Internment in and escape from the laundry-brig All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-06-10 57 
July 2018
60621322The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: Escape? pt.2Oak has a drink with the boys and the final mission is plannedAll Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-07-02 58 
October 2018
62479001script pitches for a 40k movie/tg/ is asked for their ideas for a hypothetical movie set in the 40k universe.40k, movie, greentext, storytime, Guillermo Del Toro, adeptus mechanicus2018-10-20 5 
November 2018
62839750Dorky Dragon Campaign ideasDrawfaggotry, Session Storytimes, and plenty of writefagging ideas on running a campaign centered on an adorkable dragon.Dragons, Storytime, Drawfaggotry, Campaign Ideas, Comfy, Cute, Dork2018-11-08 28 
62972087The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.1The Guardsmen get sentenced to a penal legion and Oak forgets that they are not, in fact, trained Inquisitorial infiltrators.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-11-12 62 
63063309Adorkable Dragon Part 3Writefaggotry, worldbuilding, character interactions, and quirky quests in the world of this adorkable dragon.Dragons, Storytime, Worldbuilding, Campaign Ideas, Cute, Comfy, Dork2018-11-19 22 
December 2018
63468425That Guy/GM Stories and Game AdviceAnons come together and actually put out some new that guy stories, some even throw in advice.that guy, that gm, storytime2018-12-11 6 
63691964How the Arbites saved EmperormasA bunch of incompetent Arbites fail their way through a Dark Heresy CampaignAdeptus Arbites, 40K, storytime, Emperormas, Dark Heresy2018-12-25 -13 
February 2019
64822926Chronicles of Steve 1The party finds a hero among commoners.D&D, 5e, Storytime.2019-02-24 1 
May 2019
66179418The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.2The infiltration attempts beginAll Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2019-05-12 47 
July 2019
66953607Nechronica Story Time/GM AdviceAn anon writes up his Nechronica campaign Also features good advice on running the gameNechronica, Storytime, Story Time2019-07-01 11 
67067379Nechronica Story Time 2: Nechronica Story Time HarderAnon continues writing up his Nechronica campaign.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time2019-07-03 6 
67512797The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.3In which Tink and Twitch bring the dead back to life.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2019-07-29 41 
September 2019
68162646Nechronica thread with storytimesTwo nechronica storytimes get going, weapons are stats are created, parts are discussed, and more. 1880's England.nechronica, storytime, story time, parts, guns, doll, system, england, british, japanese, america, portugal, atlantic, centipede2019-09-08 5 
68252142Nechronica Storytime Thread/Character DiscussionAnon continues England storytime. Token anon is also around and makes tokens.Nechronica, storytime, centipede, tachikoma, tokens, token2019-09-11 5 
68299968Nechronica thread and storytimeEngland game storytime continues. Murder and Tea. Gming advice. NPC inspiration. flavors of horror and abomination. Cultivating moods.nechronica, storytime, story time, horrors, cyborgs, masks, unease, doll, system, england, centipede2019-09-18 5 
November 2019
69163263Nechronica translation update, PDF, and storytime threadNechronica's unofficial English translation gets an update on Halloween and The tale of the Siren Songs of Silent Space Storytime updates.Nechronica, update, book, rules, storytime, Nia, Juliette, Merry, Dominic, halloween, space, ai, horror, trolls, translation, Nechronica PDF2019-11-02 5 
69210513Nechronica Story Time and GM AdviceMore Port Storytime & Siren Songs of Silent Space Storytime. How to Legion. Terror in open spaces. Distribution of memory fragments.Nechronica, Storytime, Port, Tachi, Protoca, Nia, Juliette, Merry, Dominic, memory, terror, legions, advice, story time, story2019-11-05 3 
69404754World of Darkness storyimeseveral stories from a WOD DMworld of darkness, storytime, 2019-11-16 1 
69440369World of Darkness Storytime 2Continuing the tale from the previous thread. The gang gets out of trouble temporarily.World of Darkness, storytime2019-11-17 2 
December 2019
69780101Nechronica thread and Port Storytime continuesPort storytime continues. Answers and even more questions about the party’s past! Book art is problematic. Advice and Dwarf Fortress.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Port, Tachi, Protoca, Art, System, Chainsaw, memory, story, time, Dwarf Fortress, mod, undead, doll2019-12-11 5 
70006756Nechronica thread and Storytime England Storytime Dreams and Nightmares edition. Character creation & mechanics. Why always with the Libraries? Campaigns Anon wants to run.Nechronica, storytime, F-Zero, Dwarf Fortress, doll, system, england, centipede, Fear, Dream, nightmare, Coleo, Imp, Melico, horror, Library2019-12-24 6 
70118335The Prince Of Elysia - Part 1: D`nesathiaA retelling of the god-game, from the beginning, as remembered by Dowjin. He swears this is the true story and to ignore all the others.Storytime, Daies, Dowjin, Hitsito, Elysia, D`nesathia2019-12-26 12 
70182684The Prince Of Elysia - Part 2: NebaronThe retelling of the god-game continues. Divinity is grasped. The Great War breaks out.Storytime, Elysia, Nebaron, Daies, Hitsito, Dowjin, Tel`ryn, Destamona, Stefan2019-12-30 5 
January 2020
70308393The Prince Of Elysia - Part 3: The Core WorldsThe god-game expands campaign settings, suffers casualties, and encounters plot twistsStorytime, Elysia, Core, Worlds, Daies, Hitsito, Dowjin, Tel`ryn, Destamona, Stefan, Sahzralaith2020-01-06 5 
March 2020
71579421Nechronica thread. Red Planet Storytime and Port StorytimeRed Planet Storytime begins. Port Storytime continues and things will never be the same. Discussion of Holics, parts, and attack types. Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, memory, Port, Tachi, Protoca, war, Red Planet, tower, mars, space, system, last stand, parents2020-03-30 5 
April 2020
71958657Nechronica Story Time / BuildsPort Storytime continues, haunted. What music gets you in the zone? Building characters for Support and Hinder. Unofficial classes. Tokens.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, classes, memory, Port, Tachi, Protoca, tower, system, token, tokens, support, builds, advice, music2020-04-18 2 
72111866warning the EmperorIf an anon got transported to the Great Crusade era, would they be morally obligated to warn the Emperor, and how could they manage it?storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned,2020-04-22 33 
72167194warning the Emperor thread #2A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy. Now with extra storytime. storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-04-24 23 
72198499warning the emperor #3A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy.storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-04-27 25 
May 2020
72654633warning the emperor #4A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy. storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-05-20 34 
72655511Nechronica Thead Storytime Double Feature Aqen & GravelAqen storytime happens: Tactical adventure! Gravel Storytime begins: Russian desert undead action! | Tokens, houserules, bombs, & head casesNechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Violet, Dahlia, Aster, Aqen, Adrian, Altina, Aida, Alexis, Art, System, story, time, undead, Gravel, Port2020-05-24 5 
72796998Warning the Emperor #5A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy. Now featuring Leman Russ.storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-05-26 70 
July 2020
73453448Nechronica Discussion With Extra StorytimeInsect-girls have heartfelt conversations, whereas dolls in Africa get irresponsibly drunk and bomb-children go up like bugspray nukes.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, undead, Coleo, Gravel2020-07-03 4 
73798681Nechronica thread Gravel Storytime 3 & 4 and battle map translation.Anon posts Map translation. Gravel Storytime continues. The A-team encounters creepy urban decay, big bad bugs, new threads, new townfolk.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Gravel, Adrian, Altina, Aida, Alexis, Ana, bugs, Russians, Chinese, clothes, map, system, Rita, chickens2020-07-21 3 
August 2020
74251433Nechronica Thread! Gravel Storytime & Port Storytime. Crazy letter generator.A-team hunts for the big bad bugs. Tachi confronts herself, Showdown with Abbadon, & someone is left behind. Anon shares a font of madness.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Gravel, Adrian, Altina, Aida, Port, Tachi, Protoca, B3, story, violence, bugs, russians, crazy letter2020-08-16 3 
74563504Nechronica Thread - Metal EditionEngland Storytime & Gravel Storytime continue! FEAST & FEELINGS! BLOOD & THUNDER! Anons share inspiration in the form of album cover art.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Coleo, Melico, Imp, Gravel, Adrian, Altina, Aida, bugs, England, violence, Russians, metal, art, music2020-08-31 2 
September 2020
74638599Warning the Emperor #6A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresystorytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-09-02 35 
74732945Warning The Emperor #7A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresystorytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-09-05 63 
74791451Nechronica: The Long Sequel thread. Story Time / GM system and build adviceEngland/Homburg Storytime: The third killer attacks our trio at home. Arson Cannibalism Heroism. | Talk of Horrors classes & custom content.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Coleo, Melico, Imp, Homburg, England, fire, Suzie, class, builds, mechanics, advice, horrors, system2020-09-16 3 
October 2020
75185467Nechronica Thread: Spooky Mech Edition | Port Storytime Finale | Red Planet Storytime | Entombed Class releasedTranslation team releases Entombed Class. The Finale of Port Storytime. Red Planet Storytime continues. Anon seeks feedback on custom class.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Port, Protoca, Tachi, Class, Entombed, Red Planet, mars, space, parents, settings, custom, skills, parts2020-10-06 2 
75487548Warning The Emperor #8A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresystorytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-10-19 78 
November 2020
75560624Nechronica Thread - Russian Poerty Edition. Gravel Storytime. Class updates: Chariot and AlrauneChariot & Alraune class updates. Gravel Storytime continues: The A-team confront Boss Bugtalker. Fortifications & traps.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Gravel, Adrian, Altina, Aida, bugs, violence, Chariot, Alraune, update, class, mechanics, fortify, traps2020-11-01 2 
76228931Warning The Emperor #9A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresystorytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-11-30 60 
December 2020
76162495Nechronica Thread - Happy Thanksgiving EditionGeneral discussion and mechanics talk, plus an undead trio's happy home life goes off the rails in a one-shot storytime.Nechronica, Storytime, Ethwyn, Nephele, Shirley2020-12-07 1 
76629733Magical Girl Noir StorytimeA GM gifts /tg/ with long-winded storytime from a campaign played by a bunch of MNGQ writefags. There are pictures.Storytime, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Ratty2020-12-25 11 
January 2021
76585688Draw your party thread: Christmas 2020 and New YearsDrawings of parties, GMing advice, people talk about games, storytime, a drawfag starts on a new template.Draw, party, storytime, noir, Black Crusade, Nechronica, Genesys, d&d, WFRP, Only War, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, Ubiquity, Savage Worlds2021-01-03 0 
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